It Will Be a “Very Long Time” Before we Hear About the Next Elder Scrolls Game; Team 100% Focused on Fallout 4

It’s been almost four years since the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and while Bethesda released The Elder Scrolls Online, they didn’t provide the slightest hint about the next single player release of the series.

If you’re warming your engine for an impending announcement, you may want top hold your horses, as explained by Bethesda’s VP of Marketing Pete Hines during a chat at Gamescom.

Hines mentioned that he doesn’t think we’re close to hear about the next Elder Scrolls. Currently Bethesda is working on Fallout 4, and that takes the entire studio, which is 100% focused on it.

The Elder Scrolls Online just came out on consoles, and has DLC coming this year and into next year, and that’s gonna be the Elder Scolls game Bethesda will be talking about for a while. Hines believes that it’ll be a “very long time,” before the team will talk about what they’ll be work on after Fallout 4.

They still have the game to finish, mod support to do, hopefully there will be DLC, and a million other things to do right now.

Incidentally, we also heard that Bethesda Game Studio always focuses on one game. The studio size is about the same that it has been for years, which is “a hundred and something.”It’s roughly the same size as the team that shipped Skyrim.

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  • Andy
    • I’m with you Andy.

    • Darg Varg

      Oooh you’re so original. never seen people posting pointless idiotic pictures before

  • Wilks

    They’ve undoubtedly started the pre-production stage of TESVI, they started Fallout 4 back in 2009. Once the dlc for Fallout 4 is done, they’ll shift entire focus to Elder Scrolls.

    • Devin Lowe

      They actually started physical production of Fallout 4 after Skyrim was released. The entire studio didn’t work on the DLC for Skyrim.

      All the same, I doubt that Bethesda is going to wait until after all DLC for Fallout 4 is done. They’ll still have some people working on Fallout 4 DLC, but they’ll have already shifted the vast majority of their staff onto TES VI after Fallout 4 is released in November.

    • I hope so, elder scrolls is my favorite franchise in gaming and everything seems like it will be even farther away than the FF7 remake 🙁 oh well, at least we have ESO!

    • Cody Collins

      Looks like Bethesda has been working on two games over the past few years, since Dishonored 2 is coming out this year (or next year). However, that points against any ES coming out soon, since, with two games already going, they wouldn’t really have time to work on a third with their limited staff, except sparingly.

      • Wilks ✌

        Dishonored is not developed by Bethesda.

  • HyperTsunaz

    Its okay i think. A lot of people are still enjoying Skyrim to this day and mods continue to support the game.

  • Michael Hawj

    why not develop Skyrim 2 after Fallout 4 release ?

    • HyperTsunaz

      Thats basically what they’re implying. And it most likely won’t be ‘Skyrim 2’ but The Elder Scrolls VI, because the series is TES not Skyrim… Theres Oblivion, Marrowind, etc already.

      • Bloodstrupmoen

        Hammerfell or Elsweyr would be nice 😀

        • Rock Mu

          They technically already did Hammerfell in TES: Daggerfall back in the day. I would guess the next game might take place in Dominion territory. Hammerfell would be cool though since the Ra Gada are the only ones actively & outwardly fighting back against the Dominion at the time of Skyrim. Plus the Redguards have some pretty damn great lore that could be exploited for cool gameplay.

    • Mxyzptlk
      • Designer Dragon

        I’m having flashbacks to the dipshits who called Majora’s Mask “Zelda 2.”

      • SisterSafetyPin

        That’s how I feel when people say the first Mass Effect sucked

  • Eggyhead85

    I’d be happy for a re-release of Skyrim on modern consoles. Especially if that add in mod support like they intend with Fallout 4.

    • Mxyzptlk

      Get a PC then, jesus.

      • Eggyhead85

        Lol. No thank you. PCs have their merits but I vastly prefer consoles for their simplicity and appeal in social occasions. I appreciate the insight, though.

        • Mxyzptlk

          “simplicity”, so you’re admitting you’re too dumb to go online and buy a PC?

          • Eggyhead85

            Holy crap, what is this, high school?
            I’m glad you like PCs and all that, but I make my own money, and I buy what I like. Sorry you can’t seem to handle that.

