Assassin’s Creed Unity: Check Out 8 Minutes of Xbox One Gameplay Showing Combat, Stealth and More

The Xbox One version of Assassin’s Creed Unity was demonstrated live at the Xbox booth at San Diego Comic Con and Youtuber Geeky Castillo filmed the on-stage demo, which included a single assassination mission.

The video gives an extensive view on gameplay, including combat, the new stealth mode, the seamless transition between interiors and exteriors, and even a huge crowd of 5,000 people observing an execution.

While the footage is filmed off-screen, and the resolution of the video is a bit low, it’s definitely good enough to see that gameplay has evolved radically from previous titles, and tho perceive that the game looks great.

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  • Jessie Bristol

    They are just doing the same playthrough from E3. I thought it would have been new footage.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      They’re still different playthroughs, and here we see it played on Xbox One.

      • Vious

        I had believed the e3 demo was done on the xbox one too

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          We didn’t really know back then. Now we do.

          • Vious

            they were using xbox one controllers to do the demo on stage.

          • ilovegoogleglass

            Still has the possibility of being on PC in-engine tho.

          • Vious

            not really. I’ve ruled out PC since the E3 demo. they used wireless xbox one controllers. the controllers use wifi direct when connected to the xbox and wired when connected to pc.
            so in reality it couldn’t be on pc in engine.

          • TheLastGuardian

            Well, given the fact that most demos on Xbox One stage were pre-recorded. Nothing can be confirmed. This can.

          • Vious

            are you talking the gameplay demos where they used controllers or you’re talking the video demos that were shown?

          • TheLastGuardian

            The ones where they “used controllers” were pre-recorded. They just acted like they were playing.

          • Vious

            we both think differently.

        • Raian K.

          I believe the one at E3 was running on a Xbox One DEV kit.

          • AndreaTCardenas

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          • Vious

            the e3 demo was done with wireless controllers. PC can’t use xbox controllers wirelessly

          • Raian K.

            I am not referring to the press conference showcase, but rather the one Ubisoft showed to press and certain attendees which they stated after questioning was running on an Xbox One DEV kit. The same with the Uplay Lounge, as they show cased Unity they said as well it was running on a XDK as well.

  • old footage is old-.-

  • ChatWraithUpsilon

    The tons of icons on the edge of the screen is annoying. The minimap was nice and compact =/

    • ilovegoogleglass

      Making them smaller would be nice.

  • andy

    Like all Ubi games, shown running on PC before launch, just like every pre-Watch Dogs launch footage that was meant to be on PS4 but was just a PC with PS4 controller. Sort of like every game for Xbox One to date too, you are incredibly gullible at this stage if you still think they are actually showing an Xbox One version of a game, when its over 2 weeks before its launch.

    • TheLastGuardian

      No one can trust Ubisoft, no matter which platform their games are shown in.

    • bardock5151

      What does everyone expect? Seriously even though the game doesn’t look as good as reveal they don’t look crap either, the games still look pretty damn good and anyone who thought the ps4 version would look like the reveal is a way to optimistic. Everyone hopes these machines will push those kinds of effects but no way in hell will it happen in the first year on a multi gen game I mean its third party and they don’t have the same experience and pedigree as rockstar with a full city to build and populate(which by the way watchdog’s npc’s were pretty damn good), at least its just graphics and not a broken unplayable mess or like cod ghost where half the crap they said was going to be there wasn’t. Infinity ward implied dedicated servers and gave us a P2P, they said better matchmaking then took away the ping bar and thought no one would notice the lag. I’d take a slight downgrade in graphics over the gameplay I’ve come to expect missing in action any day. If you want the best graphics go get a PC if you want good graphics but a well optimised game (most of the time) with out spending a couple grand get a console.

  • Dangerousjo 1985

    This looks amazing can’t wait to get it on XB1 later on this year..

  • MTM2

    Untrustworthy Ubisoft is untrustworthy.

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  • i like how u pc elitist try to say that anything that has impressive graphics still think it`s run on a high end pc.
    Get of your high horses and realize that the current gen consoles can run high end games like this with the same graphic fidelity without any problems.

  • SaucyPapi

    Why do they keep showing gameplay on the Xbox One as opposed to the PS4? Ubi has traditionally been in Sony’s corner with exclusive content and such.

    • Dan

      They usually partner game to game, and this isn’t the first time they’ve partnered with MS.

  • Mark

    Wow. This is impressive stuff. Look at the detail of each NPC. And especially from the roof. Super impressive. I never bought AC, but I’ll keep an eye on Unity fo reel.

  • Big Mac

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