3.5 Million PS4, PS3 and PS2 Combined Sold in Q1 2014; Sony Returns to Be Profitable

Sony just disclosed its financial results for the fiscal quarter between April 1st and June 30th 2014, and there are smiles all around.

During those three months Sony Computer Entertainment sold 3.5 million  between PS4, PS3 and some leftover PS2 combined, and 0.75 million between PS Vita and PSP combined, while contributing to generate an operating income of of 43 million dollars within the Games and Network Services segment.

Software sales for all the company’s consoles summed up to 390 million and the division is back to being profitable after the loss posted in the last quarter of fiscal year 2013.

Sales increased 95.7% year-on-year (an 86% increase on a constant currency basis) to 257.5 billion yen (2,550 million U.S. dollars). This increase was primarily due to the contribution from sales of PS4 hardware which was launched in November 2013, as well as a significant increase in network services revenues accompanying the launch of the PS4. Sales to external customers increased 101% year-on-year.

Operating income of 4.3 billion yen (43 million U.S. dollars) was recorded, compared to an operating loss of 16.4 billion yen in the same quarter of the previous fiscal year. This significant improvement was primarily due to the above-mentioned increase in sales, partially offset by a decrease in PlayStation®3 (“PS3”) software sales.

Sony as a whole reported a an opeating revenue of 17,920  million dollars and an operating profit of 691 million dollars. Then net income was 265 million dollars, with the company finally jumping back in the black, posting actual profits. The performance of the PS4 and the Games and Network Services as a whole is marked as the primary cause behind the upturn.

Sales were 1,809.9 billion yen (17,920 million U.S. dollars), an increase of 5.8% compared to the same quarter of the previous fiscal year (“year-on-year”). This increase was primarily due to a significant increase in G&NS News & Information segment sales, reflecting the contribution of the PlayStation 4 (“PS4”) which was launched in November 2013, a significant increase in Pictures segment sales primarily due to higher theatrical revenues in Motion Pictures, as well as the favorable impact of foreign exchange rates. This increase was partially offset by a significant decrease in sales in All Other, primarily related to Sony’s exit from the PC business. On a constant currency basis, sales increased 3% year-on-year. For further details about sales on a constant currency basis, see Note on page 9.

Operating income increased 34.3 billion yen year-on-year to 69.8 billion yen (691 million U.S. dollars). This increase was primarily due to a significant improvement in the operating results of the G&NS segment partially offset by a significant deterioration in the operating results of the MC segmen

Sony1 Sony2 Sony3


Below you can see the results forecast for the whole year split by segment for for the whole company, with Sony predicting the Game and Network Services segment to generate 25 billion yen in operating income. Up by five million from the latest forecast.

Sales are expected to be higher than the May forecast primarily due to the strong performance of the PS4. Operating income is expected to be higher than the May forecast primarily due to PS4 hardware cost reductions.

The forecast for actual annual unit sales for home consoles, portable consoles and software actually remains unchanged from the earlier forecast at 17 million, 3.5 million and 390 million respectively.




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  • Nordu

    Thats good to hear, I really want the vita to succeed. Was frustrated when I heard there would be no Monster Hunter on the vita, hopefully support for it will grow much stronger over the years.

    • Sucka Free

      I think we’ve lost that IP for good. Same with all the other Shin Megami Tensei series besides Persona, just seems like Nintendo has them locked down now

      • Negi Springfield

        It really makes me so mad that these games that came out on PlayStation 2 went on and became Nintendo Exclusives , I`m glad that Persona is still on PlayStation platforms , But Monster Hunter , Shin Megami Tensei series and Even Fatal Frame ! Just why ?!

        • tunde

          the ps3(at launch) happened

        • majesticalballs

          becuase they are better on nintendo

    • PhantomVash808

      Actually Vita is getting a Monster Hunter but its just a port of an older game. Monster Hunter Frontier G.

      • Alter

        MHFG sucks, believe me.

        • PhantomVash808

          I never said it was good just that the Vita technically is getting a MH game.

  • RyTeOuS

    well I contributed in a small way 🙂

  • SkinnyAssGamer

    Great Job Sony. Now take some of that profit and put it into new First Party Studios 😀 Specifically some more Japan Studios to make more JRPG Exclusives for PS4 within the coming years. Take some of that profit and put it into Returning PS classics. I would love to see Legend Of Dragoon, Wild Arms, Arc The Lad, Spyro The Dragon, Crash Bandicoot, PaRappa The Rapper, Jak & Daxter, Dark Cloud, etc list goes on. for the PS4. Don’t forget New IPs. i know your already probably doing the New IP Deal but the PS Classics is a must though.