          • tehbatman

            Lol look at these children. I’m a PC gamer almost exclusively, but you’d have to be an idiot not to see the appeal of a console for simplicity. You pick one up, plug it in and go. No fiddling, no learning to build one, no picking out parts. No installing games, no maintenance. And it’s way better socially, if people stop by your house they can just grab a controller and relax on the couch.
            I prefer my PC for the opposite reason: I like upgrading, customizing, modding out games, etc. Different strokes for different folks.

          • Eggyhead85

            Yes, exactly! The internet needs more people like you! Thank you! Lol.

          • Corey Windom

            i like consoles and PC….but to the people that think that only PC games are worth playing Ill just say this ……. The Last of Us.

          • Ignore the troll. Same boat, dude.

          • Eggyhead85

            Naughty kids are the only people I’ve seen in the real, waking world who behave the way trolls do online, and I wouldn’t let a child get by thinking that kind of behavior is okay.
            I’m an adult, I work with kids, so I’m not afraid to scold a troll if one tries to harass me.

          • Brandon Moldenhauer

            That’s the thing about trolls, though. They WANT you to scold them. They crave negative attention and are willing to act like childish jackasses to get it. Best to ignore them.

          • Dylan Pearson
        • Stephen D Pitzer

          “simplicity” PCs are to hard to use huh?

          • Eggyhead85

            Not hard, it’s just a matter of control. Computers aren’t really up for public use in my house without supervision, so I’m reluctant to allow friends and guests to fire up a personal computer of mine just to play around. I’d rather keep games on a dedicated console separate from my private stuff. It’s just simpler that way and anybody can enjoy it. Do you see where I’m coming from?

    • Sexy Mcgee

      I missed out on Skyrim so if they released a touched up current gen version with all the DLC I too would be fine with it. I’m happy they’re focused on Fallout right now.

    • SisterSafetyPin

      That would be cool

    • ThinkerT

      VERY unlikely to happen, unless they contract it out to a different studio like they did with New Vegas. Otherwise they won’t spend internal resources on it that could go towards the next game.

    • Devin Lowe

      That’s not happening. Ever.

      Bethesda has NEVER re-released a single TES or Fallout game ported to a new console. I highly doubt that they’ll waste their time on such an effort now.

      Especially since TES VI has most-likely been in development for 4 years now.

  • Guest

    How is Skyrim on Xbox and PC? I remember tried to play it on PS3 but the lag/framerate was awful

    • SisterSafetyPin

      It’s excellent on PC, pretty good on 360. There are bugs and issues on the 360 that you can mod out on PC, but both are better than PS3

    • Jecht_Sin

      It has eventually been fixed on PS3 after one year or more. Just before they made available the DLCs. To “apologize” Bethesda even sold the DLCs at half the price… for one week.

      • SisterSafetyPin

        lol, was it really only one week?

    • ENDOT123

      Skyrim on PC is outstanding, especially on its highest settings at 60fps.

  • I always preferred the Elder Scrolls games over Fallout – so it is rather disappointing, but again, as long as it’s coming, I’ll live with that.

    • SisterSafetyPin


  • Freekstile

    That’s a shame because ESO is a pretty bad game. I’m more of a Elder Scrolls fan than Fallout so hopefully sooner than later they’ll make an announcement on what’s next.

  • Dadrixx

    Still playing Skyrim, and Fallout 4 is on its way. They can take their sweet time for the next TES, we’ll be pretty busy imo. Let’s not rush it, TES VI will be stellar, no doubt about it, but let’s enjoy our time with F4 first !

  • Truth36

    Check this Bethesda document out

    • I hope this is true.

      • Devin Lowe

        It’s not true. This a fake “leak” that was shown online over a year ago.

    • Chase

      It has a typo.

      “The annual E3 event will take place June.”

  • Fear Monkey

    I believe that they will be building a major engine upgrade for the next game as they did with Skyrim, and thats also going to push things back. Todd Howard mentioned he would have two games using the Skyrim engine and thats Skyrim and Fallout 4, and by the time the next TES game would be released (2019-2020 most likely with 2018 at the earliest), this current engine will be looking old.

    I am hoping they do Black Marsh for the next game.

  • Bryan

    Well on the bright side we might see the next Elderscroll support VR? Since they didn’t make it yet so the tech will be very modern.

  • Charlieholmes06

    Well that’s just sad considering ESO isn’t half the game Skyrim is! How bout’ at least a remaster?

  • carrebeannut

    never like fallout series, if not TES VI i will not buy anything from bethesda.

    ESO is load of rubbish.

