Sony Executive Weighs in on the Possibility of a Future Release of a PS4 With Improved Performance

Normally, console generations are airtight compartments. Sporadic backwards compatibility aside, consoles are sold as-is, and then iterated with only minor changes like power consumption, size and so forth, without touching performance.

Nintendo actually did something rather new with the New Nintendo 3DS, providing a second iteration of the 3DS with slightly increased power.

During an interview on 4Gamer, Sony Computer Entertainment Senior Vice President Masayasu Ito was asked his take on the possibility of a future release of a PS4 console with improved performance.

Ito-san immediately clarified that he has nothing specific to announce, but the adoption of the X86 architecture, made performance improvements in due time possible. Yet, Ito-san continued, the real question is whether those improvements should be made or not.

With the PS3 architecture and the Cell, it was impossible to expand the machine beyond the capacity of the hard disk. On the other hand, with the PS4 adopting a conventional X86 architecture, it’s easy to achieve flexible performance enhancements while using the same game assets.

That’s why providing a standard performance version of the PS4 and a high performance version of the console side-by-side is, according to Ito-san, an idea that might be considered.

It’s worth stressing on the fact that Ito-san was talking hypothetically, prompted by a specific question. So don’t go taking this as a confirmation a PS4.1 is actually in the works.

It’ll be interesting to see if home consoles manufacturers will consider this possibility in the future, but for now it remains within the realm of pure theory.

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  • PixelOmen

    Very interesting, I wasn’t expecting that response. Something like that would dramatically impact the way the console cycle works, it’d be fascinating to see how that’d play out.

  • Tronytony

    GameSpot’s next headline : Sony Vice President Confirms Talks of PS4.1

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Oh boy.

    • Хаотикс

      Yep, PS4 “One” confirmed xD

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    • Liquid7
  • Rob

    “Nintendo actually did something rather new with the New Nintendo 3DS,
    providing a second iteration of the 3DS with slightly increased power,
    resulting in a few exclusive games.”

    If the results lead to that…NOPE!

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      He actually mentions keeping the previous game assets, so it seems to me that he means just better performance on the same games.

      Again, though, he’s just theorizing.

      • Rob

        Yeah. I’m okay with that. I’m just against the way Nintendo handled that for the New 3DS(and the DSi before). Little Billy has the 1st 3DS, and he wants Xenoblade, but it’s only on for the New 3DS because of the hardware. Little Billy’s parents won’t buy him a New 3DS, so he’s sad now. lol

      • Black Heaven

        Just in case that actually happens and they released PS4.1, what would happen to PS4.0 and everybody else who owned it?

        Is it gonna be similar to the New 3DS where it’s technically a new handheld with all its “exclusive” features and games?

        • SpaceJockey

          Nothing would happen to them with the original ps4. It would still play all ps4 titles.. The newer one would just run on slightly higher settings.. I think it’s a brilliant idea. Why wouldn’t you? I mean it’s not compulsory.. But the people who actually want it can and the people who don’t don’t have too.. Everyone wins.

        • HyperTsunaz

          No, as said the same assets are being used. Thus meaning it would all be the exact same games. But the ‘PS4.1’ having more power, would run it at a higher framerate.

      • Stuff like this seems reasonable until devs start making games that for the higher end specs. They would have to lock out devs to the new specs so they keep developing for the low end in-order to not split the install base. if they do that then a beefier ps4 would be acceptable.

  • sunK1D

    As awesome as this sounds.. It would never work as intended.

  • Larry Rose

    That willl never happen.

    • garf02

      this, even if its and countermeasure to NX being stronger, it will just split the userbase

      • Boerewors

        Not when you think of it as PCs: the old PS4s will still be able to play the games, the new ones will perform better. I’d really like a revision that makes it possible to play everything with a locked 60fps, I’d even revisit old games to experience them the way they should’ve been, just like I did when I got the New3DS.

        • zero

          That’s the thing, people buy consoles in order to not have to deal with that kind of PC bullshit.

          And they know better than to screw over 25 million “early adopters”.

          • Boerewors

            It isn’t screwing over. Do you feel screwed over when Apple or Samsung announce their new phones? And because of the PC architecture consoles are using games will be forward and backward compatible for the most part. If a publishers decides not to cater to those 25 million early adopters with their latest games, they should get that chance, but it isn’t very likely.

            If every 2 or 3 years we get a revision of our console, just like the iPhone ‘S’ line always does, early adopters can choose to stick to the older hardware and still be able to play just about everything, or they can upgrade and enjoy a better framerate and resolution. A more ideal scenario would be modular consoles, but we’re too late for that…maybe next round!

          • zero

            Modular consoles? This already exists, it is called a personal computer, pc for short.

            One of the great strengths of consoles is their stability, buy a box and you know it will be supported to its fullest for the next five to eight years. Releasing better revisions of consoles as quickly as you are suggesting is a violation of this trust. And personally, I would not invest in a console if I knew that a better version was coming out two years down the line.

