Say Goodbye to Destiny’s Beta With These Enormous Panoramic Screenshots of the Moon Level on PS4

on July 27, 2014 7:14 AM

Destiny’s beta was supposed to end a few hours ago, yet the servers are still up at the moment of this writing. Bungie isn’t exactly known for dropping the axe on the cabling as soon as the clock’s arm reaches the twelve.

That said, all good things come to an end, and it’s unlikely that the servers will be kept up much longer, so here’s something to help bridge you over to September 9th, when the game will finally hit the shelves. Besides, I’m sure many didn’t get to try the moon mission out yesterday, since it was available only for two hours.

In order to let you get a glimpse of how expansive and beautiful the level is, we captured 224 screenshots of the PS4 version and then stitched them together one by one into nine panoramic screenshots, which you can see below.

It’s doubtless that Destiny looks fantastic, not just because of the hardware it runs on, but also due to Bungie’s masterful art direction, that returns in full swing in their upcoming labor of love.

If you don’t believe me, you can just check the screenshots below (of course you should click on each to open the full resolution version), and if you want to see other areas, you can also find those I made from the alpha here.










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115 responses to “Say Goodbye to Destiny’s Beta With These Enormous Panoramic Screenshots of the Moon Level on PS4”

  1. Delsin Rowe says:

    goodbye legend. we will waiting for you on sept 9th.
    the moon mission was awesome. but now it’s time for say hello to the future.
    hello the last of us remastered 😀

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    • Prelude1221 says:

      And I thought I saw some weird stuff lol This is pretty awesome though!

    • John jack strap says:

      Human centipede gay edition?

  2. ipot_04 says:

    So far I like Destiny even though I didn’t make it to try the Moon mission.
    Good thing DICE decided to delay BF Hardline, now I’ll have the money to buy Destiny.

    • Keegs79 says:

      What? You would have bought Hardline over Destiny???

      • ipot_04 says:

        like I said, I’m not really into sci-fi and I would rather have Hardline rather than Destiny or especially CoD.
        I enjoyed the PvE in Destiny during the alpha and beta, didn’t like the PvP that much since it’s a bit unbalanced.

        • Keegs79 says:

          If you don’t like it, cool but how are you going to talk about it being unbalanced? Your going to come to that conclusion from an Alpha and Beta. Sounds more like you simply wasn’t doing well.

          • ipot_04 says:

            Not doing well? OK then, but that won’t explain why the others has the same opinion about it.

          • Keegs79 says:

            You said its unbalanced. That is not an opinion. It either is or isn’t. It is well balanced. If your talking about certain areas where you meet over powering enemies, that is because it was the Alpha, Beta, and or your simply too weak to advance in those areas. It is doing the same thing in exploration with strong enemies as franchises like Elder Scrolls and Fallout.

    • Tmfwang says:

      DICE isnt making Hardline…

      • Dynasty2021 says:

        So many people don’t seem to understand this.

        It’s DICE’s engine, that’s it. A whole different company are making Hardline, which is why it sucks.

        • Stanleyros says:

          Well Dice made Battlefield 4 and it also sucks, not only launch problems fixed after almost a year but level design is dull, and levolution is just gimmick

          • Ricoh123 says:

            Bf4 problems were a huge over exaggeration. After the first patch I never had any connecting problems whatsoever. Although this was on xb1 and xbox live is generally better.

            Bf4 was an awesome game though. Totally false to say it sucks. Was mega fun with friends.

          • You are flat out wrong says:

            Generally better which is why it went down (AGAIN) yesterday for half the day.

          • superkarma says:

            What does XBL have to do with BF4 problems…if BF4 ran off EA servers? BF4 had many problems across all platforms for many months, including PC. Trying to downplay it and suggesting it was a better experience on XBL is nothing short of delusional. Then again, I wouldn’t expect anything else from a pathetic troll such as yourself.

          • oyedadon says:

            i disagree

          • Stanleyros says:

            And I fully respect your opinion

      • Kith says:

        Next to Visceral Games also DICE is involved in the development.

