New PS4 Models CUH-12XXA and CUH-12XXB Certified by FCC: Include 1 Terabyte HDD Option

The Federal Communications Commission published the certification documents of two new PS4 models (or more precisely, two variants of the same new model), numbered CUH-1215A and CUH-1215B, plus the related testing kit DUH-T1200AA.

The documentation includes a radio test report  showcasing the main specs of the new model, alongside the labels.

As usual the “15” indicates the region, so that part of the number will vary depending on the nation where the consoles will be sold.

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First of all, we learn that the two variants of the new model differ in hard disk drive size: the CUH-1215A variant includes a 500 gigabytes hard disk, while the CUH-1215B variant includes a bigger one terabyte hard disk drive.

The fact that only the second digit has been changed from the previous CUH-11XX model seems to indicate an evolution of the internal components and not a full redesign, that according to Sony’s numbering standards would normally be marked by a change of the first digit of the model number.

Below you can check out the label and specs of the older CUH-1115A model (which we revealed last year), for comparison’s sake:


A second rather evident change is in the power source. The new models’s power unit generates 230 W, while the old model was rated 250 W. The amperage also changed from 2.5-1.15 A to 2.3-0.95 A. The voltage range and frequency remained the same.

A final difference between the CUH-11XX model and the CUH-12XX model is the weight: the old model weighs approximately 2.8 Kg, while the new one weighs 2.5 Kg. On the other hand, the size of the two models is the same.

The documentation does not describe in detail the changes that led to the reduction in weight and power consumption, but it could be due to several factors, like a redesigned cooling system or even a possible removal of the Blu-ray drive. This is just personal speculation, though, so take it with the customary grain of salt.

The CUH-11XX model was revealed almost exactly a year ago, and started hitting the shelves in August without any official announcement from Sony. That said, it’s unlikely for this CUH-12XX model to be released without an official announcement due to the different storage options.

While we have no way to be sure for now, we might hear something about this at E3.

[Thanks for the tip: Mark Sloan]

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  • DarkHiei1

    Would be cool if we could get a redesign controller for shooters since ps4 is the shooter console this gen

    • SpetsnazAIRBORNE

      The controller was designed around shooters. Killzone devs side designed the controller with Sony. That’s why there is sniper sticks and gun trigger triggers

  • ElementaB

    Updated PS4 sku’s and a price cut at E3 would be a big boost for Sony and really put pressure on

    • ipot_04

      They don’t need a price cut.

      • ElementaB

        Sony cannot just sit on their laurels, time to keep pushing. More great games, more exclusives, cut the price the bit to ensure they keep a big distance in this gen. Best of keep high favor with your customers.

        • uptownsoul

          Cutting the price is un-needed & BAD idea. More great games — YES…But cutting the price brings in LESS revenue for games.

        • Leo Liu

          If they are selling well why do they need a price cut? At $400 it is better than any computer for the same price in terms of playing games.

          • extermin8or2

            Likely they will drop price of 500gb model and put 1tb in at current price point.

          • Leo Liu

            That sounds reasonable

          • Joe

            You got that right. I would like to see the build cost on that pc.

        • Terroantula

          Yeh they need games, they have none so far and it’s embarrassing.

          • Joe

            We have Destiny, and its beautiful. Dont know what your “game” is ?

          • Terroantula

            It’s not exclusive and it’s shit.

          • Joe

            Well everyone has thier opinion. So What kinda “game” are you looking for ?
            It does have exclusive in game content.

            And why would anyone want a game just because its on ps4.
            I wish all Titles were released on all systems.
            I am just saying how cool would it be to play mario on my ps4 ?
            Or for that matter Titanfall.
            It would be nice if these selfish whoever the people are that only release a game for just one certain system quit being selfish. I am not going to buy another console just to play a couple of games. I know ppl who do. I just cant stand the X Box controller.

            Playstation or dont play it, well I do however play supermario brothers and other classic NES games on my Galaxy Note II.
            Using the Six Axis Controller App. Bluetooth connect my PS3 controller to my phone, or pc, and Game On.

      • PSIN4MANT

        If they hope to keep their lead, they need to at least match their competition.. period.

      • Jecht_Sin

        The BoM (Bill of Material) for the PS4 was about $384 at launch. You can be sure that today Sony can do a $50 price cut still getting a profit. Just the cost of the GDDR5 RAM halved only after 6 months. It’s simply the time for it. To some those $50 matter.

        • static5225

          Not to mention, Samsung has already begun mass producing 8 gigabit GDDR5 RAM chips. The PS4 currently uses the 4 gigabit variant. Replacing the 4gb chips with the 8 gb counterpart will halve the number of chips which can reduce manufacturing costs.