            And yes, I dislike the way companies like Apple and Samsung conduct their business, but phones can not be compared with consoles in this matter, as they are vastly different products.

          • WTGHookshot

            Phones are built around the idea of being a portable computer. If a console did this same thing, what would separate them in any way from being a computer themselves?

            They have a series of devices for what you are looking for; they are called Steam Machines.

          • NEKO WORKING

            And Nintendo will do exactly this bullshit with NX, trust me.

          • Mo B.

            How does it screw you over? The game will stiill run on your PS4. It will just run with higher resolution/frame rate on the new console. It’s like the people who bought MGS V on the PS3, instead of the PS4.

        • garf02

          developers already hate hate to make ports, making em make even more ports for not extra gain is not gonna settle with em, especially with the hack crybaby that makes 3rd party studios/publishers

        • cromthelaughinggod7

          It won’t work no one including me is going to buy another ps4 after buying the first one. That would be foolish on their part. Now if it is an attachment as a device for additional dollars to boost performance then I would buy it.

          • Eddie B

            The way Sony hit it off with the Ps4, all of their decisions have been on point and that will not change Ps5 in 2018 is gonna happen.

        • WTGHookshot

          The problem here is developers would have to design the games to be compatible with the older models while flexible to allow the new specs. Most developers cap framerate and resolution on consoles and don’t make them variable. You use the New 3DS as an example but that just goes to prove my point: you can’t play certain games on the older 3DS models (Xenoblade Chronicles 3D for instance). So, you fragment your userbase.

          If it mayters that much to you, just buy/build a PC. These are consoles. They are not meant to be constantly upgraded.

        • Leo Liu

          You won’t be able to play everything at 60fps. The best thing that’s going to happen is that the games are going to have a better look at 30fps.

          Not to mention that the computation power needed from 30fps to 60fps is about 100% more, which is just too much for home consoles. Unless they want to lose about all the fanbase who bought the old version.

      • Mo B.

        I don’t think it will. With the x86 core it allows for engines to be much more scalable. The games would automatically scale to your console.

        • WTGHookshot

          “Allows” to be scalable. But in order to actually be scalable, programmers still have to program it for such, which is more time and money without any monetary gain included.

          • Mo B.

            most engines are scalable, and their would be monetary gain. widening the base with a more powerful option, increases the number of sales.

        • garf02

          it doesnt work like that, ever version has to be tested and shit, thats why rushed PC ports are usually that broken, cause devs just slap on the code n try to hamfist it with the hardware.

      • Kris Crawford

        I disagree about splitting the user base. All they need to do is downgrade the games slightly for a cheaper price standard model and have a slightly more expensive high end model. Go for it I say

    • Cenk Algu

      it will happen idiot because NX is coming and will blow PS and X1 out out of the water but you cant think that wide.


    I’d like a ps4.1 with better hardware.

  • Shuklar

    Even if they didn’t give you the actual power, yet gave you the foundation to support your own upgrades, that would go along way.

    Would love to have SATA 3 support for newer SDDs, or even PCI-E SSD support so you could install some of the more powerful storage options on the market, to help with load times.

    • Rickowned

      Buy a pc

      • Shuklar

        I was debating whether or not to say something about console exclusives in my first post to avoid people wasting their time making your comment. I have a PC. I want the best possible console experience as well.

        SMH. I put too much faith in people.

        • WTGHookshot

          Play the console exclusives when they are finally emulated on PC. Problem solved. Otherwise, put up with how it already is. You want the exclusives? Then you put up with the drawbacks to them. Everything in life is about give and take. Nothing is perfect. You want to date that hot woman? Then you have to put up with her family and her friends and her job and her kid and her ex-husband that keeps harassing her and her landlord. Everything has a cost, and it’s not always money that’s a cost. You want that job as a lawyer? You’re going to have to dedicate time and money to it and perhaps even lose out on a few relationships. You have to learn to balance the pros and cons and choose what’s most acceptable to you, instead of wishing you could have all the pros with none of the cons.

          • Shuklar

            Options right now are the best option. Who wants to wait around for a time that may not even come, whether it be the emulation support, or your own survival up to that point.

  • elnino


  • Rickowned

    If that happens… Yeah… No it wont

  • Samba

    I’d love if they could take this approach mid-cycle. The current consoles are adequate right now – would be great to be able to freshen them up after a few years.

  • Averix

    As much as I’d love to see a PS4.5 this won’t happen. It adds grief for developers and causes too much confusion with consumers.

  • Netronader

    Itd be a surefire way to kill your console sales in the water this is a completely hypothetical question.

  • Eggyhead85

    Sony PS4S

  • brains

    they don’t even need to put another processor in. they can just release some of the 3Gb of RAM they have set aside for system operations… and / or, overclock with a FW update – provided the first SKUs can handle the increased heat such an update would bring.

  • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

    2016 – PlayStation 4 Turbo
    2017 – Super PlayStation 4
    2018 – Super PlayStation 4 Turbo

    2019 – Ultra PlayStation 4
    2020 – Ultra PlayStation 4: Accent Sphere Plus – Alpha Edition ~For The Players~

    • ipot_04

      You can replace the “PlayStation 4” words with “Street Fighter V”.


      Sound like how Nintendo naming their console. Wii -> Wii U -> Super New Wii U Something, 3DS -> New 3DS. Sony would simply do with number and letter like PS4.1, PS4.5+, etc..

    • Raptor150


    • Sergio Fernandes Oliveira

      What is your problem…

    • Herolicar Bufole

      2021 Ultra Playstation 4: Last Round Ex HD Arcade Remix Final MIx+ v2.0

  • Aria68

    Hmmm Interesting…

  • Oh man what if this inspires Microsoft to release the Xbox One.1.
    We will see when that PS4 slim releases I suppose.

    • Boerewors

      I wouldn’t be surprised if there will be a “New One” next year, with some more power under the hood. I know they’ve been discussing this internally, even before the One even launched, and I would very much like consoles to adapt some sort of “Apple strategy” and bring us a new console every 2 years, with the old ones staying forward compatible for most titles (devs should have the choice to just cater to the latest revision). I want modular consoles that mix the best of PC and consoles for 10 years now and Steam’s project is failing miserably, but a revision every 2 years would be fine too; imagine playing Bloodborne on 60fps,the way it should be…that alone I would gladly pay $400 for.

      • Bro the majority of console buyers don’t care about fps at all xD
        When framerate drops they would react like aw this lag is killing me!

        Mainstream your idea would not be feasable imo. It’s too elite. Steam project has barely lifted of the ground yet and main issue is PRICE. So expensive when you could make your own dedicated mini pc for less.

        About the steam controller maybe they were too ambitious, but the project has barely lifted of the ground or am I mistaken? I am not sure tbh.

        Every 2 years new version of a console would definitely disperse or spread sales in between each cycle, not sure if that is cost effective either.

        IDK maybe you are right and I am wrong. Who knows 😛

        • Boerewors

          The Steam machine was a stillborn project to begin with, and it is bound to fail. But bringing a revision of your console after 2 or 3 years doesn’t have to split the userbase because consoles have adopted a PC architecture. Compare it with an iPhone: now the ‘S’ model is out, my iPhone 6 isn’t completely useless all of a sudden, nor does the new model have to start over app and game wise.

          A PS4+ would be backwards compatible, but the older launch PS4 is forward compatible, unless a publisher decides to make a game just for the new hardware… Which is highly unlikely. It would be just like upgrading your PC, but instead of replacing individual parts, you can choose to buy a $399 piece of ready made hardware. My solution of choice would be a modular console like I said, with pre determined GPUs, CPUs and RAM units releasing at set periods of time. Upgrading is completely optional, but where people who bought a console in 2013 without upgrading play a game in 1080p/ 30fps, people who upgraded to the latest specs in 2017 are playing the same game in 4K/ 30fps or 1080p/ 120fps. With a PC architecture this is possible and upgrades would have to be standardized so developers can push the hardware to its limits.

          I know this plan has some caveats as well, but I simply can’t handle another 10 year gen. The PS3 is still the leading platform for some games in Japan and I just want a console every 4 years tops. Especially with the underpowered One and PS4 we got, it makes sense to upgrade the hardware every 4 years. And if they use of the shelf parts again, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

          • WTGHookshot

            Just build a PC then. It sincerely doesn’t sound like console gaming is for you. What you are proposing is an abandonment of everything that makes consoles consoles in the first place.

          • Boerewors

            What I’m proposing is simply a concept that would feature best of both worlds. I want the performance of a PC, but the comfort of a console. Steam machines could have been my perfect solution, but Valve doesn’t set standards (silver, gold, platinum f.i.) where every manufacturer should stick to and they don’t offer a service like plus or gold, nor do they develop as much games as Sony does, do they aren’t willing to invest in a console.

            My dream console isn’t a PC, it’s more complicated than that, but the real reason why we won’t see these things is that people prefer playing on lousy hardware they bought 6 years back so they feel their purchase was worth it. I hope one day we’ll see a industry that’s driven more by technology than by making back investments from the past; as Apple’s model had shown us, manufacturers can benefit as well in that scenario.

          • WTGHookshot

            Really? You are focusing on Apple’s model to be proof that it is beneficial? The model that has made many other OEMs like Motorola, HTC, Sony, Nokia, and many others to start losing more and more money by trying to follow it? Sure, it’s successful for Apple because they created an image, not better technology. They have a drastic price mark-up on their products. They created a mentality similar to that of PC gamers, of having to have the latest and greatest just to brag… Not because you actually need it for what you are doing. That’s the type of mentality you want to bring to consoles?

          • Boerewors

            I’m just taking an example, but of course you can’t make a carbon copy of the mobile phone business. The difference between Steam Machines and Mobile Phones is that the margin isn’t in the hardware, it’s in the software and services. Where Apple has to create an image to mark up its technology and Steam Machines simply ask more for less, MS and Sony can offer the latest technology at cost price, or even at a small loss, this makes all the difference. And if they take a more prudent approach like they did with this gen and offer off the shelve parts, they could offer a brand new console every 3 years without it costing the consumer an awful lot.

