Square Enix Ready For Xbox One Version of Final Fantasy XIV at any Time, But it Might Not Happen Soon

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida hinted in the past at the possibility of an Xbox One port of the game, so today I asked about it during an interview at Gamescom.

Yoshida-san mentioned that he’s ready to create an Xbox One version at any time, as soon as Microsoft accepts the ability to play on cross-platform servers.

According to him Microsoft is now very focused on exclusive games and on the Holiday season, and after that they might reconsider. Yet, he doubts it’ll happen before the holiday season, and the Mac version could probably come out before the Xbox One version.

He also added that personally he wouldn’t mind making an Xbox One version right away, but unfortunately he needs Microsoft to give the green light.

Yoshida-san mentioned that he personally thinks Microsoft wants exclusive content for its own community, and while he understand that it might be good from a business point of view, from a gamer’s point of view it’s better to have the content on as many platforms as possible, and people want to be able to play with their friends.

He also added that he even asked if it was possible to at least have the Xbox One version and the Windows version together on the same servers, but Microsoft didn’t accept even that solution, so they seem quite determined to keep things locked for the moment.

He concluded by encouraging gamers to support him by letting Microsoft know that they want the game on Xbox One as well.

Of course you should stay tuned on DualShockers for the full interview, coming soon.

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  • Rock Mu

    How would that have worked I wonder? Seperate window/xb1 servers? Or XB1 players just can’t communicate with or see PS players? Seems like a lot of work when there isn’t really a huge demand for the game on XB1 atm. Maybe they are looking more towards the Chinese XB1 release.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I didn’t know that it being awesome was an “outstanding issue.”

      • Rock Mu

        Haha. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been with the game since 1.0 alpha & love ARR, but it definitely has a few issues that need to be addressed.

        • Vulcan Spectre

          Huh? what like? :0

          • Mjollnir

            Huuuuuunts! XD

          • Vulcan Spectre

            Yeah I guess, but come 2.3 Hunts will be pointless for the next level of ilvl gear. It’s a good idea but it was implemented too early in my opinion. It’s a solid way for newbies to catch up to the current raids and dungeons but as it is right now, it’s making it a bit too easy. It also brings out the worst side of the community. I have no problem with them though because as I said, come 2.3 Hunts won’t be as beneficial.

          • Rock Mu

            Instance servers need to be upgraded again IMO.

            You *NEED* to be able to form 24 man pre-mades for Crystal Tower and any other large group content they may have coming in the future. There is no excuse for this.

            Every single boss encounter does not need to be full of gimmicky mechanics to pose a challenge.

            Hunts need to be completely reworked. They require absolutely no skill at all atm.

            There are various other quality of life issues that need to be addressed as well, but it’s all stuff that I have no doubt they will take care of eventually. Like I said, I love the game & have been subbing since subs opened up on 1.0. But just because I love it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be critical of things I feel need to be fixed. There is always room for improvement in any MMO, it’s the nature of the genre.

          • Vulcan Spectre

            I just assumed you was talking about actual game breaking issues, didn’t know you meant things like this that will eventually be seen to, hopefully 😛

  • theodor70941

    Sony/PlayStation and PC are more open then Microsoft and their xbox.

    • I wonder how long it will take you to realize the irony in your statement.

      • demfax

        Maybe he meant Linux on PC, the truly free PC OS.

        • Jecht_Sin

          Linux.. Meh… FreeBSD would love to have a word with you. On PC and now on PS4!! :p

        • Maybe he did, but it’s well within reason to assume he was talking about Windows. The % of people on linux is minuscule in comparison.

          • demfax

            Steamboxes baby!

      • Sucka Free

        Wonder when you fanboys will stop pretending like the PC is a Microsoft platform. They just make the OS, Steam is the true gaming platform on PC, not WIndows

        • theodor70941

          Atleast someone understands what I was trying to say. 😀

        • You are 100% correct.

          – . – Guess I had had a few too many ‘arguments’ last week and it went to my head.

      • theodor70941

        Microsoft owns Windows, not PC. Have you ever heard of a Linux PC? Also technically speaking a mac is a PC (personal computer).

