Sony Teaches Japanese Husbands How To Beg Their Wives for a PS4; Hilarity Ensues

After reading the headline of this post, I’m sure many you thought it was a joke. Well… It isn’t. Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia just released on the Play Community Blog  (the local equivalent of our PlayStation Blog) the first part of  “Begging Diary – I really want a PS4.

What is it? Basically it’s the hilarious story in diary form of a husband that really wants a PS4 and is trying to persuade his wife to buy it.  Since it’s rather funny, we translated it for your perusal, allowing you to bask in the over-the-top light of Japanese marketing.

Without further ado, you can enjoy it below:


Shiro: It’s nice to meet all of you users from the “Play Community.” I’m Shiro from Futtsu in the Chiba prefecture, and I’m a 30 year-old company employee. I’m also in trouble.

If you’re wondering what kind of trouble…

I reaaaaaaally want a Playstation 4!!!!!

In other words, I really, insanely want it.

I dream of the PS4™ every night, I even wrote “I want a PS4™” on an Ema [Note: Ema  are small wooden plaques that Shinto worshipers hang at shrines for the local god to read] at a shrine in my neighborhood. I don’t know whether or not the folks at Sony have noticed this, but I even went as far as writing the “TM” properly.

Lately I pretend to use the touch pad on the Playstation 3 controller, just above the PS button. I also imagine to broadcast gameplay by talking to my TV late at night, while nothing is displayed, I’m ok with just a bit of light.

However… I’m facing a big roadblock: it’s my wife! Mariko!!

Mariko is the one that manages our household… And I can’t just freely buy a PS4!

She’s indifferent to gaming, as she has not touched a game console in the past 10 years. She always does things like yoga, and loves those yummy diet drinks made with Açaí. I wonder if there’s really a way to make her relent and buy a PS4…

But I absolutely refuse to give up! I want a PS4! I even set up a lot of shapes on the floor in front of my TV, and I pretend to play with Playroom. I want her to notice.

So! Let’s buy it! I’m sure I’ll manage to buy it! I have already decided! I am going to persuade Mariko!

This time I am going to make use of the Play Community. Until I get the PS4, I will report to you about the ways in which I’ll try to convince Mariko. I was wondering if there were others in this same situation, and that idea feels a little conforting. In adition to that, I want to exchange information on the PS4 with everyone in the “Play Community,” so I can get good ideas from everyone in order to convince my wife. So thank you for lending me your attention for a while!

For this time, the plan is to ask, like in a casual conversation, whether Mariko knows about the PS4. Then I will give a basic description of the console. And after learning from the beginning her stance towards this negotiation, I will provide her with basic data on the PS4. It’s a good idea to plant information as a foundation of the achievement of my purpose.

How about that? Isn’t it quite strategic?

And here’s the most important part! To prevent the partner from telling it apart from casual conversation, I have to convey my feelings about PS4 little by little. So, please support me in today’s challenge!

~At the table, just after dinner~

Shiro: Oh Mariko (trying to feign a natural attitude), your cooking was delicious! Thank you for the meal!

Mariko: That’s rare. You hardly ever compliment me on my cooking. Do you want something? A PS4?

Shiro: (Gyaaaa!!! She figured me out in 0.5 seconds!)

Mariko: Really? Did I guess right after all?

Shiro: Oh… Yeah… I… You know… Mariko… PS4…

Mariko: I don’t know the details, but I saw a commercial on TV. And since you like games I thought you would want one. You don’t?

Shiro: No! I want it, I want it, I want it! Can we buy one?

Mariko: You know, at the end of last year we had to replace our broken washing machine. Not only that, but they also increased the rent this Spring. Right now keeping the household running is tough.

Shiro: D’oh! It’s all the landlord’s fault… But miss Mariko [note: the original is “Mariko-sama,” the most respectful way you could address someone, and it’s often used as a stereotypical form of begging in comedy], let’s do it somehow!