    • nintedosucks22 says:

      lol you would buy BF Hardline over destiny?! wow just wow

  3. ASSASSYN says:

    I finally unlocked the shingen C uncommon level 8, and my robot hands accidentally signed me out only to find the servers are down when I tried to get back in. So if you are still in… STAY ON! Halo 2 gamers know what I am talking about. Don’t log out!

    • KnightZhroud says:

      Shingen-C was the best primary gun in my opinion in Multiplayer (beta wise). I had to grind that gun since I was getting demolished by it in the Iron Banner lol

  4. jacksjus says:

    I’m salty over this. I played the Alpha and truly thought it was boring. I got around to playing the Beta last night and became hooked as it was totally different from the Alpha. I made it to level 6 and was looking forward to another hour or two today. Damn!

  5. Kith says:

    Nice shots! How did you create them? =)

  6. superkarma says:

    I’m hoping they extend it by a day or so, like they did with the Alpha. I just jumped on and the servers are still online. I got some crap to do throughout the day, so hopefully I’ll be able to play a bit before they flip the switch.

  7. Jeff Maxwell says:

    do you think they’ll be upgrading the textures for release?

    • aintwhatitlookslike says:

      I should hope so it looked terrible Imo killzone/bf4 have much better graphics
      and the fact that its only running at 30fps i was expecting much more graphically.
      it looked like a high res 360 game

      • M.C. Pauly GooGoo says:

        I think it looks really sharp (especially compared to the last gen beta that I had a chance to play), but yeah I too was disappointed at the 30fps lock.

  8. Wily says:

    This beta got me so pumped for September 9. I am upset though, because after being stuck with idiots for teammates in the Iron Crucible, I finally got a solid team, won the match took first, and received a legendary handgun with 328 damage, that I will never see again. I nearly punched a puppy after that.

    The bright is that I found out how to win a Moon match with little effort, grab an Interceptor, support your teams as the claim areas, mow down idiots who are dumb enough to fight you head on, and watch them rage quit leaving their team with only two people. This happened to me 5 times in a row.

  9. aintwhatitlookslike says:

    Download the beta over the weekend for ps4. All i can say is what a overhyped crap looking game.
    this has to be one of the most run of the mill fps ive played in years.
    garbage utter crap i played this over 10years ago it was called halo.
    and that’s what this is “HALO ONLINE”
    Sony should stick to spending money on there own 1st party studios
    instead of wasting millions on exclusive dlc for games like this

    • superkarma says:

      It’s a good thing the general public disagrees with you whole-heartedly. Considering the insane amount of sales this game will get on the PS4 and likely crazy sales for the white PS4 bundle, I’d say it’s money well spent for Sony. I’m pretty sure Sony would agree.

      • aintwhatitlookslike says:

        So i take it you enjoyed it then?

      • Jeff Maxwell says:

        tbh all the PS4 games that have come out hyped up its gfx and ive bin quite disappointed tbh, was expecting the second coming but its all a bit meh. Can see there probably massive upgrade over PS3 but never owned a PS3 so cant tell but you’ve played PC games at max settings for years, none of it is special in the slightest. 1 thing that got me was when you can see the crucible and over looked the city everyone was like omg its amazing… I thought it looked rubbish tbh the city was a joke, kid could of painted that background virtually no detailing at all. I spose its good for a £350 machine but nothing special in it at all in my opinion

        • superkarma says:

          I don’t know what to tell ya, other than it’s your own fault for expecting the second coming. Expecting it to match PC graphics is also your own fault.

          I’m more than pleased with the graphics games have offered us so far. To know they’re this good less than a year after launch makes me very happy to find out how great they will be a few years down the road.

          • Jeff Maxwell says:

            well I never expected it to but like infamous people hyped it up so much, my mate at work said its the best looking game hes ever seen, I loaded up and was oh is that it plus infamous is extremely boring. KZ its alright might go back to it now ive got more used to the controller. Destiny well … quite run of the mill but one thing that kept getting on my nerves you clear a group disappear for abit go back to it and they’ve respawned, why? you go through the level hit the “darkness” bit then missions finished so why the why the need tohave them keep respawning specially seeing as no drop ship is putting em there.

