Review: The Order: 1886 – A Beautiful, Emotional and Ultra-Polished Heresy

I have been sitting here for quite a while, just looking at the screen and collecting my thoughts after finishing The Order: 1886.

This is going to be a difficult review to write, because Ready at Dawn’s new game doesn’t just break many seemingly sacred concepts of game development, but intentionally flies in their face shoulder-first, requiring quite the shift in mindset for its potential to be thoroughly judged.

The Order: 1886 tells the story of Galahad, veteran knight of an ancient order created by King Arthur himself to fight the half-breeds, a new genetic stray split from humanity in ancient times and what we fight a bitter war against ever since.

The conflict has been in precarious balance for centuries, but with the outset of the Industrial Revolution, humankind seems to be having the upper hand, aided by technology and powerful weaponry. But as usual in this kind of situations, there is more to it than meets the eye.

The Order: 1886_20150217052053

Galahad is part of a team of four, accompanied by the stern and beautiful Igraine, his wise but stubborn mentor Perceval, and the younger knight apprentice Lafayette, who brings a bit of levity into the group.

The knights are quite different from normal humans as well. While they aren’t superheroes, they can live longer due to the Black Water, an ominous liquid that extends their lifespans and heals their wounds, but stops short of making them immortal.

Galahad himself is probably one of the best written characters I’ve seen in a long time. He’s stern, but he’s definitely not perfect.

His morals often create inner conflict, further weighed down by centuries of battles. At times his humanity seems to be slipping, and how can you not understand that, considering how many lives he has taken?

The Order: 1886_20150217054105

The grizzled protagonist isn’t your typical hero but he isn’t even what you’d expect from an anti-hero, which is what makes him so interesting and easy to connect with, despite his mindset that can result slightly alien due to his particular situation. Ultimately, he has a real edge, and following him on the screen is a true pleasure.

The other main characters are almost as well rounded as Galahad is but they don’t reach his level of depth simply due to less screen time. That said, the quality of their writing is still top-notch.

Without a doubt, the story is The Order: 1886‘s strongest point, and that’s exactly what Ready at Dawn aimed for. It includes just the right mixture of plot twists, intrigue, action and introspection, and it leaves you curious to see more. A lot more.

The Order: 1886_20150217055314

It also includes deeply emotional moments. I will not mention the specific situation, but it managed to make me cry, and not just a little bit.

There were also quite a few other moments in which the title awoke strong emotions in me. To be fully honest, a game that manages to turn the pressure of a single button into something that tears at your heart, is doing something very right from a storytelling point of view.

Since we’re talking about the story, let’s get something out of the way: my playthrough spanned about twelve hours and a half. I took quite a lot of screenshots, but even if I didn’t waste that time, it wouldn’t have lasted less than eleven hours. I didn’t even die that much, aside from a few failures during the stealth sections.

You can surely finish the game faster than I did. Much faster, as a matter of fact, but I don’t advise it. The Order: 1886 is a game that should be flavored at a steady but calm pace, taking in every moment. As the credits were rolling on the screen, I definitely didn’t feel like it was a short experience. It was certainly fulfilling.

The Order: 1886_20150218042512

The game’s visuals are also absolutely stunning. Together with Driveclub, it is without a doubt on earth the best looking game on consoles. Considering the enormously different genres, it would be difficult to decide which one looks better between the two, but nothing else comes close.

The character models are absolutely incredible, and the fact that the same assets are used during cutscenes and gameplay makes the transition almost perfectly seamless. While the game doesn’t quite cross into CG territory, it gets dangerously close.

You can add to that beautiful physically simulated cloth and hair, and some of the most life-like expressions I’ve ever seen in a game, enhancing the superb acting and storytelling even further.

Environments are no less impressive, with London basically taking its place as another character of the game. The attention to detail is staggering, and you’ll often find yourself just walking around and ogling at the minute details Ready at Dawn’s designers filled every corner with.

The Order: 1886_20150217054913

Everything is bathed into masterfully crafted lighting, mostly trending towards cool, lead-colored lights that creates the perfect London atmosphere.

The Order: 1886 also pushes physically based shading to a level few games managed to achieve so far, resulting in materials that seem to come straight from a pre-rendered CG scene made to order by an artist, even though they’re indeed displayed in real-time.

Incidentally, forget aliasing and jaggies. The anti-aliasing solution adopted by Ready at Dawn is nearly perfect, making nearly everything smooth as silk. This is definitely the game with the least jagged edges I’ve seen in the current generation of consoles.