Mariko: But we already have a PlayStation 3.

Shiro: I do have a PS3, but the PS4 is much more marvelous!

Mariko: Really? How great is it?

Shiro: (N… Now! This is my chance!) Ahem! Well… Let me explain. The PS4 is a machine like no other, greater than them all! First of all, please look at this picture of the console. Tadaaa!

Mariko: Wow! It has a cool, sharp design.

Shiro: It is designed with straight lines and it has a futuristic design. It’s streamlined and all colored in black. And it’s just as good inside!

Mariko: Come to think of it, the first Playstation that I had when I was a child was gray.

Shiro: Well, as a special service, I will also show you pictures of the previous PlayStation consoles! Here!

Mariko: Heh, after all even the design of gaming consoles is going to change over time. From the original PlayStation to its fashionable new look.

Shiro: The design of the PlayStation, even while incorporating the ideas of previous designs, is always new and makes the brand stand out. The PS4 is the state-of-the-art, and while it is still new, the new console and its image have become popular across the world, and I am looking forward to it!

Mariko: I like how it looks, but what about the content?

Shiro: First, there is the expressive power of graphics! At that time, the PlayStation was a machine that had the power to show the best of its generation, but the power of the PS4 is overwhelming! It is very easy to understand if you take a look at the evolution through these previous PlayStation screenshots!

Mariko: That’s ICO! How nostalgic… It’s funny when you look at them side-by-side. The screenshots from the PS4 do look a little bit different…

Shiro: You can’t tell from the pictures, but the smoothness of the framerate is also a major point for the PS4. The PS4 brings forth a whole new gaming experience!

Mariko: You’re exaggerating… Even the PS3 was like that…

Shiro: No, no, no! It is very different!

Mariko: I wonder…

Shiro: Uh huh… Oh s… sorry… Well even if the PS3 had great games as well, PS4 is a next-generation machine, so they put a lot of features into it. For example, a video sharing function! You can click the “share” button on the controller, and share how you play by uploading the footage to a video hosting website.

Mariko: What is that? what do you mean?

Shiro: If you are proud of a great play you just did, or you want laugh with your friends about an interesting scene that just happened… It is also possible to suggest the strategy to others. You can share it with players all around the world instantly. It has unlimited potential.

Mariko: It certainly is new.

Shiro: Another topic is remote play with the PlayStation Vita.

Mariko: What is remote play?

Shiro: It’s a feature which allows you to play PS4 games on the screen of the PS Vita. I can play PS4 games without a TV thanks to this feature. I can even play outside as long as I have wireless access!

Mariko: Oh! That would be nice! Then that means that even if you start a game, but I want to see one of my dramas… You can continue to play on the balcony, right?

Shiro: W… well, whether I get kicked out on the balcony or not… Is it just me or I see that you think it’s fun?

Mariko: Well, maybe it could really be fun. It is different from the game consoles we owned before.

Shiro: Whew… That’s good… But are you convinced to buying it?

Mariko: That’s a completely different story. We’re tight with money for the household. Especially this month.

Shiro: This month? Why?

Mariko: Oh, I didn’t tell you? I dropped the watch in the toilet, and now we have to buy a replacement. Tehe!

Shiro: ……..Eh………?

That’s it folks.

How was that? Those were the last words that Mariko spoke about the PS4. I ended up defeated on my knees. Honestly, I feel that I didn’t win. But I have decided not to give up!

To everyone that is still reading this blog post to the very end, thank you. When you post a message in the comment section of this article, please give encouragement.

Give me your opinions and impressions about the PS4, your memories of PlayStation, and let me hear the cries of all the people that want a PS4 just as much as I do… It doesn’t really matter what you post. Please by all means, go ahead and comment.

Then please tweet this if you don’t mind. It’s a lonely battle made of sweat and tears. So my friends, no matter how though it is, I will stand up again and again. [note: below you can see Mariko’s persuasion meter]

20140728_onedari_01_32Next time I will report on my second round with Mariko! I will have an even better strategy!


