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Star Citizen’s Latest Ship has 100,000 Polygons, 4096 Texture Resolution; Visual Damage Saves Over Time

by on August 24, 2014 5:28 PM 107

We already know that Star Citizen looks absolutely amazing, and at Gamescom we had a chance to catch up with Cloud Imperium Games’ Technical Designer and resident CryEngine expert Dan Tracy, who walked us through the technology behind the stunning Origin M-50, which is the latest ship released for the game and an agile racer.

Tracy explained that the M-50’s incredibly realistic details are displayed thanks to twelve 4096 x 4096 textures layered on top of each other, while the model is made by 100,000 polygons. Further details are provided by normal maps which are also 4096 in resolution.

Of course to run all that goodness you’ll need a quite powerful computer, but if you have a lower-end rig the game has lower resolution mipmaps created for the long distance LODs, which scale down to 2048 and then 1024 pixels.

One of the most impressive elements of the game is that visual damage actually saves over time. In most games once you finish your session your vehicle will look as good as new, but not in Star Citizen; the scratches and dents on your ship actually build up as the materials degrade over time. The more you use your ship and damage it, the more it will display your status as a veteran.

You will be able to remove light scratches with a new paint job, but destroyed parts will need to be fully replaced. In Star Citizen‘s persistent universe you will actually need to leave ships at the repair shop for a while for maintenance.

Below you can see a video of the M-50 I shot directly at Gamescom (alongside a few pictures of the ship), with Tracy’s explanations. As soon as you’ll see just how beautiful it looks on an actual computer screen, I’m sure you’ll forgive my explosive enthusiasm during the conversation.

I’m really hard pressed remembering having seen anything looking that good. You’d think it’s pre-rendered CG at first sight, but it isn’t. The game really looks like that.

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  • Vious

    pretty cool. hope this comes to the xbox at some point

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      According to the Chris Roberts, not before Microsoft relents on the cross platform restrictions, since they want keep all their players on the same servers.

      It’s the same for FFXIV actually. About time Microsoft starts reconsidering that.

      • Vious

        they should make some exceptions I mean the precedent was already set with lost planet some years ago.
        so here’s hoping for that, if not then i’ll just play it on the PC and call it a day

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          IMHO, they should just remove the policy. We are in a globalized world, with a globalized internet. It’s about time people playing on PC, PS4, Xbox and whatever can start playing together.

          It already happens with PS4, PS3 and PC and the sky didn’t fall yet :D

          • Jeff Maxwell

            Are you still working on the Roberts interview cus seems like your released all the interviews unless I’ve missed it?

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            yes I am.

          • Aquadysseus

            I seriously can’t wait for that day to come. It’ll be such a massive step forward for gaming. Fanboys can finally stop insulting one another and step in the ring, mano e mano! Microsoft! We’re waiting on you, do it already!

          • Jeff Maxwell

            yeah then they can insult each other whilst there playing together!!! hahah

        • Jeff Maxwell

          Well it might not come to ps4 unless Sony change there views on the patching process. They need to let the patches come through instantly because as I understand it Sony has to go through the code and they charge the developer for it to before its released apparently, same as MS and Nintendo I think but yeah there’s only going be 1 group of servers. Galaxy server which is like command and control and servers dotted around countries so yah. Dunno what MS problem with it is tbh, renewed commitment to pc gaming, there trying unite various services in the home but blocks cross platform play. Maybe spencer and nadella will change that

          • Vious

            didnt’ Microsoft dropped charging devs to code verification on xbox one? I remember it was that way on the 360 though where some indie devs would refuse to patch their games because they had to pay a lot of money to verify the patch

          • Jeff Maxwell

            I dunno, seems stupid to charge to verify a patch for a game on the system unless its just basically adding a certificate to it so the OS will install it that stuff does need change because won’t be able to afford it and setting there’s alot of indie now they kind of need them to want make a game

          • Vious

            I think the thought at the time was to force devs to actually put effort in their code and not release subpar games to the console and which could put the console and it’s games at risk.

          • Vious

            I hope they do change that, I mean it seems as if they sort of do though well at least between the 360 and x1…..as happy wars will have cross platform play between those platforms

          • Aquadysseus

            No idea where you pulled that from. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Sony stop charging for patches a really long time ago now?

          • Jecht_Sin

            The patches fee has gone more than one year ago, at least for indie developers. Together with the certification process that has been worked on to make it much faster. Then if it is bug fixing it should be certified at most immediately.

      • Mike

        Shared servers beetween PC and Xbox isn’t good solution. Someone on PC can play with mouse and easily win against players with gamepads.

        • Agustin Freyre

          Maybe at the FPS part, but in dogfighting I feel way more comfortable witha gamepad in every game.

          • Jeff Maxwell

            gamepad pffft HOTAS 4tw (havnt got one yet though) I think there making an official Star Citizen HOTAS cus people kept asking about it so they had a poll to gauge how many people were interested in it like last year think it was, what manufacturer like Saitek thrustmaster etc youd prefer it to be by and I think enough ppl are interested…. I certainly am. you can use kb+mouse for flight but a HOTAS gives you the immersion factor like your actually there flying the ship that’s the whole point of SC why its so intrically detailed cus they want to immerse you as much as possible it is a simulator after all :d

          • Azrael

            Totally agree with you, Jeff. HOTAS is the way to go for any space flight game. Sadly, people will still have the ability to use KB/M, and those users won’t have a locked reticle, so there is going to be an advantage. Black Prophecy was the same way, and any PvP against KB/M pilots was a waste of time since they had such an advantage. But HOTAS is a much more satisfying experience with these types of games.

