Destiny Just Getting Tweaks and No Major Changes from Beta to Release: “Ready for a Great Launch”

Activision’s financial conference call for the second quarter of fiscal year 2014 has just ended, and Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg gave more color on Destiny‘s beta and on the changes we can expect from here to release.

Hirshberg mentioned that the beta was very successful “both creatively and technologically, the biggest beta for this generation of consoles and the biggest beta ever for a new IP.” Everything was tested in scale and held up well.

While the feedback was nearly universally positive, Bungie learned a lot by watching players engage with the game and they’re making tweaks to optimize the game. It’s going to be an ongoing process to make it an even better experience.

Yet Hirshberg mentioned that we shouldn’t expect any major overhaul of the game:

But I would describe this as tweaks and not major changes, as we saw the fundamentals of the game to be very strong. And the good news is because we got 4.6 million players into the beta we were able to test the back-end in scale and it performed really well and stably.

We think we’re ready for a great launch with a great partner in Bungie.

Bring it on Activision. After playing the beta, my body could not be more ready.

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  • guest

    some more customizations in the char editor would be great -.-

    • Mitch

      DLC probably…

    • Agent HUNK

      I agree !!! Also why do i have to wear a damn helmet when I spent my all time creating my character!!!!! I also want to switch to third person and why only 3 character races ????

      • Nordu

        Its to keep a distinction between classes, I would be surprised if they didn’t release new classes in the future though.

    • jamesanthony88

      I don’t think they meant it like that. I just think they meant from a technical and functional standpoint, like how the game runs and also certain ways that certain things act/play out in the game, ie how fast you run, how powerful enemies are, etc.. As far as character customization goes and features and the like.. I’m sure the game’s going to be expansive, as they’ve previously stated on numerous occasions. They’ve said that the game is going to last a long time and I’m sure there will be multiple expansion DLC packs, as well.. I just can’t wait for Destiny 2. hopefully they implement space and planetary travel to and from with our decked out space ships. That’ll be rad. Like a AAA No Man’s Sky. 😀

  • James Fitzgerald

    Thank good, they won’t be adding local chat!!!!

  • Reign SUPREEM

    I love this game and can’t wait to play it again but two things I wish they would add would be some more customization options and the ability to switch my class (char) before I spawn again in PVP without having to log out to change my class.

    • Suzaku Kururugi

      “class (char) before I spawn again in PVP without having to log out to change my class.”

      You do know that you get points and bonuses from these matches and letting people use all of their chars would just give them extra, unwarranted exp and junk, right?

      • Reign SUPREEM

        And? I still don’t see how that would be a game breaking issue. You get some form of points and bonuses in every multiplayer shooter that lets you switch classes before spawning after dying in that match. Destiny’s multiplayer is fundamentally no differ from BF,COD and Halo. Besides the lack of convenience my main issue is joining a team that is all the same class as me except for one teammate (all hunters including myself and 1 Warlock). I would like to switch my class to even out my team before I spawn again instead of having to Log out to change characters which also means taking me out of the lobby I’m already in just Log back into pvp to start over again in a different lobby. This is an inconvenient process.

        • Suzaku Kururugi

          You are only playing with one account there. You don’t have multiple CHARACTERS on those other games. I don’t know if Subclass switching will be a thing, that seems likely, but switching characters in a match doesn’t really sound on the level.

          • Reign SUPREEM

            COD Ghost has around 10 customizable character slots with around 8 or 10 more customizable class slots within each character slot that can be switched at anytime during death in multiplayer so it can be done in Destiny without it messing up someone else’s gaming experience. The only thing it will impact is Convenience.

        • Zach Dolbeare

          Arena multiplayer (halo 1-3) is very different than cod or bf

          • Reign SUPREEM

            That’s cool,I only played Reach and Halo4. Not a big Halo fan and my point is still relevant.

  • saiyanknight87

    All i want is private lobbies for clan battles

  • superkarma

    Pretty much expected. You can’t expect major overhauls a little over a month from release. I’m perfectly fine with that. After playing the alpha and beta, I don’t have any gripes with the game.

    Now I’m just anxiously waiting for the 9th…staring at the countdown timer on my PS4 dashboard… 🙁

  • Craig Sloan

    So I enjoyed the beta but I don’t normally enjoy FPS or online games. I have this game pre ordered and right now i’m unsure as to weather I should keep that pre order or not. The story mode seems bare bones, How fleshed out will it be? The online is your run of the mill sprint, kill, die and respawn and it’s not really an RPG or an MMO. I do like the character customization ( though it’s limited ), finding loot, getting upgrades on weapons and armor etc. But I don’t see myself online playing with people in this game.

    So any advice on do you think I should get this game or not? Thanks for any helpful advice.

    • Agent HUNK

      I feel the same way…. only fps games i like are doom and crysis… I really hope theres great story lots of customization and loot !!! Please let there be lots of content and exploring also ! Two things that worried me alot is why are there only three types of bad guys in a game centered around exploring the universe and seriously on Earth all we get is Russia ??!!! I also dont see the reason for doing anything to your ship when it does does nothing but stay flat n your screen … not like youre flying it manually

      • Nordu

        Just about no-one will be able to tell you if the story will be good or not because we’ve only gotten a small fraction of it but knowing bungie; at the very least it will be mediocre but more so good.

  • Sheldon Prescott

    My only request is that the game come out NOW!!! I need this game in my life!

  • ChatWraithUpsilon

    I have no idea what people expected to happen in a month between beta and release.

  • MnFnGamer

    I think I need a 3rd person option honestly, yet there is another mmo on the look out…… Bring in Tom Clancy’s The Division , I will play both until my one over heats

  • themugen

    I just want to have a beard. and be able to trade with allies.

    • Sucka Free

      …and to be able to trade beards with your allies. ;D

    • Zach Dolbeare

      Trading would break and ruin thus game. Go find your own stuff.

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  • Jay

    By tweaks I hope they mean buffing hand cannons to make them competitive, and balancing autorifles/shotguns so 90% of people don’t end up using them like in the beta.

    PVE is great though, I just hope there’s more variety to the world events.

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  • ipot_04

    but what about the netcode?

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  • Drysden Filer

    im still hoping for some more changes like more customization for players, different looks for guns, better AI, more quests, bigger pvp maps, and so on.

    I like the game sure but it needs more. The low player count for pvp and strike teams is ridiculous, 6v6 for pvp…..come on, 3 for a strike team…lame. Not only that but the AI is pathetic, just bullet sponges that move a short amount and stand behind cover…weak. Bosses are even worse, the ones we have saw anyway, but heres hoping it turns out great.

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  • Buk Lau

    That Spider tank thing needs better AI

    or nerfed armor……..because that thing was just annoying

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