Kojima Would Like an Open World Current-Gen Remake of Metal Gear Solid, But No One Wants to Make it

Hideo Kojima put the old PlayStation version of Snake in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, but he would like to see more, as he revealed at Taipei Game Show during a media session reported by Famitsu.

When asked what he thinks about being able to play the earlier metal gear games on PS4, Kojima responded that he cannot work on it, since he’s busy with the new game.

That said, he elaborated further, by saying that he’d like to play in an open world Shadow Moses, so he’d like to see a remake of the first game. Unfortunately, no one steps forward to do it.

Such a production, Kojima continued, would not only need the tools and the engine, but also the workforce, as he thinks everyone would like to play in the first game.

Personally, I’d be all for it. Metal Gear Solid is still one of my favorite games, and playing it without the limitations of the original PlayStation, within an open world settings, would be a dream come true.

So, what are you waiting for, my dear developers? Kojima-san is waiting for your pitches.

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  • Spiros Damigos

    I am preordering this!

  • Nicholas

    I would buy it, hopefully they can find someone to do it

  • Jan Compaf

    kojima doesnt know what he wants
    he is confused and afraid

    • Nicholas Perry

      All he does is listen to whatever vocal minority haters out there and has no backbone by trying to cater to them as much as possible. Not to mention LCD pandering with hollywood.

  • Sly


  • ineedgames

    Well Duh you know how much expectation people would have for it?
    Many Meta Gear fans are still Angry with Rising because they feel it isn’t a Meat Gear game.

    • oooole

      Rising was never supposed to be canon metal gear.

      Kojima is working on two games at the same time and wants to make a third one xD

      • Nicholas Perry

        LOL, Rising was ALWAYS meant to be Canon even though it’s a side game. Get over it, Kojima Productions wrote the story, EVEN though Platinum made the game.

        That’s like saying the 2 ZOE games are crap because Kojima only was the creator of the concept and the producer on those games. He didn’t write them, and he didn’t do game design on them either. They are all credited to other people.

        • oooole

          Nope. Despite the game being set on the same universe, it is not a Metal Gear Solid game.

          If you wanna see it as a side canon game its fine, but you don’t have to.

    • JustGaming

      Mmmmmmmmm, Meat Gear. I’m hungry now :p

  • Castor Troy

    “new ones”, plural!?!

    • ObsessedGeorge

      Maybe he meant “games” and not “Metal Gears”. Like MGSV and P.T.

  • ObsessedGeorge

    As long as they keep the same soundtrack or remake it but with the same tones staying true to the original. Much like how they did in MGS4.

    • Craig Sloan

      My two favourite Metal Gear games 😉 Solid is the best.

  • Maximilian

    lol what are you talking about Kojima, JAW volunteered the first time you offered years ago: http://au.ign.com/articles/2013/06/27/just-add-water-pitches-for-metal-gear-solid-remake

  • Aaron Aquipel Avelino

    I’d rather have them go back to the original NES Metal Gear games (MG1 and 2) and remake it with Fox Engine. Doesn’t have to be open world, as long as it has sandbox style gameplay then it’s fine with me even though it’s linear. Not all games need to be open world.

    • This Guy

      At this point, I would take any form of modernization of MG1 and 2. They are both very important games to the series and while I played both and enjoyed them, I would like to see them in the same quality as a MGS game. I would take them as a 3DS/Vita game.

    • andy

      And since they would be short enough by today’s standards, it would be best if they were 2 games stuck together too. The first game would probably even be like the Tanker scenario from MGS 2 because of its scope.

      • This Guy

        Metal Gear 2 is a funny one. If you play through it with already having MGS1 completed, there are a ton of similarities. The place and events are very similar to the Shadow Moses incident.

      • Nicholas Perry

        If they don’t remake MG1&2 as one new 3D game after TPP I will be highly disappointed

    • sawao_yama

      Nes metal gear was horrible. Msx was the original. Nes was made by ultra.

      • This Guy

        Not necessarily that it was bad, but when you play the MSX version, the NES one is extremely inferior to it. Snake’s Revenge, the only positive thing I can say about that game is if it did not exist, Kojima would of not made the actual Metal Gear 2 in response to it.

        • sawao_yama

          Well he started making it after he met a guy working on it. It wasn’t officially out when he started working on it. The nes versions are bad, they got rid of everything that made metal gear good. I couldn’t play metal gear on nes. Never understood why some people thought they were good. Once I learned about emulators and found the original metal gear 1 and 2 I understood why they were great games. Even the game boy metal gear solid is better than both those placed together. Ugh ultra, you guys disappointed me.

          • This Guy

            Like I said, Metal Gear on NES was the first time I ever played MG. I had nothing to compare it to. There was no MGS or the MSX ones here. MG1 is inferior, but Snake’s Revenge is bad in every sense of the word.