I’ve only seen a few cases in which the scene was affected by flickering shadows (but that’s unfortunately a rather common problem when the envelope of graphics is pushed really hard), and a couple situations in which small objects were hit by lighting aberrations, but I had to squint to spot that.

Some clipping is also visible with the physically simulated cloth, but again, squinting is in order if you want to notice that kind of slight imperfection, which doesn’t even come close to marring the visual delight of the game.

The Order: 1886_20150217054322

The Order‘s beauty isn’t just a matter of squeezing every pixel-worth of power out of your PS4 until it bleeds from its air vents, but it’s also about art direction. Everything in the game is designed with an attention to detail that can nearly be defined insane, starting from costumes and going into furniture, weapons and accessories.

Everything looks great not just because of technology, but also because a great deal of artistry was poured into this game, turning every single scene into something you could easily print, frame and hang on your living room’s walls.

If you thought moving on from graphics would make me stop gushing, well…You were quite mistaken. The audio aspect of the game is just as fantastic as its visuals. The soundtrack by Jason Graves is nothing short of award-worthy. It creates the perfect atmosphere in every single moment, and never once it goes even slightly out of line.

The Order: 1886_20150218023612

It actually isn’t overpowering. At times you’ll even consciously forget that it’s there, but it subtly enhances every scene with exemplary efficacy and expressiveness. I can easily say that it’s one of my favorite soundtracks of the last few years. And no, I’m not talking just about games.

Voice acting is close to perfect as well, with actors that prove just spot-on for their roles. The extensive use of motion capture creates a sense of identity, matching voice and expression with impressive accuracy and transmitting those small nuances of acting that are difficult to perceive from voice alone. The characters really feel alive, and that’s a great testament to the talent involved.

A great story, great graphics and great audio would feel incomplete without matching gameplay, and in this case The Order: 1886 is a bit hit and miss, even if it luckily hits a lot more than it misses.

The Order: 1886_20150218053216

The game is still mostly a third person shooter, and that’s where the real surprise lays: the shooting gameplay is just delightful. Responsiveness is absolutely top notch in a way that you wouldn’t imagine for a game that runs at 30 frames per second. It’s so excellent and precise that I just went ahead and got rid of the aim assist, improving my enjoyment of the shooting parts of the game massively.

By contrast, most of the guns (besides the sniper rifle and the crossbow, which are designed for sharpshooting) lack precision by design, creating an interesting conflict between extremely responsive controls and weapons that can be hit and miss. The resulting concoction is extremely fun, and it may very well be one of the best shooters I’ve played in quite a while.

There’s a wide variety of guns, ranging from quite a few different handguns to rifles, assault rifles and the exotic inventions by Nikola Tesla. They’re all very fun to play with, and they’re wisely positioned and paced through the game to encourage the player to enjoy them all.

The Order: 1886_20150219021659

That said, I have to be honest: I had the most fun with the M-82 carbine, which is basically your old ultra-basic single-shot rifle with zero frills. That’s possibly another testament to the quality and responsiveness of the shooting gameplay.

The only odd part of the shooting mechanics is the Black Sight. Theoretically it’s a sort of bullet time in which you select where you want to hit your enemies and then just strafe away.

In practice, however, it’s quite redundant. I got to the end of the game, and I noticed that I used it only once. Shooting is a lot of fun, so why would I give up control for a few seconds of slow motion and a sepia effect?

I went back afterwards to test it out and unlocked a couple of related trophies, but I really don’t get the mechanic’s practical use.

The Order: 1886_20150219044128

Cover mechanics are just as tight as the shooting, with Galahad fading in and out of cover responsively and seamlessly. Maybe cover is even a little too perfect.

Unless you’re hiding behind destructible soft cover, it feels a bit too safe. There might still be the occasional shotgunner and grenadier ready to punish your overconfidence, but I would have liked to see way more to push the player out of cover.

Melee combat is probably going to be quite polarizing. While killing random goons is limited to a single triangle press, more climatic fights are a pretty large sequence of button prompts, with a few variations on that theme, often mixed with semi-free action and some shooting.

I’m hesitant to call them full-fledged quick time events, as they are a little different, but if you don’t enjoy QTEs, it’s unlikely that you will enjoy this design as well.

I can definitely understand why the melee mechanics are designed this way, as this allows for a much more cinematic approach compared to what can be achieved with more free form gameplay, but it’s difficult not to be conflicted on whether a better balance could be found.

