PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne’s Screenshots and Info Reveal PvP, Day One Patch and PS Plus Requirements

Sony  updated the official Japanese Bloodborne website today, releasing a few screenshots and quite a lot of information on the online features of the game.

Cooperative gameplay is pretty much the same as we’ve seen in the alpha testing, with up to three players (including the host and two guests) playing together to overcome the odds. The host uses the “Lulling Bell”, while the guests can use the “Small Resonant Bell” to start co-op.

When the boss of the area is defeated, co-op will end. The guests will be sent back to their own world, and receive a reward.

If the host or the the guests die, the session will fail, and the guests will be sent back to their own world with no rewards. The session will also end if the “Parting Shot” is used.

A newly introduced feature is the “Watchword.” Players will be able to set a password of up to eight characters, and they will be matched automatically with others that have set the same password. This will help in playing with friends, but it won’t work in PvP.

PvP gameplay has also been introduced: the invaded player will be the host, and there can be up to two invading guests.

At times a “Bell Maiden” might appear, this can happen when initiating co-op, but there are rare cases in which she might be in an area from the beginning. The presence of the maiden might cause an invasion. In order to invade someone else’s world you have to use the “Ominous Resonant Bell.”

The purpose of the guests is to defeat the host. If they manage to do so, they are sent back to their own world and get rewarded.

The PvP also ends if the “Parting Shot” is used, if the players die, or if the host enters the boss area. In these cases, the guests will be sent back to their own world and no reward will be obtained.

As we already know, players will be able to leave messages called “memoirs” and read messages left by other players.

When players die, they will leave a tombstone visible by other players connected online. By touching it, those players will be able to see the replay of the death, and guess its cause.

In the Chalice Dungeons you can see “illusions,” basically ghosts of other players that are in the same area. This might help in learning tips and tricks on how to proceed.

There are two kinds of Chalice Dungeons: normal dungeons and generated dungeons. Both are playable online or offline, but you’ll need to be online in order to generate a dungeon. You’ll also need to be online to download one from the servers.

It’ll be possible to share your generated dungeons online, letting other players enjoy them.

We also learn that there will be a day one patch, which will improve performance and usability and optimize online gameplay.

Finally, PlayStation Plus requirements have also been detailed: it will be required for online gameplay, asynchronous online gameplay and sharing dungeons, but it won’t be needed to download updates and other players’ dungeon data.

Below you can enjoy the screenshots released today, showing off the features mentioned above. As you can notice, invading players seem to have a red hue.

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  • Gamingfan

    Nintendo, you have til this game comes out to announce Yoshi’s Wooly World for an April release otherwise you’ve lost a customer. The PS4 will therefore become my primary console and the Wii U will be an afterthought.

    • Хаотикс

      Uh-huh nintendo heard you… dream on xD

      • Gamingfan

        I’m pretty sure they’ve heard the whole world. Wii U is their slowest selling console of all time.

    • Stranger On The Road

      if you have the Japanese Wii U, and understand Japanese, then XCX awaits you in April

      Edit: you already paid for the Wii U, so not much lost :-p

    • Hyper/Real

      Wii U is rarely the primary console but it’s often the favorite

      • Gamingfan

        I’d almost rather pay for online than have a drought as big as the Wii U in it’s 3rd year. I haven’t bought a Wii U game since Smash Bros and Splatoon has a release set for May. No games for half a year is unacceptable.

        • Hyper/Real

          They have less games but the games they do have are more fun and have more polish than any other system. As I said, don’t buy it thinking it will be your primary system, just have it for when the great games come out then go back to the PS4. That’s what I do, I have a PS4, Vita, PC, 3DS, and Wii U. Each of them shine at their own time

          • I_know_nothing

            I got the same except the 3DS. They are all used on a regular basis. My primary is PC and PS4. I also got a PS3 that i still play on whenever i get some free games from ps+ 🙂 Just wish i had more time than i got,lol

          • Gamingfan

            That’s the thing though, Nintendo shouldn’t make you go to other consoles for entertainment. That’s their problem.

          • I_know_nothing

            I don’t know what happend to Nintendo. They used to make console’s that was on par,or a bit more powerful than their competitors,until Nintendo Wii happend.

          • Valkyrine

            Gamecube was when Nintendo’s console became meh…

          • Hyper/Real

            I could say the same about the PS4 or it’s counterparts. I shouldn’t need a Wii U to get games that are consistently fun.