          • Jeff Maxwell

            yeah but this is just pre-alpha, they will be aware of this and probably thinking out how to make it fairer but I think they’ll do someat to fix it but yah im getting a HOTAS closer to the time. besides I think HOTAS will be better for the murray cup tbh.

          • Azrael

            I dunno. On one hand, I hope you’re right. At the very least I hope they lock the reticle for mouse users to prevent Freelancer style combat. With Black Prophecy, there were a lot of people complaining about this, and asking to have it changed, or at least make one server were it was locked so people who wanted to use HOTAS were not at such a big disadvantage, but it never happened. RSI is a lot more open to player feedback, so it’s possible they’ll listen and change it, but I won’t hold my breath.

          • Jeff Maxwell

            They most likely will do they’ve just got alot more important things going on atm, they’ve got the new hangars to release and crush any bugs in the Murray cup race track so they’ll be busy working on that

        • Aquadysseus

          I hate it when people say this. It’s just not true. Besides you can plug in a keyboard and mouse for the PS4 now, not sure about the Xbox One yet but that feature will definitely be on the way with ESO. Not that anyone will play it, but hey.

          • Azrael

            But it is true. And it will be especially true in this. Mouse and keyboard players won’t have a locked reticle (which I think is totally lame, but whatever), which means they’ll have an advantage in speed of aiming. While those of us playing with a flight stick (how the game should be played, IMO) or a game pad while have a fixed reticle, and will have to turn our ships to line up the crosshairs, M/KB players will be able to line up the crosshairs without centering their ships. If you’ve ever played (or have seen videos of) Freelancer, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

          • Aquadysseus

            I can totally understand it in this game but I personally believe I could hold my own against a keyboard and mouse user when I’m using a controller in an FPS for example.

          • Azrael

            I would totally be willing to take you up on that challenge. I’ve played against people using a controller while I use a keyboard and mouse and have won every single time. I took part in a clan scrimmage in BF3 where the other side played with controllers and managed not to die a single time, and I’m not that great at shooters anymore.

            There is a rather measurable disparity between the time it takes to point a mouse courser at someone (which is essentially what happens when using KB/M, except the screen moves instead of a pointer) and the time it takes to move an analog stick at a target and then center the stick so it doesn’t move anymore.

            This is why console games have a bit of aim assist, and why most console shooters use round reticles instead of actual crosshairs. This is why cross platform between PC and console doesn’t happen. This is why when cross platform does happen, PC players are given a handicap in order to make it fair for console players. Ask anyone who ever played Shadowrun on the PC.

            Titanfall on PC is another example. Plug in a controller to play, and the game automatically turns on aim assist. Seeing how Titanfall is a multiplayer only game, that’s saying a lot about the capabilities of a gamepad vs a keyboard and mouse when the developers of the game allow aim assist where there wouldn’t normally be an option for it.

          • Aquadysseus

            Sorry, this is all based on who you’re playing. It’s not factual, just personal experience.

          • Martin

            You can be good or bad at it, that’s for sure, but it is undeniable that KB+mouse gives you a substantial edge over a gamepad.

          • Aquadysseus

            I disagree.

          • Azrael

            And you’ll continue to do so until you finally try it and lose. I would be more than happy to have you come to my house, we’ll load up a few FPS games, and we’ll see how it goes. My wife’s PC has almost the exact same specs as mine (different motherboards, but that’s it), so there won’t be any disparity between the machines. We’ve got USB Xbox controllers. Hell, I’d even include Titanfall as one of the games just so you can have aim assist.

          • Aquadysseus

            I look forward to that day. I play on both PC and Console but I feel more comfortable with a controller in my hands then I do with a keyboard and mouse. I’m only reading like two of the lines you post per comment by the way.

          • Martin

            You can disagree all you want, it doesn’t change facts.

          • Aquadysseus

            But these aren’t facts. Just delusions.

          • Martin

            KB+Mouse combo being more effective at FPS than a gamepad is a delusion? Ok I almost given up hope here but I’ll try it one last time. You replied to someone else that YOU feel more comfortable using a gamepad over KB+mouse and there’s nothing wrong with that, but you stated earlier that there is no difference whatsoever between each system, that all depends on who’s playing. Do you realize now how stupid that sounds? It’s like saying that there’s no difference whatsoever between a Lamborghini Murcielago and a 2nd hand Volvo, that it solely depends on the driver. Get it now?

          • Aquadysseus

            I’m not reading all of that. You can keep telling yourself that it’s factual but until the day comes when we can prove it, we have to wait. The simple truth is some people are just better at games than others. If I have faster reactions it doesn’t matter what I’m using, I’ll be the first one to put you down. Also, stop incorrectly quoting me.

            When this day does eventually come, return to me and we will put it to the test. I’ll be waiting to take that smug look off of your face.

          • chipcs

            just no. KB+M > Controller in FPS and RTS. You wouldnt even get a single hit on a proper quake player with a controller.


          • Aquadysseus


          • Spoonyrogdrumps

            I’m going to give ESO a try at least despite the negative attention it gets. Some people have said that they like it. I’ll try anything once.

    • Amy

      I’d rather have a single title that consoles don’t screw over.

  • Jeff Maxwell

    It’s going to look amazing, can’t wait play the alpha of Murray cup race track this/next week hopefully. Only got a300i and an f7c so the m50 and 350R are going dominate…. Unless I can go weapons hot!!!

