New NBA 2K15 “Gameplay” Trailer Boast 5,000 New Animations

2K Sports just revealed the first full-length gameplay trailer of NBA 2K15, which will hit the shelves on October 7th.

The video is indeed named “gameplay” trailer but as usual it mostly showcases unlocked-camera sequences that don’t give a very clear idea of how the gameplay will actually look.

On the other hand, its description on Youtube boasts 5,000 additional animation over its predecessors.

You can check it out just below, and if you want to see more actual gameplay (even if recorded off-screen) you can check out our video grabbed at Gamescom.

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  • HustyparmenCZ

    looks kinda..same as 2k14 ? It looks good but not that much of a leap when I look at 2K14

  • Alexander

    Looks better then NBA2K14 but not a lot better, at least they fixed the lightning engine from blobs of glowing mass to actual light!

  • Gamist

    5,000 addition animation = awesome sauce.

  • Ominous Prime


  • Andrew Matt

    Something about LeBron posterizing Napier is just poetic.

  • Al_Zamora

    The graphics look pretty amazing and yes they aren’t a huge leap form 2k14 but then again that was a massive leap.

    Also YAKKEM!

  • Zach

    First off this isn’t actual gameplay, it’s more like a replay of actual gameplay, which always looks better than gameplay does. You have to look at the clues to determine if this is going to be a good game. Look at the defenders feet for example, they still don’t even walk or run properly. So they will probably have the same old animations and same old problems.