Here’s Why Star Wars: The Old Republic Isn’t Coming to PS4 and Xbox One; New Expansion to Be Announced Soon

During an interview with Shadow Realms Creative Director James Ohlen, who also serves in the same capacity in Star Wars: The Old Republic, we got some quite interesting insight about the reasons why BioWare Austin’s Star Wars-themed MMORPG  isn’t being ported to consoles.

Ohlen mentioned that he brought that possibility up quite a few times, and every time he’s told that he’s crazy by the technical staff.

First of all the game would be extremely challenging on the tech side to port over to consoles, and the problem is mostly the engine used.

In addition to that, SWTOR has also been designed from the ground up for keyboard and mouse, even if this would be a solvable problem.

Ohlen explained that he’d love to port to consoles, as everyone in the team. It would be a “big win,” but for the moment they haven’t figured out how that could make sense.

There are also good news for those that love Star Wars: The Old Republic, as a new and yet unannounced expansion is coming, and is going to be announced soon.

Ohlen promised that even thanks to the renewed interest in the franchise, BioWare has big plans for the game in 2015. Time to dust off our lightsabers.

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  • Nihelus Aurenis

    Gah, the system deleted my comment when I logged in… so going to summarize.

    Imo, the engine killed this game faster than anything else did. Imagine if FFXIV 2.0 had relaunched with the same engine from 1.0. Even with everything it does right (which is a lot) it still would have failed hard.

    Honestly, I hope they learn from their mistakes and make SWTOR 2. I’d love to play another one of these on a better engine someday. Unfortunately SWTOR still has enough problems (especially with dungeons) that I’m just not real interested in playing it again. If I ever do, it will be for the story and little else.

    • Todd Alexander

      “killed the game” are an idiot. It is 4th highest grossing MMo of 2013. SWTOR is a success, despite how bad you idiots wanted it to fail

      • Nihelus Aurenis

        Name calling is uncalled for, especially when you have such a poor ability to comprehend what I said. I didn’t say the game didn’t make money. However, if you think the game is in a healthy state right now, you’re fooling only yourself. The last few times I’ve logged in (to the most populated server) it’s been mostly a ghost town with really long queue times.

        Also, I didn’t want it to fail. This should be extremely clear from my post, but again, you seem to have the reading comprehension skills of a third grader.

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  • Orichalon Hades

    does anyone even want this *thing* to be on consoles?

    • Rickowned
      • guest

        ironically the game you showed is an pc exclusive

        • Orichalon Hades

          sounds like someone never heard of the Orange Box

          • Enberonᅚᅚᅚ ᅚᅚᅚ

            Too bad The Orange Box wasn’t made by Valve. It sucked too.

          • SalientGreen
          • RevanxKnight

            That’s hilarious, and you’re an idiot. The Orange Box was both created and published by Valve. I mean christ, do you even use the internet? The simple fact that within 10 seconds, I could find a source to back up my (already known) confirmation that Valve made The Orange Box proves that either you’re deliberately an idiot, or have no knowledge of search engines.

      • Vulcan Spectre

        Nice lol

    • Anders

      Yes, I always want more games for my console, but I probably wouldn’t play it.

    • guest

      shut it bitch

    • Kingdom17

      I do! *waves hand in the air*

    • rodney

      I know I do been waiting on bioware to put it on consoles

    • Upper Dave

      Me. But only if they get rid of the useless padding and make it more fun.

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  • Sumyung

    This is EA trying to convince people their 600 million dollar flop is relevant and wanted. It isn’t. Move along people, there’s literally nothing to see here.

    • theodor70941

      EA has 4 billion dollar in net worth, why would they spent (600 million) more then one 8th of their company on one project? That doesn’t make any sense at all… They’ve already said that it cost them 250 million dollars to make, witch at the time was one of the most expensive games ever developed (still is). Just to put this in terms, Watch_Dogs had a 80 million dollar budget.

    • Mithan

      It isn’t a 600 million flop actually.
      The game has become quite profitable.

      • demfax

        Making a quarterly profit doesn’t mean SWTOR paid itself off (net profit). $250 million + ongoing maintenance, server, and new content costs aren’t cheap.

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  • NoNeedToArgue

    bioware we want KotOR III not this

    • Orichalon Hades

      too bad EA want this

    • Curt Mason

      But, but we can give you new missions because we charge you a monthly subscription fee… and you get to play with other players!….. It’s too bad we want to play offline and enjoy the storyline without tea baggers ruining it and new missions can be added via expansion packs.. oh wait..

