Sony Has No First Party PS Vita Games in Development: First Party Strategy Focused on PS4

While the PS Vita has been struggling to gain a foothold in the west, it’s fairly successful in Japan. During an interview on 4Gamer Sony Computer Entertainment Senior Vice President Masayasu Ito talked about the situation of Sony’s portable:

“At the beginning the PS Vita did not resonate with age targets under 20, but now the situation is changing and the popularity with younger demographics is increasing. Minecraft: PS Vita Edition has provided a boost.

In addition to that, a variety of third party  games is also planned for the future, and in order to further accelerate that flow, we decided to release new colors for the PS Vita this fall.”

Asked on the first party situation, Ito-san explained that Sony isn’t developing any games on its own, relying on third parties while internal resources are shifted on PS4.

“Currently, first party studios have no titles in development for PS Vita. Since third parties are working very hard on PS Vita, SCE’s own strategy is to focus on PS4, which is a new platform.”

Personally, I love my PS Vita, but it’s hard to contest that the strategy of focusing on PS4 to solidify its position further in the market is a sound one. Luckily, third party developers keep delivering for Sony’s portable, and hopefully we’ll see more of the many Japanese PS Vita games localized to quench that thirst.

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  • No surprise there, third party titles have been the bread and butter of the Vita for some time, if anything theres way too many games to play on it.


    more ps4 please and thank you

  • Rob

    “At the beginning the PS Vita did not resonate with age targets under
    20, but now the situation is changing and the popularity with younger
    demographics is increasing.”

    Maybe the reason for that is due to the age targets who were under 20(coming of age) at the beginning of the Vita are 20 now. *joke*

    Sucks that there are no 1st party games coming, but there’s more 3rd party goodness on the way.

  • Valkyrine

    I’m ok with that because there are plenty of great 3rd Party games. How about you just drop the price of the memory card already. Seriously Sony!

    • Ghost250

      Sony is not going to drop the price of the memory cards. Why would they? It’s not like them dropping the price on them is going to make the vita sell any better than it already is. Only thing dropping the memory card prices will do is make them less money off vita than they already are.

      • daxecutioner

        That is actually true now that I think about it. Its like now they have you locked in as a vita user and you need memory so you’re forced to buy one. Even Sony announcing cutting prices in memory won’t bring in customers.

    • Eggyhead85

      Go find a used one somewhere?

    • Mo B.

      Their memory card strategy killed that thing. You can call Nintendo short sighted for a lot of their proprietary crap, but at least their handheld used standard SD cards.

      • Valkyrine

        yeah. This is one of the reasons I don’t purchase game for the vita because I can’t afford the lack of space.

  • Graxiplon

    I still love my little legacy platform.

  • ryan

    roflmao look at wii u only support nintendo has is it selfs,running into grave.
    Before anyone says system can live with just first party,look at wii u no 3rd party.
    Problem here is square enix refuses develop for it,Till all sudden now if that.
    Same goes for other 3rd party,If sony does not take the thing seriously why heck are 3rd party.

    nintendo alienated 3rd party support for wii u,With haveing bad relations and fact they focused on gamepad more then guts.That they let one stupidest companys,buy up rare wtf were they thinking.
    all companys make stupid decisions,But visual novels theres time when they get like ac and cod series. there to over annual released..

    • Ghost250

      MS bought Rare like almost fifteen years ago, GET OVER IT!

      • ryan

        besides point what were nintendo thinking,alienate them away like that.
        i dont know full story behind it,But id surely like to know.
        If nintendo alienated them,like there known for or not.
        or if msoft bought them out by holding green money check

  • Cudgiebat

    As long as 3rd parties don’t stop making unique games like Omega Labyrinth, Criminal Girls, and Moero Chronicles I’ll be happy.

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  • tilt

    Not surprised. Sony already said they cut first party support going forward.

    It’s up to indies, and to a lesser extent, 3rd parties to keep making games for the thing. Personally I’m fine with that. The console has bloomed into a great indie and niche JRPG machine.

  • Stranger On The Road

    I do love the Vita and the games on it; and yes, the 3rd party Japanese support on it is excellent. But I really can’t help but feel that Sony made few bad decisions about it in their attempt to fight the rampant piracy on the PSP! And in doing so, killed the otherwise beautiful system.