The Order: 1886_20150218055122

That said, the game’s melee mechanics do succeed in being a feast for the eyes, and if you really suck at quick time events like I do, you’ll probably breathe a bit easier after learning that they’re quite lenient, timing-wise.

The third basic type of gameplay is infiltration, with a few stealth sections where you’ll be prompted to avoid discovery by patrolling guards.

The prowling itself is quite fun, especially thanks to the tight cover mechanics mentioned above (and in one case thanks to the crossbow, which is massively satisfying). Unfortunately being discovered means instant failure, with the potential of creating quite a bit of frustration.

Personally, I would have preferred a more seamless transition between stealth and firefights, with the former turning into the latter when discovered, instead of being forced to prowl with instantaneous death as the sole penalty for a wrong move.

The Order: 1886_20150219042309

The game alternates different gameplay types in a quite deliberate and well paced way, and while the forced stealth may prove a little annoying, this ensures that there isn’t a single moment of boredom.

There are even slower parts in which you’re asked to do completely menial actions like pushing a cart out of the way, but thanks to the tight narration and dialogue, even those strangely don’t feel out of place or tedious.

The Order: 1886 provides a small degree of exploration by offering a wide variety of fluff items that you can examine, often providing interesting insight on the setting and on the story. That said, they really aren’t too hard to find, as most are pretty much in your way and well indicated.

One can easily say that 99% of the game is a quite linear experience, and honestly there really isn’t anything wrong with that. As a matter of fact, it allowed the developer to interweave story and gameplay in a nearly perfect way.

There is another definitely pleasing factor in Ready at Dawn’s new title: it’s the most polished AAA title I’ve seen in years. Almost everything is so refined and carefully crafted that it’s almost surprising, especially considering the semi-recent trend of releasing rather glitchy games.

The Order: 1886_20150219053814

Ultimately, The Order: 1886 is a stunningly beautiful, ultra-polished and deeply emotional experience. While the gameplay shows room for improvement in some areas, the main shooting element is so good that it mostly makes up for the questionable design choices in other parts of the title.

It’s is also a highly heretical game. It intentionally goes against most of what the industry has shown in the past few years.

The popular trends dictate games to be giant open worlds with several square miles of terrain dotted with tens of relatively boring and repetitive fetch quests, linked by often weak stories that definitely take a back seat compared to gameplay. They also include systemic elements that add up to the sheer size in increasing complexity tenfold, often inducing the presence of glitches and problems.

On the other hand, Ready at Dawn’s latest labor of love is very compact, heavily scripted and story-driven, and so polished that every pixel shines. This, unsurprisingly, will cause many not to forgive its nature as a heretic game in a triple-A industry that has become more and more focused on the polar opposite.

The Order: 1886_20150218060441

Personally, I can only welcome this kind of variety. There’s plenty room in gaming for both enormous open worlds and compact story-driven games, and a million of shades of grey in-between.

The Order: 1886 offers one extreme end of the spectrum, and despite a few flaws and questionable design choices here and there, it’s a highly enjoyable take.

Ready at Dawn definitely succeeded in laying the foundations for a potentially very special franchise, with an absolutely charming setting and lore. Whether a possible sequel will allow The Order to fully bloom or not, time will tell.

Yet, this is a high-quality first chapter of a promising new IP that fully deserves a chance from all lovers of an exceptional story and tight, fun cover shooting gameplay.

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  • Nicholas Perry

    If I had a dime for every game the major outlets trashed that I loved. I’d have a lot of money.

    I’m buying this game even though I don’t have a PS4 yet to show my support. This game sounds like everything that I expected it to be and wanted it to be. I couldn’t agree with this statement more, it encompasses everything I feel

    “Personally, I can only welcome this kind of variety. There’s plenty room
    in gaming for both enormous open worlds and compact story-driven games,
    and a million of shades of grey in-between.”

    haters gonna hate because it doesn’t cater to their trendy standards.

    Not like 3rd person shooters have amazingly deep gameplay to begin with most of the time.

  • Xerosnake90 .

    I want to thank Dual Shockers for the ONLY review of this game I have seen that truly embraces the game for what it is. Not about finding the flaws in the title, but the experience and the force that drives it. Mentioning how embattled the Antagonist, as well as the emotion produced by some of the events in the game. Every single review has done nothing but bash this game on the surface. None dig deep, only deep enough to complain about the same things that everyone else has done. It’s a REALLY sad state for gamers when games such as this are recognized as bad because of what? A SOLID EXPERIENCE. I guess if this game came out with tacked on multiplayer, dlc packs to unlock in game items, or just generally being unplayable. Then people would be ok with it.