    • Clint Pickens

      We want it on consoles too.

      • rodney

        Yea what Clint said put it on consoles put it on consoles

    • britone

      yes we want kotor 3 but it wont ever happen i wish people just stop crying over it but getting swtor on ps4 or xbox would be great i play it on the pc and bioware saying its to complicated for the controlls on a jaoypad is stupid i use the ps3 style joypad on the pc version of swtor so i know its all bull

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  • Michael Norris

    Played it didn’t care for it so idc.

  • I played it on PC, didn’t really care for it too much.

  • ipot_04

    I still remember those days when I was addicted to DCUO on PC and I’m looking for a better MMO, TOR was announced that it’ll go Free to Play then when I played it for less than an hour, I just uninstalled it immediately.

  • Nordu

    Forget TOR, would really like to see the glory of KOTOR remastered for next gen consoles and pc or a new one. Any Star Wars fan that hasn’t played KOTOR is really missing out.

    • Kel

      I completely agree with you. I was so dismayed when I found out they were making an MMO instead of Kotor 3′

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  • Kingdom17

    So its not coming, but there is possibility. Good. Really had fun playing it, and loved the fact that it was voiced.

  • Agent HUNK

    Id buy it in a heart beat for ps4.. too bad they wont port it! I had it on pc and felt like an ass when they went free to play

  • Agent HUNK

    Theyre too lazy to port it… they meant to say. this game is not that big graphics wise or gameplay for it to be a problem, i played it on my 2008 laptop. plus the new ps4 control would work great on this!

  • Rob Nevico

    I’d be excited for the expansion if the game was worth my attention. Character creation is bland (pick or buy a race, add the same identifying marks, facial features and hairstyles available to every other race, or again, buy them, and then pick a class), it tried too hard to look like WoW, the questing is repetitive and uninspired and it has far too many voiced cutscenes. I mean seriously, every quest needs a ten minute backstory with moral options? Let’s not forget, a very linear storyline that forces you to go back and play as other classes to get a complete picture and the fact that you can literally pay to win was a big adios for me. Let’s not forget the fact that they pretty much annoy you into buying a sub right off the bat by making sure your walking speed is that of a dead cat. It’s sad, really, because I was so excited for this game when it was announced.

  • Spoonyrogdrumps

    Excuses Excuses!!
    Lazy ass people!!

  • Nicholas Perry

    Interesting they are continuing it even though it’s technically part of the old canon.

    Money speaks I guess.

  • Rob

    the real reason is that the game has so many skills, even on keyboard its difficult to manage all those 30 or 40 skills character gets. FF XIV has lots of them as well, but not as many. when you make THAT many skills, it becomes challenging to make it viable on controller.

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  • Ilithieline Valeidithann

    I just love Star Wars so much I don’t care!

  • Ilithieline Valeidithann

    Having it on consoles would be fun it would be like dc universe online

  • Clint Pickens

    I just saw the trailer for the new Star Wars Old Republic expansion, and was a little angry after seeing it. Why? Because it looks like an awesome game, and I can’t play it because I’m a console gamer. Destiny has made great strides in showing that a MMO is not only possible on consoles, it THRIVES on consoles! The whole excuse that MMOs can’t work on consoles because it requires a mouse and keyboard is complete BS too! Just look at the control scheme in a game like Fable. You could quickly snap between using a lot of different abilities for your character, and completely customize how you access it too. If someone had half a brain in this industry they would simply copy that control scheme, (which is over a decade old by the way) and it would work just fine. I want to play star wars on my console! Seriously how much money is being left on the table because of this? Don’t they remember how popular Knights of the Old Republic was? Most gamers are CONSOLE gamers. Ignoring that is a stupid mistake that is losing companies like bioware serious potential profit.

    • I feel the same. I used to play it on my old Dell Laptop but it barley ran it and eventually gave out on me. I would love this game to be on consoles.

    • Kid Rob

      The greatest MMO in the world right now IS NOT World of Warcraft but Elder Scrolls Online. And its on the PS4 with no monthly subscription required. There is A LOT of people playing this MMO and it is continuing to grow at a record pace despite its “soft launch” earlier this year. It is a great game and one of the few MMO’s, if not the ONLY MMO, that allows you to create your own type of character. Want to be a wizard in heavy armor? You can do it. Want to be an ASSASIN TANK? You can do it.

