Micro Review: The Last of Us: Remastered – Is Greatness Finally Here?

200 awards that say it was the best thing to come out all year, countless 10/10 scores, and a movie in production. If you ignore the title, you might think this review was about 50 Shades of Grey. While this is a actually a review for The Last of Us: Remastered for the PlayStation 4, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t different shades and layers to explore in this rich experience. With a game as deep and fulfilling as this one, the temptation to ask for more will always get the better of us, but has Naughty Dog stepped out in front to provide gamers with an all new palette with which to experience this title?

Reviewing a remaster is always a huge grey area. Do you score based on how well it represents the original experience, or do you try to look at it as it stands on its own two feet? There’s a very delicate approach to this sort of thing, and there really isn’t any right or wrong way to approach it. For the sake of clarity however, let’s assume that the base game will get the same score as the original, and go through both ways of thinking together.

TheLastOfUsRemastered (13)

First off, what makes The Last of Us a great game? Some will say that the story, which grips at your chest with every passing moment, could be the bright light that this game needed to be successful. Not many can argue that the writing for the original was simply amazing and kept you interested for the entire journey as you saw the characters grow a bond that you definitely didn’t expect in the beginning.

Others will say that the tight gameplay, which gives you a sense of realism in this dystopian future, might be the key. This isn’t a game where you have infinite ammo to unleash on hordes of the undead. As Joel says, you must “make every shot count.” When you miss your first shot, and see that clicker stumbling towards you, you realize how seriously you need to take those words.

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Most times, you’ll be packed in an area with bandits and infected alike and must be strategic in your approach or else face the consequence of death; a very real consequence that you’ll have to meet eye to eye numerous times as the game progresses. When faced with the infected, every time you even hear their murmurs and clicks, you either want to get on the ground and find out what kind of danger you’re in or open your back and prepare for the worst.

These things all come together to form a thrilling and truly unique experience. The story gives you something to fight for. You aren’t just dropped into this world and told to survive, you’re always given a reason to keep pushing forward. The gameplay puts you through tough situations that test your resolve to keep going. The danger that you feel in nearly every altercation, even ones that you feel prepared for, just shows how immersed you get into this world while playing.

The Last of Us5

The Last of Us: Remastered version comes with something that many agree aides with immersion, a graphical upgrade. This re-release boasts an impressive 1080p resolution with a mostly stable 60 FPS frame rate. These improvements come alongside newly improved textures and shadows, as well as models and assets optimized for the new resolution. For those of you who don’t follow all of the technical mumbo jumbo, that means that this game looks simply incredible.

Many people feel as if there aren’t too many “next gen” looking games available for current gen consoles at this point, however Naughty Dog has made quite the effort to get this game onto the very small list of games that meet most people’s graphical expectation. And if graphics don’t justify a purchase for some, the inclusion of the single player and multiplayer DLCs (with one more on the way) only sweetens the pot.

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With so much to offer, including the new photo mode that allows you capture and edit all of your favorite moments as well as a fun multiplayer experience that will keep you going back to get supplies for your camp, the many layers of this game fit together in an amazing way that we rarely see.

The Last of Us Remastered offers 50 Shades of Greatness and re-joins the library of games that every gamer should experience once, so if you haven’t yet you need to get your life together and get yourself a copy. Immediately.

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  • ZeroFactorial

    Never played the PS3 version. Picking this up today!
    Good review, thanks for swaying me to purchase.

    • Jahonius

      I hope you are going into the game spoiler-free.

      Be on the lookout for little moments – excellent game indeed

    • Michael Norris

      It’s a awesome game enjoy it,i was lucky to get a copy yesterday been playing it since.

  • Hizouse

    I didn’t have a PS3 so I am looking forward to getting home and playing this!

  • MilkNCheese

    Just opened mine! Here goes!

  • no one mentioned that we in Europe could pre-load the game..6 hours left to unlock it

  • Jecht_Sin

    Prices for The Last of Us in Italy:

    Amazon.it: 39.99€
    PSN: 59.99€

    PS4 (which also includes all DLCs):
    Amazon.it: 43.99€
    PSN; 44.99€

    Sony is better starting doing something about the digital prices of older games because this is simply ridiculous. Oh, and so much for “this re-release is meaningless”.

    • Jeff Maxwell

      we’ll see!

      • Jecht_Sin

        The “funny” thing is that I was pretty sure it went down to 39.99€. The PS3 version, obviously.

        • Jeff Maxwell

          its £40 in Uk, only 3 days till its released then

          • Jecht_Sin

            On PSN? yeah, UK prices are always lower. Don’t ask me why. I always buy the games from UK. Still at £40 is more expensive than the PS4 version all together.

          • Jeff Maxwell

            no at play.com, zavvi is £35… if you buy a PS4 w/ TLOU its £369 which means the game costs £19 then. strange

          • Jecht_Sin

            Zavvi had the best deal when I checked. It gave a 10% discount code for the game to whoever preordered it. Too bad their delivery sucks big way.

          • I ordered it from Gamestop uk, £30….

    • Dennis

      Back when I was living in the Netherlands, the prices were the same. Even for new games. Retail, i.e. GTA V was €47, Digital €69.99.

      I was WTFing the whole time how this makes sense.

  • IncognitosX

    New to the Playstation this generation and have this sitting in my car waiting for when the kids go to bed and I’m able to load it up. Can’t wait…

    • Insloanwetrust

      Enjoy 20 mins in I shed a tear.

      • IncognitosX

        I was moved, very engaging game!

  • CrusaderForever No Regret

    I have it downloaded and installed. I just have to wait for the right time to play it. Hopefully some time this afternoon when my son and wife are away. Going to be great playing the Left Behind, MP and Survivor difficulty for the first time.


    I was hoping for a full review with 10/10 score but this is ok 😛

    • To be fair, if I had to give it a score i’d give it a 10/10.

  • PhantomVash808

    Nice micro review this is how remastered games should be reviewed.
    Check out these world of Last of Us pics

  • PlayMatt

    Please guys update the review with a score! this deserves more then ever a 10/10!

    • Budgiecat

      okay 7/20

      • PlayMatt

        ? I would rather 4:20

  • Cannot wait to play this! I played the ps3 version and people may think it’s overhyped but it truly is a gorgeous game all around and this remastered version is only going to make it better.

  • Allen Smith

    If this rubbish is all you takes to grip your chest at every moment then I suggest you read a book aor watch some tv/film. It’s only slightly more deep than an episode of Tracey beacker