Atlus To Make an Effort on PS4 and Xbox One Development; Will Keep Focusing on Consoles

Atlus is still working on PS3 with Persona 5, while keeping the game firmly under wraps, but the developer is looking at the new generation, as mentioned by the company’s President and CEO Yukio Sugino in an interview on this week’s issue of the Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu.

Sugino-san explained that with the PS4 having overtaken the seven million mark and the Japanese launch of the Xbox One, a console developer like Atlus cannot ignore them, and is going to make an effort in that direction even thanks to the know-how injection from Sega.

There’s also a soothing word for those who are afraid to see the developer take a turn towards the mobile like many Japanese studios already did. Sugino-san explained that there won’t be any change in the studio’s policies, and since they owe their popularity to console fans, they will continue to focus on consoles for the time being.

Can’t say I’m not happy to read that, especially considering the situation of the Japanese market. It’s refreshing to see a prominent developer like Atlus sticking to its core market.

[Thanks for the tip: Masaru Aoyama]

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  • TallSilhouette


  • i really hope they bring Persona 5 to the PlaySTation 4. I don’t know why their not doing it already. Maybe even make a Persona Collection with all the Personas 1-4 and 5 and put it on the PlayStation 4? I wouldn’t mind paying $60 or even $90 for that. Maybe even $99.99 or 149.99 for that collection to happen.

    • Negi Springfield

      Persona Collection for the PS4 is a good idea.

    • Alter

      erm.. Persona 5: Remaster & Persona 6

      • no i mean like a Persona Collection with all the Personas 1-5. i don’t think 6 will be out since 5 is coming soon on PS3.

    • MnFnGamer

      Not happening 😉

    • doom guy

      Realistically, I can see an enhanced version of P5 getting released for the PS4. I can even see them releasing an enhanced portable version for the PS Vita. Since, portable gaming is far more popular in Japan, and the Vita is selling really well there.

      A Persona Collection, I don’t see that happening. They released enhanced versions for the PSP. For it to be a PS4 title, they would have to totally remake the game from the ground up. Considering the budget needed for such a thing. If they did do that, it would be sold as individual titles. Also, fans are kinda already feed up of Atlus milking the previous games dry.

    • Kumomeme

      if persona 5 get great reception like previous persona games,the probality ps4 version surely higher
      one good example in this situation is the last of us

  • Nick

    Will Persona become multiplat? I know I’d support Atlus if they came to Xbox One! I love their games, and I’d love to achievement hunt on Atlus games!

    • Sorry. Persona is and always will be a PlayStation Franchise Classic. Guess they may have some deal with Sony where Persona is only on playstation. PlayStation would never be the same without Persona.

      • AlexIDV

        Persona 1 is on Windows, Persona Q is on 3DS, and Persona 4 Arena/Ultimax are on Xbox 360. So, probably less that they have a deal with Sony, and more that they know that their audience has Playstation consoles.

        • love how you didn’t bring up Persona 2-4 (Not Arena) Yes you are correct but Persona has always catered to the PlayStation Audience over the others. Persona Q? isn’t that a spin off?

    • Spencer

      Xbox one might get some atlus games, but Persona won’t be one of them. If you like JRPGs, and atlus specifically, you need to invest in Playstation.

      • xbox1rules23

        not ps sucks

    • xbox1rules23

      so awesome, atlus will finally support xbox. i think it’s because ms seems more invested in japan and they’ve been going around to multiple dev’s

      • Sucka Free

        Enjoy, you’ll be getting some great games. I recommend Disqaea

      • You are flat out wrong

        Keep hoping.

        • xbox1rules23

          you again? are you stalking me? damn troll. no wonder you’re a virgin

          • You are flat out wrong

            Cry harder, xbonedonesucks123. 🙂

  • Perry Williams

    What about a demons souls ps4 version ?

    • MTM2

      You mean Bloodborne?

      • Perry Williams

        No demons souls remastered. . Repair that damn archstone.. lol

    • doom guy

      That depends totally on Sony. They own the IP. Atlus only published the game in North America. While Namco Bandai published it in Europe.

  • HelghastUser

    After Dragons Crown I’m willing to check out almost anything that these guys put out..

    • doom guy

      Vanillaware developed the game. Atlus only published the game.

  • benbenkr

    Well, guess what? Persona 5 will be on the PS4 in the form of an enhanced version just like every single Persona game before on their respective platforms.

    It’ll happen, but knowing Atlus… it’ll be quite a while.

    • MnFnGamer

      Screw ps4 and one bring it to PC there’s more players there and a lot a money there for them

      • benbenkr

        Keep dreaming.

        • MnFnGamer

          There’s a lot of single player games for PC, then again it should go full multiplat instead of just a ps4 remaster that way it makes more money

      • Orichalon Hades

        bringing in a single player only title to the PC is bad bad idea. (hint* hint* its piracy)

  • doom guy

    Just concentrate on P5 Atlus. Don’t let anything get in the way of the game’s development.

    Also, Since SEGA own Atlus, I don’t mind them developing [after P5 is done] one of SEGA’s old RPG IPS 🙂 A traditional Phantasy Star game, developed by Atlus would be really nice 🙂

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