Square Enix Still Negotiating With Microsoft for an Xbox One Port of Final Fantasy XIV

Last year, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida told DualShockers that the team was ready to develop an Xbox One port of the game as soon as Microsoft opened to cross-platform gameplay.

Recently, Microsoft opened to cross-platform gameplay between Xbox One and Windows 10, and Yoshida-san gave DualShockers an update on the situation:

He mentioned that Microsoft’s announcement specifically targets Windows 10, but Final Fantasy XIV is playable on Windows 8 and 7 as well. In addition to this, cross-play with PlayStation consoles also has to be considered, so there are still concerns on that front.

On top of that, Square Enix still doesn’t know how widespread Windows 10 will become. That said, they’re still negotiating with Microsoft for a port.

With the announcement that Square Enix is considering a Nintendo NX port of Dragon  Quest XI and Dragon Quest X, Yoshida-san also gave some details on the possibility of that consideration to be extended to Final Fantasy XIV.

First of all, Yoshida-san is still waiting to know when the console will be released, and secondly, Square Enix needs to talk to Nintendo as well about the policies about cross-platform gameplay on the NX before a port can be considered. Negotiations with Nintendo on the topic still have to be started.

Considering that for a MMORPG, more platforms mean more users, and the more users, the better, hopefully we’ll get a port for both Xbox One and NX in the future, turning Final Fantasy XIV into a truly global game.

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  • JustGaming

    That last part made me chuckle. In a good way.

  • Thatguy

    That would mean they have to open up for cross play between consoles.. They don’t want to do that. Unless it will be xbox only.

  • Spencer

    It’s absolutely archaic and ridiculous for Xbox to try to block off people from playing online with whoever else they want, especially in a game like this that is run off another company’s servers.

    • Averix

      Since it runs on another company’s servers, why is this even an issue for MS??? That’s just plain stupid. Between that and the stupid rule about indy titles needing to be released either first or at the same time on Xbox One, MS really needs to reevaluate their policies. They’ve made so much progress, but still stupidity hangs over the Xbox on these fronts.

      • Ben

        The parity policy is dead though…

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          No it’s not. It still very much exists.

    • drb527

      Microsoft is my 5 year old niece who’d rather not have a toy at all than share it.

      • chrisday85

        Who was first pushed by your nephew (Sony) who is playing innocent in the corner.

        Did you even see what happened with drm?

  • kristijanEX

    Why are M$ such d*ckwads ? You’re hurting your own gamers by not releasing games like FF XIV on their console of choice, what do you have against cross-platform games ?

    • Averix

      It stems from them coming into this generation with the “our way or the highway” approach. (Gotta love the useless Kinect I have packed away because of that.) Their refusal to change those policies is why I’m having a tough time believing MS really has changed their tune.

      • OC Guy

        that’s a nice opinion but that is all it is. This is business. MS would have to convince share holders that the system can still be profitable if it shares the same community as its competition. I think this will happen. Maybe sooner, maybe later, but I do think it will happen. MS has already made it clear that games in the future will be played on X1 and PC. Third party games such as FF are the next step and one MS will take eventually. Knock off this self entitled hatred for a system and company you obviously know little to nothing about. You have no idea how similar Sony and MS are in regard to their business practices past and present.

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          I read your BS comment and cam conclude that your comment is also a mere opinion. Please, enlighten me on your knowledge, and how similar in business Microsoft and Sony are.

          • chrisday85

            How about that the Sony president said they were going to do drm until they saw the fans react to Xbox one?

            You mean that?

            Microsoft was setting up drm due to games being high cost due to GameStop.

            Are you aware you can buy black ops 3, right now, for $45 pre release? This is due to drm. You can buy the witcher for 29.99 on pc.

            Microsoft was not going after the gamer. They were going after GameStop, a multi billion dollar used game agency that is inflating the cost of games.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            That is, objectively, a misconception. Sony NEVER planned for always online, disc-based (used game restriction) DRM on PS4. http://www.psxextreme.com/ps4-news/500.html

            You really don’t need to excuse Microsoft’s policies and intentions in 2013. They wanted Always Online gaming (because their platform is known for its online capability, and, in my opinion, over-abundance of it), and that’s my point. Whether it was against the gamers or not (which I’m sure was objectively the case), they were going to restrict gamers, either way, and is still problematic.