    • waterblaze123

      Man would you be bad at just managing a business they don’t need to price cut they have been doing GREAT in fact without one despite the compitition price cutting their consoles and doing bundles why should they besides making it cheaper for people like you to buy when they don’t have to.

    • static5225

      Cutting the price at the start of the summer isn’t a great idea because sales are traditionally low during that season. It is best to cut the price right before the holiday season, something Microsoft did last year. Instead, expect Sony to bundle games with the PS4 like what they’re doing with Batman: Arkham Knight.

    • XanderZane41

      I doubt they will cut the price. I thin their head guy even said not to expect one announced at the E3

  • Rob

    And so it begins.

  • Gaikai

    I wish they would make the new model more silent, My actual PS4 can get pretty loud someties and it’s annoying tbh

    • MS

      Do you have it in a enclosure or aomething, like a cabinet? Or is it real dusty inside or does it get really hot in your house because mine is quiet, really quiet. Also what model no is yours?

      • Sobekflakmonkey

        Mine is kinda in a enclosed space, I assume that’s why it’s somewhat loud, just don’t have space for it anywhere else really lol

      • Sexy Mcgee

        Nope, very open area and even a netted design to the shelf so heat wouldn’t get trapped to much on the bottom. It always got loud on more demanding games and scenes. Never quite as loud as the old Xbox 360s but still kind of loud.

    • BLOB

      Well. Clean it with a vacuum cleaner, every week or 2. Les and you’ll be fine.

    • Sunny

      Open up your PS4 and it’s time for dust cleaning. F

  • Joe T

    They should really use hybrid drives for these as the increase in loading times is much better. I swapped mine on day one for a 1TB SSHD and it only cost me £30 after I’d sold the stock drive on eBay…

    • ipot_04

      That’s the logical thing to do but they’d rather go with the plain 5400 rpm 1TB HDD.

      • Joe T

        Yeah, it’s funny how they build “the most powerful console ever” then they opt for the slowest drives on the planet!

        I liked how Sony added the more expensive GDDR5 RAM though shame they didn’t follow suit with SSHD’s. I suppose their logic is that we can upgrade them ourselves…?

        • Otto Tieleman

          On the other hand they give you the option to swap it out unlike the other One.

    • Kamille

      solid state drives are already being made on that size? Wow! I’ve been living under a rock apparently.

  • SirAngry

    300g could be found in a reduced power pack easily. No need to lose a blu-ray drive at all. We could see the 1TB option come in at the current price, with a drop in price for the 500GB models. That’d be pretty cool. Still I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough at E3.

  • tilt

    I’m waiting for the 2.5TB premium model….

    • ipitydafool

      Just buy the drive and do it yourself. They built the PS4 to have user replaceable hard drives and doesn’t void the warranty.

  • PhantomVash808

    My guess is it will be
    $349 for standard 500GB PS4
    $400 for a 500GB PS4 bundled with a game or a standard 1TB PS4
    $449 for a 1TB PS4 bundled with a game or special edition 500GB PS4s(MGS5 & Batman)
    Unless Sony also decides to drop the price of their already announced upcoming bundles for MGS5(confirmed for Japan) and Batman Arkham Knight which has 2 bundles announced(Regular PS4 with Batman and custom PS4 with Batman).

  • RealityCheck2015

    Nice move for the 1TB version, well only if it doesn’t cost more tho because that would be STUPID + Lighter to??? WOW! the PS4 is light(& SEXY) enough already!!! 😛 😛 😛 LoL:D

  • Jecht_Sin

    Why don’t they stick in a 2TB HDD and end of story… They should be as much as reliable right now. It will probably end up that buying a 500GB PS4 plus a 2TB HDD will be cheaper than a 1TB PS4.

    • I already have a 2tb drive in my PS4, it’s incredibly easy to upgrade the drive on a PS4

    • That would be great, but consider the price of the 2TB SKU to the consumer, i’d assume it would be north of $399.99.

      I’m pretty certain they are going to lower the 500GB SKU to $349.99 to be EVEN MORE competitive (not that they need to) and sell the 1TB for $399.99.

      • extermin8or2

        I upgraded to a 2tb hdd for 55 pounds… Bought a segate external hdd and ripped it out of the casing lol if Sony bought just the hdd in bulk it’d cost them alot less than 50 per hdd it could be done. Likely they have decided not to yet.

        • Sunny

          I did the exact same with that HDD lol

        • Yep, same here. And with the PS4, installing a new HDD is easy as crap.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Because cost.

  • BoyBigEyes

    I knew it! x)

  • Shu577 .

    Sony is great at manufacturing hardware, unsurprisingly they made the PS4 lighter and more energy efficient. If u look at a PS4 teardown it’s a very compact and well designed model utilizing all the space efficiently.