  • http://gradly.net/ Gradly

    I’m not into this game or this type of games, but can’t understand what is amazing when we are looking for a model in game and not in gameplay? of course it will look great.

    Regarding the visual damage, if it saves state over time, then its static not dynamic, I think it not possible to keep track of each scratch dynamically. So it will have some kinda damage levels that will be applied over time but will look the same for each level (baked)

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Too bad it’s in game.

    • Jeff Maxwell

      That ship it’s in game it’s sitting in the asteroid hanger and will be flyable in 0.9 should be this week about. The ships are stunning

  • Spoonyrogdrumps
  • Nicholas Perry

    Now if only they can take more effort to clean up the shader/specular aliasing like Crytek did with Ryse.

    • Jeff Maxwell

      The aliasing in the hangar it’s because some stuff is rendered after the AA pass but that’s easy to fix so they say so that’s why it happens. May happen on 0.9 if not its no biggy

  • MetalSpartan

    one of the reasons I need to get a new GPU

  • Clifton Walton

    These are some seriously impressive graphics.

    I also want to give props on the site. It always offers really nice articles, interviews and news.

  • Vious

    you ever wondered……it’s a spaceship, why does it have wheels?

    • Budgiecat

      No because I’m not a moron like you..


      • Vious

        dude, what year is the game set in?
        it’s definitely not 2014

        • Jeff Maxwell

          2944. The m50 is designed as a pure racer so kinda modeled after fighter jets which are pretty quick hence the wheels. There maybe a few others that use wheels to

      • Orichalon Hades

        oh cat
        7/10 makes me chuckle

    • Azrael

      It’s a spaceship designed around realism. Landing gear with wheels will always be useful for ships that are capable of atmospheric flight. Ships also need to be moved around in their hanger, and ships without wheels on their landing gear would require expensive equipment to move them around.

      • Vious

        good point. I was thinking along the lines of this setting is far into the future so ships etc should be able to hover.

        • Azrael

          Some will be able to. The starter ship you get with a base pledge, the Aurora, has landing skids. It will perform more like a VTOL in atmosphere. The smaller ships, like the Interceptor, focus more on speed and maneuverability, and forgo vertical atmospheric engines. Since it is shaped with proper aerodynamic properties, it will behave like a plane in atmosphere.

  • Ryan Rath

    I feel like nobody cares about this. I know there are some who kickstarted this. But its just another space sim in an already saturated market. It will start off like Titanfall no doubt. Big hype. Awesome gameplay for about a solid 5 minutes. And then fall on its face. No doubt its pretty though.

    • qqq

      so about the game that is the biggest croud funding project of all time, of any project, that made more than 50 million dollars from regular people alone, that made just recently 1.3 million in two days, you feel nobody cares about? Okay. It’s this site, if it’s a game on PC two things happen, some people will post “please come to ps4″ or almost no one will post at all. Try looking at just about any other site in the world, and you’ll see the people “caring”



      • Ryan Rath

        I’m not even going to argue with an idiot……

    • Azrael

      Saturated market? What market are you looking at? I would really like to see all of these well made space flight sim games you seem to know so much about, ’cause to be honest, I’m having trouble finding any. The last solidly made space flight game I played was X3, and even then it wasn’t that great thanks to Egosoft’s inability to give a solid narrative.

      As for nobody caring, as qqq pointed out, there are plenty of people very invested in this game, and plenty more people eagerly awaiting its release.

      • Ryan Rath

        Starmade, Strike Suit Zero, SOL, Black Prophecy, Battlestar Galactica Online, Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Sqaudron, Kernal Space Program, Simple Rockets, EVE Online. Do you need more?

        Ok, pretty big kick start project. I agree, but that doesn’t negate the previous failed attempts at the space sim/combat genre. Just face it, it’s not nor will it ever be a AAA title. It will have its dedicated fanbase and that’s it. And who’s our next contestant??

        • Azrael

          Ok, so obviously when you said “saturated market” you didn’t understand what the market actually was. The only ones on your list that are actual space flight sims are SOL (which is a shitty game) and Black Prophecy (which doesn’t exist anymore). BSG Online is a browser based, 3rd person “flight sim” (and those quotations could not be emphasized more). SW:ES is a shooter, and the space combat is not even close to being a space flight sim. EVE Online uses a coordinate system to fly, meaning there is no direct control of your spacecraft. Starmade is Minecraft in space, and Space Engineers is a much better game. Strike Suit Zero is a 3rd person action space shooter. Kerbal (not Kernal) Space Program is an awesome game, but again, not a space flight sim.

          Star Citizen is a throwback to the Wing Commander days. Freelancer, Free Space, X-Wing/TIE Fighter, etc. Those are the games that fit into the proper category. Those are the “market.” With the exception of the previously mentioned X series, there aren’t many well made games like those anymore.

          No, this game isn’t going to be for everyone, but it is still going to be considered a AAA title. The fact that it has already made $50 million without even a release date announced speaks volumes to the popularity this game is going to have. Just because you don’t understand what the game is, and what other games it is like, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a large fanbase, and it won’t attract a lot of new players.

          • Ryan Rath

            Lol, you act like $50 million is alot for video games. The gaming industry is the second biggest money making industry in the world. Unfortunately only second to porn, but that’s besides the point. Video games makes more money than Hollywood. Sure $50 million is great for a kick starter project, but you sound a little pre-mature when you say it will be a AAA title.

            Now lets look at pre-order sales to date.