    Just another reason to stay on this website. The only review/gaming site that actually reports because of the passion they have for video games. Not the hate mongering and judgement the rest of society seems to live by.

    • Jonathan George Anaya

      Don’t you mean for giving an inflated score to Game that is pure rubbish?

      When 9/10 sites cite this game for all it’d flaws, the ONE site *coughDScough* whiched championed a 5 hour story and QTEs is questionable…Dualshockers should be open about their Sponsors and perhaps let their audience know who influences these review scores

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        Or maybe, I just liked the game. A lot.

        But since you’re here only to bash, I welcome you to the ban pen where you belong. Those that hate games aren’t welcome here.

  • ANSYS754

    Too much blackwater

  • Jahonius

    One of the most sensible reviews out there. Take my word people, I’ve been playing since 17th, and I agree 100% – don’t just look at the score, read the review.

    If you are still on the fence about The Order, do give it a go. At least watch your friend who has the game play it. It may surprise you.

    If you can judge a game by watching YouTube videos, we wouldn’t need consoles now, would we.

    I give this review 10/10


    This is the worst part of the industry, competitors that play as dirty … Affffff…

  • Lord Frieza

    Its ok, too many qte and the black blars are annoying at moments when watching, i say the game deserves a 6, its not a bad game but not to good either also no replay value unless you try different difficulty, gameplay seems ok, its like ryse all over again

  • YoshiToyota

    8.5? Please, this game sucks.

    • Dalton Belo

      Cry more.

  • Serious Business

    8.5!? You have got to be kidding me? This game is a hard 6. I know this site is Sony fueled but lets not try and push this game to heights were you know it should not be. I mean it’s bad enough we will be getting *The Order 1886 Stunning Trees* articles seven times a week very soon. No need to try and bump the metascore with a bias review.


      Sorry bro, but have you already played this game to disagree of this 8,5?!

      Because watching it on YouTube isn’t the same thing than you play the game by yourself…

      • Serious Business

        Yes sir, played it and it’s a solid 6.
        Now, what were you saying?

        • Hyper/Real

          Assuming you’re not lying, Nelva played it too. I suppose you think we should trust your opinion over his….

          • Serious Business

            Why not? Every review site is pretty much saying the same thing as I have experienced. You honestly believe that his glowing review of praise for this game was somehow missed by the majority of others who have played the game and rated it a 6 or 7?

            It’s not a bad game, but it isn’t good and it is definitely not worth an 8.5 score.

          • Hyper/Real

            Nope, I don’t need to take his word for it either. That was my point, his opinion, your opinion. Both are equally irrelevant but he’s a professional reviewer with connections in the industry, you’re just some anonymous schmo

          • Serious Business

            “he’s a professional reviewer ”

            Lmao, so if I made up a blog and filled it with reviews of my opinion then that would make me a professional? XD

            If it helps I’ll be at GDC in the Bay Area, because I just so happen to be in the industry.

          • Hyper/Real

            I live 2 blocks away in the SOMA district. I have colleagues that are going, I’m more of a lab rat. I don’t do crowds.

            Seems like you can’t throw a rock in this place without hitting someone who claims to be a developer or other type of professional.

            My point still stand though, what makes your opinion more valid than his?

          • Serious Business

            The place is over crowded with people hob knobbing and handing out business cards. The best part about GDC are all the after parties with the open bar. Especially at the W.

          • Hyper/Real

            again, not big on crowds, especially one crammed into a hotel room. But still, that wasn’t what we were talking about.

            You seem to think that people should take your opinion over Nelva’s. As I said before, opinions are opinions, none are any more or less relevant than the next. But at least Abriael has an established forum and reputation, What are your credentials?

          • Serious Business

            So I need credentials, an established forum and a reputation to make my opinion more believable? More than a person who gave this game an 8.5 even though almost every other established website with an even higher reputation has given this game a 7 or below?
            You seem to believe everything Abriael tells you, is it because of his established reputation and credentials of forums?

          • Hyper/Real

            learn to read and comprehend. I’ve already said that I don’t care about his opinion either, only that he is more credible than an anonymous chump like you. Besides, he’s actually played the game. You clearly haven’t

          • Serious Business

            “Learn to read and comprehend. ”
            Coming from a guy who needs credentials, a blog and soap box to trust a review is telling me to learn and read. Wow, that is awesome.
            Numeric scores are needed to gauge what a game or anything of review is worth. The only time people seem to have a problem with numeric reviews is when that number is low and is bringing down some metacritic score.
            You think taking away a numeric scores would somehow take away a bad review? What’s the difference if someone looks at the score first or not?