    For now I do hope that they will consider a PS Vita+ which would include a larger internal storage, supports normal SD Cards as well as the proprietary PS Vita SD cards, and a faster processor with a larger RAM!

    Fix the mistakes made in the design of the Vita, and who knows…. it might actually start to sell!

    Edit: Might be relevant, see what has been leaked from London Comic Con 🙂

    • Ghost250

      Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there will never be another handheld after the vita from Sony, let alone a upgraded re-design. Dedicated handheld market has shrunk to the point where only can exist in that market, which is Nintendo.

      • WTGHookshot

        Also, why would they create a dedicated handheld when now they can just release mobile first party titles and stream console games via Remote Play or PS Now? Streaming will allow the big console-style games on a portable device and mobile games with controller support will allow those smaller games.

        • Kuzotalis

          Mobile is a different story, because i think that we can all agree that at least Sony knows how to make Handhelds unlike what Microsoft has.

          • WTGHookshot

            Despite that, why would they bother making a handheld? A handheld requires dedicated games and porting, which limits how many games get put on it as developers would have to spend time and money to port. Instead, Sony can just allow streaming of their PS4 games (you’d have to buy a PS4, so there is money in Sony’s pocket without having to spend any additional money), streaming of PS3 games (you’d have to pay for rentals/subscription plans with Playstation Now, so there is money in Sony’s pocket without having to spend any additional money), and they can make mobile games for cheap and sell them to the mainstream audience (which allows them to reach a wider audience than a dedicate handheld gaming device ever would).

          • Kuzotalis

            Yeah and hear me out, how about they market a mobile devices in a different way not to clash in the support of PlayStation 4 & PlayStation Vita, which it’s still going strong compared to last time, but i digress.

          • WTGHookshot

            Well, because they only have so much personnel and so much budget to do so. Which is easier to develop/market for: two platforms or three, when each of those games have to be uniwue and compelling for that specific platform? And now, Sony has 4 platforms, not 3, as they are treating VR as its own platform.

          • Kuzotalis

            Unique you mean.

            And yeah unless they have to be really careful about these because it’s just flat out challenging for them, and i feel like i should support Sony strongly for things i would ever need just to have a fun time.

      • nextleveltaken

        I don’t believe the dedicated handheld market shrunk at all. Sony just didn’t do as good of a job marketing the Vita (especially in the States).

  • Bryan

    I just want Sony to make a first party translation team to bring Niche Japanese games that we have no chance seeing in the west by normal means be translated by fan vote every month or after every project. Is that even possible? xD

    • C4

      Well… there was a vote for Tales of Hearts R a while ago and Namco localized that one. I’m not sure there’s a connection though since Namco said they will localize all main Tales of games (which excludes the other Vita Tales of) but it probably didn’t hurt.

      Obvious choices would be God Eater and Phantasy Star which are both popular IPs. But if Namco and Sega don’t want some of their best games localized there’s not much Sony can do.

  • JRPGMan

    We all knew this. After how amazing PSP was, it is hard to see Sony mess up Vita so badly, but at least they are open about it.

    Vita’s major issue has always been lack of exclusives, first and third party. Getting multiplats and ports with PS3 games has not particularly helped it globally.

    A real shame.

    • WTGHookshot

      They kind of shot themselves in the foot: they created a console-level handheld and people expected console level exclusives… but if you are creating console level games for it, why not create both versions and make double the money? But then Vita loses its exclusives, which loses more and more selling points.

      Also, console-level handheld means console-level budgets… to a smaller demographic. Any smart business would develop for the larger audience (the console).

      Console-level handheld means console style genres (first person shooters, open world games, bombastic set piece games), mainly rated M… whereas handhelds’ bread and butter is selling to children and young adults, which require different genres.

      • JRPGMan

        They got it so right with PSP, and so wrong with Vita it is tough.

        • Kuzotalis

          Such a double edged sword for a portable handheld market that Sony handled if you ask me. And it’s a low blow compared to a Home Platform that is PS4, i swear they need to balance this out in order to work, especially PlayStation Mobile.

        • WTGHookshot

          Well, when the PSP was released, it was also a very, very different market. Gaming wasn’t as mainstream, first of all, and neither was mobile gaming. Tablets and smart phones were just barely starting to gain traction.