And that’s it. At Sony Japan they’ve officially gone crazy.

Jokes aside, considering how households in Japan are traditionally run, the situation isn’t that unrealistic. As a matter of fact, it’s pretty much a given that there are indeed quite a few local husbands (and who knows, probably even some wives) in Shiro-san’s situation. I wonder if some will actually take inspiration from this… I guess there are worse topics for after-dinner conversation out there.

[Translation: Griffin Tatum]

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  • Budgiecat

    Shiro: Onegai!! Get me a PS4!

    Mariko: But it has no games. Dream C Club? Omega Quintet?? the hell is that loli crap? Anta Baka??

    Shiro: But….but Metal Gear Solid V! Yakuza Ishin!

    Mariko: those are cross gen! Get em on PS3!

    Shiro: But….Finaru Fantaiji XV!!

    Mariko: We’ll all be long dead by the time that comes out!! Now clean the toilet! kuso…


    • Jecht_Sin

      Shiro: there will also be Deep Down. A new RPG from Capcom. And it will also be free to play! Think about it, that alone counts for a bit more than 1/6 of the PS4 price.

      Mariko: huh, well.. yes, but.. still, the money..

      Shiro; and I didn’t tell you the best! Do you remember Demon’s Souls? From Software is making a new spiritual successor of it, exclusive for PS4: Bloodborne! It will have a similar gameplay and that dark gothic atmosphere you love so much!

      Mariko: REALLY?! Why didn’t you tell me before?! You know I *loved* that game! What are you waiting for? You had to buy the PS4 already. You men, you never do anything right!

      Troll away. :p

      • Jeff Maxwell

        Mariko, I wish you were that enthusiastic about cleaning the house and taking me out, if you got the ps4 youd do nothing and id never see you… except on the sofa (or pillow!) no purchase!

        • Budgiecat

          Mariko: Shiro, I bought those bathroom kneeling pads for a reason!!
          Freakin I told you to kneel when you pee, you get urine all over the seat when you stand!
          And for God’s sake, wear your man bras I bought you!

    • Rower

      Ps4 has the last of us 😉

    • Over

      It’s tradition in Japan for the husband to trust his wages to his wife. The wife manages the money.

  • Mr_JtowN

    Too long;didn’t read. Begging to get PS4 at $400! that takes skills to get your wife to say “Ok”, or alot of favors. .

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Here’s a hint 😀

      There’s very little less respectful than commenting with “too long; didn’t read.”

      A lot of effort goes in translating and writing posts like this. You’re very free not to be interested, but be nice, all right? 😀

      • Mr_JtowN

        Understood ;D

      • Bliss Seeker

        Well put! 🙂

      • Sucka Free

        Don’t take it personally, ADHD is epidemic these days. What can you do?

        • GotNews4Ya

          It’s a shame too… :-/

          My Son’s Mother’s Family let’s him get away with everything! LOL So when he is with me, and he is acting up, and I am trying to talk to him.. He pays almost no attention to anything your saying, unless you get loud with him, or threaten a spanking! Then he starts to listen.. I am sure he will grow out of it.. He’s still a youngin..

  • Boerewors

    Funny how Shiro dodges this bullet: “Mariko: I like how it looks, but what about the content?”. Haha! Instead of answering, he goes straight back to talking bout power and what not.

  • Jahonius

    Guys, I love your site and all, and maybe I should have kept quiet, but that Rising Sun Flag behind the PS4 is just like the Swastika symbol of the Nazis for a lot of Asian audiences… It is deemed offensive. Could you please avoid using that one, and maybe replace it with the actual Japanese flag instead? Thanks.

    • BlackestNight63

      Shut up.