          • chrisday85

            My mistake you can buy the witcher for 23.99 right now for pc.

      • chrisday85

        No one had an our way or the highway approach.

        At all.

        • Averix

          You may want to go back and watch the MS E3 presentation from which they’ve backed down on multiple points.
          – Kinect – everyone will be charged a premium $100 for something 4% will use.
          – No trading/used games, they’re locked to the console – that lasted until Sony made fun of it by handing a disc off as an example.
          – Internet connection required to play anything – riiiiiight.
          – No indy games on the console unless they appear on Xbox One first or at least at the same time – still a major issue despite all their claims.
          – No cross platform play (unless it’s MS products) – This would by why there’s no FFXIV on the Xbox One.
          Any other examples required?

          • chrisday85

            None of those involved our way or the highway. At all.

            Also: On indie games, a parity clause to block timed exclusives is not our way or the highway. It’s defense against Sony.

            The kinect extension: Not our way or the highway. I won’t go into why.

            No trading used games: BULLCRAP. They were going to go digital for that. They had a system to block out GameStop, from increasing the cost of games. See my other post regarding this. You just didn’t know much about it. Trading games online was something they were going to allow which is pretty awesome.

            Cross platform play: generally is regarding using microsoft seevers. In this case I am more than certain that microsofts data would have to cross to some level requiring them to have to spend money to do it. Microsoft isn’t going to spend money for Sony. Even with Sony providing the servers who provides the system for them to connect to the servers? Which is updated and might have system down time? You connect to live then live would connect your console to the ffxiv. There is no circumstance where microsoft wouldn’t have a cost.

          • Averix

            How was Kinect not a serious turd that we all had to suffer through if you wanted to be an early adopter? I would have gladly paid $50-$100 less for my Xbox One if the option to not have a Kinect with it was available at launch. Because I wanted both consoles at launch so I had the best of both worlds to choose games for, I was forced to pay that premium to get that Xbox One with the world’s most useless hardware add on. And if you say one word about “but voice controls are soooo cool”, then I know you’re just defending a dumb decision as a fan boy. They could have included a $5 microphone for that capability and spared all of us that pain.

          • chrisday85

            See how you changed the wording?

            The kinect was nothing to do with our way or the highway mentality.

            It was about developers adopting it, but that’s about it.

            See how they eventually sold it separately as well?

            No our way or highway mentality was done whatsoever.

            It’s called business. Of which you know nothing about.

          • chrisday85

            PS, I can tell you’re a Sony fan boy. They are the only people who go this hardcore on the issue. Pc fan boys don’t care about drm, because they know its good.

            Why don’t you go check out my Sony collection?


            Go check it out. I don’t have your bias.

            Then get back to me.

            Give me your Xbox one gamer tag, if you have one. If you don’t, why are you commenting on microsoft issues you know nothing about?

          • Averix

            Your level of constipation on this is honestly confusing. I never said Sony was an angel corp. Both of them are still paying for timed exclusives and/or early marketing deals (Star Wars Battlefront as a prime example).

            Bottom line, MS has done some stupid things that have caused some negativity towards them by gamers and dev companies. That cannot be argued by any sane person. This article is specifically about a title that has been blocked from Xbox because of one of those stupid policies.
            As for gamer tag, feel free to check both out. It’s the same on both. Just look for the name I post under on here. Should be pretty easy to find.

          • chrisday85

            Constipation is the incorrect word, and I know what you meant in using it. It’s not the way to talk to someone to be taken seriously.

            Moving on: That’s fine and dandy and all but considering the drm comments I have to assume you have a bias against microsoft regardless.

            This gen we should solely be pissed at both for being weak, and then Sony for fighting drm and lying about it. As well as Sony marketing against the fee for online services as unnecessary.

