Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Lots of New Information Shared in Latest Live Broadcast

Square Enix just concluded the broadcast of the 17th Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Letter from the Producer Live, and it was a special occasion as it was part of the celebrations for the game’s 1st anniversary.

As usual Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida answered questions from players and fans relayed by community manager Toshio Murouchi, and below you can read a recap of the information provided (and see the yummy anniversary sent by Sony Computer Entertainment):


  • More field content will be designed for people to do while waiting for instances to pop.
  • There will be more content created for the endgame for all kinds of players, including casual gamers.
  • While Ninja will be implemented as a job with patch 2.4, there won’t be much in terms of Japanese-style elements outside of the job itself. There will be a limited amount, though, at least at the beginning. Ninja in the game, while inspired by Japanese culture, won’t be like historical Ninja.
  • Shiva will appear in patch 2.4. More details about the upcoming patch could be dropped during the rest of the 14-hour broadcast program today.
  • The title of the first expansion pack has already been decided, but it’s a secret for now. The plans for additional monsters, FATEs and quests are already in place, and the dungeons are being checked, but more details will come at the Fan Festival. The artwork is already being worked on as well.
  • More achievement rewards for commendations will come in patch 2.38 or 2.4.
  • The Binding Coil of Bahamut will end with 2.4, and other endgame content will be implemented after that, but the older dungeons will still be available.
  • In  patch 2.4 there will be new turns for the Coil of Bahamut, and the Second Coil will be available via the duty finder in both normal and savage modes.
  • The team is looking for alternatives to the weekly limitation for the Coil of Bahamut.
  • More crossover events with Square Enix games could come in the future.
  • Tickets for the Fan Festivals are all sold out.
  • Square Enix would like to release a new soundtrack by the launch of 3.0 (the expansion).
  • Triple Triad and Chocobo races will be implemented in the Gold Saucer. There will also be a basketball-style shooting game and an active event. You’ll find in-game collectible cards, for instance one for Minfilia.
  • An Ultima Weapon Extreme fight might come. There are members of the team that would like to implement it. It’s not a given due to the tight schedule for new content.
  • More PvP content will be added gradually, initially focusing on Frontlines. Content for the Wolves’ Den will come later once more people are intrigued by PvP, in order to make it more competitive. While Final Fantasy isn’t exactly a PvP-oriented series, the team wants to create a pleasant PvP experience for the fans.
  • Ninja is the last job which will be introduced before the expansion, no details can be given about what will come after.
  • Blue Mage would be interesting to implement, especially due to way they would learn their abilities from the enemies. That said, it would be difficult to balance for party play, so it’ll require a lot of careful planning if it’ll ever be implemented in the future.
  • Some random events might be added to dungeons, but it probably won’t be elite marks, because people would just reset the dungeons until something spawns.
  • Changing the summoner job to be more of a pet class would require a lot more player skill, so it’s hard to find the right balance.
  • The expansion will not bring any changes to the class/job system of the game. Some elements might be added, but the system won’t be radically changed.  There will be an increase to the level cap.
  • 2.38 will be released within the next month, and will include the next level of the Zodiac weapons.
  • The stats of the Zodiac weapons won’t be reset with further levels.
  • A new census will come this year at Tokyo Game Show.
  • There are plans to make ingredients for some cosmetic pieces of crafted gear like the swimsuits more common, so that the prices aren’t as inflated as they are now.
  • The team has been avoiding to rely too much on FATE for new content lately. They can’t promise that there won’t be more events relying on FATE, but they’re taking feedback in consideration.
  • The development team considered field dungeons, but it would be hard to balance the number of players in that kind of open content. Yet, Yoshida-san would like to try and implement them in some way.
  • The rendering aspects of the DirectX 11 clients are complete. Now the team is looking at new expressions that can be implemented with DirectX 11.
  • More purchasable land and personal housing will come with 2.38. The team will continue to look into adding new land even after 2.38.
  • The issue that causes S rank hunt marks to disappear when there are too many people around them will be solved with the next patch.
  • Square Enix is still in the process to decide if it’d make sense, business-wise, to release a Mac version. The game runs on mac already internally, even if there are still bugs.
  • There are no plans to use the PS4’s second screen feature to input text for the moment, but it could be looked at for the future.
  • A new seasonal event named “The Raising” will begin on August 27th.



  • The schedule for Tokyo Game Show events has been announced (See below).


  • A new FATE live event in Fukuoka will happen in late November (the “late July” translation in the slide below is obviously a mistake).


