PS4 Update 2.0 Will Bring Themes to the Console

on September 1, 2014 3:30 AM

Not to be outdone by the PS Vita’s theme feature announcement, the PS4 also gets in on the action.

PlayStation fans looking to bring themes to their PS4, can now look forward to the upcoming 2.0 update. Towards the tail end of the SCEJA Press Conference 2014, Sony officially announced its plans for themes to make their way to the PlayStation 4.

Like on the PS3, users will be able to customize the look and feel of their PlayStation 4 user interface which will include themes inspired by games available on the platform.

The PlayStation 4 2.0 software update is expected to arrive sometime in September.

Update: below you can check out an animated GIF of the themes showcased at the conference, courtesy of Reddit user TiberiusAbadon


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