The PS4 Looks Really Lovely Signed by The Last of Us’ and The Order: 1886’s Development Teams

There are a lot of ways on the market to customize your PS4 console, but getting one signed by the development team of a popular game is a little more rare. If you want to see how Sony’s latest console looks when signed by the teams at Naughty Dog and Ready at Dawn, this post is for you.

Above you can check out three lovely consoles signed by the developer of The order: 1886, sporting a black/gold color scheme definitely fitting to the game, courtesy of Ready at Dawn’s official Instagram account.

If you prefer silver, At the bottom of the post you can see a PS4 with a The Last of Us skin signed by Naughty Dog’s team. It belongs to Uncharted 4‘s Lead Game Designer Kurt Margenau.

Margenau’s console is part of his personal collection, so you can’t have it. On the other hand you can actually win the three PS4s signed by The Order: 1886‘s team. All you have to do is to sport a (fake or otherwise) mustache and try your luck. You can find the rules of the contest here.


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  • Антон Иванов

    I would give it as a present to my little brother’s birthday

  • Natan Cifuentes

    The last of us one looks incredible =o

  • Nicholas

    That the last of us looks awesome, the ready at dawn ones look good too

  • RealityCheck2013

    WANT 😛 BOTH 😛 NOW 😛

  • RyTeOuS

    Those are beautiful,

    why hasn’t sony started selling PS4 custom skins, there already more than 10 mil potential buyers?

    • Jeff Maxwell

      Why would they when other people are doing it?

      • RyTeOuS

        let me look at amazon if there’re third parties doing it, I just want an option other than black.

        edit: yep there are others, might pick one up, also if Sony does it, it is the official exclusive game skin


    @abriael The no.1 guy for latest Naughty dog news 😀

  • TallSilhouette

    Those are some awesome looking consoles. Want.

  • Delsin Boss

    i want them both. i pay 2000 dollars for both of them 😀

  • CervantesPR

    >:( I want that TLOU skin give it to me take my money!

    • Delsin Boss

      how much?

  • tunde

    That “Ready at dawn” ps4 looks lovely. That ink is just perfect.

  • They Call Me Senpai

    Both are gorgeous.

  • 3rdworldgamer

    really like that one by Ready at Dawn, the black/gold color combo really caught my eyes

  • That would be an awesome to own! I would love to have it in my collection!

  • Craig Sloan

    Damn both look fantastic, That Order one looks classy and that TLOU one looks sexy.

  • devilmaycry0917

    i want the Naughty Dog one!!!!!!

  • it would look nice for those big fan of ND.