            We’re about to enter the VR and 4K era, both of which require hell of a lot more juice then we currently have. It would be great if console lifecycles didn’t drag on forever, like they did last gen, but if consoles would adapt to the needs of consumers. I feel consumers will need more than either the PS4 or One is capable of giving them, but I don’t see the PC as the ultimate solution.

            And furthermore; I’m not a MS or Sony engineer preparing you lot for the future, I’m just dreaming up my ideal form of gaming: a console that adapts to my needs, instead of me adapting to the console’s (lack of) strength. I miss the days where the technology behind consoles was actually something mysterious and powerful and when you got home and bought a PS people would come over to check this mystical box that has discs instead of tapes for movies. And I’m at an age that I have more disposable income than I used to, so new hardware every 3 years for me sounds like a dream now, but would be hell 20 years ago.

          • WTGHookshot

            The problem is that those old days you just talked about are long gone. It seemed like they were beasts of machines because the surrounding tech world was decently stagnant. In fact, up until 2003, I hadn’t updated my PC since 1992… I didn’t have to. PC and other tech wasn’t constantly growing at the rate it is now. So, the PS1 had more staying power. It was also at a time where a company like Sony could afford to take a loss on the hardware. Now? Not so much. Sony is in decently dire straits.

            Also, games take much longer to develop these days than they used to. 3 years between each console cycle? You’d have companies developing games for 1-2 console cycles behind at that rate due to how long it’d take to develop. And you’d fragment your market quite a bit.

            By the way, developers are already ticked off at Apple as it is for this constant update scheme they have going on. Many of them have stated they aren’t even going to bother patching their apps/games from the things the new hardware and OS breaks between each iteration.

          • Boerewors

            I’m pretty sure that with the right architecture games could be scaleable and publishers could decide for themselves where they set the benchmark, but better hardware could mean better performance, just like on PC. There is another reason why this is my dream scenario and that’s because of retro games. In the PS3 era I was totally convinced that all my digital purchases, of both PS and older games, would simply transfer to the next console; I paid for them, now I own em. Unfortunately we’re not seeing any PSone games on the PS4 just yet and with PSnow I have to pay for the games I already own again for some reason. With hardware that adapts more to my needs games would be both backwards as well as forwards compatible and I wouldn’t have to be afraid of pissing away hundreds of Dollars worth of digital games.

          • WTGHookshot

            You just stated EXACTLY why it would be a bad business decision: if you made everything forwards and backwards compatible regarding software, Sony and Microsoft and Nintendo wouldn’t be able to sell people remasters and subscription plabs like PS Now. Sony makes their money from software sales, not hardware sales. They depend upon people spending again on products. It’s why they took out backwards compatibility and got rid of PS1/PS2 classics. Why would they do something that would make them less money?

            Also, Sony’s long term goal is to not even sell you a console box, but a controller and a software service that streams all the latest and greatest games for a cost.

          • nestorozz1

            many people would want to buy a PS4.1

            just imagine that you could finally play uncharted 4 at 60fps in exchange for a 800$ PS4.1

            The geeks would buy it and the rest of the ignorant console community wouldn’t care less, I mean, they don’t even know what resolution is… 🙁

            10/10 Sony wins

      • WTGHookshot

        Modular consoles defeats the purpose of a console. Steam’s project is failing miserably for that exact reason.

        It sounds like you should build/buy a PC or one of the Steam Machines. You can play the PS4 exclusives like Bloodborne down the road when they are emulated and you can tweak the settings however you want.

        The Apple approach is one of the exact reasons many console owners stay away from PC gaming and mobile gaming. They buy a console to last a full generation without having to upgrade until the next full console release happens.

  • RealityCheck2015

    I would buy a New PS4(even if it was more expensive) with Full(Disc) PS1 & PS2 & PS3 Backwards compatibility 😛 😛 😛 DO! IT! SONY!!! I(make) BELIEVE!!! 😀

  • Jecht_Sin

    I am more inclined to think that due to the scalable x86 architecture Sony will make a PS5 fully backward compatible with the PS4. Yes, in technical terms it’s exactly the same thing, but in terms of marketing it will be a whole different story.

  • Nitre

    like that will ever happen. games are being released for ALL playstation 4s and not just the ps4.1 ones. they will optimize the shit of the ps4 ..which is already happening in ps4 exclusive WWS titles.

  • Anonymus Killer

    Nope, console is not a PC, i mention the same thing on Xbox One article, Console curse and gift is on optimization, it should not be allowed to evolve on hardware level, if it’s allowed, then it will be difficult to optimize because game developer don’t know the limitation. It will just depend on brute power alone like PC.

    • Senpai Gundam

      Consoles are essentially specialized PC’S, especially the PS4 and XBO.

