Rumored WWE 2K15 Roster “Leak” Features CM Punk and Mankind… But Don’t Bo-Lieve It

As the WWE marches into one of its biggest Pay Per View events of the year with the upcoming Summerslam in Los Angeles, the company is also preparing to reveal its full roster for the upcoming WWE 2k15 which launches this fall. According to a report by, the roster for the upcoming title  found its way to the hands of a GameFAQs forum member via an upcoming issue of GameInformer. The GameFAQs post in question has since been taken down, which would lead some to take into consideration its validity.

However, after looking at this “leaked” roster (listed at the bottom of this page), a couple of things are simply not lining up.

The now infamous wrestler CM Punk is the first to stand out. Although the WWE has yet to release any official statements about his departure, Punk has been quite adamant in almost every published interview that his days in the squared-circle are now behind him. The WWE continues to sell Punk merchandise through its shop, which makes me believe that the name CM Punk trademark belongs to the company, but any and all mention of the wrestler has since been removed from the promotion (one broadcast even featured Punk’s face covered with a post-it in the background). One report from Wrestlezone states that fans who attended a live event taping of Monday Night Raw during February of this year had their CM Punk signs confiscated. So while the WWE may still cash in on CM Punk merchandise, it seems as though “the one who got away” is now officially the Voldemort of the WWE. You do not say his name (and you certainly don’t include him in a video game).

Another superstar who finds himself on the list, yet is not expected in this year’s entry is Mankind. WWE Legend Mick Foley (a.k.a. Mankind a.k.a. Dude Love) stated during an interview on CBS Radio’s “The Drive with Marc James” that he is “not going to sign his legends deal” (starts around 13:00 min). Foley also added that the “check was a little low” when referring to the compensation he and other legends received from a previous title. This doesn’t mean that a deal couldn’t have been signed since that interview took place, but Foley being Foley — especially on social media — I think we would know something by now.

Besides the standouts listed above, there are also missing superstars, or superstars listed incorrectly. Alexander Rusev (who is actually now simply named ‘Rusev’) is listed under the NXT development brand yet he’s been consistently on the main WWE roster since April. Recent main roster addition Adam Rose is missing from the list altogether yet his roster debut came before wrestler Bo Dallas who apparently made the cut on this “leaked” roster (coincidently under NXT). Then there’s main roster veteran Ryback whose presence is no where to be found. Another missing wrestler is Justin Gabriel from NXT who accidentally shared a picture of himself on Instagram being scanned by Visual Concepts for the upcoming title (which was removed afterwards).

Don’t get me wrong, this “leaked” list looked great at first. Especially the idea of “classic” and current versions of the more popular wrestlers. At the end of the day though it appears to be more guesswork and wishful thinking than anything else.

Either way we’ll find out exactly which superstars made the cut during the official WWE 2K15 roster reveal on Saturday, August 16th at 9am PDT. That is one thing that you can B0-Lieve.

“Leaked” Roster Below:

Alberto Del Rio
Aiden English [NXT]
Alexander Rusev [NXT]
AJ Lee
Bad News Barrett
Big E
Big Show
Big Show [classic]
Bray Wyatt
Bob Backlund
Bo Dallas [NXT]
Buddy Rogers
Bret Hart
Brie Bella
Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar [classic]
Brodus Clay
Bruno Sammartino
Chris Jericho
CM Punk
Cody Rhodes
Corey Graves [NXT]
Curtis Axel
Damien Sandow
Daniel Bryan
Darren Young
Dean Ambrose
Dolph Ziggler
Eddie Guerrero
Enzo Amore [NXT]
Erick Rowan
Hulk Hogan
Ivan Koloff
Jack Swagger
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
John Cena
John Cena [classic]
Kane [classic]
Kofi Kingston
Konnor [NXT]
Luke Harper
Mark Henry
Mr. McMahon
Nikki Bella
Randy Orton
Randy Orton [classic]
Randy Savage
Rey Mysterio
Ric Flair
Rob Van Dam
Roman Reigns
Sami Zayn [NXT]
Seth Rollins
Shawn Michaels
Sin Cara
Sycho Sid
Stan Stasiak
Steve Austin
Sting [Pre order DLC]
Summer Rae
The Great Khali
The Iron Shiek
The Miz
The Rock
The Rock [classic]
Titus O’Neil
Triple H
Triple H [classic]
Tyler Breeze [NXT]
Ultimate Warrior
Undertaker [classic]
Viktor [NXT]
Xavier Woods [NXT]

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  • Ominous Prime

    CM Punk owns his name. He was never rebranded from the name he used to wrestle under as WWE had not thought of him as someone they would put on TV. They signed him because he had a strong following on the indie scene. Paul Heyman convinced WWE to let CM Punk work in WWE acquired ECW show. CM Punk will most likely be in the video game as 2K games has been working on creation of this game with Yukes since last year. The roster is usually finalized more than 6 months out from release. Anyone that has picked up a WWE game knows that there are people in the game that are no longer with the company is not unusual and often times new roster additions show up as DLC.