          • Hyper/Real

            Wow, complete misinterpretation of everything that I said. There’s no point in continuing to try to explain it to you. You clearly lack the comprehension skills.

          • Serious Business

            Good for Eurogamer, one site out of a thousand that still have review scores. So what!

          • Hyper/Real

            BTW, I hope that you are just trolling and you’re not really that thick

          • Serious Business

            I could say the same for you. Except I really truly believe you actually feel strongly with all you said. Which is sad.

          • Hyper/Real

            No, what will make you a professional would be if someone paid you to write those reviews filled with your opinion, which nobody ever will

          • Serious Business

            So now I have to be paid to have a valid, professional opinion? I love your sheep like mentality..”Your opinion isn’t valid because your not paid!”. And how about those other reviews that gave this game a 7 and below…you must trust them right? Because they are also paid professionals.
            Lmao, This guy!

          • Hyper/Real

            Yes, you have to be paid, that is the very definition of professional. You’re not very bright, are you?

          • Serious Business

            Well I am paid, how about that then.
            So now my opinion is valid and professional, this game is a 6.
            Got anything else stupid to say?

          • Hyper/Real

            Naw, I think you’ve got the stupid comments covered, don’t need my help.

          • Serious Business

            Coming form a guy who only takes opinions from paid professionals as gospel.

          • Hyper/Real

            there’s that comprehension problem again, you really should go to a counselor for that

          • Hyper/Real

            I do hope you realize that I’m just toying with you at this point and have zero respect for you or anything you have to say. Your desperation to have your opinion validated by others is kind of amusing, in a pathetic sort of way. LMAO

          • Serious Business

            Oh my gawd, I am so crushed and hurt by this statement. You speak about having my opinion validated by others, but I never asked for that, it’s you who went on a stupid, nonsense tirade of only listening to people who’s opinion is paid for. So yea, how ironic that it’s actually your own reading and comprehension that comes into question.
            Is this where I also put down “lmao”, no wait..”LMAO”, there, all caps makes it better. *muah*

          • Hyper/Real

            Whatever you need to tell yourself, it’s not like your fooling anyone else. It’s right there for anyone to read. eh, whatever.


          • Serious Business

            Yea, I thought so. All that fussin and cussin and now you feel like a dollar and twenty-five just short of a bus ride to grandma’s house. It was a nice run you had there though but it was time I shut this down.


          • Hyper/Real

            Uh-huh. If you say so….

          • Serious Business
          • Hyper/Real

            You’re not worth any more effort than that. Looks like you went to a lot of effort though. You must really be mad. hehe

          • Hyper/Real


          • Serious Business

            Oh, you passed Ed Lover the host of SiriusXM’s Old Skool rap station? Awesome, he puts on a pretty goo…wait…wait…you thought that pic was me?
            Damn, you just keep piling on those L’s don’t ya.

          • Hyper/Real

            It’s you

          • Serious Business

            You lost me at trashy, unwashed slob…now your just reaching for any juvenile insult you can grab under your bunk bed. You went from pathetic to just plain sad. I’m sure you could go on forever, please do, just shows how truly childish you are.

          • Hyper/Real

            I’m sure you think so…but see, you can’t stay away, can you?

          • Dalton Belo

            You honestly believe that you are right and nelva is wrong.

          • Serious Business

            You honestly believe I’m wrong and Nelva is right? Especially when more than half the reviews have said the same.

          • Dalton Belo

            Specially when there are more positive reviews than bad, although most of then are on the mids. So “Every review site is pretty much saying the same thing” might be a little away from the truth.

  • Illusive Man

    Sony answers the age old question…”Can you polish a turd?”

    Yes. Yes you can.

    • Revolver Ocelot

      Yep, so far it’s got better reviews than Ryse Son of Dong.

  • Gamingfan

    Have a look at these Nintendo fanboys. They are just as bad as Microsoft ones if not worse.

  • Drakenkaizer

    Giuseppe this is a world class review. Objective and fair. Thank you very much

  • Anonymous

    It’s so funny how the same author of this review posted atleast 7-10 other posts about The Order of 1886 before it’s release date praising the game without even playing it and lo and behold the game releases and he gives it 8.5/10 while every other gamesite/ youtube reviewer / Gamers(most) all have the same reviews of the game. #ARFARF #SMH

    • JustGaming

      Without even playing it? He posted the review before it actually released. Please, take your BS elsewhere. Don’t like it? Don’t read it.