          • John Apeli

            None of the consoles have had any good games for months

          • That is all opinion when it come to fun. The Wii U when they get them I consider great but yeah, it takes a long period of time. I think the three problems considering Nintendo compared to Sony is that they don’t have as many developers to crank out games and they have barely a focus of indie titles. This month we are getting Hotline Miami 2, Axiom Verge, Titan Souls, and many others on the way. The third and biggest reason at the moment its my secondary system is lack of great third party games.

          • MS

            “They have less games but the games they do have are more fun and have more polish than any other system.”
            No, they are not, they are often far simpler and more barebone kids games in my opinion. The PS4/X1 have far better games in my opinion.

          • Hyper/Real

            In your opinion being the key words here. What I said was just mine. But I don’t think you’ve played many if you think that they are bare-boned. You go play Wonderful 101, then you tell me how bare-boned that game is. Or Hyrule Warriors, or any Zelda title for that matter.
            Aside from that, when was the last time you saw a Nintendo game released with game breaking bugs?

          • Revolver_X_

            Dude, Hyrule Warriors is just a Zelda skinned Dynasty Warriors. So, in terms of content all consoles have a game like that. Warriors Orochi 3 destroys HW in that respect. It also, must be nice to finally exclaim Ninty has the quality games, conveniently when Sony and MS have recently had troubled releases (i.e. Driveclub, MCC). Even though, prior to 2014, this was not the case. I’ll take UC, TLOU, and Halo’s polish over any Ninty game any day. As far as Zelda goes, it has earned its seat and is well loved more then Mario imho. Honestly though, if I had to choose between Zelda or another sandbox like Fallout 4…I’ll wait for Zelda.

          • Hyper/Real
          • Valkyrine

            Mario Kart, SMBB, Super Mario world. These are all build on the previous games and most likely recycling code and models from previous games….yeah you enjoy your last gen games…slap a “New” on it and Bam Nintendo Fan boys eat it up…

          • Hyper/Real

            yeah? Now many Call of Dutys are there? Assassin’s Creeds, etc? I think you’ll find if you look at Super Mario World, then look at any other game in the franchise, you’ll see that much time and effort goes into each level to make sure that they are unique. Not like CoD and AC that just copies what came before it and slaps on a fresh coat of paint.

        • House of M

          o look whos mind changed

          • Gamingfan

            Haven’t changed my mind on anything yet.

        • KoolADBestRapper

          PS4 drought is pretty damn serious. People tend to disagree with me but Bloodborne is going to be the only oasis in the middle of the desert.

          • kevin

            Are you serious ps4 gets all the third party release which wii u doesn’t get, a bunch of quality indies and exclusives. Ps4 got the order 1886 last month, bloodborne and MLB the show 15 this month with tearaway unfolded, until dawn and ratchet and clank reboot coming by summer. After summer all the heavy hitter 3rd party games start releasing with sonys uncharted 4, rime, persona 5, dragon quest heroes, the tomorrow children and quite a few others. Trust me there is no drought

          • KoolADBestRapper

            You must be really hopeful. First off, which third party release has made a dent yet? I can’t even remember one. Second, Order 1886 didn’t do so hot with your average gamer. MLB? Did you really list a sports game to try and back up your argument? Stop it. Uncharted 4 is the only one other than Bloodborne that will hold any water cause the following is so big. P5? That is also coming out on PS3. Lets seriously not include multiplats in a PS4 discussion. Those other games will just drop and fade into obscurity like the rest have this generation.

          • kevin

            Let’s see MLB is the best baseball game on the market because it’s a sport game it can’t count lol and pretty sure the order did just fine with the average gamer since it sold very well and everyone who has actually played it liked it alot. Also regardless if persona 5 is on ps3 or not it’s a ps4 game also, uncharted 4 won’t disappoint and than there’s until dawn, wild, rime, tomorrow children, dragon quest heroes, tearaway unfolded, ratchet and clank reboot, soma, a new MLB the show and quite a few more. Than there’s all the awesome third party games I would not Nissan like Mgs 5, the Witcher 3, the division, batman arkham knight, just cause 3, mad max and a bunch more.

          • Valkyrine

            PS4 has only been out a year haha and you call it drought….

        • John Apeli

          There have been games. You just dont like any of them. Thats your fault, not theirs.

      • Valkyrine

        I think you have it backwards. Favorite means most sold which means most popular. WiiU sales are rather pathetic which shows that only fans are buying their consoles.