            Also the little bike you get on was quite interesting but f me rip off of star wars much… the bike looks like those things on the Ewok planet the imperial guards use the travel around on and the sound of the bike was exactly the same as the speeders that Anakin built for that race…. rediculous

          • Sucka Free says:

            you mean ridiculous and the speeders are like the ones on Endor in “Return of the Jedi” not the Pod Racer that Anakin built from “Phantom Menace”

          • Jeff Maxwell says:

            that’s what happens when your used to predictive text haha. Yeah that’s the one I knew what I wanted in my mind but not a major Star Wars fan so got it wrong but you know what I mean

          • Jeff Maxwell says:

            is funny, did you see the spoof film they made?

          • superkarma says:

            I’m not a fan of inFamous or KZ. Both of those franchises just never really did anything for me. inFamous is a fun game to pass time. I don’t know if I’d spend $60 on it, though. I still haven’t bought Second Son yet. I played some of it on a buddies PS4. I bought KZ:SF with my PS4 and ended up selling it a few days later. That said, both games have great graphics. They still don’t match PC graphics, obviously, but they’re still great.

            The respawning in Destiny is like any other RPG. The enemies respawn when you go back to that area. I don’t see why that’s a bad thing. You can either ignore them or you can kill them for some extra XP. Either way, it’s hardly something to complain about…at least, in my opinion.

            I don’t know about any of the Star Wars games, because I never played them. All I know is that the vehicles were pretty damn fun. I don’t care where they drew inspiration from. I just care if they’re fun or not…and they definitely are.

          • Jeff Maxwell says:

            not star wars game the films hahah. I don’t like the star wars games. Destiny isn’t an RPG though or is it? I don’t know its confusing what it is

          • superkarma says:

            Ahh, yeah see…shows how much I know about anything relating to Star Wars, lol.

            It’s not a full blown RPG, but it has elements of it. It’s a shooter first, but has RPG/MMO elements in it. It basically crosses genre lines quite a bit.

          • dsa says:

            the best looking game ever is simply just go out of ur house and play out door

          • Budgiecat says:

            there was not a single original thing about Destiny.

            It was seriously biting hard off Mass Effect, Halo and Star Wars.

            Least of its problems though..

        • aintwhatitlookslike says:

          I would agree but i can’t think of a good pc AAA exclusive to come out for years?

          • Jeff Maxwell says:

            I cant think of any AAA games that have bin exclusive to PC a while tbh and so far theres no good PS4 exclusives either. Im waiting for SC that’s going to blow some minds graphically, saving up for me gfx card to run that bad boy at ultra settings and solid 60

          • aintwhatitlookslike says:

            Ps4 has got loads of exclusives out and coming out? I would name them but can’t be arsed.
            i gave up on pc gaming years ago they have nothing exclusive anymore and a lot of 3rd party devs have turned there back on pc gaming

          • Jeff Maxwell says:

            I said so far… have to play em to make a decision dude. cant see gfx and go yeah thatll be good seeing as the games on ps4 ive played so far havnt bin particularly good for me so infact far from the hype its getting. No wonder the No Mans Sky developer has said don’t get hyped about the game cus hype kills games.

          • aintwhatitlookslike says:

            Bf4 looks great on my ps4

          • Jeff Maxwell says:

            it looks alright but defo not the level it was hyped up to be

          • aintwhatitlookslike says:

            Well i haven’t seen anything on pc yet that looks better than infamous. Bf4 on ps4 looks just the same as the pc version apart form the lower resolution. It still has all the bells and whistle’s of the pc version. Can’t wait to see uncharted that will be a looker

          • Jeff Maxwell says:

            I think watchdogs looks a lot better than infamous tbh witcher 3 will be alot better than the console version… Star Citizen already looks amazing. The detailing in that game is going to be unparalleled in any game. its hard for the PC version cus a lot of devs wont utilise the power properly cus they wont want it look a lot better than console versions, it would be stupid for them if they think it would hurt sales though cus people aren’t going to go out and spend aload of money on a PC so they should maximise the use of PC even it makes the console version look like a ps3 but only independent game makers will most likely do it. Everything from ubisoft will be built for parity so even cheap computers will be able to run there games

        • H0nkeys Have No Lips says:

          infamous was great. if you just want fetch-quest rpgs or “bro shooters,” you’re on the wrong system

          • Jeff Maxwell says:

            don’t like rpg’s the thing with infamous is its so repetitive. destroy command unit, do stuff till area below 30% kill what comes rinse and repeat. not made it off the first section of the island cus its so boring I cant be bothered, might go back to it at some point

        • They Call Me Senpai says:

          Of course you only saw hype for the graphics and were disappointed by the games, no one is surprised by this little revelation.

