PlayStation Network Back Online after DDoS Attack; Scheduled Maintenance Postponed

Sony Computer Entertainment just announced that the Sony Entertainment Network and the PlayStation Network are now back online and running after the DDoS attack that kept them offline most of the day.

The publisher also confirmed that no actual intrusion in the network was detected and no personal data was stolen. In addition to that, we learn that the maintenance scheduled for tomorrow (Monday) has been postponed, with a date to be announced “shortly”.

The PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Network are back online and people can now enjoy the services on their PlayStation devices. The networks were taken offline due to a distributed denial of service attack. We have seen no evidence of any intrusion to the network and no evidence of any unauthorized access to users’ personal information.

In light of today’s issue, the networks will not undergo the regularly scheduled maintenance, which was planned for Monday, August 25. We will provide an update shortly for when the maintenance will be rescheduled.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by this issue. Thanks for your patience and support.

Many didn’t get to play online on their PlayStation consoles today, but at least tomorrow we should be able to enjoy the PlayStation Network undisturbed.

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  • Joe T

    “but at least tomorrow we should be able to enjoy the PlayStation Network undisturbed.”

    Lol not in the UK we can’t, there’s scheduled maintenance for the bank holiday 🙁

    • Delsin Boss

      i know its sucks, but be pation 😀

      • epic_fail

        Lol… pation is finnish for patio… you told him to be outdoor lawn furniture

        • Dennis Djoenz

          haha shit that made me giggle

        • Delsin Boss

          sorry be Patience 😀

          • Creed


          • Delsin Boss

            i know what it is dude 😀
            the second one is just a joke .lol

          • Creed


    • If you read the article thats been cancelled and will happen at a later date.

    • Chronos Chris

      Did you not read the article? “In light of today’s issue, the networks will not undergo the regularly scheduled maintenance, which was planned for Monday, August 25. We will provide an update shortly for when the maintenance will be rescheduled.”

      • Joe T

        No, I missed that bit! Lol yay for sony’s rescheduling!

  • JP

    It’s a shame so many people were asking for compensation for all the recent PSN downtime. Sony doesn’t owe you anything!

    • Spectre_Status

      Xbox trolls, the PS3’s online wasn’t even touched it was just PS4 and it didn’t take too long before some people could get back online. There will be no harm to PS4 and Sony from this, PS4 will continue to lead the generation

      • Jamie Lawler

        If that helps you sleep better at night then run with it!

      • Anders

        The same thing happened to Xbox live but PlayStation got all the attention.

        • Vious

          not really the same thing….but in principle yes.

          • Craig Sloan

            Fair enough, though that depends on who reports it and more PlayStation’s are out there in more timezones around the world, Just saying.

          • reginaschristensen

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          • Jeff Maxwell

            MS has got ALOT more data centers to fall back on than Sony for redundant connections also ms will be on the ball with this type of stuff. They go after and take down botnets and stuff so the tools for all sorts of things will be far more advanced. When it hits xbl or psn it doesn’t matter whose got how many consoles cus it blocks the service if you take it 1 xbox vs 1 ps4 sonys was down alot longer

          • I_know_nothing

            I don’t think anyone is denying that,but we all know that Sony was the main target,and it would have looked a lot different if Xbox Live was the main target.

          • Bliss Seeker

            To be fair it also depends on the number of DDoS attacks in which case PSN could have more hence why everyone’s hearing about it.

          • I_know_nothing

            Exactly,and it’s pretty clear PSN was the main target for these villains. If Xbox Live was the main target the result would have been very different. The attacker does’nt have a unlimited number of ip adresses at their disposal(botnet)


          • SkinnyAssGamer

            thats only because they gave Microsoft a heads up. If it would of just happen randomly it would of been a different story.

      • Dennis Djoenz

        lol PS3 was affected as well.

        • GameDev345

          Yeah but online on PS3 is free unless you use PS PLUS

          • Dennis Djoenz

            True but it still sucks. I couldn’t play FFXIV for 2 WHOLE HOURS. You have any idea how many levels grinding I missed 🙁

  • JoinTheRest

    get these guys in jail sony

    • epic_fail

      Apparently the fbi is getting involved since a national security matter. Same “hackers” made a bomb threat and a plane had to make a emergency landing. If I had my way these idiots would be castrated… you dont mess with my trophy access…

  • CEO Kaz Hirai

    Out now on PS4: “PSN Outage: Remastered.” It is a remake of the classic
    PSN Outage of 2011, except now in glorious 1080p and 60FPS

    • They Call Me Senpai

      The outages aren’t even comparable, though.

      • BlackestNight63

        It’s just a joke.

        • epic_fail
    • Bling

      Microsoft working on RROD Anniversary will be 900p and 30FPS..

      Just kidding, own both consoles, love both!!

    • SkinnyAssGamer

      get a life you Xbot Troll. we already know your not really the real Kaz Hirai.

  • Lara Croft

    PSN is the least of our worries. There are over 100/1000 of attacks going on right now

    • Negi Springfield

      Is that some sort of a hacking war or something ?

      • SkinnyAssGamer

        just a bunch of no life 40 year old virgins trying to look tough, theirs 3 types of pieces of garbage out their
        1) Real Gangs that go out and personally beat you up and shoot you for whatever reason or for no reason at all their sepeate from these two groups however
        2) Cyber Nerds who would just steal your info indirectly because their too scared that they will get their ass beat if they do it directly
        3) Virgins/Basement Dwellers they have no purpose in society, they will do anything to shatter your reputation just for the hell of it, rather if its linking you to a fake site that leads to a child porn site, DDoS a bunch of servers just to be a nuisance and make your connection look insecure, etc.

    • TheBlackRabbit

      i mean people are saying that those are dummy servers. So they aren’t hitting anything of value.

  • Jamal

    good news

  • dranzer1

    They got it up faster than expected. I was expecting 1 or 2 week .-.

    • GameDev345

      Yeah they aren’t MS

  • RealityCheck2013

    Really enjoyed playing yesterday off-line anyway 😀 Played the brilliant Pure Pool & that Silent Hills demo thingy 😛

  • Paolo Napoli

    I’m asking why pay PSN again.

    • DDos isn’t exactly something you can 100% guard against without seriously restricting your web traffic, man. Lots of places got hit by it. XBL,…

  • Craig Sloan

    It’s Monday here in the U.K and it’s been up working fine for the last few hours now. Bank holiday so good to hear that their maintenance has been postponed.

  • PrinceHeir


  • xChaOsNiNja216x

    Good to hear! I didn’t have a problem with it but glad the folks who did are back online!