            Bungie alone has spent $500 million on Destiny as a 10 year project (Sequels, DLC, etc…) Pretty sure titles like Destiny will stomp Star Citizen into a messy pulp sales wise. Do you think Activision and Bungie are going under with such a big “gamble” on their hands by investing so much “up front”?

            Again, not saying Star Citizen will be a bad game, but its clearly not for everyone. It certainly will not even compete in the class of a AAA title. Cloud Imperium games has no other games in their resume, so that alone ought to tell you they’re not “big time” yet. Not saying that can’t be later, but you can’t expect some kid off the street to jump in the ring with Floyd Mayweather just because he think he can box. Please no more premature commentary before you do a little more research…..

          • Jeff Maxwell

            Bungie got paid $7.5million for destiny over 3 years which is why it looks so sh#t… I’d say out of that $500million at least 300 million will be for advertising and marketing. SC doesn’t need it because all there advertising it’s free from all the gaming sites and stuff. SC in its pre-alpha state looks 10x better than destiny already. SC isn’t designed for everybody like destiny or COD it’s designed for people who love these types of games and to say SC isn’t AAA I bet it’ll be like one of the best looking games to be released in a few years way better. CIG was created specifically for the start citizen project but they’ve got decades of being in the industry EACH so your talking rubbish. Not to mention nvidia and AMD are throwing hardware at them,I bet they barely pay for there PC’s if that doesn’t tell you something nothing will. Btw eve has bin out 10 years I played it for 5 black prophecy I thought was rubbish, people have bin waiting for something good to come and replace what’s in the current market and this is it

          • Ryan Rath

            Do you really want to get into visual fidelity? I won’t argue that SC may look better than Destiny. But I am willing to bet almost the entire gaming community can still say games like Crysis 3 haven’t been beat yet. You don’t even have to like the Crysis series, but you can’t deny the Cryengine 3 is superior in every way. I’d give the same credit to Unreal Engine 4.

            To quote what you literally replied to me with: “SC isn’t designed for everybody like destiny or COD it’s designed for people who love these types of games.” That right there means….Indie game. Independent developer, independent funding. Quite the opposite of AAA huh? But we’ll go with your logic. Next, you quoted: I’d say out of that $500million at least 300 million will be for
            advertising and marketing. SC doesn’t need it because all there
            advertising it’s free from all the gaming sites and stuff.” Who do you think pays for gaming sites and “stuff”? I cannot even begin to tell you how ignorant and contradictory that sounded. Also do you have proof of Nvidia and AMD “throwing hardware” at them? If you’re referring to SC will support Mantle, that i’ll believe,


            but I don’t see anywhere about The two major GPU powerhouses throwing their resources into an indie game. Also please refrain from sentence fragments and utilize proper grammar and spelling. It’s very hard to understand what you are trying to convey as you face plant your keyboard into trying to convince me of something based on assumptions rather than any sort of factual intelligence. Bin = Been I presume?

          • Jeff Maxwell

            SC started off on cryengine 3 and upgraded to cryengine 4 and is being heavily modified cus it needs to do a lot of things cryengine wasn’t built to do also crytek have helped them along with technology and sean tracy whose cryengine US business manager judged The Next Great Starship so there pretty close with them. Also they’ve just bought a license for cryengine to use it indefinitely.

            AMD have given them full PC’s 290’s 290x, and other hardware Nvidia have given them titans 780 Ti’s 780’s etc CR’s rig has 2 or 3 titans in just for himself donated by NVidia and that’s come from CR’s mouth. they’ve given him hardware. so ya maybe not throwing hardware but giving them what they need for it to perform the best on there hardware.

            Ok what do you call a AAA game then??? A game that started off good then gets bullied into doing things by the publisher that makes the game turn out subpar? If SC had a publisher like ubisoft or EA funding it no one would be interested in it cus they would screw up the game all over the place. It would need to look good but has to be run on a PC that’s powered by a hamster type of deal from EA or oh noes cant let the consoles seem extremely underpowered so we got to downgrade the gfx wasting all the artists time from Ubisoft.

            This is a AAA game… 52 mission singleplayer + Persistent Universe with visual fidelity that will make crysis look rubbish in return. The main problem that has faced game developers is to keep the gfx reigned in cus publishers demand it to run on even weak system and on consoles to get as much money back as possible. Crysis 3 is going get trounced by Ryse for PC… seeing as they’ve already got high poly assets (150k character models) that’s going to take over from Crysis as a gfx benchmark for Crytek. Seeing as they are struggling they’ve got a full game + highly detailed assets which will need some work. But Star Citizen is going to beat that, I bet by the end of it SC’s characters will look better than Ryses or on par at least but the “main characters” in SC are the ships and they are already ridiculously detailed… wait till you start seeing the 3million poly+ ones or the supercarriers or the battleship (possibly 10million) with intricate detailing fully function weapon system i.e. you could walk into the missile loading room and watch it reload missiles etc etc. You may think FF14 as an MMO looks good, you aint seen nothing yet

            Roberts hasn’t got limited power available to him, if he really wants to push the gfx limits there no reason why he cant aim for a 980 which will be out by the time the PU is released/beta and let peoples hardware catch up to the game. Hes done it in wing commander, freelancer etc and hes going to do it in this hes hoping for it to last 10 years so hardware can catch up to the game. Not like destiny where itll get a gfx upgrade the next release of it like destiny 2 or whatever it is.