      • Anonymus Killer

        it’s not about hard ware it’s about how the system work, if you call console is a pc then my hand watch is a pc, and my phone is a PC, you can call them computer but not PC, PC is “personal computer that usually use Windows as an OS.

        • R Valencia

          Sony’s PS4 uses a modified FreeBSD 9 as it’s PC OS.

          Higher grade AMD GPUs such as R9-Fury X still has 8 ACE unit front end (GpGPU interface to the outside world) from PS4’s GPU.

          Hardware update options for future PS4.1 already exist.

  • daxecutioner

    I mean doesn’t Nintendo for the most part always improves the power of the handheld? Anywho It’s a handheld, not a console. I think this will give companies an excuse to not push the inferior console as much and just point out it runs bette on the newer hardware. Not too mention its a kick to the face for those 25 million plus players who already bought the regular one. Money wise it doesn’t make sense either. Technically Producing 2 different consoles, adding to it the different HHD sizes, this is too much manufacturing cost for Sony. I see Microsoft doing something like this. Besides how much would the newer cost 450,500? No one is paying that amount to just to see slight improvements, since the hardware specs would still be midrange at the year it comes out to keep cost down. Consoles have come far from literally having MB as RAM. Now we get 5gb for games and 3 for system.

  • Slipknot8312

    I would buy one, 60 fps in every game, better lightning, better textures, better aa, sound very good to me!!
    But Sony could overclock the cpu on the Ps4 a little like M$ did with the the xbone, this would help a little, an decrease the use of the OS’s 3 gm ram to 2, this would be a performance boost like 10% or more

    • Michael Norris

      Yea i been thinking about that,Sony could OC the cpu to 1.75ghz i doubt the heat would be much more than it is right now.Also the Gpu could get a boost as well.

    • WTGHookshot

      Um, it’s only better textures and better lighting IF developers put the extra time and money into it. Just having better hardware doesn’t automatically make the game better. You need developers to actually take advantage of that hardware and program for that hardware. But then that’s extra time and money to do something that they won’t receive any extra money from. Why would they do that?

  • omarcominyo

    I’d pre order one DAY 1!! Just have graphics settings in future games and patch them into the old ones!!

    • WTGHookshot

      Seriously, build/buy a PC/Steam Machine if you want graphic settings and variable specs…

      • omarcominyo

        Got a PC(and a 4k monitor) but I prefer my console set up, more comfortable(reclining sofa), bigger screen, home cinema etc and no I don’t want to hook my pc up to my tv, the last thing my Tv needs is more appliances attached to it with more wiring running around my room!

        • WTGHookshot

          It sounds like you want your cake and to eat it too.

          Why not just unhook the blu-ray player, unhook the consoles, unhook the cable box, and just use your PC as your living room gaming device and home media center? You can buy a blu-ray drive for the PC, you can use a tuner card for the television, and you can use the PC for gaming on your home theater setup. Less wires, less appliances hooked up, less energy costs from having all of the appliances hooked up at once, etc.

          But no, you will shoot down this idea as well, no doubt.

          • omarcominyo

            Too fing right I will, I’ve spend a fortune on tech for my living room(not to mention my monitor) I’m gonna unplug it all, sell it for a huge loss just because you think wanting to have the option to play all my console games at 1080/60P is expecting the earth? JOG ON!!!!

          • WTGHookshot

            It is expecting a model outside of what the current model was created for in the first place. It’s like expecting a Lamborghini to seat 8 people, go 250 mph, be all electric, and to double as a soccer mom vehicle. You want the best of both worlds when both worlds were created in the first place for very different reasons. You have to balance the pros and cons and determine which is more important to you, instead of just wanting all pros. That’s how life works, I’m sorry.

          • omarcominyo

            U still here? Thought I told u to jog on and I’m not ‘expecting’ anything, don’t make things up to suit the argument you’ve started, I said I’d buy one!!

          • WTGHookshot

            Of course I’m still here. Where would I go? Just because you said to “jog on” doesn’t mean I am going to follow your instructions. You are not the boss of me.

          • omarcominyo

            **Instructs me to rip up and rearrange my whole living room up, waste a fortune then spend loads of money but doesn’t like being told to go away and bother somebody else** What a absolute fuckwit!!!

          • WTGHookshot

            Now you have me curious. I, too, have a home theater setup myself. How did you set up your room that would require ripping up your living room to swap a PC in place of your consoles? Like I said, just curious. I’m always interested in hearing how other people set up their home theaters. Helps me learn tips and tricks as well as things not to do.

  • superkarma

    Just like the chance of Microsoft releasing an improved X1 SKU…it’s never going to happen. Not sure why these execs don’t just shoot the thought down immediately so it puts the silly rumors to bed already.

