See how the Xbox One and PS4 Versions of Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition Stack up Visually Against Each Other

Spoiler alert, they both look great. The crew over at Digital Foundry take on Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition on the Xbox One and Playstation 4 to see which one looks better.

According to DF, Diablo 3 looks pretty much identical to each other. Both consoles run the game at a crisp 1080p showing no real difference in visual assets aside from some random elements by the game’s engine.

With no rift in texture asset quality, shadow rendering, effects-work or its lighting model, it’s clear Blizzard has no mandate to push either console out of the parity deadlock. Rather, it appears to be a point of continued attention, with the Xbox One receiving a 1080p resolution bump to bring it neck-and neck with PS4 in the image quality stakes. Outside of randomised item placements across each stage, these two games are now practically identical.


The frame-rate test below shows that the PS4 version stays deadlocked at 60fps. The Xbox One version stays mostly at 60fps but would fall in the 52-60 range in places that got pretty hectic on-screen. You should note that those frame-rate dips are nearly unnoticeable visually.

Stress-testing the PS4 and Xbox One builds in matching areas shows a PS4 lead. A 52fps drop is the lowest recorded on Microsoft’s platform here, but to be fair, these frame-rate dips took some finding.


The verdict is they both versions look pretty damn good. You should play Diablo 3 on Xbox One or PS4.

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  • superkarma

    Nice. Glad to hear Blizzard patched that bug right away and it’s now running at a locked 60fps.

    I’m still waiting on a buddy to get back to me on what he’s thinking about doing, but it’s looking like I’ll be picking this bad boy up soon enough. In the meantime, PvZ has taken up the majority of my playing time lately 🙂

    • Delsin Boss

      yeah i saw you on psn playing that game 😀
      Is it good? should i buy it?
      plus, this version is much better than original diablo 3. so dont waste your time and buy it.

      • superkarma

        Yeah, I’m loving PvZ. It’s my first PvZ game, so I wasn’t sure if I’d like it or not, but I definitely am. It’s nice to just have a not-so-serious shooter that’s a lot of fun to play and earn rewards from.

    • Jeff Maxwell

      how do you know that isn’t the maximum? cant imagine its a very demanding game

    • demfax

      Neither version is locked at 60 FPS.

      Xbox version drops to the mid-low 50s with a few beastmen on screen early in the game. There are greater framedrops later in the game with dozens of enemies on the screen and effects going off.

      The PS4 version drops frames in some areas of Act V. Xbox even worse (far lower than 50 fps).

      Digital Foundry didn’t test the game long enough to see the greater framedrops.

      • superkarma

        I suppose you have proof of such claims, right?

        • Zachariah St. John

          i can’t confirm firsthand but i can say playing the PC version that his claims are true even on pc. Act V is much harder on my gpu. I wouldn’t say it’s less optimized there are just more effects going on in Act V

          • superkarma

            Fair enough 🙂

      • Michael Norris

        The game is nearly locked at 60fps on Ps4.I am on Act V and i haven’t noticed the frame rate dropping.I play as a Witch doctor with about 10-16 pets most of the time.

  • futurepixels

    I just got Diablo 3 yesterday and played a ton last night. This is my first Diablo and I am having a blast so far. I leveled a Demon Hunter and Monk to around 10, and am now trying to decide which class I want to continue with. It’s a hard call, since melee is more fun, but the Demon Hunter is badass.

    • Delsin Boss

      demon hunter, the voice says demon hunter. lol

      • futurepixels

        I really want to stick with Demon Hunter, especially because I was able to level up faster, but I feel like I am playing a twin stick shooter with the Demon Hunter, where playing with the Monk feels more like a hack and slash game, which I prefer.

        • Delsin Boss

          tell you what, play the game twice. once with the demon hunter, second with the monk 😀
          but i’m more like a warrior guy 🙂

        • Zachariah St. John

          If you want hack and slash the crusader or warrior are superior choices imo. I main a crusader and they have fantastic options and are very strong end game.

        • Quincy

          Believe me, you’ll end up playing all classes.

        • Michael Norris

          Witch doctor is freaking amazing to me,just get health regain and unleash an army of minions.

    • Zachariah St. John

      it depends how commited you are. Monks are very weak in end game. Ive played all classes to 70 on PC. Monks are definitely the most gimped. I guess it if you’re having fun roll with it but Demon Hunter is one of the top classes right now so if you’re interested in serious long term play stick with the DH.

  • angh

    I would go for ps4 version if I hadn’t few maxed chars on PC.
    And if xbox one have dips in FPS on starting stages, 1 player only, then on T3-4 with 4 players, spamming AOE the FPS hit will be much bigger.

  • jfgg

    game is shit tho

    • Delsin Boss

      you’re insane.

    • Michael Norris

      Dude the game is fun,does it look like a next gen game?,no but these type of games just need to have a solid frame rate.

  • yardis

    I want to try this game but I will be wasting 60 if I don’t like it.

    • Delsin Boss

      do you like addictive games with tons of content?
      trust me, you don’t waste your money 😉

      • yardis

        Yes, but I have never played a game similar to Diablo.

        • Creed

          Me and my friends played this from about 6pm to about 3:30 the next morning. Crazy fun and addictive.

      • Orichalon Hades

        better question is
        “Do you like grinding the same content over and over and over again to get that 1 piece of legendary equip that you miss?”

        good thing i like grinding for phat lootz tho.

    • Zachariah St. John

      It’s easy to learn and hard to master. i’ve played hundreds of hours and still love it.

      • dan lovallo

        well the ps4 version has frame spikes, a second before you see the scoundrel going up the path to the old mill there is an asset load type of frame glitch an when you are coming up to a portal stone in the dungeons there is a tiny frame spike..this game has tiny frame spikes all over kinda like a very fast asset load

  • Melissa Rossetti

    Diablo 3 meh

  • Darkflare

    Where are all them ps4 haters that said ps4 cant run steady like xb1?

    • Sexy Mcgee

      They died from retardation.

  • Sexy Mcgee

    Don’t forget that PS4 version has extra content.

  • RealityCheck2013

    No – You should play Diablo 3 on PS4 😛

  • WhyYouGottaHate

    “You should play Diablo 3 on PS4.”


  • DZ_B_EZ

    What the frak??!! This is Diablo III for Goddess sake, the game isn’t even that stunning on PC.

    • Quincy

      And diablo3 won’t be a diablo3 article w/o the mainstream haters.

  • Craig Sloan

    It looks the same on both consoles. 1:35 when you cross the bridge is the only time I noticed a difference. PS4 has a realistic look and XB1 has a more colourfull look,

    • Michael Norris

      can dip to 52fps but it isn’t far and few between.Ether version is fine,the Ps4 is a more powerful console so it’s going to run better.

  • brian

    Is this game fun

  • Nordu

    Picked it up for my XB360 and am enjoying it quite a bit playing alone mostly, haven’t tried online yet.

  • MNFNGamer

    And they both look like crap smdh……..

  • justpassingthrough

    literally identical