            Also does a purely indie game have $10mill budgeted JUST for full motion capture. hmmm seeing as elite dangerous cost about 2mill I think im going to say no. this is AAA deal with it.
            Star Citizen is getting free coverage via gaming sites cus its unprecedented that a crowd funded game has got so much money so they keep an eye on it and report its progress, they goto gamescom, Pax etc sure that costs money so comes out of the pot or they get sponsored but yah.

            In terms of its indie cus its not aimed at everyone is kind of like saying all us stupid people are happy with COD every year that’s AAA and guess what???? its trash, total garbage. Its primarily a game Roberts has always wanted to build and couldn’t till now through technology limitations its a game for us space farers to play but with games like you said strike suit zero, No Mans Sky, Elite dangerous are trying to break into the market and ease ppl in to space games and SC is built for someone who has 3 hours or week or 60 hours a week you can do what you want. theres no levelling, skill based training like eve etc its all down to you and tbh you putting it down your going to get shocked :d

          • Ryan Rath

            Star Citizen = Cryengine 3. (modified I understand….)




            Same engine as Ryse. Same engine as Crysis 3. Oh by the way, Cryengine 4 isn’t out yet. Oh by the way Cryengine 3 is now open source with a subscription so anyone with any programming knowledge or any kind of artistic aptitude can create Star Citizen from their mom’s basement.

            No doubt the engine looks great. We can both agree to that. I think we’re arguing the same thing here.

            But please tell me what a 980 is? Are you referring to Nvidia’s speculated 20nm transistor “Maxwell” architecture that doesn’t exist? In fact Nvidia just announced the Desktop 800 series as of yesterday, so we’re still quite a while away from Maxwell:


            Still Kepler. But if you want to keep speculating on something that doesn’t exist for future use, then I suppose be my guest. I can’t stop you.

            Additionally, I’m not going to argue that Call of Duty has been the same formula since Modern Warfare. I agree that it has become stale, however can you really argue with Activision/Infinity Ward for their “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”Strategy? Seems to be working and as much as we may not like the game, it will continue to sell millions. Millions upon millions upon millions. Why? Because millions keep supporting it and purchasing it. Therefore it truly is AAA and will always be more of a cash cow than indie projects such as SC.

            I’m not disagreeing its appeal to the fan base it has now. It very well may be a fantastic title and I hope for Cloud Imperium Games that it lives up to its hype. Look at Titanfall. They are independent developers. Respawn was built from the same guys who left Infinity Ward. Titanfall came out of the gate strong just like SC probably will, however in only 4 short months it managed to fall flat on its face. It got top grossing sales for only 2 months and now the PC community has fallen to under 10k. That’s sad….I find it even more sad that Origin already has it on sale for 1/3 of its original price and offers the game completely free for 48 hours to “try it before you buy it” thing. The game failed because Respawn chose to continue ignoring the community. Matchmaking is horrid, and its badly optimized. Although it is a heavily modified Source engine (Half Life 2, Portal 2, Left 4 Dead 2 etc..), Respawn still couldn’t figure out how to fix the horrible GPU memory leaks due to the VRAM constraints of the Xbox One. On top that it took them 5 months to finally implement a working SLI/Crossfire profile for the massive stuttering issues. Lastly, Respawn pretty much butchered the game by removing two main game modes completely after everyone already paid for it. Bad publicity destroyed Respawn.

            I’m not saying the same thing will happen to Cloud Imperium, but everyone thinks Indie games and dev’s will come out of the gate taking on developers like Activision, Bungie, Bioware etc…More importantly they have the giant Publishers such as EA behind them. As much as you or I don’t want to admit, they’re here to stay. They will continue to be a powerhouse that probably scoffs at Cloud Imperium’s measly $50 million and continues to laugh their way to the bank. Why? Because the rest of us continue to buy games. That’s just business and life.

            But for your sake who continues to defend SC and Cloud Imperium. I hope the game is a hit. I hope they don’t fall flat on their face like Respawn did. I hope they truly listen to the community who backed their kickstart and basically funded this whole thing. I hope its a great game and when the reviews come out and they’re good like I presume they probably will be, then I might take a look at it.

          • Jeff Maxwell

            You are completely ignorant aren’t you about GPU’s, a 980 is like 1 year away or less. do you think they have nothing? 20nm is ready its just TSMC isn’t so there putting the maxwells on 28nm same as the 750Ti and they are Maxwell cards, secondly the 880 will not be 3200 GM cores it will be like 2300 GM cores = to like 3200 Kepler cores. its supposed be 10-15% faster than a 780Ti until you see the REAL GPU specs take it as rumor. oh and that article you said had Maxwell written all over it. Kepler hasn’t got the big power savings that Maxwell has also it said Rumor at the end big hint.

            Secondly you talk about targeting a GPU that doesn’t exist, well if they cant do it less than 1 year away how the fu#k has game developers created game engines and games for the new consoles 5 years ago without knowing a single shred of detail about the specs, how do sony + MS create a console years away from release? cus of roadmaps. they use road maps from the GPU manufacturers to estimate the specs and design around that. Cryengine 3 cryengine 4 its a weird one technically its not numbered 4 but it is cryengine 4


            Well with titanfall I can guarantee EA forced them to cut stuff out, check out The Sims 4 apparently so much has bin cut out its ridiculous. I played Titanfall beta and I never got into it tbh it was ok but I didn’t like it. Also Titanfall fell to hype, Respawn didn’t hype it at all really it was EA and MS trying to sell it as the game changer and major system seller that’s the main reason why it fell. Even No Mans Sky developer has told people not to get over hyped for it cus sometimes it cant live upto the hype and falls short in peoples eyes. yeah I know cud happen to SC but played arena commander looks stunning so funny hitting the after burner then trying to quickly change course, not got enough thrust and slid straight into an asteroid lol real physic model 4tw

            Ok it wont do as well as CoD or Destiny (mainly cus on Destiny’s release theres no games for another month) but they aint expecting it to be a massive cash cow tbh or loads of people playing it cus its not dumbed down for the masses. Btw Destiny’s gfx suck, the gameplay isn’t great and the AI is dumb as sh#t, if id earmarked 100-150mill for that id be embarrassed to put my name on it and yes I played the beta. Atm SC is generating like bit over $1mill per month standard, they just made $1.3million in 2 days selling the new constellation variants.