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  • Nicholas Perry

    I’m guessing Coil of Bahamut will be ended due to story reasons. Which is understandable. Guess I better get to that before the patch hits.

    But also

    The rendering aspects of the DirectX 11 clients are complete. Now
    the team is looking at new expressions that can be implemented with
    DirectX 11.”


    I wish someone could relay my idea about AA for the game, it would really only take a few honest days work to implement and then some testing!

    “I wish I could ask him if they could please implement better Anti
    Aliasing. This is all the more important considering when DX11 happens,
    the ability to use hardware AA like SGSSAA will be limited to DX9 only.
    And that FXAA really doesn’t really cut it. Downsampling isn’t a viable
    option because UI scale is still only limited to 140% and many elements
    that aren’t scalable still end up being too small and the UI itself
    loses it’s crispness because it’s being smoothed.

    1.0 had a form of SSAA built in(In the form of a rendering scale that
    was worded poorly in Engrish; it could be used to sub-sample the
    rendering resolution or super sample it. Sub-sampling example ) , in addition to MSAA. MSAA however isn’t good enough either as it only handles Geometry.

    What I would ultimately ask is to build in a SSAA mode that also uses
    SMAA or FXAA, selectable by the user, that lets the user also select the
    re-sampling filter to be used (Bilinear,Lanczos,Bicubic,Nearest
    Neighbor,etc), the target rendering resolution or fixed ratio (IE:
    choosing 3200×1800 on a 1080p monitor, is not an even fixed ratio, but
    is still a perfect 16:9 resolution. 3264×1836 however, is a fixed and
    even 1.7 x 1.7 ratio of 1920×1080) as well the sampling pattern (IE:

    Considering the extremely large of user selectable options, this
    shouldn’t be too much to ask nor too difficult. And would go a long way
    in adding some amount of flexibility for each user’s specific situation
    as well future proofing to always ensure the game looks as good as every
    little piece of individually crafted art placed into the game world
    deserves to be.

    And it wouldn’t be the first game to use such a solution, though my
    solution above is far more flexible than any other seen thus far. (Ex:
    Sleeping Dogs, Metro Last Light,Battlefield 4,Serious Sam 3,etc) And is
    partially based upon GeDoSaTo.

    I really cannot overstate enough how amazing this game looks with good AA, it just needs a solution available to EVERYONE.

    Ex screenshot with good Anti-Aliasing
    , this is 4xSGSSAA at 1366×768 at a variable 40-60FPS on a GTX 570 with
    a few settings turned down in order to stay well above 30FPS on an
    older GPU. The performance hit is very high though. I am just thankful I
    also have a 768p TV, otherwise would be unable to use decent AA on a
    1080p set with this GPU.”

    This is something that essentially future proofs the game to an extent in regards to image quality as well as gives people an option for decent AA!

  • Averix

    Haven’t tackled the coils yet. Hope they don’t go away with a patch.

    • Warukyure

      They won’t go away, as currently Coils is the main Endgame content. What will happen in 2.4 is that you will be able to tackle the Second Coils (Turn 6-9) the same way you can do Turn 1-5. Which is with either a pre-made group or queuing for it in party finder. The update and relaxing of the conditions to Second Coils will also see to it that people won’t have weekly lockouts for attempts or completion as well will add the Echo Buff bonus (Up to +20% HP/Damage/Cure Amount) to help people.

      Ultimately, just see Turns 1-9 in patch 2.4 like any other dungeon you can queue for.

  • Jecht_Sin

    There are no plans to use the PS4′s second screen feature to input text for the moment, but it could be looked at for the future.

    What the heck is the “PS4′s second screen feature”? o.0

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      PS Vita/smartphone used as a second screen, very few games use it.

      No surprise it’s fairly unknown.

      • Jecht_Sin

        Oh, that one. Thanks.

    • Anders

      You can draw things on your phone and put them into the Playroom. That’s a second screen feature.

  • Swagbito uchiha

    The Real Question Here..

    Can I Get The Cake????

  • Aquadysseus

    I’d really like to see open world dungeons make a return, but it would be tricky to do, as Yoshi P said. Small typo, the Seasonal Event is called The Rising.

    Blue Mages? This I gotta see. That would be badass!

  • Anders

    When is 2.4 coming?

  • PrinceHeir

    Amazing updates!!

  • Rob Nevico

    I think releasing a Mac version would be great. I’m a film editor, so I moved away from Windows and I am not a fan of the controller scheme enough to warrant playing the PS3/4 version, but I would also love not to have to partition a disk just for this game.

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