        • Hyper/Real

          I think you misunderstood what I meant, my meaning was that among those who own one as their second console, it tends to be their favorite because the games are better, even though there are fewer of them.

          • Valkyrine

            Games are different not better. If you are going to compare games then compare FPS from both consoles or 3rd Person.

          • Hyper/Real

            again, totally missing the point. Oh well, I suspect that you are doing it on purpose… its not that complicated nor difficult, not going to waste any more time on this if you’re not going to put in the effort to comprehend what I am saying.

            Also, you replied to the wrong comment

          • Valkyrine

            Glad your’e taking the high road. But before you leave make sure you take that stick out of your butt.

          • Hyper/Real

            it only looks like the high road from your perspective…

    • Sunny

      Yoshi world? Oh god is that another Mario spinoff? XD

    • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

      At least we get Zelda and Xenblade Chronicles X….with a side of Splatoon 🙂

      • starscream1180

        all 3 looks awesome….

        zelda is gonna ruin me

        • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

          Ruin you as in steal your social life. 😉

          • VoidDragon23

            And all your rupees. All the rupees. ALL OF THEM.
            Most likely mine too, lol. (I have to buy the console first, i have a normal Wii O^O)

          • starscream1180


    • gamer taboo

      Ya, Zelda is all nintendo needs to keep stringing me along unfortunately.

    • Trim Dose

      wow waiting for a Nintendo game ? you masochist ?

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      I don’t think that’s far off..but given that the direct for this month was solely focused on Xenoblade Chronicles X we probably won’t hear about any actual release date until next month, in which case it may not come April, or possibly the beginning of April. I try treating my consoles equally. Switch between PS3 and Wii U, barely play 360 anymore ever since I’d gotten PS3 LOL. Plan to get PS4-but also want Xbox One badly. and a glorified gaming PC.

    • Valkyrine

      I was excited when I saw Xenoblades Chronicles then I saw The Witcher and Bloodborne and realized what true excitement was…

  • Wild


  • swampbutte

    Looks like invaders are covered in blood instead of glowing red like in Dark Souls. I like the blood-stained clothing much better.

  • FNC~

    Miyazaki is truly leading us into a future of gaming bliss. Praise be.

  • Rob

    I needed some Bloodporne news, and this makes me happy.

    • Gamingfan

      Bloodporne? Whatever you are on, give me some lol.

    • BLOB


    • AsianGamer

      heh heh heh

  • Sebastian

    “At times a “Bell Maiden” might appear, this can happen when initiating co-op, but there are rare cases in which she might be in an area from the beginning. The presence of the maiden might cause an invasion.”

    Doesn’t this mean that there will always be a 2v1 situation?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      not necessarily. I think you can find and kill the bell maiden before one of even both the invaders come, and it also depends on whether you’re matched with both players immediately. Also, I doubt they’ll spawn together. So you may have two enemies in your area, but face them separately.

      • hans vine

        He means from the position of the invader. It’s bullshit that we are forced into invading a gank :/

      • Jecht_Sin

        What happened to the 3 vs 3? o.0

  • Craig Sloan

    SWEET, Looking forward to meeting death again.

    • mooshroom

      And again

  • Declan

    i’m not familiar with this game co op mode, is there a co op just like dying light where you can play the full game with friends?

    • Light In The Sky

      Yes there is, You can join your friend’s game and play it with together.

      • zenzer

        But it’s far more satisfying to invade someone and kill him.

        • BlackestNight63

          It’s far more satisfying for someone to invade my game, and I brutally murder them for wasting my time.

          • pop

            Step aside Noob. I will tear your Soul apart. Muhahaha. 😛

          • unbiased_gamer


  • Light In The Sky

    Oh Dear From Software, You Always know How To Surprise Me.

  • Blockhead

    Only two invaders WTF? That’s a step back.

    • hans vine

      In what way?

      • Blockhead

        Well I has 3 invaders in my world last night in DSII. I was under the impression that there would be even more in this.

        • hans vine

          No, you were only invaded by one, you may have summoned a dark spirit but it’s not the same as someone forcefully entering your world.

          • Blockhead

            That’s true. I just assumed this to mean you can only have two opponents in your world.

    • Jecht_Sin

      Why? You wanted more? Actually I’d love the option that only players who at least attempted to invade can be invaded. So they would fight between themselves and eventually all disappear killing each other. 😀

      • Blockhead

        To be honest I am going to love invading people like you who don’t want to pvp lol. That’s the price you pay for potentially getting help from a summon. I think it is a great mechanic. I love the pvp in these games. That’s what keep the community’s going for so long.

