Super Smash Bros. 3DS Will Be Getting a Prima Guide

Super Smash Bros. 3DS will launch on October 3rd and so will the Official Prima Guide alongside it. Amazon has just recently listed the Official Prima Guide which will contain character breakdowns, character customization and mode details.

The guide will have a digital version as well if you don’t feel like flipping through pages and you can pre-order now for $18.62.

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  • David Rodriguez

    I can’t believe hard copy guides are still a thing.

    • Boerewors

      Haha! I absolutely love them! But I know what you mean. I even have certain guides for games that I just don’t check cause internet is faster and easier… But still, it’s something bout really getting to know a game through and through. Ever since the instruction manuals are slowly disappearing I find myself buying these guides more often. Recreates the feeling I had when I was a kid where I’d play all day and study the manual when I was supposed to be sleeping.