            The money they have is money in the bank they don’t need to give it back to a publisher or anything. think he said if they reached the $27mill mark theres no need for outside funding so I think the game will end up costing about maybe $35 to 40mill by release significantly less than an MMO like ESO which I think cost about $500mill to but I bet you itll be 10x better. Also some of the lead people on there said they could of gotten a better paying job but there doing it because its a game they really want to make. Passion beats money (as long as its paying enough of it) :D

          • Ryan Rath

            First of all show me anywhere in all the Internet that a GTX 980 is in development and that its ready, but TSMC isn’t. Is this a for real statement? Who do you think manufactures, oh I don’t know…. All of AMD’s and Nvidia’s GPU’s? The GTX 980m is in development now and we may see it this fall in gaming notebooks, but no where is there a desktop version of 900 series to be found!


            I will not argue with you on PC hardware as I work in the industry. Take that for what you will, you’re going to reply with something ignorant back anyway….

            I can’t help that you can’t accept factual documentation I link to you. That has become a personal problem with you and you refuse to accept anything I retort with as intelligent, factual information. Please, just please tell me where Cryengine 4 is at? Please tell me. I beg of you. Please tell me or link me something that shows that Cryengine 4 exists and Cloud Imperium has special permission to it that no one else does. Oh wait….It doesn’t! You completely ignored all 3 links didn’t you? I’m sorry you don’t want to accept that SC is a modified Cryengine 3….

            Once again, I urge you to actually read what is being written here and not Youtube of some fan trying to sell a product that doesn’t exist.

            Now onto your other speculative comments.

            “Well with titanfall I can guarantee EA forced them to cut stuff out.”

            Wrong. EA has nothing to do with it actually. Remember that whole thing about Respawn is an independent studio? They signed their own agreements with Microsoft regarding Azure and the online infrastructure. EA has nothing to do with matchmaking and poor game performance. Look at BF4. Server browser yes? Seems to me that Mantle is in full fledge and Crossfire/SLi profiles work just fine. No performance issues at all with any other “EA” game. Your lack of knowledge on the issue is astounding.

            ” Btw Destiny’s gfx suck, the gameplay isn’t great and the AI is dumb as
            sh#t, if id earmarked 100-150mill for that id be embarrassed to put my
            name on it and yes I played the beta.”

            Well that’s your opinion. You don’t have to play it or buy it. I think I’ll go with the rest of the world who disagrees with you though. But again, not going to argue over opinions, I will have an intelligent conversation with you when you’re ready. Until then, leave opinions out of it.

            “Atm SC is generating like bit over $1mill per month standard, they just made $1.3million in 2 days selling the new constellation variants.”


            Seems to me that Destiny just made $1.47 million this past week. Weekly change of 24,553 x $60 (Avg. Video game price) = 1.47 million. Your argument is invalid.

            “What makes a game AAA though? I thought a AAA game means big budget, $50mill is pretty big, cutting edge gfx, massive places to explore, tonsof detailing… etc etc, cus if you’ve seen the crew that aint AAA bin on the second beta still not impressed, would you call alien isolation AAA? that about Driveclub is that triple AAA?”

            You can argue The Crew isn’t going to be AAA all you want to yourself. It’s being published by Ubisoft. Pretty sure Ubisoft has infinitely more resources than Cloud Imperium does, so again your argument is invalid. No one said Driveclub will be AAA. Evolution Studios is a small UK developer with only a handful of games under their belt:

            -World Rally Championship (WRC 1-4)
            -Motorstorm Series

            No one said anything about Driveclub being AAA. Will it be good? Sure. Will its visual fidelity beat anything out there currently on “next gen” consoles? Debatable, but the real time weather, day/night cycle and particle effects are pretty staggering. Anything comparable to DX11/DX12/Mantle level quality on PC? Perhaps not, but again, this is only based on My opinion and I’m not going to press it down your throat like you do to me.

            Anyway, stop trying to shove speculations down my throat. Until you can start actually proving to me factual information with links (Youtube is not a credible source….) then of course we’re going to keep having these conversations back and forth. I know you hate being proven wrong. It sucks man. I get it. We don’t like to admit when we are making errors. But I’m going to keep retorting to you because I know you’re the type that will continue to respond no matter the cost. Just spill some characters on your screen and publish them out because you need to argue for the sake of arguing. Awaiting ignorant replies….

          • Jeff Maxwell

            Well its pretty easy to speculate what the 980 will be just look at the CUDA cores of 680-780 etc that’s all 980 is really. Die shrink and unlocking more SMM’s still Maxwell unless they unlock the full performance of Maxwell which there inhibiting atm or may wait till Pascal for it never know. I was expecting 980 to be released 1 year after 880 but think 880 was supposed to be 20nm that’s my point. TSMC 20nm was late for a start and they were fully booked for producing 20nm till apparently end of 3Q 2014. AMD can goto global foundries to but there 20nm on pirate island ain’t slated for release till 2H 2015.

