Halo 2 Anniversary: Listen to the Re-Recorded Music and a Sound Effect Comparison with The Original

343 Industries Audio Director Paul Lipson just announced that Halo 2 Anniversary, which will be released within Halo: The Master Chief Collection has had its score re-recorded at the Skywalker Ranch and mixed in surround sound.

We also learn that two new tracks have been commissioned to Periphery’s Misha Mansoor, and Steve Vai has been called back to record the guitar tracks.

Those that that love music will alson be pleased to know that a soundtrack will be released day and date with the game, either in a double CD or as a special edition vinyl for the a

On top of that the sound effects have been re-recorded as well, and everything can be switched on the fly between the original sound and the new ones at the press of a button.

In the videos below you can listen to samples of the new tracks, and to a comparison between the old and new sound effects.

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  • JP

    The third video is all you need to watch/hear to get hyped.

    • Reminds me of Metallica’s S&M album when they played with the SFO 🙂

  • Jack Joyce

    God I love the Halo Soundtrack… One of the few game soundtracks I download and run in my car. (Devil may Cry/Brutal legends obviously join it)

    • Elite Extremophile

      Brutal legend is such an underrated game.

      • Jack Joyce

        If you’re a Metal head and you haven’t played Brutal Legend…You’re missing out on one of the best game experiences of your life.

        • Nihelus Aurenis

          I bought Brutal Legends a few weeks after release in a Toys R Us buy two get one free Christmas sale. It has sat on my shelf… however many years… since. Always intend to play it, but never get around to it.

      • Sucka Free

        I wanted to like that game, a Tim Schafer game with Jack Black and Ozzy Ozbourne set in a heavy metal afterlife. Seemed like a sure hit to me…till it turned into an RTS.
        Not that its a bad thing, if you like RTS’ but I don’t

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  • IsolateMutate

    Sad that the audio quality is so bad, but seems cool either way. Misha Mansoor is the perfect dude to get for a video game soundtrack, and his clip sounds rad.

    • Kezzah

      These were all recorded off of a Twitch livestream, so it makes sense that these tracks don’t sound the best in these videos

  • Nicholas Perry

    Not sure how much of this was actually necessary, Halo 2’s music was all live to begin with. It’s not like Halo 1 where it was all sequenced and played with samples. But still sounds good

  • Dadrixx

    Misha Mansoor doing Halo 2 soudtracks ? Oh man, excuse me while I fanboy intensely

  • justpassingthrough

    Holy shit this revamped version is amazing a true remastered!
    Shame halo 3 didnt get the same treatment though

    • One Rifle

      Wouldn’t expect Halo 3 to get an Anniversary edition until at least 2016-2017 when it hits 10 years like the Halo: CE and Halo 2.

  • Nihelus Aurenis

    So, this is only for Halo 2? We’re going to go into Halo one with decent sounding weapons (I know they updated them for anniversary), then get amazing sounding weapons in 2, then crappy weapons in 3, then amazing weapons in 4? If this is what they’re actually doing, it seems like a bad idea. They should update Halo 1 and 3’s sound files as well. Obviously I’m no developer, but this doesn’t seem like a massive undertaking to get done when the majority of the weapons are shared between games.

    • One Rifle

      They had 8 months to get Halo 2: Anniversary done, they would need an addition 2-3 months per title for the sound department.

      • Nihelus Aurenis

        Again, I’m obviously not a dev, but how do you figure 4-6 more months? They have the vast majority of the sound effects done. There are very few weapons (if any) that they’d have to record new effects for at this point. It’s just a matter of replacing the old sound effects with the new ones. I know things are never as easy as they seem when making games, but this seems incredibly simple.

  • Bliss Seeker

    Halo did always have some of the best music out there. Guess we should thank Bungie for that 🙂

    • One Rifle

      More specifically Marty O’donnell and Michael Slavatori.

      • Bliss Seeker

        No doubt. 🙂 I hope Destiny has music as memorable as Halo and a story to fit.

        • It is, but the music is the most memorable part of the game…at least compared to the story. Game is fun, but has no soul. The music is great though.

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  • Jose Cinnamon

    that guitar squeal at 0.28 made me shiver

  • Tim

    My god that new sniper sound packs a punch!

  • Gun sounds are great but that sniper….jesus…so much low end it almost sounded like a rocket.