            Nothing Microsoft has done has prevented market changes or has made a company afraid to charge a fee for better service also potentially damaging the market as a whole.

            The developers get to use cloud server farms now.

            Dx 12 and the investments on microsofts end has been huge. Basically they fought honestly. Invest big, don’t slam the other guy all the time with a commercial for example on this is how you share your used games. You clearly fell for that, but I did not.

            My “constipation” is with how much Sony has employed slash and burn techniques, and microsoft just hasn’t.

            They have been business, but not crazy.

            Also, as I said, microsoft is not going to pay to have integration with Sony.

            Cross platform will cost investment and time whether it is Sony’s servers or not. Say Xbox has to shut down live becuase the servers aren’t working. A shut down is often needed when a server has a hiccup. Does Sony do that on their own just because they have the servers? No!

            There are costs in doing multiplat and Microsoft will never pay for it. The fact that here you are saying darn microsoft for not paying for multi plat shows a lot.

            The fact that you’re saying darn them for drm shows a lot.

            The fact that you’re saying our way or the highway says a lot.

            They tried to encourage adoption of it. Then they didn’t.

          • Averix

            No, with your multiple repetitive posts on this topic, constipation was exactly the correct term. You just can’t let it go and keep trying to push your point out.
            Everyone has an opinion and they’re entitled to it. Telling everyone to knock it off if they don’t agree with yours is a little childish. Your perspective is definitely not the same as mine and that’s just fine. Your logic is questionable in my opinion. “microsoft is not going to pay to have integration with Sony” is just a dumb line. How does a SquareEnix server setup have anything to do with Sony? Why would MS pay for FFXIV? What they won’t allow is a title that exists on another platform that they don’t own/control to have anything to do with the platforms they do own/control. How Xbox Live has anything to do with it other than a user authentication or account piece is beyond me.
            It’s been fun, but after your response about the Kinect, I’m afraid you’re a lost cause. Enjoy your opinions and I’ll enjoy mine. Have a wonderful day.

          • chrisday85

            Multiple posts do not make them repetitive.

            One post dealt further with kinect.

            One post used different details for a similar concept. All were explanation of a multitutude of concepts. Basically you are just an idiotic punk. I’m in the field of business. You’re not. You probably work for someone. I don’t. You were whining about typical business, and making it emotional like a child.

            Multiple posts serve the opposite of cliche one liners, such as constipation, which was not the correct term and was your one liner zinger. It wasn’t a very good one either, and you ended your post with false niceness. Very cliche and not ego centered, but not real at all. Like your shallow arguments.

            Especially in light of multiple and repetitive having nothing at all to do with text book constipation, child.

          • Averix

            I said I was gong to walk away from this, but here’s some final thoughts. You’re an arrogant individual, plain and simple. I read through some of your other posts just out of curiosity to see what else you found worth discussing. What I found was a trail of argumentative and arrogant posts across multiple topics. You like to talk down to others and put yourself on a pedestal of self-righteous indignation when someone contradicts you. I’m glad you’re in the field of business (which is about as vague as you can get) and that you don’t work for anyone (I’d hate to be your boss), but that doesn’t give you any right to look down on other people who also work for their living. All that aside, the point of this article was why FFXIV wasn’t on the Xbox. Regardless of every statement you made, it still boils down to Microsoft stubbornness. Love them or hate them, they’re making a serious error here and they don’t even realize it.

          • Wright

            Both of guys sound like fan boys honestly

          • chrisday85

            In fact, yesterday while I was complaining about Sony, who definitely has the worst ethics of any of the big three, I was playing elder scrolls online. One of my 3 characters on it.

            Ffxiv I haven’t had time to play lately but I did buy the expansion and have a level 50 when with all characters dabbled in.

            I bought advanced warfare for ps4 rather than Xbox one.

            Same with far cry.

            There is such a thing as removing bias, and this bull crap talk about the business tactics of microsoft as emotional banter needs to end, fan boy.

    • John Nemesh

      Why does the sun rise in the east? It is the way things are, and MS doing the “right” thing by their customers is about as likely as the sun rising in the west.