    • Dalton Belo

      what Every other sites?

  • Jamal

    I’ll play it when I get to form my own opinion. Great review

  • IncognitosX

    For all the haters out there, you can’t deny the amount of attention this game is getting. Even here, 578 comments at the moment. I don’t know too many other games that generate that amount of interest. I wasn’t planning on getting this game but I think I need to see what all the fuss is about.

  • Zach Naim

    As a PS4 gamer, who was waiting for this game to come out for a long time (15 months overdue btw), I’m sorry but this review is crap. The writer Giuseppe is completely biased and will defend AAA PS4 titles with his life regardless of their quality. It makes no sense that all review sites are giving this game 5-6 and you guys take his 8.5 exaggerated review as the most truthful one. I hate to say it, but while this game has exceptional graphics, probably the best seen on PS4 to date, the plot is boring, tedious and hard to keep track of. I found myself yawning at the TV 20 minutes into the game. Shooting and the weapons are great, but unfortunately you don’t get to practice them a lot. I wish this game was an 8.5, I really do. Flop.

  • Guest

    Great review, i think the game is great also 🙂

  • zastavia .

    I miss these kind of games, linear and restricted yes, but with great story telling and attention to detail. Too many titles are sacrificing this captivating tight atmosphere for much larger open worlds which feel disjointed and fail to pull me in. Give me this over Watch Dogs any day.

  • John Vandendriessche

    8.5 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah Jesus I hope they’re paying you for this.

    • Guest

      Damn what a no life you are, going all over the internet to hate on a game lmao

  • Cupcake Octopus

    Doom on you! Doom on you! Doom on you!

  • Wolvy

    I just picked up my copy at BBY, I look forward to play it over the weekend!

  • Drakenkaizer

    Started playing it and was IMPRESSED at the level of detail they went to make this a breathing realistic world. For example, imperfections made by the camera lens, glares, etc are basically realistic. I can see where people might be put out by the QTE’s but they are not that cumbersome. We have seen QTE’s like this in all sorts of games.

  • Pooch Nasty

    Holy crap, what a joke. Look, I watched the LP before it got taken down, so I know how pretty the art looks (ableit black-barred at effectively 800p/30fps, lawl), but the gameplay is a slightly more refined version of Gears.

    It’s as linear as can be, the cutscenes are about 1/3 of the game, the werewolves just rush at you over and over again, the bosses are all QTEs (the final boss being a direct copy of
    an earlier boss’ QTE event), and the “real” combat is all standard gun/grenade-vs-humans combat but with cool “steampunk-y” effects.

    Yes, the story and cinematic presentation is nice, and the art is superb… which is why it should have been a CGI movie, instead. DualShockers are sucking RaD’s knob at a time they know will benefit them most – when everyone else is laughing at them for a mediocre $60 title.

  • Kfal Balli

    Scored very high. I would give it a 7. Solid game but nothing special.

  • SickFish

    I really don’t understand the negativity surrounding this title. What’s worse is that it’s not coming from fan-boys, but mostly from the media. All this talk about not caring that the graphics are great, because it’s supposedly lacking in the game-play department is crap. If that were true the Wii U would be the #1 selling console. Developers can’t win these days,smh.

  • DK1o1

    got the game good game 8.5 for me felt like a better gow on xbox with better guns loved it any body that liked gow on xbox should buy a ps4 and play dis this is better

  • I tried the first chapter and I really think the reviews butchered the game.. this game cannot in any world get less than a 7/10 … and that’s why I hate reviewer… reviewing the game for what they think it should be and not for what it is.

  • I wouldn’t miss your whole review, I’d read every word you wrote in this review, Coach @Giuseppe, You write a reviews with a mind and a heart of true gamers. It just want I need to know, that’s all. You have put it all together with making me want to play the game and find by my self.

  • you know people, you can still share play the game and make your own opinion, it will cost you nothing

  • desponent

    From the looks of other reviews around the web it seems that MS is doing yet another back-dealing money-driven black campaign instead of actually invest that money to make a game or nurture a game studio. Well done.

  • OpticalOut

    Fair review, however, I agree with most other reviews because of the questionable design choices. It’s filled to the brim with QTE’s, obtrusive cutscenes and clunky game-play. The cinematic experience it claims to be isn’t that great either, it’s clichéd and ends poorly.