    Keep doing what your doing Sony. 🙂

    • Alter

      Agree, they should expand their Japan Studios

  • demfax

    Sony posting a quarterly profit? What is this madness.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I know, right? I better pack an umbrella today. It’s gonna snow green 😀

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      If they don’t start paying equal attention to their own country, things are gonna spiral out of control very quickly.

      • demfax

        PS3+PS4 is doing fine in Japan. Unlike other markets PS3 is still active and has a lot of Japanese dev support.

        • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

          That’s my whole point. That’s what concerns me. the main problem for PS4 is that devs are still working on PS3, and if they don’t migrate sooner or later, it could hurt their presence in Japan. I mean certainly they do have Japanese devs working on exclusives or at least new games that will be announced most likely at TGS but the whole point is that support should’ve have been there day one instead of taking 2-3 years to transition. Japan needs to get out of that habit, because of it even Nintendo omitted some key features in their Wii U, even if it is a system worthy of the Nintendo name.

          • demfax


            9 PS3, 6 PS4, 5 Vita in the Famitsu top 30 most wanted games (one of those PS3 games doesn’t exist though). They’re not doing bad in Japan, just split across 3 platforms.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            well out of the home consoles PS4 isn’t picking up as fast in Japan. Even if they get the quality, if they don’t have quantity to support it, nothing will matter beyond that. Again I’m hoping at TGS there is a much more positive effect of games shown to influence Japanese gamers that PS4 is worth their money.

          • demfax

            It will take longer to get Japanese devs and gamers from PS3 to PS4 because they aren’t as interested in the better specs.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            well I already knew that man any gamer who doesn’t know that lives under a big rock but even if there wasn’t a big disparity between the specs, you’d figure since it’s a new generation they’d wanna move on and start looking forward than just sticking with what they know and taking longer to make the jump. Then again the Japanese were always a more stern bunch so they’re harder to convince that more opportunities lie ahead for them with next gen, PS4.

  • I contributed $520

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  • Negi Springfield

    In Kazuo Hirai , We trust.


  • Thats good and all but it saddens me that they still give PSP and PSVita sales united. How can someone trust a company that hides the fact one of its products its doing bad? From a normal consumer point of view, there is no problem but as a hardcore fan or even as an investor its a betrayal and shameful that Sony hides behind and no showing the truth. Thats not how you get support on your handheld Sony, learn the lesson. On the other hand, great news for returning to profit =D the PS4 is doing really good outside of Japan these days!

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      They’ve been posting home consoles and portable consoles bundled for years.

      • The fact that they have done it for years doesnt make them correct, and besides this hasnt been the only time at E3 they also bundled PSP and Vita numbers altogether. We barely hear from them any actual numbers from Vita recently. I know that for now Vita is in a deep hole but hiding that info instead of face it , isnt going to help them.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          it’s absolutely correct. That’s what is done for financial statements which are destined to investors. Not to fan discussion.

          Financial statements normally focus on how much money a company makes, and a breakdown by segment (not single product).

          Telling you how much every single product is selling is simply not what financial statements are for.

        • rudero

          Investors are concerned with the gaming division of sony, not each product. That finer detail of the business belongs to those who run the divisions and how they are in the black. If it is a waste, cost of goods vs sales vs profits, they scrap, if it is profitable , they keep.
          The psp is no longer a focus of support but games will somewhat release. This is normal when a newer version is released.
          The vita is not in a deep hole. It is just not mega numbers compared to its rival. But if this is what you base a “hole” as and you are talking about a handheld, what does that make of other comparisons with other products?

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  • tunde

    wait, sony and profit in the same sentence? people are going to lose their shit on IGN

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      You mean when they finally get around noticing?

      • tunde

        sony and financial numbers are a gold mine for comments, i bet they are going to notice soon, if they havent already

      • Jecht_Sin

        It is there indeed. A couple of hours after you posted (probably they are spying you, the sneaky b*stards!!). It “only” has 1440 comments right now. 😀

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          nah, no need to spy me. they’d probably be faster if they did 😛

          Interesting to see that they had to flamebait, because apparently they think people don’t know to do 3.5/1.1 by themselves, yanno? 😀

    • superkarma

      It amazes me sane people can even follow IGN comment sections. The amount of idiocy is constant and overwhelming. I have no idea how anyone can keep up with that.