            Didn’t ignore the links thought it was number 4 doesn’t matter to me ultimately as long as the game is good visually which it will be. Of course destiny is going sell well and better than SC it’s on 4 platforms for a start and is overhyped. Was pointing out $1mill a month because that’s pretty good going for an indie dev on pre-alpha content for PC only atm.SC won’t have the same audience as on consoles and I hope it doesn’t go on consoles although would be good to beat them in every aspect of the game. Also with destiny they need those preorders to get there money back. CIG has received the money for the game already so they don’t owe nobody nothing. Except a good game

            Yeah there won’t be any day/night cycles available on PC yet comparable to driveclub because we’ve had to make do with rubbish ports from the consoles. with project cars etc the new gen of games well see it then until then got wait

          • Ryan Rath

            There, now that was a response that made a little more sense. It’s much more pleasant to converse with someone when there is some reasoning involved. I fully agree now about your thought process on speculations of what the GTX 980 will be according to how Kepler has evolved. And as far as 20nm transistors are concerned, I do agree with you that TSMC is behind. AMD’s Hawaiian islands was supposed to be the “Kepler Killer” and the almighty R9 series was supposed to be in every way better. But unfortunately all we got was last generation Volcanic Islands with a new paint job and new naming scheme with the 290, 290x and 295×2 all being “new.” Really they just added a ton more shader cores, dropped in as much Total Draw Power as they could muster in a PCB, and called it a new GPU. Don’t get me wrong, they have impressive performance and are on par with the 780 TI, but its not completely revolutionary yet. We’ve been stuck on the 28nm standard since the 7970 back in 2011/2012. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad thing, there’s been nothing to fully take advantage of today’s PC hardware with the exception of Crysis 3 when it was released. I attribute that to terrible console ports of last generation kind of like you said. Now that we are on x86 architecture of current gen, I expect no excuses.

            Sure, as far as SC’s revenue is concerned, I applaud what Cloud Imperium has been able to accomplish solely on their own. That is impressive, and even I can’t argue with $50 million in kickstart backing that is a pretty impressive feat. As for Driveclub and the weather effects and day/night cycles, obviously that could be done on PC. I mean, like I mentioned previously, PS4 and XB1 are both x86 architecture PC’s with custom AMD based APU’s. Not exactly powerhouses, but what Evolution has been able to accomplish with the limitations of current gen console hardware is pretty impressive. I just wished we could see that kind of attention to detail on PC gaming. It’s been close to a year since release of both consoles. I think it’s high time we stop keeping PC gaming on life support and actually revive it again the way it was meant to be. And that’s where I do applaud Cloud Imperium for actually caring about it.

          • Jeff Maxwell

            With the consoles the hardware it’s definitely maxed because games are being designed with 5TFLOP gpu’s in mind so games like witcher 3 will max that system out. They optimise all they want but they’ll never he able to power the game fully so when cerny say easy to develop difficult to master what he’s getting art it’s easy to max, difficult to create new ways of efficient rendering to squeeze it a little more each time.

            With NVIDIA and AMD giving them hardware it’s in there interest to because there creating a game which is definitely a gpu seller so they give em say £40k worth of gpu’s and they could make millions of the back of peoples upgrades. People will upgrade the people who have backed so far will be upgrading to the best, sure there’s people who don’t mind middle of the road gpu’s etc and get that but the game will be a hardware seller so they ain’t doing it out of the kindness of there hearts. Some people have put in alot of money in i put in over$200 so I’m going for the best gpu I can get so yeah a game that isn’t downgraded to not destroy the consoles it’s what I’m paying for :)

          • Human@Play

            Ok so I get what you mean, this game may not be for everyone, however, 50 million is not by any means a small number. I think a lot of games today suffer from publishers pushing developers to design their games for mass appeal and thats when you get a game like Destiny – a game stuck between Border Lands, Halo & borrowed powers from Mass Effect. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed my time with Destiny Alpha but I can’t help but feel that it didn’t leave a lasting impression and the last time I checked AAA games were supposed to do that. Im no expert but a $50 mill dedicated to creating a game for a specific audience beats $500 mill to create a game for as many people as humanly possible.

  • Budgiecat

    that ship reminds me of Red Impulse (Ken the Eagle’s dad) plane in Gatchaman/Battle of the Planets…


  • Rickowned

    cant wait to play it at 5fps

    • skytroler

      on my ps4

      • andrew

        fortunately chris roberts has found a way to not get 5fps on the console………..by not releasing on console at all….

    • Amy

      I have 6 year old tech and it plays at a ‘good’ 25FPS. Of course it’s at 1920 x 1200, so I’m sure at 4k it would regress to 5FPS…

      • Beast potato

        gtx980+4k monitor, i got 35 with this ship in my hanger right now, know your sht b4 your dream

  • EdwardJamesKenwayACIV

    plz come to PS4 :)

    • Spoonyrogdrumps

      Just Windows and Linux support.

  • Nordu

    Am I the only one is skeptical that this game will actually run smoothly? what kind of a beast pc would you need to run this I wonder.

    • Azrael

      It runs fairly well on my system, which is in need of a few upgrades at this point. I’ve got an AMD FX 8350 (8 core @ 4.0 Ghz), 8GB of PC3-1600 RAM, and an AMD Radeon 6950. About $500 for the main components, another $50-$100 for a mobo if you don’t have one, and another $100 for a decent case and PSU. If you’re upgrading an existing system, it is rather affordable. If you’re building a new system, you’re going to be paying a bit for all the initial stuff like a monitor, mouse/keyboard, hard drive, etc.