    • It’s not just Yukes, it’s 2k’s team at visual concepts developing with them.

      Help me understand what Yukes (co-)developing has anything to do with Punk being in the game. Not being sarcastic, I’m interested to know.

      • Negi Springfield

        Man , When WWE revived ECW , It just suck compared to the Originals , But ECW One Night Stand was an awesome PPV because of its fans too.

        As for CM Punk , Sad this guy had to leave , The guy is so talented and WWE never really used him properly , Even with his long-reign title run , He had good promo`s and few good matches during his title reign , But as soon as he turned heel , They pretty much made him into a Chicken-heel instead of being a Ass-kicker , Stone Cold V2 , But oh well.

        • MNW: Deadpool

          Cena being completely killed by the one night stand crowd was awesome.

          • Negi Springfield


            Man , Y`know , WWE seriously gone down-hill ever since the end of Ruthless Aggression era , In terms of entertainment and wrestling of course , Nowadays we see people saying recent matches are ” great and ” excellent ” and chanting ” This is Awesome ” when wrestlers do a dive from the ropes or ” Holy **** ” when someone uses a chair and slams it to people`s backs.

            Come on , Recent matches aren`t that great when we had matches like The Rock vs Stone Cold , Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle , Where its pure wrestling , Chair-shot to the head and blood , Now , We get the same moves , Same formula , Which makes it so boring !

          • Agreed. This is awesome chants get thrown around too easily nowadays. I was watching the mitb from mania 24 & 25 and the wrestlers literally had to almost kill themselves to get a this is awesome chant.

          • BHM-2212:MNW

            Hey, dude I need to tell you something…

          • MNW: Deadpool

            Go ahead.

          • BHM-2212:MNW

            What’s your twitter? I need to talk to you about the other website…

          • Guest


          • BHM-2212:MNW

            I got it, I’ll see you on Twitter-land…

          • MNW: Deadpool


      • Justin Felder

        This roster is kind of sketchy but I can’t see them leaving CM Punk just because he isn’t actively competing. Undertaker wrestles once a year and he’s always on the roster.

        • Undertaker didn’t walk away from the promotion. Punk has been pretty much excommunicated at this point.

          • Justin Felder

            I still expect he’ll be there for the sake of merchandising. I might be wrong but I think Stone Cold has severed ties like 3 times. I can’t recall if he’s missed a game, though. Other than SvR 2009 because they were pushing Legends of WrestleMania, which is about the time they started to add superstars who didn’t compete actively anyway.

          • Ominous Prime

            He’ll be in the roster as the WWE is not going to leave money on the table. The roster was finalized months ago, and unless WWE insists CM Punk should be removed, he was created. The roster announcement will be soon.

      • Ominous Prime

        WWE 2Kayfabe

        Transcript of a conversation between Owen Good and Mark Little, talking about the roster for WWE 2K15.

        Little: “In honesty, some of that has to do with licensing and rights and stuff like that.”

        Good: “Sure, but, I mean, the folks we’re seeing every night, we’re going to see in here. With the exception of maybe CM Punk.”

        Little: [pause] “Talkin’ about rosters later.”

        Good: “Oh. Oh … Oh? Is this a work?”

        Little: “I work on the WWE now; you shouldn’t know what to expect.”

        • Sounds like the usual PR response given at any video game press event to be honest. But we shall see.

  • BHM-2212:MNW

    This list looks unbelievable to begin with due to how long it is. I don’t believe it could be this extensive…

    • Ominous Prime

      The roster list is too long. That’s a lot of work in creating the character models from scratch. Unless quite a few of them are DLC, the list has to be fake.

  • The Beard Is Here!

    Buddy Rogers? Bob Backlund?? Ivan Koloff??? yeah i highly doubt that!!

    Not many NXT guys if they are going with a NXT mode!!

  • Insloanwetrust

    No Paige? Very strange. I expect CM punk to be there as WWE own his trademark. He is also still signed with WWE for now.

    • LockeCole

      Paige is a maybe. The WWE games usually cut off at Wrestlemania, Paige showed up and won the title the next night, so the question is whether that is close enough or not. IMO it would be a big mistake not to put her in, but then if it were up to me NXT people like Bayley and Sami Zayn would be in the game too and despite what this list says, I doubt anyone from NXT makes it.

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  • Bozo Sapien

    CM Punk probably signed off on the licensing for this game long before he took his ball and went home. I don’t see anything here that stands out as being obviously fake. Don’t forget that there will certainly be paid DLC packs with more superstars being released that will fill in the gaps.

  • Hakuboshi

    R.I.P Booker T, Hawk, and Animal