  • saiyanknight87

    damn shame you have to make a disclaimer. today DualShockers tomorrow it will be PS4.5 confirmed lmmfao

  • Carl

    An upgraded PS4 Deluxe won’t happen. Either the new console will just run the 30/sub-60 fps games at locked 60 fps and the few 900p games (Watch Dogs, Battlefield, Star Wars Battlefront, etc.) will display at 1080p, or new games will be made for the new model and the old one would be incapable of running them, just like a PS2 can’t play PS3 games. In the end it would be meaningless. Forget about an enhanced PS4, enjoy the games, and wait while Sony design the new generation PS5.

  • C4

    should be made or not.

    might be considered.

    In other words, nope.

    There will be more revisions and redesigns with more or less minor changes (and hopefully improvements) that’s all.

  • Mo B.

    I actually think this is a great idea. It’s what the MSX platform did back in the 80’s. instead of releasing a PS5, release the PS4.1 in five years. Completely backward compatible for the same price with twice (or three times) the RAM and two to three times the processing power.

    With newer scalable engines, they could support the older console for another decade, while providing better graphics for those that want the option. (along with real 4K gaming support)

  • A chance to give Based Sony even more money?
    What…an absolutely Based idea!

    Yes, please!

  • Gamist

    Bloodborne, UC4, DriveClub at 60fps… hum….

  • Asmodai

    This makes no sense at all. The Cell architecture wasn’t unupgradable if there was a will to do so. In fact IBM DID upgrade them. They made the PowerXCell 8i variant that dramatically increased double precision floating point performance. I’m sure they would have been more than happy to have Sony use them in a PS3 upgrade. Consoles don’t typically fragment their user bases though, that’s one of the main benefits of them over PCs. If they start releasing slightly faster versions every few years that you have to upgrade to in order to play the best games then you might as well buy a PC.

    • R Valencia

      PowerXCell 8i’s increased double precision floating point performance is nearly pointless for games.

      • Asmodai

        I didn’t really mean to say they should use the PowerXCell 8i specifically. The point was just to refute the claim that the cell architecture was unupgradable. It was upgraded (to the PowerXCell 8i) and while that particular upgrade may not have been of much benefit to games it shows that upgrades were possible and I’m sure IBM would have been more than happy to make more game oriented upgrades if Sony had wanted to. Again Sony didn’t want to because having two versions of the PS4, one with the original cell and one with some sort of upgraded version is not how consoles work. One of the major benefits of consoles for developers is they provide a stable FIXED hardware platform.

        • R Valencia

          Unlike AMD Jaguar X86 ISA->AMD ZEN X86 ISA, IBM CELL’s SPU ISA is dead end.

          SPU ISA is not even compatible with VMX128 nor VSX (Power7).

          • Asmodai

            Do you not know what the word HARDWARE means? All that stuff you said is SOFTWARE emulation, SOFTWARE APIs, etc. The HARDWARE is FIXED.

            SOFTWARE absolutely changes over time. At no point did I say otherwise. The vast majority of your comment therefore has nothing to do with anything I said.

            As for the GPUs the PS3 used an nVidia G70 GPU that would have been easy to upgrade to a newer nVidia GPU later in the consoles lifetime as well. The point isn’t that it’s not technically possible to upgrade consoles, they could release new hardware every year as a PS3, PS3.1, PS3.2, etc. the point is that by policy the platform holders ensure to developers that the hardware will stay fixed and the customer base won’t be segregated into multiple different performance levels within a single generation. If you buy a PS4 the day it launches it should run the exact same games as the last PS4 that rolls off the production line.

            As for what the PS5 may be it could be anything, again my comments weren’t about going from one generation to the next, it was about the fact that the HARDWARE specs are fixed within a single generation. They go out of their way to ensure that in fact, it would be VERY easy for them to just up the clock of the Cell for example every time they shrunk the process 90nm -> 65nm -> 45nm. They don’t increase the performance though because they assure developers that the hardware specs are fixed so they keep the same clock even though the smaller process versions could easily be clocked higher.

          • R Valencia

            So what with SOFTWARE emulation? Modern X86 CPUs has a translator for CISC X86 instruction to it’s internal RISC instructions. The cost for the translator has been declining with multiple process technology improvements. Modern X86 CPU hasn’t been executing it’s CISC X86 instruction set in it’s pipeline hardware since AMD K5 and Intel Pentium Pro. X86’s translator is fixable enough with instruction decoding fixes via CPU’s firmware update.

            In regards to PS3’s hit-the-metal method, I don’t recall G70 binary blob being compatible with G80. PS3’s LibGCM is a native GPU command buffer generation library. If you read
            It’s pretty specific to G70 type GPU. Before PS3 was released, G80 was released and ended PC’s G71 (EOL).

            Designing upgraded CELL design for each process node change equals ADDITIONAL R&D cost AND Sony is NOT willing to pay for upgraded CELL for PS4 i.e. Sony went for the commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) method from AMD’s existing IP blocks and semi-customise it, hence reducing Sony’s R&D cost. PS3’s CELL R&D cost was already expensive for Sony and Sony is not willing to repeat the same adventure with IBM and NVIDIA.