          Also, the PSP was still barely a drop in the pocket compared to the DS in terms of sales. Yes, it did better than the Vita, but it also wasn’t some holy grail of a handheld either.

          • JRPGMan

            PSP sold 80 million units. 80 MILLION

          • WTGHookshot

            And the DS sold 154 million units. 154 MILLION. Nearly double that of the PSP.

          • JRPGMan

            How much the DS sold is irrelevant. 80 million puts it in the top 7 best sellign systems ever.

    • Davis Arend

      Shut up

    • Mo B.

      Honestly I think the issue was price. Having the best hardware is not ALWAYS the best option. The 3DS had (and still does) crap hardware, but they were able to sell it for the price people wanted to pay for a handheld.

      The other issue is the proprietary memory cards. the 3DS used the cheaper and STANDARD SD card format.

      • JRPGMan

        I think the memory cardissue is over rated

  • Shadzard

    “Minecraft: PS Vita Edition has provided a boost.”

    Yeah, a Microsoft game.

    • It only recently became a Microsoft property, so I don’t really understand where you’re going with this.

      • doplerradar

        It is slightly ironic if you think about it. Doesn’t really matter though.

  • Boerewors

    Here’s to hoping PSVR gets the support it needs and deserves…else I can make a pretty huge stack of Sony devices they stopped giving a ruck about the last few years :S

    That said, I love my Vita and I think it’s a shame Sony isn’t willing to support it. The handheld could’ve been a succes if they would’ve supported and marketed it right.

  • Still a constant flow of third party games, so I’m good on both ps4 and vita front.

  • HyperTsunaz

    I’ve always loved my vita, but i’ve been thinking of selling it after playing a few more games. Maybe using the money to get Sony’s Xperia Z5 since it can remoteplay as well.

  • Anders

    A first party developer is a developer owned by SCE. So if a first party game is game owned by SCE then you could count the F2P game BigFest as first party Vita game in development.

  • Artivous Ira

    And the Vita is officially on life support. Kind of sad about this but now Sony can focus on their VR more. It’s not like they didn’t fight for the little thing like hell. So much it started getting annoying. They did everything but out right beg people to buy one.

    • JRPGMan

      The Vita has been on life support after the first year from a sales perspective.

  • I’m fine with what the Vita is now, although I do wish for a first party title at least once a year. The ability to play on the go games like Dead Nation, Broken Age, Super Time Force Ultra is just second to none.

  • islan

    Fine by me; other than Gravity Rush, I don’t think I own any first-party Vita games.

  • Starman

    People looking at Ps vr should remember this, if something doesn’t take off quickly sony drop it like a bad habit.

    • hēT͟Hən

      IDK, Vita had a decent chance, just didn’t go. Same could be said about Kinect or WinME or Vista…maybe people looking at Hololens should remember those products too

      • Starman

        Not really the same with hololens as it’s being promoted for a lot more than games. It’s Sony who tend to drop products quickly if they’re not performing. Ms tend to stick with them a lot longer, like with their phones, surface and even the x1.

        • hēT͟Hən

          Yeah, keep making excuses.

          • Starman

            Ha ha, just stated some facts, no need to get all hot about it!

          • hēT͟Hən

            Bored of Halo already? That didn’t take long

          • Starman

            Haven’t even got it! Not that into Halo. Tomb Raider is my next game. Though how posting a comment which takes 30 seconds means I’m bored of a game I don’t know. So you mean that why you’re commenting? Probably could’ve finished The Border: 800P in the time it took you to read this.

          • hēT͟Hən

            “The Border?” Is that the best you can come up with? Still that’s only one of the games we got, you still haven’t got anything the even comes close to Bloodborne, then again that game would be too much of a challenge for a casual bot like you.

          • Starman

            Ha ha, I’ve completed Demons souls, Dark souls & Dark souls 2! Bloodborne is the only PS4 game I want. Great series. Though you well know xboxone has several equally good games. Don’t go by metacritic too much, it’s as biased as we are.

          • hēT͟Hən

            Oops ;D

          • Starman

            What’s that got to do with anything?

          • hēT͟Hən

            What? are you the only one who gets to jump topics?

        • hēT͟Hən

          The Vita has been out longer than any of the products you just mentioned. And Kinect 2 is barely 2 yrs old…What happened to it again? They made one f’cking game for it…don’t even talk about that sh’t anymore

          • Starman

            Kinect still has first party games in development for it, unlike the vita. And there’s way more than 1 game for it!

