Xbox One Version of FIFA 14 Canceled in Japan to the Surpise of (Almost) No One

FIFA 14 was supposed to be one of the Xbox One launch games in Japan on September 4th, and Microsoft included the game in the latest presentations of the console to the press, but Electronic Arts announced today that the Japanese Xbox One release of the now almost outdated chapter of the successful soccer franchise has been canceled.

The decision comes with a very simple explanation: FIFA 15 will be released in Japan on October 9th, and that will include the Xbox One version. Quite obviously Electronic Arts thought that it did not make sense to launch a game just over a month before its successor would hit the shelves.

While it’s a bit unorthodox to communicate the cancellation only two weeks before the release date, Japanese Xbox One fans should not worry, as they’ll have to wait just a month longer to get their FIFA fix.

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  • Jorge Jimenez

    That makes sense, they should at least offer it digitally.

    • Ominous Prime

      Perhaps they’ll get EA Access as well, where they can enjoy it.

  • David Rodriguez

    Interesting. With Japan having one of the top 25 teams in the world, I figured this franchise would be more popular over there.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      It’s very popular. Just launching FIFA 14 and FIFA 15 one month apart wouldn’t make too much sense.

      • David Rodriguez

        Ah, fair enough.

      • pablocr7

        Giuseppe, why didn’t they launched last year? Don’t answer just realized my mistake 😀

    • Natan Cifuentes

      I think pro soccer evolution is the more popular soccer game in Japan.

      • Ominous Prime

        It is. It’s make by a Japanese company is why.

    • The blogger mention XboxOne version not PS4 or PC

    • Guest

      Winning Eleven (Pro Evo) is much more popular over here.