    It has a lot of potential to be good, though. I’m really disappointed that it has turned out this way. Yes, the game is linear and is so because of the way the story progresses, but I think The Order 1886 could be much better with sandbox levels, an RPG leveling system (crafting, skills, upgradeable weapons) which allow you to have different builds, something akin to Mass Effect. Tomb Raider was greatly enhanced this way – without it, it would have been like The Order.

    New Game +..hell, maybe even separate co-op levels that aren’t part of the main story (which could add back-story and allow you to play as different characters. Like Splinter Cell Conviction.)

    There is, however, a way forward perhaps. Assassin’s Creed 1 had a lot of potential and was let down by poor execution, but Assassin’s Creed 2 made the series a hit. Watch Dogs could go this route as well. I’m not saying I want it to become an annual series with minimal improvements, but that it deserves a chance. But, unfortunately, I can see it being a new IP with potential that bombed, and was not given a sequel by Sony.

    I’ll probably rent this game at some point, buy it if it’s cheap.

  • Hoika Kezzulz

    This is, hands down, the best review I’ve read of the game so far. I’ve actually played it and had to come back to this website to let this reviewer know he hit the nail on it’s head. I love this game, I don’t understand how this game got such bad reviews…

  • thyon

    Your review summed up my feelings perfectly. I was left emotional, visually over-stimulated, yet hungry for more. Completely engaging, but then I’m not a multi-player, open-world fanatic like most kids today, as I prefer the cinematic style of story telling too much. It reminded me a lot of Last of Us, but with less gun action – which basically made that game longer, but in essence, wasn’t necessary, as it got very repetitive very quickly. I also got a similar feeling from the recent Tomb Raider.

  • Solzmeister

    Thank you Dualshockers, for being the only gaming website that understands gaming and gamers, keep up the good work.

  • Seems the most even-handed review I’ve read. Some people seem to have a downer on it because it’s not what they expected it to be, while others just seem to have been looking for things to moan about since it was announced.

    “It will never look that good!”

    “What’s with the weird aspect ratio?”

    “Man, it’s a short game!”

    Well, it does look that good, the ratio takes just minutes to get used to (and has been in movies for decades), and… well, I played for about 10 hours yesterday, and I haven’t completed it yet… and not many trophies popped either. I did have it on Hard difficulty with aim assist off, though.

    By the time I’m done with it, I suspect the number of gameplay hours will be pretty average for this type of game, and I’ll have enjoyed every minute.

    If it’s the kind of game you usually enjoy, I say go for it – I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Think for yourself. What’s the point of gaming if you only play what other people like?

    • Wolvy

      I summed up the game to playing a movie. As a avid movie fan the aspect ratio and the black bars made it that much more intriguing. The seamless transition between gameplay and cut scenes is awesome in my opinion.

  • Placation4

    I’m on chapter 10 and am quite liking it so far. It’s not a terrible game like so many of the sites out there are saying. It really is amazing to look at as well and I’m liking the characters and story thus far.

  • Human@Play

    I will go no where else to read reviews after witnessing the baseless hate campaign on a meticulously crafted cinematic gaming experience. I loved Heavy Rain, and for me its like it had a forbidden baby with Gears Of War and this is their child. I can’t wait to watch it grow.

  • Omarisku

    Is greate game!

  • Theatticusera

    Well I finished it. Took me around 7 hours without taking my time. There are a fair few cut scenes but the story in my opinion is fantastic. The combat is standard 3rd person shooter and nowhere near as bad as other sites claim it to be. The ai was pretty good. No real dumb moments. The graphics are absolutley wonderful. The frame rate never once stuttered either. All in all I enjoyed it quite a lot. Cannot understand all the hate.

  • Shiroimi

    I liked using Black Sight to deal with the specialists, like those with shotguns or the Thermite guns, as it enables you to kill them much faster than shooting normally at them. (At least it was a plus for me.) Those shotgunners were annoying tho.

  • insum snoy

    Lmfao 8.5? Is this a joke? …oh wait “dualshockers” review, of course.

    • Guest

      PC= shit

      • insum snoy

        @JacomOlli More high rated exclusive games than all consoles combined > flop after flop after flop of PS4 exclusives. If PC is shit then PS4 is sloppy shit.


    I took a similar picture to the last one in the article myself lol. Great game, hoping they continue with it.