    A 1TB HDD is so necessary for next gen consoles, nowadays u could have 8 games and updates/captures and be out of space. Wolfenstein is amazing but it’s over 50gb and this is becoming the norm rather than the exception.

  • KingPoop

    I know they don’t need a price cut, but they can put the 500MB Ps4 at 349.99 and the 1TB ps4 at 399.99 that will put a lot of pressure on Microsoft.

  • DreeamOn

    Are there any speculations of when it’s going to be released? I planned on pre-ordering the Arkham Knight 500gb limited edition, but now I consider waiting for the upgrade. How long does it usually take for the new models to get manufactured and released?
    Any insight would be much appreciated.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      The last similar evolution started to hit the shelves in August last year, after being certified pretty much in the same period.

  • Older 500GB models $299-$349 & 1TB model $399-$449 with TLOU & The Order 1886 or Driveclub

    Just my predictions, honestly I hope this is true that would be amazing if so

  • Shu577 .

    Now this is what a megaton announcement is!
    PS4 is gonna take the year by storm further than it already has past the competition. I say 35 – 40 million by the end of this year for PS4. Battlefront marketing (best TPS/FPS this year) and unannounced games will surely seal the deal with a price drop and added internal storage (no one likes giant bricks next to their console…well the majority for sure don’t).

    I’m sure I’ll get a bunch of sales don’t matter comments. But sales = support. Support = more exclusive content and games. Simple fact.

  • AsianGamer

    engineering is magic

  • Ensabahnur

    That kinda sucks because I had to re purchase a PS4 recently and I lost my 1tb hdd, great cause but oh well… Gonna have to replace it any way

  • Gamist

    Lighter, lower power consumption, and more HDD space – great improvement.

  • Ryusennin

    “a possible removal of the Blu-ray drive”


    Stop trying to shove your all-digital-future-is-great down our collective throat.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      if that was the case, and that’s just a theory, I seriously doubt it would be “shoved” down anyone’s throat. They’d probably just offer both options.

  • Thunder

    Why would they make a PS4 without a blu-ray drive? Sony gets a cheque for every blu-ray sold, and they own a movie company. Not to mention that physical sales are still much higher.

    Also, why would the consumer buy the PS4 without a blu-ray drive if they didn’t have to? So they have to buy every single game for MSRP, which is usually double, if not triple what they can buy it for in stores? Not to mention that they might also want to watch blu-rays.

    • Dennis Djoenz

      That’s Giuseppe’s own possible theory or speculation it’s not fact.

  • Lawrence Intactivist

    Wouldn’t it be more sensible to just release some games for the PS4 instead of releasing new versions of the console?

  • Since I accurately predicted the release of a 1TB PS4 model and thus am clearly an industry insider, have this hot new leak.

    -Fallout 4 will be a 2 Year timed exclusive for PS4, details revealed at E3.
    -The game is 80% done and will release Fall 2015
    -Sony spent into the hundreds of millions to make this happen and are possibly buying this same deal for all future Bethesda releases.

    Now quickly, everyone run off and write blog posts on this news!

    • Dennis Djoenz


    • Edith Reese!

      Can it also allow me to rip the character models from games like J-Star Victory Vs+? 🙁

  • Cindy Nor

    It´s time for the PS5 ! 🙂

  • Jessie C

    Hard Drive, power supply unit, bla bla bla bla. All I care about is: DID SONY FINALLY GROW HALF A BRAIN AND PUT WIRELESS A/N 5GHZ WIFI IN THE DAMN PS4 SO I CAN USE WIFI IN A CROWDED APARTMENT?! I can’t read the FCC docs from my phone for some reason but that info should be in the docs, ugggh.

    • C4

      Probably not? 2.75GHz refers to the W-Lan radiative emission.

  • Big Ceez

    ummmmm… i already installed a tb sshd in my ps4

  • Joe

    I think I have been waiting on the 2 gen ps4’s and not knowing why I was waiting. Maybe the new model ps4’s will release with a good Title in a bundle.
    I kinda still want the White Destiny bundle version. But most of the time playstation new models are redesigned for the better.
    Also I am sure it is for cost effectiveness, which could be a price drop in the future. Maybe November .?.

    I dont care about price drop, Or the 100gb model, mine is getting a SSD from Kingston. I was just curious of the difference in the new model vs the current model.
    8gb ram chips seem nice , could possible improve performance. Not noticible, but as far as the load on the board.
    I am worried of the 8 core processor running too hot for too long and degrading too fast.
    Anyone on ideas to help keep this beast cool .?.

  • You failed to explain the crude differences between 1215A and 1215B.