  • Colin Tosh

    And yet Sony promised every first party would develop Vita games.

    “Yeah absolutely you will. You’ll see a number of games coming out from all of our studios.”

    • PerkyStep

      Too bad Sony lied and trick us all!

      • Leia Hart

        Or just maybe Sony has their hands full fighting Xbox One? I love my Vita and wish it had better support as much as anyone, but Microsoft has mounted one incredible turnaround. If they want to maintain their lead on their flagship system, they need ALL their first parties working on PS4. I’m not apologizing for Sony for their handling of the Vita, I don’t like it either, but certainly anyone thinking rationally can understand why they need to allocate all resources to PS4.

  • Kuzotalis

    Unless they would fix that problem for PlayStation Vita PCH-3000 which includes, first and second party support, more improved LCD, a higher gb of 128, a stable 60 fps, it’s own system that would feel familiar yet quite the same, and that would do very much better than these previous models they made combined.

    Of course if they have to keep supporting Vita and make up a new portable handheld that would be dual screen based that can handle any bit type games more than what Nintendo made like years ago combined, It’s just me though.

  • PerkyStep

    Megaman Legend is great on Vita!

  • TwistedThunder

    I guess it is just me as i find there has been a lack of games for the system not plenty like some say. I have not played my Vita for like 3 months now. Just my opinion though and i may have a different genre then others obviously. Too many players out there that like handhelds have and play a 3DS moreso for many different reasons. Sony should just concentrate on PS4 and VR at this point since not much has been done with Vita since it has been released..

  • C4

    Considering some of their so called 1st party games aren’t 100% 1st party this doesn’t say much. The only Japanese teams they have are Japan Studios and Polyphony Digital unless I’m missing something.

  • Blaine

    My Vita library is great as it is, I’m content with Sony focusing their first-party efforts on PS4 and PSVR. There’s still awesome third-party games coming out anyway, so there’s really no reason to be upset here. I’m looking forward to the Odin Sphere remake and 13 Sentinels, and a lot of indies like The Banner Saga, Darkest Dungeon, Steamworld Heist, Eitr, etc. Never mind first party, if those indies are canceled, THEN I’ll be really upset.

  • OtakuDom

    Doesn’t matter to me.. Sony should convince Bamco to bring God Eater over to the West already

  • That’s fine, it’s still a most Based.handheld.
    You’d never see members of the Based Winning Team criticizing lack of first part efforts on any platform afterall.

  • Chrono Break

    Not surprising, third-parties are always the one that’s giving “life” to the “Vita” in the first place.

  • Maxy

    Well, they are bastards, what else can I say.

  • Leo Liu

    Was there a lot of first party games in the first place? Out of all the games I played on Vita I havent seen a single SONY or Playstation label on start up.

  • Les_Expo_de_Montreal

    First Triple AAA is a huge investissement and Uncharted (1,13k), killzone mercenery (500k) was not rentableas they want. Putting ps2 and ps3 classic on a 12 million market that are hungry and angry are rentable as ps3 remake on ps4 but with different spicy attraction (not on tv against but on portable devise). There is more cost than ps4 remake but more sell ). My first console was a psp, and after i bought until know i will stop and Vr would be a huge flop if they think like they manage their vita. Remote play suck if your not in front of the tv and take so much of data wifi. Finally, the consumer that could play on ps vita never use mobile to play video game

  • ekibyougami

    Honestly, the titles of articles here in Dualshockers are actually far more decent and less-biased sounding (and less clickity-bait) compated to other sites (e.g. *cough* IGN *cough* )

  • MiyuEinzbern

    You realize what this means yes? Japan Studio’s Freedom Wars won’t be getting a sequel in development or planned for awhile since now focus is on ps4 titles. even tho the original FW producer Junichi yoshizakawa left the Freedom Wars project, the assitant producer took over (so project still exists, it just doesn’t have any currrentt plans for development….which means the next game may be far away or maybe never…..Alternate universe might be nice now.

    • Yu

      They might plan something for the PS4, that would mean that they would have to use an all new game engine and have the game work with all new hardware, though. I wonder if they would be open to using the PS4 for a sequel.