      • JustGaming

        You can’t really follow it per se, you just get swept along by the ever-rising torrent of s***.

        • superkarma

          So true. I’m just glad I don’t deal with that nonsense anymore. I only use IGN for TV/movie news. Unfortunately, they got an exclusive news deal for Destiny with that “IGN First” crap, so I’ve been going there more frequently for that as well.

          • JustGaming

            Yeah, it sucks that they can do that. I would honestly prefer to stay away all together, sans some of the forums, and I never look at the comments sections on articles any more. I stay the hell away from the Vestibule too…… There’s some nasty diseases in there.

          • Allan Narci

            who still goes to IGN?

      • Vulcan Spectre

        The moderators on that site are an absolute joke. I liked one of them, Metal Gear Matt I think? All of the others act like children playing God, deleting whatever they felt like and talking to the users like trash because they had the power to ban them on the spot. IGN is a blight on gaming journalism, it needs to die. Nobody at that site cares about gaming, it’s all about making controversial topics.

        • metalman5150

          That’s what e entertainment industry (news, sports, games, cinema, politics) has become. Welcome to a global capitalistic world, my friend.

          • Vulcan Spectre

            That’s not true yet, sites like DualShockers still remain to stay true to gamers. They still manage to keep a level of integrity.

  • TallSilhouette

    Well they sure got back in the black quick! Despite the restructuring and relatively lean quarter for big software, it seems like Sony is already getting back on track. It’ll only get better for the PS division as we move into Fall.

    Well done, Sony. In Kaz we trust.

  • PhantomVash808

    Good job Sony and wow the even the long old king the PS2 helped contribute to PlayStation’s Q1 success.


  • Guywithbrains

    I have always trusted in Sony! I own PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 and they all have proven their true quality.

    Keep up the good work Sony! Can’t wait to see what exclusives we are going to have in near future for PS4.

  • Alter

    I bought another vita last month along with 64gb memcard 😉

  • mad games

    Finally that seems to be Tranquility..

  • superkarma

    Job well done, Sony. Glad to see the gaming division is continuing to go strong. Hopefully at Gamescom we’ll get a “10 million PS4’s sold” announcement.

    PS: The Kaz gifs never get old, lol 🙂

  • Anders

    Any indication of combined PS4 sales?

    • demfax

      9.0 million sold to consumers by July 30 2014 is a reasonable estimate.

    • Guest

      probably around 9 million , they are waiting for the 10 million mark for the big announcement guaranteed .

  • Anders

    This is important “PS4 hardware cost reductions” it means Sony can afford a price cut.

    • Faafeu Kapeneta

      I think the PS4 sales are doing fine, there’s no need for a price cut just yet as the system hasn’t turned one, expect it sometime near Christmas.

      • Anders

        I agree, I said from the beginning that Sony wouldn’t cut price the first year and that hasn’t changed.
        They could do it late November to give their Christmas sales a double boost, or simply wait.

        • Gamez Rule

          Or keep the price as it is now and add an extra controller ( IMO that would sell more consoles just as good as a price cut )

          • Dennis Djoenz

            Yes Sony listen to this dude!
            (I might buy the Destiny bundle myself)

          • Gamez Rule

            I have to buy two PS4s this Christmas for family members but need four controllers, so IF this took place Sony takes my money again and I save at the same time from buying extra controllers☺

    • Guest

      They are selling over 500k Ps4 a month. They are winning in every region including America. They have no need for a price cut. Now xbox 1 on the other hand may need another price cut.

  • Faafeu Kapeneta

    That’s the news I thought I’ll will never see, Good on you Playstation. I’ll be picking up my PS4 later on the year. Still got the PS3 pumping and Soon gonna get me that Vita and join up on PS+, those free games are too good to pass.

  • DemonFenton

    With all the right moves Sony been doing lately it was bound to be profitable. Grats Sony on a job well done.

  • Guest

    Nintendo is the only one losing money now

  • Guest
  • Guest
  • Jecht_Sin

    This is impossible! Sony is going to face bankruptcy. The Xbots told us for years. And we know the Xbots are always right!!

    • You are flat out wrong

      Don’t worry, EA Access and China will save the Xbone! Just you wait and see!