      • OC Guy

        What? Do you really think Sony cares more about their consumers than MS or any other large corporation? They all care to a point, but never above quarterly earnings.

        • John Nemesh

          Their actions recently suggest they do. Microsoft’s actions in the past 3 years suggest they dont.

          • Kangaruz

            Like, increasing the price of the PlayStation Plus sub in Europe? Oh, very philanthropic I’d say 😀

          • John Nemesh

            Yeah, I am totally sure that has nothing at all to do with the exchange rate of the Euro. /facepalm. By the way, they only increased the 1 month and 3 month PSN subscriptions. The 1 year (by far, the most popular) didn’t increase at all. Nice try though.

    • Zider

      As long as people play on Microsofts servers they can charge you for xbox gold or whatever they call it. Of course they don’t want you to play on someone elses servers.

    • Ani X

      Because the only thing Microsoft cares is playing their old domination game. They probably hope, SE will take PS4 out of the equation, manifesting Microsoft’s position with Windows and XBox, while again screwing over 3rd parties and gamers. Their company history is full of this bs.

      • OC Guy

        Then why does MS still allow Minecraft to be played on a Sony system? Seriously, you have zero idea about what you are talking about. If you want to hate a company for no reason that is your choice but remember Sony is a big business too and tried many times in the past to “screw” over gamers, such as back in the 90’s when they sued large rental chains to put an end to game rentals and the sale of used games. Sony didn’t have a change of heart they lost that in the courts. You are just hating on MS because others joined that bandwagon all the while touting Sony as some “good guy”. Guess what? Sony is the same as MS. A large corporation controlled by shareholders that will do what it needs to do to make money first. Always profit first. Loyalty to consumers comes second. Sometimes it backfires but that is the nature of the game.

        • Ani X

          All computer and Internet companies together didn’t do as much BS and customer f****ing like Microsoft alone committed to. There is plenty of evidence in court-cases, anti-trust cases world-wide, how Microsoft operates and what kind of thinking is deeply encoded into their company DNA. There is bribery, astro-turfing, lying in court, corrupting standards organizations, fooling customers with vaporware, FUD, shady business practices over and over again. And if you really still fall for their marketing BS after decades of proven shady and illegal business practices, you will learn it the hard way.

          • Kangaruz

            Well, Apple is very similar in that way, but regularly treated much better by media and users, it’s a thing that always amazes me

      • kristijanEX

        The Xbox division is seen in Micro$oft as losers anyways since they’re actually losing the company money. They only exist because they don’t want Playstation to fully take over since nobody has taken Nintendo seriously since the N64 era.

  • Rob

    Move on SE. Xbox can totally afford to lose another Japanese game.


      Right, why would square enix even bother with xbone barely sold 50K in Japan.

      • Herolicar Bufole

        SE knows the Xbox sells poorly in Japan but it sells much better in the west that is pretty much the only reason they want some of their games on the platform.

      • Nordu

        Because Japanese people are not the only ones who play JRPGs.

        • John Nemesh

          No, but people who are into JRPGS play on PS4.

          • JRPGMan

            Actually highest JRPG sales are on 3DS and it is not even close

          • Nordu

            No denying that the PS series has had most of the JRPG’s on consoles, but the PS4 (from my knowledge) doesn’t have much of a library for JRPG’s yet, and series like FF and Kingdom Hearts which I generally enjoyed on the PS3 and earlier have their sequels coming multiplatform. I can’t afford another new console yet due to my wallet bleeding money with all these awesome new games coming out, but if they were to make a new JRPG that was on the level of Ni No Kuni, or a sequel for it, I would have to pick it up.

          • John Nemesh

            Good news for you then…Ni no Kuni 2 is currently in development for ps4! We are also getting Persona 4 and Disgaea 5 this year.

      • OC Guy

        In case you haven’t realized the Japanese console market is losing shares rapidly to mobile devices where console sales are extremely strong in the US for both PS4 and X1….That could be it….You know, more money to be made…Profit….the thing that keeps companies afloat…No? Don’t get that? Didn’t think so.