            In regards to R&D cost, PS4 is result from Sony’s dissatisfaction for both IBM and NVIDIA, while Microsoft continued their relationship with AMD for Xbox One and the same with Nintendo’s NX i.e. repeat customers for AMD.
            It’s interesting to note that IBM lost it’s existing console OEM customers to same the AMD competitor.

            Unlike AMD’s top-to-bottom GCN designs and unit numbers, IBM CELL doesn’t enough units to spread the R&D cost.
            28 nm AMD Jaguar is about the same size as 28nm ARM Cortex A9.

          • R Valencia

            As for PS5, read
            AMD to power year 2018 game console hardware with a 4K gaming target.
            IBM should be building cutting-edge gaming processors today NOT in the future.

          • Asmodai

            Again I said NOTHING about the PS5, your link has nothing to do with anything I said. I have no idea why you decided to reply to my month old post with a bunch of comments that have nothing to do with anything I said.
            My point was that the Cell processor was upgradable DURING THE LIFE of the PS3 just as the AMD processor is during the life of the PS4. Saying the Cell processor wasn’t upgradable as the article did is false.
            I was NOT saying he PS4 should have been based on cell, I’m certainly not saying they should go back to that for the PS5. What I said was about the Cell/PS3 only.

          • R Valencia

            You think you know better than Sony? Any dead end CPU is upgradeable with enough $$$$$ R&D is invested for processor core updates. For DURING THE LIFE of PS3 and for PS4’s design stage, IBM’s PowerCELL is not upgradeable for workloads that matter for Sony’s Playstation brand.

            Sony is NOT willing to upgrade SPE’s processing cores since they have NOT invested money into it.

            IBM didn’t update PowerCELL8’s SPE beyond this design, while there’s multiple self-funded updates with massive FLOPS growth for AMD and NVIDIA GPUs (MIMD array-processors). IBM is was not willing to self fund beyond PowerCell8 design.

            By self funding, AMD plans to replace AMD Jaguar with mobile AMD ZEN regardless of Sony i.e. Sony is not spending R&D cost for both CPU and GPU processing cores. By 2016, AMD ZEN would be available for upgrading AMD Jaguar. Sony can then semi-customise AMD’s COTS IP blocks.

            Without additional $$$$$ R&D for SPE processor core updates, Sony’s statement is correct. SPE ISA is dead end ISA.

          • Asmodai

            Nothing I said has anything to do with knowing anything better than Sony. In fact I’m saying Sony made the RIGHT decisions NOT saying I know better than them.

            Sony could have easily upped the clock of the Cell for example and thereby increased performance, in workloads that DO matter for gaming, each time they shifted process. Cell launched on the 90nm process then shrunk to 65nm and finally to 45nm. For exactly $0 extra in R&D they could have made the 65nm Cell faster than the 90nm and the 45nm faster than the 65nm. That’s just ONE example.

            Here’s another. The CPU and GPU weren’t merged on the PS3. The GPU was an nVidia G70. It would have taken very little investment on Sony’s part to upgrade the GPU in PS3 to newer nVidia designs that were backwards compatible.

            The PS3 was upgradable if Sony wanted to but they made the RIGHT decision in not doing so (again, not saying I know better than Sony, I’m saying Sony was RIGHT) because one of the main draws for a console is that it offers a FIXED hardware target.

            Sony also made the RIGHT decision in abandoning Cell with the PS4 but again that’s not what I’m talking about. I’ve said nothing about what the PS5 may be as I don’t really care at this point and it has nothing to do with anything I’m talking about.

            The point being that they could have upgraded the PS3 if they wanted just as they could upgrade the PS4 but they aren’t going to upgrade either because the platform is FIXED within a generation. Now maybe the PS5 will be from AMD and based on an upgraded PS4, I don’t really care and it has nothing to do with anything I’ve said because that would be two different console generations and I’m ONLY talking about upgrades WITHIN ONE.

          • R Valencia

            PowerXCell 8i’s clock speed is 3.2 Ghz and IBM didn’t increase it’s clock speed from PS3’s CELL’s 3.2Ghz. By 2009, IBM cancelled further R&D performance upgrades for CELL.

          • R Valencia

            Your asserted view point is flawed since CELL’s SPE core updates for workloads that matter for Sony are not self funded, hence Sony’s claim for CELL not being upgradable DURING THE LIFE of PS3 is correct.

            For workloads that matter for Sony’s Playstation brand, DURING THE LIFE for PS4, AMD already has processing core updates for AMD Jaguar CPU and MIMD processors (aka GPU) available.

        • R Valencia

          From Sony’s POV and they are not willing to pay for another expensive core CELL R&D upgrade, CELL is not upgradeable(for workloads that matter for games) since SPE ISA is a dead end solution.

          With X86, mobile AMD ZEN appears regardless of Sony i.e. AMD pays for the core R&D upgrades that includes Intel’s 256bit AVXv2 SIMD support.

          Mobile Intel Cannonlake appears regardless of Sony.