        • Jecht_Sin

          The fact is that invasion is highly unbalanced. Many PvPers build a character only for that, counting each single soul. How can anyone compete if the invaded has been wasting all souls to buy all possible gears and weapons in order to experience them?

          Then in DS2 it has been probably worse. That Souls Memory mechanism sucks badly. .And do make me starting about Belfry Luna. I kept getting invaded by the same guys over and over. Even two per time.

          You like to invade? Stick between the invaders. Invade each other and have fun. And more you invade higher should be the chance you get invaded.

          • Blockhead

            In DSII its unbalanced towards the invader. The host can have all estus flasks, 99 lifegems, 99 old radient life gems, divine blessings, rogue waters, warmpth and great heal plus 99 amber herbs to restore their spells among countless other items. The hosts can summon two people in for help, There is no summon timer so once one of them summons is gone they can get another one in right away so you could potentially face an endless wave of summons. Not to mention those summons can heal the host with tokens of fidelity. Do you realise that the belfrys are optional PvP areas? I generally stick to duelling but that becomes boring and repetitive. You don’t like being invaded? Play offline, as I said that is the potential consequence of being able to summon in help. Plus if you invade people as a red, you then get invaded by arbiter spirits. I can travel anywhere on two of my characters without getiing invaded by an arbiter spirit.

          • Jecht_Sin

            I’m quite sure healing for the host has always been possible. I did heal in Demon’s Souls. That’s part of the deal. The invader has the environment on its side. Not to mention that I had invaders healing in DS2.

            Then what would be the problem with the solution I proposed? I consider to get invaded annoying the least, thus fun ruin. As it is there is no real benefit being invaded. It’s just a waste of time, which pays off usually just souls also at the price of having the chance to deal with potential cheaters. The invaders instead.. They just invade. For a ridiculous cost, losing basically nothing when they die. At least they should lose a level or so. Instead they get all the fun at the cost of nothing.

            Since I don’t have fun with it and I don’t like to deal with potential cheaters as soon as I see that my session is getting locked (no bonfire/fog walls) I disconnect. Doing so before the invasion message there is no penalty, so screw them. They invade again and I disconnect again. Sometime I disconnect even if I’m too late. I never had to use the Bone of Order, so sue me.

            Last thing: Belfry Luna isn’t “optional”. It’s mandatory for the Platinum quest. And part of the game anyway. My point is that the invasion, at least as it is, has many detractors. Instead of improving it they keep making it worse. Concepts like the Blue Sentinels would have helped, but From Software screwed it up completely. I tried to join it few times, ring on in human form, I’ve been summoned once. And they should give at least a 15 min break to people who have been just invaded. People can’t really progress into their game if they keep getting invaded by those red clowns, can they? :p

          • Blockhead

            My solution to your problem is PLAY OFFLINE. You would literally have none of them problems. There is no benefit of being invaded but there is if you are an invader. You should look up some lore videos on the invading NPCs especially DSI ones. If you invade some one and you die you lose your souls. Well you know what? Getting the platinum is not mandatory either. You had the option to go to the belfrys and you chose to go so stop complaining. Plus only two bellbros can spawn at one time until you refresh at a bonfire So just beat them, that covenant is mostly full of noobs anyway. The ring is not the only way to invade as an arbiter spirit. Seriously what don’t you just play offline? I hope they actually start banning people who disconnect in Bloodborne.

  • Mats Leven


  • AsianGamer

    soo much content!!

  • Jecht_Sin

    I’m a bit confused. I thought the Chalice Dungeons were procedurally generated. Is there an editor for the users instead?

    Also what about the illusions? The article makes it thinking they will be present only in the mentioned above dungeons.

    • MisterHoot

      They are procedurally generated, but you can “save” a dungeon you like and share it with others

      • Jecht_Sin

        Hmm.. yeah, I suppose. It will be interesting to see how this will work out.

  • Sexy Mcgee

    How fast can you spin the camera in this game. I’m not a fan of games that don’t let you flick 180s.

  • ariessiren

    Man i can’t wait for this game. Going to be epic. Alpha test was incredible

  • megablast16

    Three weeks today! : P

  • pop

    Miyazaki and Team. Thank you for Bloodborne. 🙂

  • Domiddian

    Bloodborne, from From software. Did they choose “From Software” as a name just to make sentences like this sound stupid? Cannot wait for this game!!!