  • DeadnBuried

    If it were just between Xbox One and PC then sure, they’d allow it in a heartbeat. But between Xbox One, PC AND PS4? I can’t see it ever happening. As soon as you allow it for one game, you open the question to every other game, and given the Xbox One being the weaker hardware of the three, there would inevitably be arguments about the Xbox version not running as well or looking as crisp and MS just wouldn’t look good out of it in the end.

    I just can’t see it happening. Ever.

    • Black Heaven

      In terms of hardware, there are also PS3 players alongside PS4 and PC all playing in the same server, so if anything, XboxOne won’t be the weakest of the bunch with the presence of the last gen. I played ffxiv on PS3 and I really encountered issues doing high population content (The Odin fight: I can’t see the people fighting, I can’t see the attacks that are killing me, I can’t see Odin himself) but runs fine on small dungeon runs and general content.

      That said, the problem is the policy as mentioned many many times. The best bet XboxOne players will play ffxiv is for SE to have dedicated servers for XBL (and probbly allow PC players in there too), but SE won’t do that since it will “split the players”.

    • Chris Lopes

      It already happened with Final Fantasy XI on PS2, PS3, PC and Xbox 360. I see no reason why they couldn’t do it again.

    • Zider

      And PS3, and Mac.

  • Fluffpaw

    As you said above, the more users we have playing this game only means a better experience for the overall playerbase. I hope Microsoft decides to allow PS+Xbox to play together because it’s clear that that’s the real issue here. I really am not taken to the prospect of servers being split to allow PC players to play with PS users or vice versa.

    But isn’t there talk of the PS3 version being discontinued come 4.0? I haven’t been following Nintendo news at all since like, the 2DS lol, so I have no idea just how powerful this NX is supposed to be.

  • Budgiecat

    wouldnt this mean XB1 players would be playing with PS4 players? Microsoft cant have none of that! :p

  • Fluffpaw

    If any deals were made behind closed doors I highly doubt Square would keep teasing about the possibility of this game releasing on the Xbox One. Talks like this wouldn’t be happening at all if something had been arranged behind closed doors.

    • Nihelus Aurenis

      Articles like this could very well be made by SE to pressure Microsoft into acting like a somewhat rational company and just letting SE put the game on their system.

      • Fluffpaw

        Of course. My comment was in reference to the possibility of Sony having paid off Square to not release on Xbox systems. That would be ridiculous because if that were the case, Square wouldn’t be teasing a possible Xbox One release.

        Perhaps I just misinterpreted what the OP was saying with their comment.

  • Nihelus Aurenis

    I know it’s not “officially” supported, but I play FFXIV on Windows 10 without any problems whatsoever.

    • Stranger On The Road

      I believe that what he is trying to say is; they will need to ‘lock it’ to Windows 10 if they are to have a cross-play with the XB1 version; or more accurately, only those playing on W10 can play with the XB1 players. Which is as of now, isn’t a good idea to him since he has Windows 7/8.x users to consider, as well as the PS3 and PS4 users!

  • ChaoticP

    I’m just curious how this would all play out if it had been been released for both Xbox One and PC first, and then ported to PS4. Of course that would never happen as the Japanese market is part of FF core player base, but is this something Sony would allow if they weren’t in advantageous position of having the game coming first to their system?

    • Stranger On The Road

      it isn’t about allowing the game on the platform; but allowing cross-play with the other platforms. On the PC, the developer can do whatever the flip they want, on the console they have to talk to the platform holder. In the case of Sony, they don’t seem to mind cross platform games, this allowed the gamer to play across the PC, PS4, PS3 and XB360 (yes, the XB360).

      It is only when the XB1 came out that MS blocked the cross-platform play, and then recently allowed it only with Windows 10. Sony doesn’t seem to have any issue allowing SE to let the PS4 players play with XB1 players; as of now, it is MS that is having this problem. That is why the developer is in negotiation with MS!

