Killer Instinct: Combo Breaker Pack Will Fight Its Way into a Physical Release on September 23rd

Microsoft has announced the physical copy of Killer Instinct: Combo Breaker Pack is releasing a special retail version of the game, coming September 23rd for $19.99.

Combo Breaker Pack comes with the game all eight fighters from Season 1. In case a reminder is needed, it would be Jago, Sabrewulf, Glacius, Thunder, Sadira, Orchid, Spinal, and Fulgore.

In addition to this, buyers will receive a code for a bonus fighter from Season 2 – TJ Combo.

Killer Instinct: Season 2 will arrive for Xbox One later this year.

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  • uptownsoul

    Does the Xbox community regard this as an additional exclusive, on top of the launch exclusive Killer Instinct: season 1 AND 2014 exclusive Killer Instinct: season 2? Are all of these considered 3 separate exclusives?

    • well too their logic it counts, because it makes them feel better about their purchasing believing that these games are separate exclusives. Just let them have it. Most Xbox Fanboys are 5-10 years old anyway. So let them believe what they want. They will learn eventually to tell the difference between DLC and a Real Exclusive. But in the mean time let the enjoy their juice pack, my little pony lunch boxes, and their Master Chief Action Figure. for now.

      • doplerradar

        Nobody thinks these are separate games. Not even fanboys claimed that. You are making things up.

        • maybe you don’t some of your Xbox Buddies may think that.

          • doplerradar

            I never heard anyone claim that. This comment section is the first I ever heard of it.

          • i’m sure their are other comment sections out their with Xbox Fanboys trying to push it as an exclusive, maybe not here but in other places.

          • doplerradar

            Saying “your are sure” doesn’t mean a lot given your history. Unless you have proof of this, your assumption is incorrect

          • uptownsoul

            I asked the question because i’ve had several people tell me Killer Instinct was both a launch exclusive & an upcoming 2014 exclusive…It went in the context of them telling me PS4 has no games, yadda, yadda, yadda…Me responding with a list of confirmed PS4 named and yet to be named games…Then they proceed to give me a list of upcoming Xbox One games (which always includes Killer Instinct: season 2)…I then ask if they consider Killer Instinct a launch (Nov 2013) exclusive AND season 2 a 2014 exclusive…And you’d be surprised how many yeses I get.

          • HalfBlackCanuck

            Arguably they are half right, even if grasping at straws. Season 2 is more-or-less akin to Super SF IV (to SF IV)…on one hand more as it is double the originals content BUT many do argue that 8 isn’t good enough initially anyway. Also, don’t know if Season 2 can be bought solo or not. If yes, two different SKUs.
            And before anyone jumps on the ‘only 8 characters’ point I made, it was also only $20. Any extra cost was optional and likely got buyers an additional arcade classic and tons of costume options.

      • demfax

        Didn’t Nelva tell you to stop trolling?

        • how am i trolling again? just stating what i see on other forums and websites that is all. up until the last sentence “my little pony lunch boxes and their master chief action figure” i was not trolling. Just stating what i see from other websites what Xbox Fanboys do. just a harmless discussion rather he, his buddies, or you take it the wrong way not my problem. i’m just using a harmless topic not trying to cause any trouble. Trolling would require me too: “F**** XBOX AND ALL OF ITS FANBASES!!! HAHAAAHAAAHAAA!!!!!” that would be trolling. which i did not do. I am having a peaceful civil discussion.

          • demfax

            That’s still trolling and hating.

          • Sorry but that’s shadow trolling lol

            You might not think its trolling but saying “Most Xbox Fanboys are 5-10 years old anyway.” “They will learn eventually to tell the difference between DLC and a Real Exclusive. But in the mean time let the enjoy their juice pack, my little pony lunch boxes, and their Master Chief Action Figure. for now.”

            Looks kinda offensive in my eyes lol.

    • doplerradar

      I think this is just consider to be a single exclusive game. Season 1 gave us 8 characters while season 2 will add to to roaster with 8 more characters. It is a good game, I just suck at it.

  • DeathCom

    This is not the news the less than absolute hardcore KI fans are looking for..

    Where is the PC release Microsoft!!?

    • doplerradar

      The problem with PC is that it is a no win situation. If you support PC, people complain how you just care about consoles. If you do, then people say there is no reason to buy a Xbox. You can’t make everyone happy.

