PlayStation Home To Close in March 2015 for Japan and Asia; US and Europe Unaffected for Now

When it was announced back in 2007 PlayStation Home was welcomed as Sony’s response to Second Life. After the launch of the beta in 2008 the limits of the platforms became evident, and while quite a lot of users embraced its virtual society, it never really saw overwhelming success.

Today Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia announced that, at least for the regions under its umbrella, the adventure has come to an end, and the service is scheduled to close at the end of March 2015.  In preparation for the closure, sales of dedicated content will be suspended on September 24th.

Yet, home is going down with a bang, and the house of PlayStation is preparing a large-scale farewell event. While details haven’t been unveiled yet, further news have been promised down the line.

The announcement also specifies that the North American and European versions of the services will not be affected by the closure, and will continue on, at least for now.

Can’t say I’m not a bit saddened by seeing the Japanese PlayStation Home go, especially considering that it had the most quirky and interesting content.

To properly say goodbye, I leave you with a picture I took back in 2009, when the giant Gundam statue towered over the main plaza. Good times…


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  • Somebodyissilent

    I want a offline mode so I can still enjoy my content. Also did it ever get off of beta?

    • No it’s still beta for legal reasons, it’s an excuse to not fix things. An offline version where you could just be in your apartment would be nice. I know many friends who have already moved from Home to FFXIV. FFXIV has a great Home feel without any of Home’s problems. I suggest people move there or their mmo of choice. FFXIV has clubs (free companies) and it’s getting personal housing soon.

      • Averix

        Plus there’s actually a story in FFXIV. Home was just sort of a giant lobby for no reason.

        • FFXIV is what a next-gen version of Home could be. There’s some some small info pointing to a PS4 version of home from a job posting where Home and PS4 was mentioned in it. I wouldn’t bet on it coming to PS4 though and and NA will shut down no later than fall of 2015.

      • Somebodyissilent

        I wanna get FFXIV soon. Nice to know it will feel homey.

  • They Call Me Senpai

    At least the US is unaffected for a while, I can get some more time in with it. I was hoping it’d be improved and make its way to the PS4, but looks like that’s not happening.

  • WhyYouGottaHate

    I have all of the trophies except the logging on 50 days one. Ugh. Usually just log in and do the challenges and go to the casino.

  • Anders

    New content are coming to Home on PS3 every month so I wouldn’t be surprised if it came to PS4 like many fans has asked for.

  • Dennis Djoenz

    First time I played Home I felt awkward. It felt like there were a lot of pedophiles around seriously. Oversexed people and shit. I just wanted to check it out. I bolted and never returned.

    • I’ll never go back to PS Home with that type imagination stuck in my head!

      • Dennis Djoenz

        Hahaha I’m serious bro. I observed and I really felt like wth are these people talking about. It was freaky.

        • Well I don’t remember any of that when I was using PS Home, which makes this virtual ogling example all the more weird.

        • andy

          Kind of like real life in a night club then ain’t it? Douchbags, douchebags as far as the eye can see.

  • Toads

    If they made PS Home like GTA Online but tamed, I would definitely jump on that

  • Carl

    I ever understood what PS Home whas about, and didn’t like it. I logged in once, made an avatar, saw a few things, and then I realised I had downloaded 3 GBs of data for nothing, which I deleted immediately.

    • superkarma

      Same here. I downloaded it for the first time for E3 2013, since they were doing that virtual booth/showcase. That was pretty cool. A day or two later, I deleted it and never looked back. Just wasn’t my cup of tea.

  • andy

    Home was too advanced for its time. I will never forget posting on the Facebook page, of where I worked, about the Virtual Sony E3 2013 booth that was brought into PS Home and you could see what it looks like in real life. Somebody commented about how sad it was and that he had a life, RIGHT THERE ON FACEBOOK lol. I had to explain to him that it is essentially another form of Social Media and existed long before the massive uptake of Irish people who started to use Facebook in 2009 like himself.
    Its great to see people’s attitude to a service that is pretty much another form of the same thing they use daily. 🙂

  • Sunzy

    During its time it was good. Suprisingly enough for a game that you would never expect to play can be quite mischievous and fun. Had some funny memories and met some great people but its days have gone. It isn’t exactly infested with friendly, polite people now but with new, weird people. I wouldn’t say sexual but the ps home devs keep a keen eye on everyones behaviour, monitoring every typed word.. If this was to end I would feel sorry for those that spent hundreds on stupid virtual items that are completely worthless I tell you, I only purchased one thing which was like some 20p jacket because. I felt left out AT THE TIME when everyone had something decent to wear when servers were flooded. They updated it with new content very often but it kind of lost track of everything. Dunno just my personal thoughts and stuff many people are fed up of the thing but I’m not going to lie I spent long nights on it because of high levels of laughter from it. Ahhhhhh well

  • theodor70941

    Oh wait… It’s not being closed down in EUrope for now, moving on!

  • RealityCheck2013

    HOME is o.k. Visit sometimes just to see what is New. Hmm don’t sound like it will move over to the PS4 which is a shame(as a always on PS HOME that you would neer have to load up would of been cool i think) Oh well

  • No one care about the longest beta ever made by Sony

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  • Neil Travis

    Well what do you expect when they are going to put a brand new experience onto PlayStation Home with the Project Morpheus. Think of it some what like what Untold Games is doing with “Loading Human” that got funded.
    We are all in for quite a surprise later down the line, My opinion, But I highly doubt they are letting go of PS Home that easy. Here’s a look at what we got ahead for P.M with Loading Human, That did get signed on for Project Morpheus .
    And then we have nDreams still working hard on they’re game
    “The Assembly” for Project Morpheus, I believe everyone know’s whats going on and it’s getting closer and closer to reveal it all.

  • Mellow_Butch

    There was some weirdness, but the level of anonymity and the casual games makes it far better than say facebook. I have to say those evening’s during the week where
    i had an hour to kill in Home or watching the PULSE with Christina Lee or watching back episodes of the TESTER was the best. I always felt like they should have made a full game out of Sodium shooter in a HouseMarque like fashion so you would have more vehicles/weapons for the HOME version.

  • Spoonyrogdrumps

    I’m glad that they are getting rid of home. I never go on it because there isn’t really anything fun to do and a lot of people are weird.
    MMO’s are better.

  • Jonathan George Anaya

    Sounds like Sony should have uses the Cloud to save Home….

    No, wait.

    Maybe if Sony had paid the Electric Bills, they’d be able to still power Home.
    MS doesn’t have these problems

    • JustGaming


  • lassenwolf

    sony home I liked but after they robbed everyone with buying shit now they are closing it. They should of moved it to ps4.why? At least there would be games to play

  • Aquadysseus

    I enjoyed the short time I had with it, but like another user said below it was way before its time. I guess you had to be willing to make new friends in order to enjoy it. I had a blast playing bowling with total strangers who I had never met before, some of those people still remain on my friends list even to this very day. I would definitely like to see a PS4 version because if people didn’t like it, it would have shut down a long time ago. Not sure why people who don’t use it want it to get shut down though, if you think like that you need to grow up.

  • leo

    I think this is bullsh*t because I spent money on that game and where does all the money go? Into there stingy pockets