New Driveclub Snow Videos Being Captured, Info on PSN Pre-Orders and Custom Soundtracks Shared

The release of the hotly anticipated PS4 exclusive racing game Driveclub is drawing close, and Game Director Paul Rustchynsky took to Twitter again to share some new information about the game.

Rustchynsky mentioned that snowy weather is still being developed, but the studio is currently capturing work-in-progress footage to show “when they can,” so if you’re curious about how it looks, the chance may come soon enough. Having seen it in action at Gamescom, I can definitely say it already looks awesome (and scary at night).

Rustchynsky also explained that he’d very much like to implement the possibility to create a custom soundtracks with songs read from an USB stick, but the feature will require the system software to support it first, so we’ll have to wait.

He then mentioned that PSN Pre-orders will “hopefully” be available soon, and that he’s pretty sure that the working odometers of each car (which measure its mileage) actually save that data, even if he specified that he’ll have to double check on that.

One thing is for sure: if the devil is in the details, Driveclub seems to be well positioned to steal our souls.

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  • Sexy Mcgee

    “very much like to implement the possibility to create a custom soundtracks with songs read from an USB stick, but the feature will require the system software to support it first, so we’ll have to wait.”

    That would be awesome but makes me wish PS4 had an extra USB slot. I like to keep my controller always plugged in and have an amp plugged into the other slot.

    Also, wish they’d make some DLC with urban environments and Japanese cars.

  • TallSilhouette

    Judging by the rain they’ve implemented, I’m sure the snow will look just as nice.

  • They Call Me Senpai

    Everything I hear about DriveClub just makes me curse my PS4-lessness even more. After how good that rain looked, I’m expecting quite a lot from the snow.

    I would love the ability to make custom soundtracks for different genres to be patched into the PS4, it’d really help put me in the zone.

  • Delsin Boss

    just release the damn update sony ! we need external hard to our ps4 and crate a custom soundtrack and use it in driveclub.

  • Jeff Maxwell

    well just got hope the 2.0 update brings USB support/DLNA/etc etc so you can play music from any source

  • Emirati

    i really need Those Dynamic Themes tho…
    everyday at night i dream about a bad ass BloodBorne Dynamic theme 😛

    Also i think i saw some 6 second gif of the snow weather a couple of weeks back…

    • Jeff Maxwell

      does sony supply the themes or is it just a few background that roll around?

      • Emirati

        i really don’t know much about it, gotta wait till the 2.0 Update and see 😛

        • Jeff Maxwell

          this is my first console in about 20 years so sony better dazzle me or its getting put towards a GPU 😀 although I don’t think the new gpu’s from amd/NVidia going be that impressive so might have wait till half way through next year till the REAL power upgrade 🙁

  • Jeff Maxwell

    can anyone tell me why playstation games updates are absolute sh#t??? was just about jump on KZ 2.6GB update… wtf are they are updating, Blacklight was 8GB that’s like reinstalling the entire game? if it was PC KZ would receive maybe a 100-200MB update, updating the multiplayer side with whatever there doing. Only time ive ever seen a PC update being that large is when there updating texture files or adding massive sections to the game. wouldn’t be so bad but ive got a 600KB/s connection. wont be an issue when my estate is finished off and I get 15MB/s but still. I really feel for US users with a download cap, a few console games need updating and that’s wiped completely out

  • Ryan Rath

    I said it once and I will say it again. God this game is pretty.

  • superkarma

    That’s the one thing I haven’t understood about this game…why aren’t preorders up? It releases in a month and they still aren’t accepting preorders. What the hell is the hold up?

    I’m glad to hear about the weather system. That sure seems to be a very nice addition. I don’t care if I have to wait a bit post-release, because I’m sure it’ll be well worth it. It’s cool to hear about the personal soundtracks via USB. Hopefully that pushes Sony to move it up their list. There are very few times I care about music playback on my consoles, but games like this (and Trials, etc) makes the experience much better.

  • Nick

    The rain, I want to stand in that rain!

  • Raian K.

    Im assuming Octobers IGC will feature this game and another Indie? Or does the Free Version come after?

    • superkarma

      I was wondering this as well. PS+ games go up the first Tuesday of the month, which lands on the 7th for next month. Driveclub comes out on the same day, so I think it’s a safe bet it’ll be part of the IGC.

      It would be nice if they tossed us a bone and gave us Driveclub + 2 other games, but that’s probably unlikely.

      • Raian K.

        I think it will makes sense right. Anyhow Im really hoping for the Plus version to have the Social Club in it as I don’t wanna buy this game, in all honesty just getting it for the graphics.

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  • RealityCheck2013

    The only ‘main’ thing i want for the PS4 now is ‘custom soundtracks’ for every game(i.e i can play my MP3’s on my PS4 with every PS4 game if i want) Really wanted that while playing the brilliant ‘Pure Pool’ at the moment 🙁 Oh, o.k + Folders & DLNA & Save Gameplay to YouTube &… 😀

    Anyway this game sounds better each day 😛

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