  • D.N. (Deadly Nightshade)

    You know what you mother fückêrs!!!! At least port Skyrim legendary to Ps4/X1. I’ll be okay with a high def Skyrim and would buy it first day like I did GTA V port

    • ENDOT123

      I’ve got skyrim at 60fps and 1080p.

      • D.N. (Deadly Nightshade)

        PC tho. I’m not spending a shïte load of money on a decent PC. I have rent and a car

  • Blinken

    Using ESO as an excuse is just stupid when they answered fears about no more TES single player games by parroting that Zenimax is a separate studio from Bethesda.
    Also ESO can shove it

  • remnanthelmet

    Bethesda didn’t make ESO, Zenimax Online did.

  • Devin Lowe

    Meanwhile, I’m just waiting for the masses to realize that Bethesda waited for OVER 4 years to announce TESV: Skyrim back then in December 2010. TESIV: Oblivion was released back in March 2006.

    Do the math for yourselves. It hasn’t even been 4 years yet…and the masses are still inclined to believe nay-saying click-bait articles? :3

  • I like Fallout and all but I would rather have a current gen Elder Scrolls VI.

  • Devin Lowe

    Still waiting for people to figure the math out in their heads…

  • Devin Lowe

    Pete Hines announced a while back that Fallout 4 has been finished since before May of this year. The only work being done by the staff still on it is bug-fixing and polishing of the game. DLC will come next, but it’s not going to take the vast majority of the studio to do it.

    Instead, the greater part of Bethesda Game Studios has already moved back onto The Elder Scrolls VI. They began [pre-production] development of the game since back in November 2011, and they’ll have begun the physical production phase since back in April 2015, at the latest.

    (Edit): I’m going to predict that Bethesda will release ‘The Elder Scrolls VI’ on 06/12/2018, giving it more total time spent even in its physical production phase alone than Bethesda spent for Fallout 4’s production.

    • Ryan

      that would mean just over 3 years in phys production for ES6. if phys began on FO4 just after Skyrim, it got 4 years. Everything you said about production schedules makes perfect sense, your maths is just a bit off

      • Devin Lowe

        Except physical production for FO4 didn’t begin in 2011. It started in April 2013, after Bethesda announced they were “moving on to their next project” (which turned out to be FO4). That’s basically just 2 years spent in physical production for FO4, if they finished in April 2015.

        The way that Bethesda works on their TES games is somewhat different. Unlike their Fallout games, they’ve set on work on new TES games IMMEDIATELY after the release of previous games.

        Some people are convinced that work on TES VI actually began back in March 2011, due to the “Redguard” trademark being mentioned in that month.

        Personally, I’m convinced that the physical production phase for TES VI began back in February 2015. That’s when Bethesda announced that they were “almost ready for their close-up” (referring to E3 in June 2015). I take that to mean that they were almost finished with the production of FO4 by the time of that announcement.

  • Corey Windom

    I can wait…but if I must wait for another 3 or 4 years for the next Elder Scrolls game…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE find some way to begin the game that does not involve me being a prisoner, make the followers smart enough to get the hell out of my way instead of just standing in the doorway looking at me…and do somethign about the damn rocks i always get stuck between…….although you know what…maybe they shouldnt fix that stuff..After all, it just would not feel like an ES game if it wasnt the buggiest POS ever.

    lol…good job Bethesda. One of the greatest video game franchises of all time also happens to be one of the buggiest ever

    • Ryan

      Either like it or don’t. God, Bethesda has some of the WORST “fans” ever, whiny babies about every little thing they can. As for starting out as a prisoner… it’s called tradition.

      • Darg Varg

        As bad as comment whiners like yourself. Don’t like commenting, get off the internet then

        • Ryan

          Nah way worse than me chief. I love commenting, I just hate idiots, so I guess that means you and me won’t be friends.

  • dnzo

    Not an issue for me. One Skyrim is backwards compatible on Xbox One, I’ll happily re-play it in the meantime. Between that and Fallout 4 (plus whatever DLC comes out), I will be a happy player.

    • Devin Lowe

      Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen anytime soon. Microsoft is still using the stupid excuse of “licensing” as the reason why they can’t get Skyrim as a backward-compatible title on Xbox One.

      I think they just don’t want to see Bethesda profiting from sales of the game anymore than they already have in the past, with over 23 million copies of Skyrim sold as of last year.