  • arsenito

    Can someone tell me what’s not repetitive in Call of Duty, Battlefield, Left for Dead, Devil May Cry and other highly acclaimed games? They ARE typical representations of repetitive gameplay, where you just run around and shoot things down. I agree on the fact that this game doesn’t deserve a low score. Despite all of the negative critique that this game has received even before it came out, I went out and got it. I’ve finished it, and it has one of the best and captivating stories that I’ve ever seen in a video game in a past decade. RAD are extremely talented and I seriously feel sorry for them, because someone stared a negative campaign against this game even before it came out, which then was carried on by biased bastards in the media. This game is a “must have”, just like uncharted series, just like the Drive Club and other classics. Who cares about cut scenes. They are beautiful, captivating and well executed, in terms of telling the story. I REALLY REALLY wish someone will sponsor RAD in their quest of making a sequel, where all of the shortcomings are polished. Honestly, I like IGN, Gamespot and others, but they are being dirty bastards for giving a game such a low score, deterring people from buying the game.
    I’ve always owned all of the current, for the time, consoles and I do the same now, because I don’t care about the platform, but, I rather care about games and innovation. Honestly, Microsoft has got NOTHING to show for so far, except for an EXTREMELY repetitive and forgettable Sunset Overdrive and an OLD remake of the Halo. I don’t see any NEXT GEN exclusives. Not a lot of fun stuff. Ryse was a good game and a good idea, like The ORder 1886, but people bashed it and took a shit on it. Poor Crytek almost went bankrupt because of it and because of Microsoft. The newest next gen game and an idea that was announced for this year thus far from Microsoft – is the Quantum Break (which, honestly, based on what the same IGN and Gamespot have to say, fall s into an “old fashioned repetitive” gameplay category, but looks good). Meanwhile, truly stunning games like The Order 1886 and Drive Club get shit treatment from the media. How would one understand this?
    The second point I want to make is the length! It has a shorter then normal length, but WHO CARES? Those were thrilling 7 hours that I’ve spent playing it. Any kind of a game has a right to exist and why do people complain when the game is too short and not when it’s the opposite? According to their logic, GTA 5 will have to cost $200, because it more then 40 hours long. How come nobody complains when developers don’t take a crap on them with high prices? Oh, it’s because we want more for our money and we don’t have any consideration for extremely talented people Like RAD, who create graphical masterpieces, which shifts directions in game design to a new generation. Give these guys a break and encourage them, people. They deserve it for their ginormous effort. We need these kind of games to drive the progress and not be stuck at a similar graphics and gameplay level for years, like we were for the past 5 years. I am sure, by now they know what they’ve gotten wrong. They’ll fix it next time. This game, as well as many other upcoming titles, has a ton of potential.

  • Vanmunt

    Finished it last night, put me in the ‘what the hell were reviewers thinking club’.. played it on Hard and it was pretty tough in places, just wonder if we judge all future games length on a run through on easy from now on as I clocked over 12 hours.

  • Tom

    I platinum’d the game. I was shocked the reviewer cried a few times. Really? The game has highs and lows for me. I’d say the score is between a 7.5 and 8 (conflicted here). The cover worked extremely well when you manually staple to objects. The auto cover worked extremely badly in the stealth missions however. If you were near anything the main guy would staple to an object to obstruct the view of the camera. Why not just leave the manual control to staple as is? Luckily this is only an issue in stealth missions and really only the 1st cramped one (air ship).

    I wish there was more action in the game. Nothing is going to jump out and scare you. Like when exploring the subways I was hoping to fight some werewolves. There are great gun fights but where are the monsters? Where are the FULL breads? I disliked the half breed encounters. It’s the same fight pattern in the same layout! Guess what? The QTE werewolf boss fights are the same. Queue closing credits. The game could have been great. There is still much to like about it. And there are lows.

  • Sloopydrew

    Oh … surprise. The site that has been paid to do damage control on this game for the past year now gives it the highest rated review. And goes on to flat out lie about it taking no less than 11 hours to complete if you play. The game is 5 hours long — 7 if you REALLY take your time and is a total disaster. This site has been shameless in its PR and damage control for this title and no amount of money is worth the selling of their soul and intergrity. This website shits on game criticism, making everyone look bad and wondering if any video game critic can be trusted. Shame.

  • SnakesHave3Forms

    It has a good rating here, but I’ve just been hearing horrible reviews from other people that played it. What are y’all’s point of view?

  • Finally got around to playing this today. It definitely does not deserve a 6.0 average — much higher would be more accurate imo…