EA Will Permanently Ban Coin Farmers and Traders From FIFA 15

No one likes a cheater and EA seems to despise them according to their blog post which explains how cheaters disrupt FIFA’s gameplay experience and the enjoyment for honest FIFA fans in a number of ways and as a result some changes have been implemented to FIFA 15.

Overloading servers, phishing and compromising other player accounts, and participating in the unauthorized exchange of virtual currency will no longer be tolerated.

EA detailed that anyone caught buying coins or promoting websites which sell them will be banned. While coin selling and farming is a bannable first offense, buying and promoting websites are given more chances to see the error in their ways.

  • First Offense – player will receive a warning
  • Second Offense – player will have to reset their account and FIFA points
  • Third Offense – player will be a permanently banned

EA is also asking for users to report anyone promoting coin sellers and rewards (in coins) will be offered to those who will help rooting out the problem.

Lastly EA directed its attention to the PC platform, where some players would cheat by using tools to falsify match results. EA plans to permanently ban those players from FIFA; the same goes for the Pro Clubs mode.

FIFA 15 will release on September 23rd for PC, 3DS, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Wii, iOS, Android, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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  • They Call Me Senpai

    The only platforms missing are Mac and Wii U.

  • Alter

    But still they won’t stop. haha

  • Jeff Maxwell

    Of course they will, less money for them

  • Caught Ya

    oh no, the ban threat

  • RealityCheck2013

    Why pick on ‘Farmers’ for??? 😀

    + EA need to do something about the scammers who are on their Twitter page :-/ They look like EA but are not and con people daily out of coins :-/

  • Mitch

    Next year with FIFA 16: ”Now, instead of buying FIFA points which can be used to buy packs with your real money, you can now also use FIFA points to buy coins so you can straight up buy the players you want!”
    Watch it happen LMAO.

  • jordan

    What will happen to you tubers like KSI, who promote and buy coins/coin farmers??

  • shnskj