#00001 PS4 20th Anniversary $127,000 Charity Auction Fails; Sony Donates Highest Bid Anyway

Sony Computer Entertainment put the #00001 20th Anniversary PS4 on auction, promising to donate the proceeds to the Japanese branch of Save the Children.

Unfortunately not everything went as planned, and the auction was marred by several prank bids, but ultimately the console managed to reach a highest bid of 15,135,000 yen, which translate to roughly $127,000.

The company announced today with a press release that unfortunately the highest bid has not been fulfilled and the sale has failed, causing Sony to decide to postpone selling the console.

Not all news are bad, though, as Sony also announced that it will still donate the amount of the highest bid to Save the Chilren, added to the sum generated by the “PlayStation Love Tweet” campaign. 1,156 PlayStation-loving Tweet were received, and at 20 yen each, they prompted a donation of 23,120 yen.

This brings the total donation made by Sony to Save the Children to 15,158,120 yen, translating to 127,278 dollars.

The concluded the announcement by thanking all those who supported the auction, and announcing that for the moment the #00001 20th Anniversary PS4 will be showcased at its showroom in Ginza, Tokyo, starting on February 21st.

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  • Gabriel Ortiz

    This is a company that cares, still in the black and they give to charity.

    • Rafoldo

      Black means good; red means bad.

      • Gabriel Ortiz

        ok, thanks haha 😛

  • Harley Weir

    No, Sony should have rested on a lower bid and donated said PS4 to a needy child! “This is why it was a failure” read between the lines…….

  • Pony

    The Order: 1886’s Andrea Pessino Talks About Polish, Technology, Lighting, Photo Mode and Fog



    Greatness delayed.

  • AsianGamer

    the bid failed? im so sad… 🙁

  • Boerewors

    They should hold a lottery where you can text a certain number for $0,50. It would make millions of marketed right. They can throw in some other prices like games as well.

  • megablast16

    Entered a Sony competition yesterday to win one of these, fingers crossed!

  • 123

    278 dollars. Well done.

  • Paul Kilimnik

    Ahhh, this Anniversary PS4 looks soooo good… *sighs*

  • Corey Kinard

    Good guy Sony for the win. Damn I wish I were filthy rich (like most of us…) Id have made this a priority over some lame sports car.

  • GotNews4Ya

    Sony is a class act when it comes to the Business side and giving back. I really REALLY can’t believe the amount of trolling that goes on just because they make a competing console. I mean really..? You have to go into an auction they are having.. where ALL THE PROCEEDS GO TO CHARITY.. and then ramp up the bids and don’t even fulfill the end bid.. because you were doing ti out of spite in the first place? This is so wrong, on so many levels.. I mean come the heck on.. It IS FOR CHARITY.. why purposely mess with something like that… You aren’t screwing Sony over.. you are screwing the Charity over.. and Sony being the bigger person took the money out of its OWN POCKET to make sure this charity wasn’t left hanging.. This is disgusting.. and I hope they Ban everyone who posted false bids from ever bidding again.

    • someguy

      this is why Sony will ALWAYS be my gaming company of choice and that will never change. When they stop making consoles, that is when I will go full PC.

  • PachterStation

    The whole thing is laughable, more so what you had to do to get your hands on one. Sony should put it efforts into releasing AAA games, as the PS4 has been pants for games. Limited editions of this and that is a load of cobblers. But I suppose it’ll continue because there’s enough idiots willing to pay out of this world prices. Did anyone read about that Uncharted game on the PS3? Up for sale for something like $45,000. The mind boggles.

  • Tmfwang

    I won one so i sold it for a little bit under $2000, I dont have use of it, much better to just buy 35 games with the money I earned 🙂

    BTW KH has ruined how I write “munny”

  • zenzer
  • Rob

    Im glad the children are being saved. Thats all that matters. Thanks Sony.