  • Marz X

    Cant wait.

  • TheBloodthirsty Crow

    Look at that eletric Hammer. Look at it. Bieoutifol

    • IncognitosX

      Would ya just look at it? lol

      • TheBloodthirsty Crow

        Bieoutifol, just bieoutifol. **Stares at hammer** if that’s a starting weapon, it’s mine.

  • Dennis

    I need this game RIGHT NOW!

  • Eights

    I was really hoping for some NEW features. Instead, it looks like the same online we already had in souls game but implemented a little bit different. I mean, I can see the fun in invading a player who is asking for help(that’s how it works, right?), but I wanted something we have not seen before. Oh well, I hope the reason is that they decided not to reveal the cool stuff.

  • starscream1180

    pretty excited for this game ..fingers crossed …

  • NarutoFriendOmoi
    • Guest

      27th for us in UK.

      • NarutoFriendOmoi

        I will let you SharePlay, add me ‘NateisGod4″

        • Travis

          Nate I found you! haha!!

          • NarutoFriendOmoi

            Holy shit!!!! it’s TRavis!!!! How you doing. How the hell did you find me lol!!! I can’t believe it!!!!!!!! WOWOWOWOWOW.
            Isn’t this the 2nd time you have found me?

          • Travis

            Yup the 2nd time..

          • NarutoFriendOmoi

            i can’t believe my friend from PSN randomly found me on a website! Our interests are indeed shared – Bloodborne!!

          • Travis

            XD I gues i’ve gotten lucky

      • Sunny

        3 days late? 🙁 DAMN

    • Valkyrine

      Like I’ve said before. Xenoblade Chronicles looks good. Bloodborne and The Witcher Look AMAZING!

  • NewYears1978

    I wish they would introduce real Co-op. A shared world for all parties not just going into another players world and helping.

    • hans vine


  • Chiii

    I need this game for my PS4! The difficulty that I’ve heard about is sort of turning me away though lol

    • pop

      Rise from your Grave and never give up. Muhahahaha. 😛

    • Unknowingreaper

      Play for yourself. I’m not great at games but best all three. It just takes understanding the combat and how you can’t play like a button mashin hack n slash. It’s like a rpg where you have to think careful before you move and be aware of what’s going on around you. I think that’s everyone says they’re hard because the game doesn’t hold your hand like every game and days it actually challenges your deicions.

  • Anders

    Can we keep coming back to the same session (even after death) if we use that password?

    • Good question. I imagine re-summoning will be possible. I think From is a little more willing to let players play with who they want to this time around. 😀

    • tubers

      What anime? 😀

      • Labrynthus

        That would be Upotte!

        • Lol, thanks for answering, I had no idea, haha. Great .gif doe.

          • Labrynthus

            Its a really odd anime, its basically about personified guns in the form of girls. Its like Kantai Collection except with guns. The girl’s name is Sako, she is an RK95… and also extremely kinky.

          • Hahaha. Interesting.

        • tubers


  • dkdk

    Hopefully there’s a bit of variety in pvp.

  • Guest

    no XBOX ? PS4 SUCKS!!!!!

    • pop


  • SnakesHave3Forms

    I could use some more PS4 friends, add me for this game. Tunaman69

  • NarutoFriendOmoi

    I wait can’t to stagger every beast with my blunderbuss

    • Black Heaven

      No don’t. 🙁

      Save your shots and use them when they really matter, like bosses and dem pesky invaders.

  • Guest

    If anyone wants to add me on PS4: sharpshooter2426.

  • Guest

    No ones mentioning how tense it will be anytime you do decide to co-op.

    In the alpha when you rang the bell to pull someone in they’d spawn in from wherever they were in their world and would have to come and find you. The game also didn’t give an indication that they’d entered.

    Now when the player wants to Co-op they ring the bell and a Bell Maiden appears somewhere in the world opening them up for invasions as well. If they want to not be invaded they have to find and kill her.

    Now imagine ringing the bell to co-op and entering the pvp queue. Now its a race against the clock to find the bell maiden and kill her before you’re invaded, or once invaded find and team up with your partner before the invader find either of you alone!

    All the while you’re exploring you won’t know if someone is there in your world ready to help or hurt you.

    Straight into my veins baby.

  • WontBeBack

    They just released more info on pvp and co op and everyone is talkin about wii u and a new yoshi game! ? Wtf lol

    • Guest

      Yep someone hijacked the thread. Then talking about Yoshi. Lol