Square Enix Still Negotiating With Microsoft for an Xbox One Port of Final Fantasy XIV

on August 7, 2015 5:03 PM

Last year, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida told DualShockers that the team was ready to develop an Xbox One port of the game as soon as Microsoft opened to cross-platform gameplay.

Recently, Microsoft opened to cross-platform gameplay between Xbox One and Windows 10, and Yoshida-san gave DualShockers an update on the situation:

He mentioned that Microsoft’s announcement specifically targets Windows 10, but Final Fantasy XIV is playable on Windows 8 and 7 as well. In addition to this, cross-play with PlayStation consoles also has to be considered, so there are still concerns on that front.

On top of that, Square Enix still doesn’t know how widespread Windows 10 will become. That said, they’re still negotiating with Microsoft for a port.

With the announcement that Square Enix is considering a Nintendo NX port of Dragon  Quest XI and Dragon Quest X, Yoshida-san also gave some details on the possibility of that consideration to be extended to Final Fantasy XIV.

First of all, Yoshida-san is still waiting to know when the console will be released, and secondly, Square Enix needs to talk to Nintendo as well about the policies about cross-platform gameplay on the NX before a port can be considered. Negotiations with Nintendo on the topic still have to be started.

Considering that for a MMORPG, more platforms mean more users, and the more users, the better, hopefully we’ll get a port for both Xbox One and NX in the future, turning Final Fantasy XIV into a truly global game.

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