      • Jack Joyce

        Yeah… it also takes away from development time for the team, they’re trying to make KI have Seasonal content while constantly balancing it and trying to make it more competitive friendly.

        PC port begging is pointless because MS wouldn’t dare move exclusives from their system to PC for the sake of software sales. It’s about Hardware sales at the moment.

        • DeathCom

          I would agree with the exclusive stuff, but Project Spark is headed to everything Microsoft and that has WAY more potential as a system seller than KI ever did. (ditto for Titanfall, though its 3rd party)

          As for the time the team has, we hear this about EVERY game out there. No one EVER has enough time (except Blizzard… but with Activision demanding more they too have limits..). The problem with this myth is that KI system code is x86, and being on X1 is also even Direct X ready. They could have a working port up and running in literally a DAY. Hell they already do technically speaking, everything Xbox One at E3 2013 was running on Windows PCs. Now, getting dedicated PC servers for matchmaking, tweaking the DRM so it works and is not annoying, and figuring out how online play would work without the XBL paywall, that would take a bit longer. But the profits would far outweigh the costs of this simple port. (this scenario is true for all games on X1 and most PS4 games)

          The bottom line, the systems KI would sell, have sold. Those wanting a PC version are probably never going to get an X1, and if they did, it would be because they are waiting for a LOT more than one game to warrant the purchase.

  • Vious

    Sounds good.

  • meh. Killer Instinct is milking us for money too much. Free To Play released at launched? then a Season 2? Why not just put all the characters in their for free”? it is a free to play game. and i don’t want to hear the BS: “Well they need to make money right?” lmao. then they can simply sell little things like Warframe or Warthunder or whatever does in their add on category. But this adding 8 more characters? All the characters should already be in the game. Well i guess i know why its on Xbox One, most of them would support bad business pratices, since most of them are little kids and can’t tell the difference between good or bad yet since their parents spoiled them too much. But you can’t really put the blame on the child since they can’t raise themselves in this issue.

    • doplerradar

      It is a slightly different model of f2p. You can play the game for free, have access to all the modes, and have only 1 character. You can choose if you want to buy all the characters for $20, buy individual characters for $5, or buy all the characters plus extra customization and the original Killer Instinct for $40. Season 2 is just adding to the list of characters. It is optional to buy.

      • doesn’t matter all the fights should already be in the game. this is some Capcom shit right here no doubt, charging for extra characters? yeah that’s some Capcom garbage right there. Your being milked for money. deal with it. Stop defending BS like this.

        • HalfBlackCanuck

          Your argument is that this game should have been free, period. That’s the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. You claim their milking (no) but I wonder what exactly they should charge for if not the individual fighters…
          People hate this game for two reasons: MS exclusive and it isn’t a traditional 1992 purchase model. Much more opportuinty for experimentation fo rgamers not huge on fighters when they can test the waters first, especially with rotating free character. They like one fighter? Buy him or her. Like the whole game? Buy it all at once (or top off). Don’t love it? Leave it downloaded and play when your favorite character comes into rotation. It’s simple and a perfect business model for this type of game.

        • MnFnGamer

          Wow my man you troll dumb hard man ease up, there are people who refuse to buy all digital so here is this physical appearance, let it go g

    • ineedgames

      How is it milking? The price for season 1 and the original with it doesn’t even cost half the price of a full game.

      You can literally just play the game for free without paying a single cent.
      Games are not made in a day and Killer instinct is all about Balance, you can’t just slap together a character and put him into the game like Mortal Kombat.

  • Craig Sloan

    Did the game sell well?

  • Wargreymon559 .

    I rather pay $60 for the full game.Not this stupid F2P crap

  • PhantomVash808

    Considering the lack of fighting games on current gen this is great idea for Microsoft to release a physical copy of KI.

  • Averix

    I’m still regretting buying content for this title. Waste of money. I had such high hopes, but the $40 didn’t get me much and now I’ll have to pay more for season 2? Another case of a half done game being followed up by the complete game at an additional charge later.

    • ineedgames

      Why didn’t you just play it when it was free before buying it? that’s the reason why it’s a free to play model.

  • Don Tusk

    a game with just 8 characters… FAIL! They should just wait until they got about 16 and release it as a full retail game.