  • This Guy

    While Twin Snakes was not the perfect remake, it could definitely be worked on again to use original voice casting, HD upscale it, and release it on PSN/Xbox Live. Similar to how Capcom did an HD release of REmake. Actually, I am kind of surprised we have not seen anything from Twin Snakes since it released on the GC.

    • Nicholas Perry

      The main beef people have with TTSnakes are the shit that Kojima told people to change in the first place. Like the cutscenes, they are ridiculous. People hate it because of it and claim it’s because Kojima didn’t direct it, but Kojima is the one who told them to change the cutscenes in the first place.

      Same thing with Portable Ops not getting the respect it deserves because he didn’t direct it, that it’s not canon or some other bullshit even though Kojima did have a hand in it and is on record saying they couldn’t even finish writing MGS4’s story until Portable Ops was done first.

      Repeat ad hominem for Rising.

      • This Guy

        Some of the added action was a tad out of place, but it no way decreased the quality of the game. It is still MGS1 and everything is still there with little to no change. It is kind of a win-win deal on both sides. Kojima has no time to make a current gen quality remake, so have another developer or a small in house team to convert Twin Snakes to HD. Maybe make fans happy and make adjustments to feel like the original.

        I love the original MGS1 on PS1, I can play it over and over and never get bored of it, but saying it is outdated would be an understatement, game play wise. Its hard to bring a new audience in with how story intense this series is. MGS2 and 3 on the other hand hold up extremely well even today. They did a solid job with giving them an HD remaster. I think the same could be done with Twin Snakes and help bring in newer players.

  • As much as I love the Metal Gear series. I really want to see how Kojima performs with other game developments. I’m personally looking forward to seeing his Silent Hill Project.
    He’s been credited mainly with Metal Gear throughout his entire career in the industry. It’s time we see how he fares with new games.

    • This Guy

      He is most notable for Metal Gear, but he has praise for games like Snatcher and the Zone of the Enders series. People have been bugging him for years for a 3rd entry into the ZoE series and a remake/sequel to Snatcher.

      • He was never involved as a Director for Z.O.E but as a Producer. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Snatcher remake.

    • Nicholas Perry

      All he needs to do is finish the main story arc. In MGS the interactions between BB and SS are never shown and explored, which really all this means is they need to do is remake MG1&2 in one game and do it well to finish it off.

  • Drakenkaizer

    how about we go back to shadow moses in a new entry instead of remaking a game

    • This Guy

      We already did that in MGS4.

      • Drakenkaizer

        but again!

        • This Guy

          An almost full revisit, new sniper fight, and a battle between REX and RAY didn’t cut it, ehh?

  • Victor Lavon Richardson

    That would be pretty cool

  • andy

    Give it to the guys who butchered the Silent Hill series (another Konami game) and Killer Instinct too. They want to do more damage and it could be an Amazon exclusive too as they bought them.

  • Craig Sloan

    That would be freaking epic, MGS1 is my joint favourite game of all time. That game remade open world on PS4 built from the ground up would be epic. Makes me sad now that the idea exists and no one wants to do it 🙁

  • Khalifa Aouameur

    MGS 4 that what we need really

    • Craig Sloan

      Haven’t played it since it first came out but I’m sure it would still hold up well enough now.

  • Rob

    You know, I always felt that MGSV(or a later Big Boss game)would lead into the remakes of Metal Gear 1 and 2. Then the story would come full circle and the MGS series would end.

    • This Guy

      Solid Snake and Big Boss’s story at least. Metal Gear series already being expanded with Rising (for better or worse story wise), so while I am not sure how, I guess it is possible to continue the series Without Solid Snake or Big Boss though is probably something fans would not take lightly.

  • CrusaderForever No Regret

    A fantastic game that deserves this treatment. I cannot imagine MGS created with the Fox Engine—-> MIND BLOWN! Hopefully it happens some day.

  • domingues12

    someone please step up

  • Gamist

    Let Naughty Dog handle it. :O

  • Gabriel Ortiz

    Someone call Gio Corsi now! #BuildingTheList

  • PachterStation

    Never understood the fascination with Metal Gear. Same old, same old each time. Konami are a shadow in gaming, but can’t say they’ve released a lot of classics. As for Kojima, he’s massively overrated. It’s about time that Konami and Kojima released a bucket load of classics, because it’s never happened.

  • Is there an online petition somewhere for people willing to back such a project or signing on to guarantee a pre-order? That’s usually the best way to drive a developer to sign on for such a thing…

  • Masteroperator

    returning to shadow moses in 4 was epic enough. i’d love a new complete playthrough

  • HeczTehFinezt

    OMG YES!! TAKE MY WALLET!! If this ever comes to reality I hope they keep the same soundtrack. This would be the best remaster of all “remastered” games. I would also love to see MG 1 and 2 remastered.

  • TheFatDeliquent

    Personally, I want to see Kojima making games that is not related to MGS.