PS4 Exclusive Omega Quintet’s New Trailer Shows Camera and Move Features, Is Full of Weirdness

Compile Heart just released a new trailer of the PS4 exclusive Omega Quintet, and this time it’s a fairly… interesting one.

Not only it focuses on the game’s stage performances, which are rather cute, but adds PlayStation Camera and and PlayStation move into the mix, for a reasonable share of weirdness.

Don’t believe me? Check it out below.

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  • TallSilhouette

    Just in case the PS4 was lacking some WTF.

  • They Call Me Senpai

    Game of the year right here, folks! It’s a Compile Heart title, so it’s chances of coming west are extremely high.

    • JoinTheRest

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      • demfax

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        • JoinTheRest

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          • Alter

            Sorry nub, but games meant for fun, why so serious? It’s better than dudebro shooter anyday. LOL

          • Reign SUPREEM

            I feel the opposite. I’ll play”Dudebro” shooters over this statutory rape genre any day. But I’d much rather play some Witcher 3,Destiny, Bloodborne or other games of that nature overall.

          • JoinTheRest

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          • /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

            I feel sorry for you, seems like your self esteem is mixed up with your brand preference. How sad

      • Aoi Misaki

        Says the guy with no life.

        • JoinTheRest

          HAHAHAHAHAHA you have a life playing this crap? Exactly the reason why x1 destroys the whole indiestation library for the next two years. Have fun princess 🙂

          • Aoi Misaki

            >you have a life playing this crap?

            Yes , I do have a life and I enjoy playing these kind of games , Got any problem with that ?

            >Exactly the reason why x1 destroys the whole indiestation library for the next two years.

            Haha… No.

            Keep being delusional as always.

          • They Call Me Senpai

            Don’t mind him, he has shit taste and his parents won’t buy him a PS4.

          • JoinTheRest

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          • They Call Me Senpai

            Like I said before, the indiestation doesn’t exist, so of course one Xbone game destroys its whole library. Not that anything you say matters since you’re a liar, troll and try to insist others by calling them girls – just like your typical 4th grader.

          • JoinTheRest

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          • They Call Me Senpai

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          • JoinTheRest

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          • JustGaming

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          • JoinTheRest

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          • Антон Иванов

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          • JustGaming

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          • Kratos

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          • Aoi Misaki

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          • JustGaming

            Salty AND wrong. A delicious combination.

          • Kratos

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          • demfax

            I hope the ban is worth it. You are sick in the head.

          • They Call Me Senpai

            Seeing as the indiestation doesn’t exist, it’s not hard for the Xbone to have a better library. Compare it to existing systems like the PS4 & Wii U, and it falls frighteningly short.

          • JoinTheRest

            Lmao the indie station exists and you have it stop being in denial you pony go play your princess dancing games hahaha

          • They Call Me Senpai

            Well, the Ouya exists and it has mostly Indies, but I don’t have one. And if it comes to the states, I will indeed play this game as I implied in my original comment.

            You can have fun playing CoD, Halo and Gears while I enjoy a plethora of games spanning every genre. Have fun depriving yourself of good games, kid.

          • JoinTheRest

            Plethora of crap indie games which halo will destroy by itself hahahaha plus I can play these crap indies but I have better stuff to do with my life than play games made for 12 year old princesses

          • Yldefonso Then

            XBone exists too troll, lol.

      • They Call Me Senpai

        Says the reject who followed me all the way here for no reason other than to embarrass himself.

        • JoinTheRest
          • They Call Me Senpai

            Cry harder, kid. I feed on your pain and misery.

      • /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

        This game is not really my thing either, but that doesn’t change the fact that you sound very insecure right now…..

    • Raian K.

      I assume your joking, but its hard to tell Loll

      • Budgiecat

        He’s joking

  • Jerry Hu

    So weird!