          • Asmodai

            They didn’t have to pay for an expensive R&D upgrade. They could have easily upped the clock of the existing design each time they shrunk it for an essentially free performance boost if they wanted. They don’t want to though because a console’s core specs are supposed to remain fixed for developers during its life. That hasn’t changed with the PS4 either. Also they could have upgraded the GPU without any of their own R&D buy just buying newer NVidia designs that NVidia was already making. Again though they didn’t do that not because of R&D costs but because that would have fragmented the PS3 user base between users with he upgrade(s) and those without. That’s not how consoles work and that’s the same reason they’re not going to do any core upgrades to the PS4. The core capabilities of the PS4 are going to remain just as fixed as the PS3 did until the PS5 comes out. Sure it’s more likely that the PS5 will be based on a similar architecture to the PS4 while the PS4 changed significantly from the PS3 but that has nothing to do with what I was taking about. I am NOT talking about a generation to generation upgrade, I’m talking about upgrades within a single generation.

  • Kris Crawford

    No smoke without fire. This will come to pass, likely with games running at 60fps 1080p and standard ps4 graphics. Id buy one as am sick of sub standard graphics of this gen. I wonder if they could do a console expansion, a bit like when sega did 32x?

  • Spoonyrogdrumps

    If they came out with a PS4 that had more power in the APU I’m not sure if it would benefit games in terms of optimization but since it’s based off x86 it might not be a problem. I don’t know though. I would buy one as long as it didn’t alienate current PS4 owners which includes me, such as if games were only released for the second iteration. The current system isn’t that old so I don’t see them doing it now if they did but mid life cycle it could happen. You could even trade in your current PS4 for the new one. Upgrades happened to the N64 with the expansion pack that you put in to boost the graphics so it’s feasible.

  • Wolfman Jack

    I just pre-ordered my very first ever Sony PS4 Star Wars edition. I switched over from an Xbox360 Star Wars edition (I’m keeping this baby) and did not decide to jump onto XB1 only because I’m heavily into quality resolution and PS4 definitely wins XB over this argument. Also the hottest games now in days are made for both consoles Instead of exclusive deals and such forth so it aided my decision to go with the best and also because I’m a huge Star Wars Fan which they are exclusively making the console. This news of enhance performance improvements makes me feel awesome about my recent purchase (which I should be receiving on November 17th) but only if this idea of improve performance can be added on to this PS4 console so I can continue to enjoy my PS4 for a very long time. However if this improve performance comes as a new console not too long from now than I would be in distrust with Sony. I’m investing lots of my hard earn $$$$ into this gen system for the long term and not short term. I would gladly spend extra $$$$ for an added component that can be attached to the current PS4 that would improve speed, resolution etc and cost less than buying an entire new console again but not into another console where household space and money is limited.

    I just switched over from Xbox360 and decided not to get XB1. I’m investing lots of my hard earn $$$$ into my beautiful PS4 Star Wars limited Edition which I’m very excited about. I’m also very excited for this news of improve performance ONLY AND ONLY it comes as an attachment to this current PS4. I would gladly purchase this component rather then buying an entire new console. I hope Sony does this and follows in the foot steps as Samsung did with their TV’s with thier introduction of the “Evolution kit” that was compatible with thier LED TV models 7000, 8000, 8500 etc. This is meant to improve 2013 TVs performance for a couples of years as Samsung advances thier technology in TVs. These owners of these TV won’t be out dated for a few years think till 2017 or so due to new Samsung technology because of the “Evolution Kit”. This Evolution Kit was sold separately and able to attach to certain 2013 models Please Sony, don’t make me regret my decision!

  • pidgin

    Ofcourse they should release it. Every PS4 owner I know will dump their PS4-s for nintendo nx next year.

  • Jadper O’Harrah

    bad bad idea. they have so many customers now with the current ps4, and now they want to divide them? also i was going to buy a 2nd ps4 for my upstairs now im hesitant to do so.

  • Bernifolous

    This one is to easy. It’s going to happen, it’s going to be called Ps4k and it’s going to work. All they need to do is make is make it $500 sell the regular ps4 for $350 make the ps4k backwards compatible and your good. It will be for people who have 4k tv set’s. If you don’t have one you won’t need it. If you get one trade in your regular ps4 and pay the piper. The publishers will love charging you a few extra bucks for 4k resolution and people including myself will gobble it up. If people will buy 4k tv sets with no content think about the most popular console all of a sudden offering all of it’s content in 4k. The ps store will be raking in the bucks.

  • FllyZr4

    only makes sense if PS.VR cant handle 4K, cant handle PS.VR so… oh wait… dam… time to sell my launch PS4. Fragmentation would kill PS4´s stride, I find it hard to believe they would make that mistake.

  • Nicholas Perry

    Good idea. Now if only they didn’t charge tens of thousands of dollars to patch games. Every existing game could be patched for a newer console revision to improve performance.

  • elizabeth

    Thanks for the article. Just want to inform all folks who live outside US that PS4 is a great media Player. If you want to access Netflix and other streaming stations on your PS4 you can use UnoTelly as I do to get around the geo block.