          • Jeff Maxwell says:

            I kinda started getting into destiny at the end a bit but the gfx on non of the ps4 games are show stoppers, they really aren’t. Might be a big upgrade from the PS3 but there still middle of the road.

            Considering all the hype was around the gfx that’s what you have to base your opinion on till you play the game, and all the hype so far for driveclub and the order etc are based on there gfx and gfx alone really so of course that’s all your going see.

      • Budgiecat says:

        Going by sales, general public adores Justin Beiber and twilight.

    • Sucka Free says:

      Glad you enjoyed it

    • worryingrash says:

      Are there any FPS games you currently enjoy?

      • aintwhatitlookslike says:

        Yea love bf4 killzone was just ok but had amazing graphics

        • worryingrash says:

          I’m probably going to get shot down for saying this, but it did feel like a step back to a slower, more Halo-like experience compared with BF4. If you’re burned out on Halo, I can see why you wouldn’t like it.

          I would like them to have gone a little further with the RPG and social elements of the game to really differentiate it – although there was enough to make the overall experience feel fun and new to me.

          • aintwhatitlookslike says:

            Yea I’m not saying its a bad game just nothing revolutionary. And after playing bf4 all year it feels like destiny is a massive step backwards. So i agree with you really

          • Budgiecat says:

            this game lacks a cover mechanic….why?

    • Meliodas7deadlysins says:

      Didn’t read..let me see You didn’t like it…therefore it was crap right? lol idiot.,

    • STIXS says:

      i liked it a lot

  10. Insloanwetrust says:

    Good game, judging from the beta both fun SP and MP. Though it’s nothing special that stands apart from the other fps games really.

    • aintwhatitlookslike says:

      Yep i found it very run of the mill. Its not a bad game. But not revolutionary at all i was rather disappointed. And the graphics were not very good at all

      • Insloanwetrust says:

        I do wonder where the 500 million went. Though it was just the beta.

        • aintwhatitlookslike says:

          Very true i mean not even any environmental destruction? It wasn’t very next gen at all Imo
          looked like a up res 360 game

        • M.C. Pauly GooGoo says:

          The production value (voice acting, cinematic work, score) are really top notch – i’m thinking a lot of that budget went toward that stuff.

          • Insloanwetrust says:

            Voice acting is boring so far, music is good but that shouldn’t cost that much. Cinematic work i did not see much and i don’t think there will be a lot. Maybe a lot went on advertising the game, it’s everywhere.

        • Budgiecat says:

          500 million???

          lol and No Man’s Sky looks way better and is being made by 4 guys

  11. SkinnyAssGamer says:

    Good Bye Destiny. I will see you again in September. As well as Natural Doctrine as well in September #GreatnessAwaits

  12. Meliodas7deadlysins says:

    This game is amazing. Can’t wait until September.

  13. Michael Ellis says:

    I’ve gone from not caring to mildly interested and now a day one purchase. The game has really sucked me in.

  14. L3AK3D says:

    The beta is still up on PS4 as of 316 pm Eastern Time. I Hope there is more depth to this game in the retail version. It seems like a very surface level RPG at the moment. The … moment of this comment is that it is merely a beta and not a full representation of the final version. The game is fun and interesting. Just hope theres more to it because 5 or 6 missions honestly only took a couple hours to complete. If I’m constantly replaying missions just to get new guns and armor I feel the game could get quite boring over time and not fulfill the hopes that all of us wanted and seemed lead to believe about this game in the first place.

  15. Ricoh123 says:

    Very underwhelming game.