        • You and I both know that he wasn’t referring to Mac, and it’s well within reason to assume he was talking about Windows. The % of people on linux is minuscule in comparison.

          • theodor70941

            Um, the PC version has been out for a year… “and the Mac version could probably come out before the Xbox One version.” Or did the Microslave not see this in the article?

  • Thinkaboutit

    I’d rather have a ff7 remaster.

    • NoNeedToArgue

      dude lol

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  • IVanSpinal

    somebody need to make a request on the xbox feedback forums, maybe you the author of this article

  • Vulcan Spectre

    Microsoft, what are you doing? Just allow the policy to be lifted already. PlayStation has no problem with it, why do you? As a gamer this would only benefit the community as a whole. The queues would be shortened and the annual player count would increase, effectively boosting the game to new levels. They certainly shouldn’t get exclusive content though. That’s silly. I suppose it’s foolish to expect even a modicum of common sense from Microsoft though.

    • ShowanW

      The answer is simple. Those who don’t pay for Live, would get a free ride on Azure.
      So that means those paying for Live would feel slighted. Why should Microsoft let non-Live subscribers get the benefits of Azure.

      Be honest, what servers would be rush to get on if you threw Azure in this mix?

      • Franggio Hogland

        Dude…MS wants it on Azure only. Yoshida is saying he wants it on their servers so everyone, no matter the platform and without Azure, can play together.

      • Vulcan Spectre

        I have no idea what you’re talking about. Then again I stopped paying attention to what Microsoft was doing years ago. But it sounds like what should be simple has been turned into a ridiculous process.

        • If you stopped paying attention, you’re hardly the voice of authority on what they should or shouldn’t do.

          • demfax

            Are you going to stand bravely in front of the 180 train as MS does another reversal on their unpopular policies?

          • bardock5151

            Idiot. At least they are listening.

          • Depends. Are you going to make another Disqus account?

          • Vulcan Spectre

            I never tried to be the voice of authority. I was merely saying that if every other platform can allow it, why not the Xbox One? I can’t take you seriously either, that avatar.

    • xbox1rules23

      they don’t allow it to reduce the risk of being hacked. something playstation knows all about

      • Vulcan Spectre

        Ignorance is bliss. Nice username by the way.

      • youngdom

        you do know that xbox got hacked also right?

        • xbox1rules23

          they actually weren’t. dummy

      • Eric Irving

        Not being cross-platform does not mean you are safe from hackers.

      • Richard Feelgoode

        Network security has absolutely nothing to do with it.

    • Somerandomperson

      Tweet that to Phil Spencer.

  • Jeff Maxwell

    I wonder what MS’s problem is with cross platform play they need to get into the 21st century and act sooner than later or they’ll just get left behind again. Don’t they ever learn. Probly afraid there fanbase will decline after getting owned in FPS’s

    • xbox1rules23

      their problem? hacking. don’t trust any servers but their own

      • Redinferno124

        How’s life in that bubble of yours?

      • L’anzce Beatrix

        is saddens me that you think no body can hack xbox.

  • sinbad

    there will always be fanboy war in the chat.

    • Kino

      There wasnt any console wars in Final Fantasy XI, which was great

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    It’s up to Microsoft atm and if they say no then that’s their loss.

  • We have started a petition! Please sign if you want FFXIV to come to Xbox One!


    • Averix

      Go PC or PS4. Even if it happens, it will be a year out.

    • Luz PT

      Use the Xbox Feedback Page – http://bit.ly/1AkgEeU

  • NoNeedToArgue

    SE gets funnier every day with news like this. Their #1 reason we dont have a FFVII remaster is b/c of “resources” yet they are able to do things like make 2 unwanted sequels to FFXIII and also crank a XB1 version “at any time” of an MMO which is no slouch. funny.

    • Budgiecat

      thats just recycling resources and game data though

      Look how long its taking to make FF XV

      An FF VII HD open world remake with over half of the original team vacant from S-E and a piss poor management team and lack of resources would take some hefty time…

      • Negi Springfield

        Akira Toriyama ? WTF !