  • Mark Joseph Williams

    I want it on Console. Please consider this. Xbox one needs this game.

  • teven

    ive been dying to play SWTOR but i cant afford to drop that kind of money on a new pc or something. i could however afford a new console. i loved kotor 1 and 2 and wished they would put it on a console. like the dude said about destiny they should do it they are seriously missing out on a huge amount of gamers and money

  • Joshua Woodward

    Tell those techs they stop getting paid when the company stops growing.

  • disqus_q16ixUj2Bh

    Bring it to the ps4, make kotor 3, and fix the fps in the pc version. I quit for like a year and came back to an unplayable mess. I used to get 60fps 24/7 max settings, now I have to turn many settings way down, shadows off COMPLETLY and STILL can’t even play wars ones or raids and even in planetary content l in some areas I get unplayable fps. I subbed after coming back after a years time, canceled and quit playing less than a week in to my months sub

  • Upper Dave

    If they haven’t figured out how to port it yet then they aren’t really very smart. Make it a single player game. If it works with a combat pause button like Inquisition or Origins, then you’ll be able to cycle through the skills on a radial menu with a control pad. 16-20 buttons isn’t a small amount, and most of TOR’s skills are really pretty pointless, or do almost the exact same thing. Speed up cooldown times and weed out all the extraneous padding.

    Scale it all down, get rid of the enemies which spawn every 5 steps, and get rid of most of the fetch side quests. Then all you do is make it so that PVP, Flashpoints and space battles are multiplayer, and have 4 player co-op. Then sell it for $60 flat fee, and you basically have KOTOR 1 with a weaker story.

  • JoeSomebody

    SquareEnix has enjoyed success on two different MMO’s, both that are cross platformed. Final Fantasy 11 was on PC, PS2, and Xbox360 and still going after 13 years, and it’s a paid sub @ $12.95/month. Final Fantasy 14 is on PC and PS3/4 and charges the same fee. The problem SWTOR faces is that they specifically designed the game to be played on PC where they could have dumbed it down a little and placed it on PC, Xbox1, and PS4. I’d drop my FF11 and 14 subs in a heartbeat to go to SWTOR and I’m not alone on that. Hell, even WoW is coming to console. I know the PC fanboys want things PC onry, but look at it this way, more platforms, means more money, means more content, means more fun, so it’s a win-win.

  • Harley Alderson

    well if they arent going to do knights of the old republic 3 on consoles because they claim they cant do whatever then put knights of the old republic 1 and 2 on ps4 and xbox one id be more than willing to pay $60 for those games where as for the computer version everyone plays now i cant figure that game out. i dont know how to fight on it my computer screen is all fuzzy so i cant even read what im supposed to do on it, its just plain no fun i would love to play the game but yeah 🙁

  • Raul

    I’ll just plug in a keyboard and mouse to the ps4 I don’t see what’s the big deal just make it for the ps4..ffs.

  • EnTkLiN

    to be very honest i dont think it would be very hard. theres already a setup for consoles from the previous generation gaming. in my opinion the problem would be the servers. however after thinking about it. why use pc servers altogether. new console servers could be created for console use only. also the new generation consoles xbox one and PS4 both have top of the line graphics engines in them. so running the game i wouldnt think would be an issue. also considering you need to download anything you use on eather console makes it less of a hassle. the only problem that i could see coming to mind is the companys them selves. microsoft and sony. both would need to agree but then thats only my opinion. anyways love the game eather way. i would also love to see a kotor III but thats wishful thinking 🙂

  • Toby

    KotOR III then we’ll talk.

  • Joshua Woodward

    Technical people always talk themselves into boxes, Binary, black and white, yes and no. Sales people understand money is the gas that makes things go. They would make money bringing this game to consoles. When the money stops coming in, they start making cuts, you need to grow, and continue to be relevant.

    It’s Star Wars for God’s sake. The EA mobile app scored 75,000 reviews in ONE WEEK. People are hungry for stuff like this, If you build it, they will come!

  • trepis56

    Oh well guess they don’t want anymore money

  • Jim

    I can understand why it can’t be switched to consoles but hopefully the next one is available for both(assuming there will be another one) or just console