Review: Wooden Sen’SeY Is a Boring and Forgettable Experience

The indie title Wooden Sen’SeY is about a hero named Goro who walks out of his house to have a drink, and shortly after bad guys come through with a weird looking ship and steal all of his drinks…and that’s it really. After that, you’re dropped right the game with preamble.

The overall controls for the Wii U GamePad are pretty awkward at first because naturally, when I play a 2D game I would want to use the D-pad. I couldn’t figure out how to change the controls to my liking so I was stuck with the analog controls. Analog doesn’t really take long to get used to but having the option to mess with the controls would of made this game slightly less frustrating. Just slightly.

I also had to turn off the motion control gimmick that allowed you to do this sort of attack/double jump because I had to tilt my GamePad in order to execute the move and it only made the game more frustrating. The grappling is also a pain to use and I frankly try to avoid the mechanic as much as possible because of how wonky it is.


Speaking of controls, I was also really disappointed to see that Goro didn’t really have any combos. You just press Y button for him to swing his axe, with the option to also use your grapple axe to hit enemies above you. It all got dull a little too quickly though. Sure you can get items along the way, like shuriken and bombs, but it wasn’t enough to keep me interested.

The game can go from easy to difficult rather fast and you’ll end up dying a lot in some levels. Not that I don’t like hard games, but when the game itself isn’t fun, it really doesn’t make the experience any better for me. If you want to really test your patience then the Time Attack and “Dev-Time” challenge mode (the latter which has you try and beat the developers’ record) is made for you.


Although the game has its faults, the music was pretty decent. As I was going through the levels, the soundtrack never really felt out of place. I also enjoyed the stage backgrounds the game had to offer but the enemies that accompanied the stages were pretty bland. As for the graphics, all I can really say about it is that they aren’t bad but they aren’t really that impressive.

Overall Wooden Sen’SeY is so boring that it is almost painful. I can’t really recommend this game to anyone sadly but if you’re crazy for platformers then wait for a price drop.

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  • Daniel Osborne

    and yet it still gets a 5 ?

    • Allisa James

      5 means boring/average. For a game to get any lower than that, it would have to have some major tech issues such as bugs, crashing, freezing, glitches, etc.

    • Kevin Sanchez

      Like Allisa said, I found no glitches in the game or any bugs so there was no reason to go any lower than a 5.

  • Jozef

    So you purport the game to be ‘so boring it’s almost painful’ then give it a 5? While at the same time stating that 5 means ‘average’. That doesn’t make sense, the objective of a game is to be enjoyable, boring is the opposite of enjoyment, at least for me, so it doesn’t make sense for the game to receive an average score.

    Furthermore the notion that the game needs ‘bugs and glitches’ to go below a 5 is idiotic, bugs and glitches do not make or break a game. If the game is boring then it’s boring, bugs or glitches shouldn’t be the defining factor in moving this title from an average to a below average reception when it’s already been described as ‘so boring it’s almost painful’.

    You need to either be more careful with your words, or think more about what you’ve written when distributing a score.

  • Jozef

    To expand on my previous comment, your reviews aren’t even consistent within your own site. The Crimsonland reviews write up was that the game was an enjoyable although generally average experience. this contrast wasn’t described as an enjoyable game, but received a very similar score to Crimsonland.

    May I suggest briefing your writers on some form of standardised rating system to produce some consistency between authors?

    • Kevin Sanchez

      Different reviewer, different game and difference experience. I played this game to the end (after being killed numerous times in the final levels) the game is pretty boring/average so I gave it the score I felt it deserved. Even though the game was boring and painful to play that doesn’t mean it deserves a 1 out of 10 or even a 3.

      I would only see where you were coming from if it was only one person reviewing all these games and that’s not the case.

      That’s all I have to say on that.