      • Jahonius

        Lol, that’s not very nice


      The Swastika in itself isn’t an offensive icon. Let’s pretend that the Nazi’s used a circle instead, would the circle shape then be removed from everything, never to be used again because it was deemed as offensive? The history of the Swastika dates back to well before the times that the Nazi’s decided to make use of it. Back in the Bronze Age, specifically. And if you look up the meaning of it as well you will probably realise the ignorance of this comment.

      • Jahonius

        By Swastika, I meant the German tilted Swastika – the HakenKreuz.
        I actually do not care what Japanese themselves, and Westerners misuse the Rising Sun Flag. I was just trying to inform people who work at DualShockers that some may find the symbol offensive.

        Ignorance of my comment by looking up, you mean Google it?

        What is more striking is that your “ignorance” of the horrors that the Japanese Imperialists did during the WW2.

        I’m not here to argue, so I’ll let this one slip. I do not wish to blow this out of proportion. That was not my intention.

        • Sucka Free

          What is more striking is that your “ignorance” of the horrors that the Japanese Imperialists did during the WW2.

          Strawman! assume much?

      • Aaron Taggart

        So you’re saying if they put the Nazi flag behind this image at the top of the post, you’d be totally fine with that since it’s just a flag and doesn’t really mean anything?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Let’s keep the political conversation out of here.

      • Michael W

        Yet you let SkinnyAssGamer and other ponys parade around with completely off topic BS attacks… yea I wander where this site has its allegiances. Pathetic.

        • Sucka Free

          Actually, we get that on both sides, but I agree, more needs to be done about the haters. Still, Nelva has a point here, people like SkinnyAssGamer and Vious may not bring anything intelligent to the table, but at least it’s still game related

          • Michael W

            Its a way to drive hits and $$$ that’s all gaming “journalism” is now. Hits and speculation from fanboys trying to convince other fanboys how wrong they are about their purchase. So they allow and even encourage people like Skinny, You are wrong, + others. Its pathetic.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          No worries. We don’t.

          PS: your off topic (and rather riduculous) attacks against our site aren’t really any better.

          PPS: calling people “ponys” or any other derogatory nickname pretty much identifies you as no better than Skinnyassgamer or anyone that comes here just to flame.

          • Budgiecat

            since you’re here, can you ban my clone Bugdiecat?

            You banned the last one, but he came back….like herpes… : (

          • GotNews4Ya

            People aren’t allowed to have the same type of name as you? Seems a little unfair.. I mean… I don’t have the original FoRSaKeN (or any ip I use) on every game I play.. but that doesn’t discourage me.

            Now.. I could understand if they were simply spam posting about you or after you.. to mess with you, but I don’t see that anywhere on this post.. maybe I am just blind.. or out of the loop and should just keep to myself.. :-/

      • Jahonius

        Sorry about that. I guess I should have thought about your audiences first. And maybe emailed the writer instead. I was not trying to upset anyone, but apparently I have. I don’t usually do these sorta things.

        Sorry guys, enjoy your games

  • Jecht_Sin

    It’s actually funny, Sony should make an anime/manga out of it (hopefully subtitled!). I could picture them in my mind while reading. 🙂

    Mariko should be more reluctant, though. She is basically sold already, just concerned about the money.

  • Jecht_Sin

    BTW what’s that reference about Ico? Is it going to be ported?

  • GamerLegend

    Wonder what Shiro will do to convince Mariko when Project Morpheus is out?

    • GotNews4Ya

      Take her to a local gaming store so she can try the immersion for herself! That’s the real seller.. how real it feels..

      Can’t wait, hopefully VR really sticks around this time.. Last time it died out, the technology really wasn’t there to support it with the visuals.. Everything was red lines.. and didn’t make you really feel like you were in the game, but just felt like another game.

      These new VR Headsets are so immersive, you start to forget you aren’t there. he graphics are so advanced, its almost like looking into a new world, and all from the comfort of your home..

      The Applications that the headset could potentially bring forth are worth it alone. A VR Google Maps where it shows you the route, as if you were driving / riding there. Know the area, but just need a quick refresher of which side of the road its on, and what its tucked away behind? Bam.. throw on the VR Headset and pan around to get a good idea of the location.

