New PS4 Exclusive NieR’s Director Praises the Great Work PlatinumGames Is Doing on the Game

on October 19, 2015 3:44 AM

NieR and Drakengard Director Taro Yoko and PlatinumGames are collaborating under Square Enix’s banner for a new PS4 exclusive NieR game, and today Yoko-san expressed his appreciation for the work the house of Bayonetta is doing on the upcoming title in response to a Tweet by Hideki Kamiya.

Hideki Kamiya:

“We’ll do our best to meet Yoko-san’s expectations.”

Taro Yoko:

“Platinum is doing such a great job, that I feel like I’m not necessary.”

“Although in this industry we not longer use the term “subcontractor” very often, it’s true that there are a lot of companies working with this philosophy of “we just need to do what we’ve been told”. But Platinum is honestly a great company. It’s like when you order a regular set at Ten-ichi [a restaurant] and they give you free fried chicken and rice, as well as an extra cup of Kotteri [Ramen soup].”

“That said, I’m the one in charge of the scenerio, after all, so please never expect too highly of me.

Despite Yoko-san’s trademark modesty, I have to say that I definitely have high expectations for this game. I truly can’t wait to hear, and hopefully see more about it at Paris Games Week.

[Translation by Kazumat815]

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