The Last of Us PS4 Player Count Overtakes PS3; Patch 1.01.005 Released to Solve Matchmaking Issues

The Last of Us Remastered seems to have launched very successfully, not only it shot to the top of the best sellers charts of Amazon’s storefronts all over the world, but its player count for the multiplayer overtook the PS3 version, as shared by Programmer Drew Thaler, who also gave us a nice glimpse on the game’s monitoring tools.

Unfortunately the high number of players (that’s still a rather nice problem to have, I guess) also brought to light issues with the multiplayer matchmaking, and Co-Founder Christophe Balestra admitted that it was taking  way too much time to find a match:

Luckily a patch is rolling out in order to solve the problems, as mentioned by Designer Robert Ryan. You’ll need to restart the game to install it. At the moment of this writing the patch still isn’t available for download, but it should come shortly.

While incurring into a few issues at the launch of a big game is definitely par for the course, it’s definitely nice to see that Naughty Dog is on the ball. It certainly didn’t take long to patch the problem.

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  • disqus_TCr2DiTW3m

    been having a great time with the story so far. i still need to get on MP, but its too hard turning off the SP once you get going.

    • Almighty-Koz

      i full on agree with this, i want to try the MP but the story is so damn good i cant stop.

    • Insloanwetrust

      Don’t hit the mp until the sp and sp dlc is done. Would you interupt divinci while doing the sixtenth chappel?

      • disqus_TCr2DiTW3m

        i think you mean michelangelo and the sistine chapel lol

        • Insloanwetrust

          Lol bee will make a foo of you but you get the point regardless.

          • jhk655

            I feel like that’s a problem lack of beer won’t solve. Edumacation perhaps?

    • DEFC

      Just enjoy the SP my friend.. dont worry about the MP yet, get a good control of the gameplay mechanics and weapons..

      you will die A LOT in multiplayer at first anyway >_<

    • cusman

      On PS3, I was playing through the SP, then made the mistake of trying out the MP and then never went back to the SP, and eventually got turned to some other games.

      So this time on PS4, I intend to see the SP through before I go into the MP.

  • SkinnyAssGamer

    Never had any problems with matchmaking so i couldn’t tell you from experience. So i guess its just a minor issue that doesn’t effect the whole majority which is good. None of Sony’s Issues really effect the whole PlayStation Base. which is good.

    • David Kropodra

      if you had a group of 3 or 4 it took like 20 minutes to find a game

      • SkinnyAssGamer

        never had a problem like that because i game alone.

        • joel

          how big is it ?

          • SkinnyAssGamer

            i game by myself whenever i play multiplayer on any online capable games.

  • Speak_da_Truth

    well deserved as it is a great game

  • PrinceHeir


  • CervantesPR
    • My delivery man just arrived with my copy plus my LG G3 and the LG G watch came today……

      I’m feeling like that gif right now

  • BlackestNight63

    I was watching a stream of multiplayer and it was taking way too long for the groups to find matches, so it’s good that they’re notifying everyone that they’re trying to fix it now.

  • superkarma

    Bu…bu…the haters told me TLOU MP was boring and essentially non-existent…

    • Im_On_a_Drug_Called_Charlie_Sh

      Just ignore the xtots all they know how to be is jealous, its funny.

  • TheLastGuardian

    Waiting for USPS….

  • ISISSecretAgent

    how do i use the in game commentary in the game? i looked around and couldnt find in the options unless it unlocks after the first playthrough

  • Insloanwetrust

    Wow now that is a surprise, The game is not even released everywhere on ps4 yet.

  • Vrasku

    Played the story for the past 6 hours (just stopped) and i am having a blast with this game. taking tons of videos and pictures.

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  • Ian Nikou

    Does anyone else have issues with voice chat in multiplayer?
    I can’t hear anyone and I don’t know if they can hear me (there is no mic icon next to my name whenever I talk).

    • cusman

      Others in your team possibly in party chat?

      • Ian Nikou

        In party chat mic works, but in random matches with other people it doesn’t,
        I looked it up and some other people are having the same issue

        • cusman

          I meant, if others in random matches are in party chat themselves, then they wouldn’t get your voice-chat unless you are part of their party.

          For games that support game-chat, once partied up and in-game, all players should get in the habit of switching to game-chat, even if in party, so that they can also talk to other players as the game allows.

          People in party chat, that don’t switch to game-chat, don’t hear anything other than the party chat users. You also don’t get any visual indicator that others are talking if they in different chat channel (party vs. game).

    • mike

      i am having the same problem works in party chat but not in game chat havent been able to fix it.

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  • jacksjus

    I can believe it because it took me 5 stores to find one of only three remaining copies.

  • Adam

    Can someone help, When i play the last of us multiplayer my guns have no aim, their is no circle so show where im aiming. Am i the only one with this problem, Please release a patch ASAP.

  • DieHardjagged

    MP Matchmaking is still fucked, thanks alot.