      At medium settings I get 40-60 FPS, sometimes dropping down to 20, but this is on extremely unoptimized code. Once alpha is over and they roll into beta, I expect to see a lot of optimization, which will improve performance a great deal. As it stands, games like FarCry 3 and Crysis 3 run extremely well on my system.

  • Spoonyrogdrumps

    This game will also support the Oculus Rift.

  • Spoonyrogdrumps

    Here is a link for the system requirements:


    It comes directly from RSI.

    To learn more about the game:


    There are also videos on YouTube to see a press conference about the game.

    • Jeff Maxwell

      System requirements are old they were shooting for a 780 for performance ceiling but that was before the got all this money and started pushing the details levels higher and higher, wouldn’t surprise me if it stressed an 880 by release or higher

      • Spoonyrogdrumps

        I think you are right. People in the forum are coming to that same conclusion as well. Whatever the case may be I will be needing to upgrade my PC.

        • Jeff Maxwell

          what you got atm? my i7 12GB ram will be enough to keep on rocking just need a GPU

          • Spoonyrogdrumps

            Right now I have an i7, 16GB ram, and a GTX 760.
            But, I’m wanting to boost to 4K gaming and I’m thinking of building a new rig and selling the one I have.

          • Jeff Maxwell

            Pends what i7 you’ve got… Unless your going 6/8 core Intel it’s not really worth the upgrade tbh, if you got original i7 it might possibly be worth it. You could upgrade to 32GB and install the game to Ramdisk, that would be lightning fast. Although pends how much space it needs when fully done. I don’t think any joysticks have a rumble always thought that was for gamepads and steering wheels. Might be worth holding off because there might be an official HOTAS for SC as for 4K you’ll need 2x 880’s definately

          • Spoonyrogdrumps

            880 isn’t that a laptop?

            My i7 is a 4770K so just 4 cores, my GPU is an Asus ROG Striker GTX760 4G, my MOBO is an Asus ROG Maximus Formula VII, and my RAM is Corsair Vengeance Pro 16GB 2133.

            I was just thinking of putting an Asus GTX Titan in there.

          • Jeff Maxwell

            well your running on latest Haswell stuff so why would you build a new rig? unless you go 6 core or 8 core then your getting into ridiculous money. if you go there youll want x99 + DDR4 otherwise is completely pointless. Put a titan in there, not good enough for 4K though so youll still need 2x titans. there wont be a single GPU solution for max detail 4K gaming for 2-3 years I reckon, pends how they restrict the performance to get more money out of you. also the new 880’s will most likely be faster than titan blacks anyway. Youll have wait for titan 2 then remortgage your house to buy it!!

            We think itll be called 880 but they might change the naming on us so who knows whats its called but we call it that for now. There are mobile parts I think out but not the desk top stuff

          • Spoonyrogdrumps

            I looked at some specs on the Nvidia page at from what I saw briefly a single Titan Black can handle 4K. I could be wrong though I didn’t look that deeply.

          • Jeff Maxwell

            780/780Ti/titan/290/290x can do 4K medium – high settings bout 30ish fps of course depending on the game of course, if SC needs an 880 for max settings 60fps @ 1080p, think about how much extra power it’s required to get that to 4k even if it was maxed on a 780 it’s still needs alot more than that for 4k when I build a rig in 2017 I’m most likely going get 2x Pascal gpus… They should be about 8TFLOPS each then if I go 4k. With SC it’s max details or nothing for me, that decides my resolution :)

          • Spoonyrogdrumps

            That sounds like a good idea. I might as well wait and build a new rig much later and I’ll just stick to 1080p 60fps.

          • Jeff Maxwell

            yeah there really is no point. consumer level 16 core (well 16 core AMD/ 8 core Intel) CPU’s should hopefully be affordable by then, cheaper DDR4, NVlink 2, stacked DRAM GPU’s etc till then performance differences will be minimal

  • Adrian Aw-Young

    Can anybody clarify, there’s a package to buy the ships. but that’s separate from a monthly fee?

    • Spoonyrogdrumps

      Look at the links I just posted. I saw pre-orders for ships with packages.

      • Adrian Aw-Young

        yeah I did. I was thinking about that since their FAQ mentioned no monthly fees. http://starcitizen.wikia.com/wiki/Frequently_Asked_Questions

        However, there’s another page that mentions monthly plans (subsciptions for 10 or 20 a month).

        • Adrian Aw-Young

          Nevermind, I think I understand now. The package is for the game and the ships you “buy” and the subscription is to further help the development and has some little perks.

          • Spoonyrogdrumps

            Oh ok. I didn’t take a look at it yet closely. I don’t know how much I would contribute. I’m going to be upgrading my PC because of this lol.

          • Jeff Maxwell

            the subscription is so they can do shows like around the verse, 10 for the chairman, jump point magazine etc you know like keeping us informed on the games progress and of course any surplus goes into the pot. I just buy like $10 of credits a month if I can, and bought this Saturday https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/Sc-Notepad/All-In-One the game cards look cool. not sure about buying the towel though havnt made my mind up yet

  • Lennox

    Looks like the ship from cowboy bebop.

  • Spoonyrogdrumps

    This may surprise some but I haven’t played a flight sim since Microsoft Flight Simulator on DOS.

    Specifically this one:


  • Beast potato

    lol he sounds like CR

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