      • Millenia Blue

        No. They blocked cross-platform play during the Xbox 360 era. Because of one game. I think it was called Shadow Run? PC players was kicking are butts in it!

        • Stranger On The Road

          True, but they allowed the FF game to be cross platform as an exception; but now won’t allow for the same exception on the XB1. Sorry, about that 🙁

      • ChaoticP

        Like I said it’s easy to say Sony has no issue with it being they’ve already secured the game on their platform, but had SE went to MS first I think it’d be a different situation as I’m doubtful MS would be attempting to pull down the game because it’s been released on Playstation.

        • Travis Hedspeth

          Sony has said many times they’re open to cross play! It’s Microsoft holding it back n I feel like it’s because of their huge investments in their servers which no 3rd party developer uses or supports

          • DanielGearSolid

            Free for 3rd party exclusives

  • Cudgiebat

    I don’t think this will happen anytime soon, there are too many different versions that need to be compatible, Windows 10, 8, 7, and PS4. No way Microsoft would allow Xbox One and PS4 players unite for this game.

    • Millenia Blue

      If this was Don Mattrick. I would agree. But its not!

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        You can’t seriously think that Phil Spencer is that much different. This is the same guy (I’m paraphrasing here) who said that we are gullible enough to buy an Xbox One in 2013.

        • manthk

          the boss is bill gates…..

        • chrisday85

          Twisting words would be the better way of saying what you said.

          A guy from microsoft in charge of Xbox one sales said he felt the Xbox one was worth being bought, and you took that as him saying you’re so stupid you will buy one.

          *smacks forehead*

          I may even know the conversation you’re talking about during resolution gate, when he was asked why someone should buy an Xbox one running games at lower resolution, where he said he can’t see the diffeence and that he thinks they balanced Xbox one just fine. Then he said they had value and had good games coming.

          He’s in marketing. And he said marketing words such as ” our console is good!” Holy crap.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            Or, you’re just defending a corporate businessman. Whether that those were his intended words or not, he’s not what everyone makes him out to be. Indie parity clause ring a bell?

    • Mike Henken

      They did for FFXIV on xbox 360, PS3 and Windows Vista/7.

  • royalties my friends royalties

  • Millenia Blue

    Phil Spencer did a lot of great things for Xbox One. Hopefully Phil Spencer would allow this great game. to come to Xbox One sooner than later.

    • John Nemesh

      Spencer’s best attribute is that he is not Mattrick. He is not the 2nd coming people.

  • Nicholas Perry

    Not sure what the point would be. Msft doesn’t want to let anything beyond their paywall or cross platform play. And it would run terribly anyway.

  • D.Sharp Bumpas

    Do it Microsoft

    Your on a tear right now

    Big bank always takes little bank

  • ShadowJetX

    I think part of the problem might M$ requiring people to have xbaxgold in order to play online, which wouldn’t be cool with Yoshi-P considering you already have to pay for a subscription for FFXIV itself.

    FFXIV on xbone would great though, especially since it has Direct X12, though FFXIV runs on DX9/11 I’m sure they could take advantage of it.

  • manthk


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  • davem1992ftw .

    Don’t bother SQEnix.

  • Pops

    I don’t think it matters I haven’t seen a person on my friends list that even plays final fantasy.its not my cup of tea either

  • airshowboat

    I wish it would. That means more players!!


    Yeah well since Xbox won’t allow ff, I’m switching to ps4, waited way to damn long and I’m getting really sick of Xbox and their “policies”

  • rb

    If I can talk on my phone to multiple people on their phones all at the same time and everyone having their own separate carrier, different than mine, why shouldn’t we gamers be able to do that between systems? This needs to become a reality as of yesterday already.

  • Matthew Goldsmith

    I played ff14 on pc and on ps4 I really hope they bring it to xboxone as I know alot of xbox gamers would play it what I don’t understand is why they haven’t already brought it onto the xboxone as pc is Microsoft and so is xbox the money they could make if they brought it to the xboxone would benefit them alot and if they do bring it to xboxone I already know half my friends list on my xboxone would play it