      • NoNeedToArgue

        Trust me, they have the capital. And the money they stand to gain would more than make up for the costs. Not to mention the parts of game dev that take a while like planning and story etc are all taken care if, they only need to remake the graphics would be something that is entirely feasible.

  • Stranger On The Road

    My wild guess as to why MS is saying ‘NO’: if they permit gamers to play with gamers from other platforms, this will affect their ‘lock-in’ that they currently enjoy. If your friends are on the XB1 then you have to have an XB1 to play with them. They don’t want to lose this or make it an optional choice for developers.

    From a business point of view, they might have a point… if this guess is anywhere near correct.

  • Jacques Onterio Thomas

    I agree when I had a 360 i had begged MS to bring FFXIV to the 360( I have a ps4 now); My biggest concern about FFXIV coming to xbox is that xbox owners will have to pay xbox live gold in order to play FFXIV. I hope the xbox owners don’t get fucked in the ass with that bullshit. Xbox owners should be able to play an MMO without paying for xbox live gold the same also apply to ESO. These are the prices xbox owners would have to pay to play two MMOS,

    ESO: 24.99(3 month xbox live gold) +15 month subscription + 59.99(retail game) = 99.98
    FFXIV: 24.99(3 month xbox live gold) + 12.99 month subscription + 39.99(retail) = 77.97

  • ink_knight

    Microsoft sucks ass. I remember back in the day playing FFXI. I was on my pc, my brother was on PS2, my other brother was on 360, my other brother was on PS3, and my friend was on 360 as well. IT WAS FUN BEING ABLE TO PLAY WITH EVERYONE. This whole separating communities on MMO for pretty much all platforms, is retarded. Not only from a business point of view. I know quite a few people out there, and I’m sure there are more- who have XBO, or want to get it, and would like to play this also. I enjoy playing XIV on my PC, then hopping to my PS4 at times, and STILL able to play with my friends.

    • Dustin Linhart

      You do know PS4 and PC are all on the same servers Yoshi P just wants to add MS players to the same servers as everyone else… SE is talking about a Holiday Season 2015 release of FFXIVARR for XBOX One.. If the new talks pound out they are just trying to work in the XB-live details… It is not that MS will not let the players play on the same servers as everyone else that has been an argument but its not a big deal its the whole players having to be hit in the pocket book twice to play a game. Yoshi P just wants them to have to pay the normal 14.95 for the monthly fee and be able to log on MS wants them to have to pay the xbox live fees plus the monthly fee as per their multiplayer policy. SE and MS are trying to strike a deal where your Xbox live and SE fees are in one deal and paid through the mogstation…

  • Lennox

    Got this on PC anyway. Just give me FFXV and KH3 on Xbox One. And hurry it up already, FFXV has been in development since I was in junior high. I’ve graduated since it was announced.

    • Dennis Djoenz

      FFXV went full development in 2011. We lucky if FFXV releases next fall.

      • Lennox

        It should’ve been here at launch. Even though it went into full development in 2011, the game has been in development for 8 years. Since the beginning of last gen. There’s no excuse for that.

        • Dennis Djoenz

          Yes that is what most people believe that it has been in development for 8 years and I don’t agree with that. They officially stated in 2011 that it went full development and I think that is when they actually started making it. Before they moved people from Versus to work on FFXIII instead, then FFXIII-2 and then Lightning Returns. SE is full of bollocks.

          I understand where you coming from though. SE has made all the wrong decisions.

  • Anders

    If it do happen that would be the first time PlayStation and Xbox fans would play together.

    • Kino

      Nope. Final Fantasy XI.

      • Anders

        Did that allow players to play together across all platforms?

        • Kino

          Yep. I usually played it on Xbox and played with my PC friends

          • Anders

            Okay awesome, I didn’t know that. Funny they changed their policies after that.

  • Kino

    come on, Microsoft, you had allowed Final Fantasy XI to be on 360 and that is cross platform between 360, PS2, and PC!

    • Kreten

      Ohh but the dev is not stating everything, Microsoft needs to certify the servers to ensure premium service to it’s users and that means no mods for pc otherwise it’s not premium

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