      Facebook has Oculus Rift for a reason, Social Interaction Medium, and driving that forward.. People have complained for years (Older people / Parents) that computers are more anti-social than Social. I used to get harped on all the time for choosing to get onto my cpu and play games back in the day, rather than go out side all the time. Now.. If you wanna hang out.. you and your friends can throw on your VR Headsets, and chill together, or go do something in VR, and it will seem like you are all there..

      I am sure so many more applications will come forth as the technology progress’. I, myself, am looking forward to what the future may hold.

  • Kamille

    I thought I was gonna watch a video. Meh.

  • pastreaver

    japanese and western culture is so different.

  • Bliss Seeker

    Nice article. It was a very nice change! Haha.

  • Natan Cifuentes

    Pretty fun read, hope he gets it. I know much of the culture is if they don’t need it, why get it.

  • Anders

    Speaking of crazy, you should watch the latest PS VITA ad on PlayStation Japan YouTube channel, that is crazy.

  • CrusaderForever No Regret

    Nice, that was entertaining. I went through a similar situation when I wanted to buy the Vita. My wife is awesome so it worked out. The PS4 was easy as I planned for that and my wife knew about it from the start. PSForever!

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      lucky you man. just don’t forget to put your wife before the games.

  • Vious


  • SkinnyAssGamer

    my version: “How To Convince an Xbox Fanboy to buy an PlayStation 4”
    What you do: “Tell them Kinect is a gimmick and Xbox one has very little exclusives”
    Results: “They go cry in the corner and call their momma to read them a nice bedtime story with hot chocolate milk” XD

    • Sucka Free

      you need to STFU. You don’t need to turn every topic into a fanboy b*tch fight

      • SkinnyAssGamer

        lmao. why are you so concerned with what i do on my post? Lmao.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Actually, he’s right. At this point your comments clearly identify as trolling, so I suggest you stop with this kind of attitude.

          PS: It’s not really just a “suggestion.”

          • SkinnyAssGamer

            i will try to stop don’t worry.

    • Stickz

      really, how did you manage to make it such a boring ‘joke’?

  • TheFatDeliquent

    M-MARIKO-SAMA!!! That was one amazing read to the point I animated it in my head!

  • Ya know Japanese humor is just…fun. America’s is so vulgar, that was a refreshing read…and this comes from someone who is quite vulgar, himself :p

  • James

    Is that a real story? or someone it made up?

    it was great tho

  • Jeff Maxwell

    Classic I really want a PS4 I have to ask permission from my wife… she drops her watch in the toilet, were getting a new watch hahahaha

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    LOL that was good. I may use this strategy on my future girlfriend…jk but when I do have one and I wanna ask her about getting a system, I’ll take a more successful approach haha

  • BLOB

    Poor Guy.
    Have a mercy for him.
    Mariko is so selfish. Think only about her a.. 🙁
    Hope that Shiro will get Ps4 From SONY Japan.

  • This_Games_hero

    Sony said it did not accept the EA Access program because it felt it did not bring good value. That is bull! The PS plus is a freaking joke!!! With EA Access you pay 5 dollars a month and you have access to a bunch of games for unlimited time during that month. On the other hand with the PS Plus you pay 5 dollars and you can only be play ONE GAME for 2 HOURS!!!! What a freaking joke!!!! Sony sucks!

    • MTM2

      That’s not PS+… that’s PS Now.

      PS+ gives you $2000 worth of games for $50.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Go copy paste your dumb, factually incorrect shit somewhere else.

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  • Victor Politis

    yea sure…they have huge salaries n they need to begging for a ps4…i am begging you summer videogame sites stop the stupid articles pleaseeee hehe

    • Jecht_Sin

      Why, didn’t you know? Diamonds are cheap, videogames are expensive, Ask any woman!! :p

  • Polar15

    The struggle is real.

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