  • TheSadisticGamer

    Hopefully it will come to the west at least a week to a month late i don’t want to wait any longer for this game other than that long i mentioned. #MoreJRPGSWesternPorts

  • Beetle

    Wow……wow…just wow.
    I know I’d want this game for the reason that its like the first PS4 exclusive JRPG and all.
    But I’m going to seriously be embarrassed just playing this.

  • Negi Springfield

    Oh japan 😀

    • flonkin

      Ahh.. thank you i get it now

  • flonkin

    Im open minded to new gaming experiences, but this just looks like a grooming simulator. Please explain why this is a thing.

    • Stranger On The Road

      because not everybody need to share your taste nor do you need to play every game out there. Don’t like the game? fine, move along. Let the others who might be interested in it play it.

    • Budgiecat

      Because Japanese gaming and Anime developers feel forced to resort to Moe loli fanservice because the industries are shrinking. Especially when many people game on phones now there.

      Look up Under the Dog Anime kickstarter; (#keepAnimeAlive) a group of seasoned Anime artists who started a crowd funding for a project of theirs because they refused to bend to the pressures of the corporate side who would rather they do Moe stuff like the majority of the industry are doing. this carries over to Japanese gaming since the mediums blend into each other.

      Console gaming in Japan is dying and many of the remaining dedicated audiences are Otaku lolicon, so its easy money to pander to them even if sales arent that amazing.

      And when you can build games with PS2 assets on a x86 system with minimal effort, sure why not.

      But dont expect Japan to go back to making epic JRPGs again; those will be few and far between..

      • Negi Springfield

        I saw that Under The Dog project , Looks pretty cool , Probably one of my anticipated Anime Films.

  • crazyhunter

    That last part was full of awesome

  • JustGaming

    MODS: JoinTheRest needs an IP ban. Please make this happen sooner rather than later.

  • Budgiecat
  • Reign SUPREEM

    Sorry but this shit is corny. I’ll never understand the interest in games like these unless your a pervert. These types of games are strange and tasteless and it shocks me that most Japanese gamers find western games uninteresting but shit like this thrives over there. But then again that’s just my opinion.

    • Budgiecat

      It doesnt thrive over there thats the thing. It only seems that way to outsiders because Japan’s console industry has shrunk and Japanese arent as vocal on social media as everyone else is.

      A lot of these games actually sell better overseas than in the U.S.

      Usually doing anywhere from 60 to 200K or slightly more..

      But if you look at top Japanese game sales, besides Pachislot/Pachinkco arcade/casino revenue, and mobile gaming craze (people spending $60 a month on Puzzle & Dragons for example), the current top selling Japanese console or handheld video games are:

      Pokemon X/Y
      Monster Hunter 4
      Animal Crossing: New Leaf
      Yokai Watch 2
      Maro Kart 7

      All of these games have sold anywhere from 2.5 million to 4 million units. All on 3DS. So the most successful games are ones aimed at the younger demographic on a handheld (3DS)

      the last big Japanese home console release was FF XIII at 1.87 million in 2009

      Far cry from stuff like GtA V, or Diablo III’s 20 million sales worldwide.

      the majority of Japanese do not favor Moe loli games or even console gaming in general; mobile phone gaming is more discreet as there is more of a social stigma to gaming there (due to Otaku/Hikkikomori) than the West which has now been more accepting to the medium..

      • Reign SUPREEM

        Wow, didn’t know that. Thanks for the knowledge it was something I definitely didn’t know.

  • Black Heaven

    The first time I saw dat stripping magic I almost spit the water I’m drinking. >_<

    I'll commend them for such features, they actually found some interesting uses for the SHARE feature. Yet the Move part I didn't quite understand, dat guy is waving around his Move sticks and nothing seems to be affected on screen, did I miss something?

    On the flip side, they may want to not get overboard and forget that this is a legit RPG. With these showcases some people might think Omega Quintet is *just* an idol singing dancing game. Just a thought.

  • justpassingthrough


  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

    Don’t fight the possibilities!

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