  • RealityCheck2013

    I bow down to KING KAZ LoL:D This News makes me HAPPY 😉

  • mattc2310

    Let’s hope it doesn’t go to their head and start making questionable decisions, like turning down the EA thing… They just need to keep doing what got them here. I hope.

    • rudero

      I think, personally, the “EA thing” is one of the good decisions.

      • Averix

        Jury is out on that one until we see what games are really included and how long they are. My bet is that the whole EA thing will include outdated titles and not new releases. Why would they want $5 a month when they could get $60 a pop for the new titles. Then the suckers who are paying $5 a month will add profit in the second phase of the title’s life cycle.

        • rudero

          Sorry, I meant not going with it at this point was a good decision.
          If ea is going to go this route, they really should just release their own console.
          They first tried to challenge steam, I say challenge because they are just forcing gamer that enjoy their games to jump through a loop that someone else is doing successfully.
          Now they are doing the same thing to consoles.
          I am 100% against a game developer trying to put a choke on to the gamers.
          If they have a vision, make a system and release your vision on it.
          Microsoft is more than able to create/and have created their own Eco system with sales and perks and so is sony and Nintendo.
          After my experience with battlefield 4 and the beta of hard line as a full game, they will not be seeing a scent from me till Star Wars battlefront.
          Good thing this is an option and good thing while the xbox one is stuttering in sales vs it’s main competition. Hopefully this disappears fast.

  • such.wow

    Great news, I’ll celebrate for them tomorrow while I play The Last of Us remastered and drink my imported beer! (Any excuse to drink).

    • cozomel

      mmm, beer.

  • Black Heaven

    Game & Networking Services shot up by 95.7%?
    This is MADNESS!!

    • metalman5150

      Many people, including myself, traded our Xlive subscription in, for a PSN subscription. I believe it. Not as surprising to those of us who jumped ships.

  • Jamal

    good news

  • Cassive

    Rah, well done Sony, I actually thought they were done

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  • Dennis
  • albatrosMyster

    Obviously the PS2 account for most of these sales, people just love the emotion engine!

  • Almighty-Koz

    Shocking they drop computer sales and magically they are in the black!!!! not saying thats the only reason but im sure that helped….ALOT!

  • PachterStation

    How long will this gen last for? Around 5 years probably. By the time the One and PS4 start getting enough AAA games, Nintendo will spit out its next console, soon followed by Two and PS5 talk. I suppose the Wii didn’t go a full stretch, like the 360 and PS3. It’s going to be the norm now, consoles lasting around 5 years.

    • Averix

      No, it won’t. There’s too much money wrapped up in each generation and ecosystem to do that anymore. Why do you think there was such a long gap between the last gen and this one? Sadly, I’m willing to bet Nintendo’s next console will just bring them up to par with the PS4 and XOne. I’m sure there will be some gimmick that may or may not be a real system seller with it that the others will try and copy though.

      • Natan Cifuentes

        hope you are right, but i’m more worried about Microsoft. With their system being less powerful, that’s going to effect them all the way. i don’t like this but i’m willing to bet that in 5 years, they come out with a newer console with GDDR5 or better then PS4. they have the money for it.

  • metalman5150

    I for one, was a transplant from XLive to PSN. After the whole launch debacle, I cut ties with my former lover, and began anew with PSN. I am not alone. Had xbox not taken my money / sovereignty for granted, maybe people like me would have stayed on board. There is no going back, of course, I am extremely satisfied with PSN, however, I imagine I would be just as happy on an X1.

    • Averix

      I’ve always been a user of all three main systems, but this time my XOne is collecting more dust than the Wii U was before Mario Kart 8. I’d love for them to all be competitive, but right now I have no good reason to boot up my XOne. 🙁

      • metalman5150

        Well, I’m not sure about you, but for me, my XLive account (not active) as 48 friends (mostly real life friends, too) and my PSN account has only 11 (with half being friends from real life). So if that trend holds for all, then consider booting up your X1 to chat with your homies. If you’re not using it, then you’re wasting it!

  • Bliss Seeker
  • oyedadon

    Good news for sony fans.

  • Aristides

    Vita sales increased compared to both Q1 2013 and Q4 2013. I wonder if they can keep it up and exceed their forecast (since it’s actually lower for this FY compared to the last)

    • metalman5150

      Personally, I use my vita, more, for remote play, than I do for Vita games. During Destiny, when I would go to the Tower, I would pick up my Vita and remote play all my Tower transgressions.

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