    Extremely poor graphics.

    It’s basically an mmo that is extremely lacklustre in every single area, and an fps that is also lack lustre.

    The environments are static. You can’t blow anything up, nothing moves, its just all fixed.

    The only thing that will keep people playing is upgrading their character for better armour and weapons nothing else stands out whatsoever.

    • Neco The Sergal says:

      Well aren’t your expectations overwhelmingly impossible and illogical XD

      Expecting some godlike MMO with everything being breakable at a what, BF4 level? But in an MMO? Welp, go play Everquest Next I guess when it comes out.

      Your expectations though, honestly, are just idiotic – and you say the visuals are Poor? Lol, either don’t play it on Last-gen consoles, or in the end, I’d like to see you do better :p

      Your comment – is underwhelming.

      • Budgiecat says:

        reassurance defense force is a go! Excuse barriers are full on! “Lets see you do better” piss poor logic deflectors are set at maximum!
        this hype plane will not be shot down!

        • Neco The Sergal says:

          Don’t confuse Reasons with Excuses, there’s a fine line of difference. ‘Excuse’ especially being when something has no reason to having existed or for existing and it needs a poorly-conceived notion or dispute on why. You seem to use words that you don’t fully comprehend the definition of. I’d encourage you not to force yourself to use flashy buzzwords that fly over your head like ‘Reassurance’ and ‘Excuse’ since you seem to not know how to use them properly. Everything has a reason to exist unless disputed properly on why it should not exist, that’s how science is done my friend.

          When the complaint in itself is a childish whine about how things are ‘underwhelming’ and saying the graphics are ‘Poor’ without enlisting a proper comparison to reinforce the argument he’s creating. He’s invalidating his entire comment because it’s all sizzle and no steak. Comprende? Never start an argument you cannot maintain for longer than 5 seconds.

  16. Vincent says:

    I had chance to play the moon level once.

  17. Bliss Seeker says:

    I really hope they implement a hijack feature into this game. Although I think it’s unlikely.

  18. Edward Herrel says:

    I played the Beta everyday, EASILY 12+ hrs a day. Before i cashed em in, I had 18,000 pieces of Glimmer…lol…The Moon mission was cool, and gorgeous, but RIDICULOUSLY SHORT. We played that Mission, 7 or 8 times, and roamed the entire 2 hours during that Moon event, and it was disappointing that they only gave us 1 mission. No Beacons, nothing. That sucked. The main game will have the Earth & Moon, plus, “The City, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and others..If u collected the Grimoire cards, and read the backs of each one, you get more into the back-story, learn about the enemies, PLUS, other locations/planets that’ll be in the full game.

    I had 3 member fire team, and we got in yesterdays special event a minute after it opened, and when we got their, there was no one else. We each went in 3 diff directions, saw no-one for 10 mins or so, then we counted 6 more lol…Other players did play that Special story mission, but wasn’t many. We roamed around, picking up Loot Chests, though there weren’t any “special” loot cases for that event, and instead of Spin metal, we found the “Helium Tubes/Vials”, 4 glowing orange, i call em vials near the 1st main bldg u came too.

  19. sbkw1983 says:

    I didn’t play much of it, however, the small amount that I did play left me very impressed.

    I own all the Halo games, yet I haven’t played past part 1 and 2.

    Perhaps that’s the biggest reason why I was left with my jaw on the floor – or not.

    In any case, it reminded me of Mass Effect for some reason, and it was very fun and felt polished to death, which is why I changed my pre-order to the Ghost Edition. Hopefully it won’t be cancelled on me.

  20. OutriderSG says:

    After Destiny. Playing the rest of my games doesn’t seem anywhere near as fun as before.

  21. Budgiecat says:

    Destiny: One area per planet. Watch a loading screen to travel to and fro

    No Man’s Sky: fly to huge planets in real time

  22. Edward Herrel says:

    with all the time spent playing the Beta, it totally FK’D me up, Id shut my eyes and see the game, when we went to GTA online Im looking around for loot chests, beacons etc… much as I really enjoyd it, Im still debating whether too buy it or not. decisions decisions

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