Origin Currently Selling Titanfall for 50% Off

Titanfall is still THE big exclusive from Microsoft. With that said, there are still some out there who have yet to play it. Those people are in luck thanks to Origin. EA’s online shop is currently selling the game and its various editions for a nice discount.

The main game Titanfall is now $29.99 which is 50% off its regular price of $59.99. The Digital Deluxe edition is also on sale now for $47.99 (40% off) and the Season Pass, which grants access to all of the game’s DLCs, is on sale for 30% off for $17.49.

To take advantage of these sales while they last, make sure to follow this link. Remember that this sale is for the PC version of the game.

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  • MetalSpartan

    i want to buy it retail on PC
    BUT is it true it has like 4 Discs to install?

    • Rickowned

      shouldnt. I would think it could be on an 800MB cd for how much content it actually has.

      • MetalSpartan

        lol no but seriously I just did a quick google image search and yeah 4 Discs

        • Rickowned

          nearly all 4 of them are actually just audio. I think there’s like 30 some gigs of audio files if I remember correctly

          • MetalSpartan

            yeah the Xbox one version weights way less if i’m correct

    • Vrasku

      it requires Origin to play so you might just download it after activating.

    • ssjenforcer191191191 .

      4 dvds sounds likely
      too bad its not on a bluray

      • MetalSpartan

        Thats a problem with PC games
        no bluray support and no retail support

  • superkarma

    Ouch…it’s doing that bad? Damn.

    • MetalSpartan

      Umm its on PC
      PC games go on sale all the time -_-

      • yeah but not 50% in such a short time, the best you would see normaly would be 10%, 15% in 6 months after release.

        • Atlas

          They probably just wanna do this to boost DLC sales… that’ll practically recoup the discount cost

      • superkarma

        They also had a free weekend about a month ago as well. And nah, PC games don’t generally get 50% 4 months after release. PC games also don’t generally get 2 game-modes removed due to insufficient amount of players.

        The game is doing bad…and it’s worse platform is PC. There’s no spinning that.

        • MetalSpartan

          That is correct
          but just because the game is selling bad
          doesn’t mean its a bad game just saying

          • superkarma

            Oh, I know. I wasn’t trying to imply that. I’m sorry if it seemed like I was. I was just surprised it wasn’t doing so hot on PC, since FPS games generally do relatively well on PC.

          • MetalSpartan

            Yeah that is totally correct

    • Porcu Peth

      all but dead right now

  • Looktoofar

    Best next gen game by a mile

    • ssjenforcer191191191 .

      correction, best nextgen XBOX game, maybe.

      i would put half a dozen PS4 games up against titanfall easily

      • Looktoofar

        Lmmmmmmmaaooooo indiestation games? Like what knack?resogun? This games destroys anything Sony had or has for the next two or three years. Go play lbp lol

    • Tony Polanco

      This is also on the Xbox 360. Can Titanfall actually be considered “next-gen”?

    • will.95

      It’s a good game.

      But there is literally nothing “next-gen” about this game at all.

    • They Call Me Senpai

      Yeah, if it’s the only game within a mile.

  • Sucka Free

    I’m pretty sure this was on sale before on Origin, right after that free weekend they had a couple months back