Uncharted 4 Gets Tons of New Info On Multiplayer; Check Out Menus and Customization from the Beta

During a livestream on Twitch, Naughty Dog Lead Game Designer Robert Cogburn, Game Designer Vinit Agarwal, Game Designer Erin Daly and Director of Communications Arne Meyer provided a whole lot of new information on Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End‘s multiplayer.

Below you can read a summary of what was revealed:

  • Since this will the last Uncharted game, Naughty Dog added a lot of fanservice to the multiplayer, giving birth to the mysticals.
  • With the PS4 Naughty Dog could do things with AI that couldn’t be done with the PS3. That’s why they created the sidekicks.
  • In the presentation at Paris Games Week, the Cintamani Stone mystical followed the player. Now it’s a ranged grenade-like ability. It has a quite big area of effect.
  • The Wrath of Eldorado mystical isn’t a one hit down, but it just does damage.
  • The Staff of Ayar Manco is a new mystical: upon activation a staff appears on the ground and pulses periodically, it reveals the enemy team location on the radar. The radar is a new element, and you appear on it when you shoot your gun. The staff can be destroyed by the enemy for cash.
  • Indra’s Eternity is another newly introduced mystical: the player throws a dagger on the battlefield. It activates a large area of effect field that slows down the enemy team. They can still get out of it, shoot and throw weapons, but they’re slowed down until they are free.
  • Sidekicks can earn cash for you as they act on your behalf. The enemy team also gets more cash when they are killed as the sidekick performs.
  • The message of the day will give you periodic updates on what’s happening with the game. There will also be surveys.
  • The challenge pop up appears every time you log into the game. It gives you an overview on the challenges that you can accomplish and gain “Relics.”
  • Relics are used to purchase items in the out-of-match store.
  • Uncharted Points can be used to purchase specific items.
  • There are customization options including outfits, taunts and hats. Some taunts have props.
  • Beta points are used exclusively during the beta to unlock weapons and sidekicks. You will get them while playing.
  • Gear ranges from grenades to revive packs, mines and C4. It can be purchased with cash eaned while playing, and during the match you can increase the number you carry and change how it functions
  • As the match progresses you can pick treasures up. They give 200 cash and some ammo. You have also a chance to get a relic.
  • Killed players can also drop a relic.
  • Revive stacks, the more people are involved the faster. The revive pack also makes it faster.
  • Loadouts are governed by Loadout Points. You have 25 points and each item costs a certain amount of points.
  • You can have “Booster” abilities that can be upgraded.
  • You can purchase things from the in-match store on the fly instead of opening the backpack.
  • The beta will be periodically updated as it runs.
  • The cash price of items during matches increases the more you use them, that will prevent players from using them over and over.
  • Uncharted 4 will be released with eight new multiplayer maps. The beta will include two.
  • The team is “really excited” about the content that they’ll launch after the game releases.
  • The beta will roll out across different regions at slightly different times of the day.
  • The team has been experimenting a lot on new modes, and they are seeing “positive results” with them.
  • There will be only one mode in the beta, but there will be many more in the game. There’s “so much more to show off.”
  • The time limit of each match is 12 minutes, and the kill objective is 35. Match generally last between 8 and 10 minutes.
  • The beta will be 7 gigabytes. The install size is different depending on region. There will be no pre-load option.
  • There’s “a lot of content” in the beta, more than in the average beta.
  • No player data will carry over from the beta to the final game.
  • Players spawns are not random. They take a wide variety of elements in account.
  • You can equip up to three sidekicks at the same time, but you can spawn only one at a time. If you spawn a new one, the one you have out will die.
  • A few more streams on Twitch will be broadcasted by Naughty Dog during the beta.

Below you can also check out the menus showcased today, including the customization options.

The multiplayer beta of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will begin on December 4th. It will end on December 13th.

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  • This is so awesome.

  • Doge-With-It

    jesus, you guys are fast xD

  • Senpai Gundam

    It reminds me so much of TLOU and that just further increases my hype.

    • gRammarnazi

      I never liked TLOU multiplayer tbh, hopefully this will be more fast paced. TLOU MP was tedious at times having to crouch everywhere.

      • DarthDiggler


        That was the brilliance of TLOU multiplayer they made teamwork and strategy a necessity and punished run and gunners. It was so satisfying to sneak up behind a team and take out all 4 players silently.

        I have never played a multiplayer game with that much intensity and so few players (4v4).

        • gRammarnazi

          Well I always play multiplayer games on my own, so maybe the necessity for teamwork is what put me off.

  • Chikungunya

    Few more points I catched
    – The beta is around 7GB
    -The beta is just a small part, plenty of more stuff in the final game.
    -Nothing will carry over to the full game
    -Beta end Dec 13
    – I believe he said there will be a preload for the beta?
    -They take serious the spawn points and are constantly checking and improvng that
    -Beta will have 2 maps
    -60fps? didnt heard well that part.

    It looks really good and fun, like Last of Us 2 MP. They took some stuff from TLoU.

    • crash bandicoot

      Its 60 fps 900p i think

    • sawao_yama

      Yes, 60fps on mp. The stream was running in 60fps with a few drops here and there.

      • Sunny11

        They need to turn down the alpha effects alot of that, and all those trees and that swaying in background unnecessary processing power wasted on those etc, unless they can optimise further

        • sawao_yama

          Yea because you want static levels. That is idiotic -_-.

          • Sunny11

            If it means stable fps then why would it be idiotic

          • Sobekflakmonkey

            actually, yeah, if you’re game is meant to be competitive, you do want static levels, Counter-Strike:GO is actually a good example of this, when it first came out the levels weren’t static, but pro players started complaining about all the unnecessary shit all over the place so they ended up removing a lot of it, not only because it was distracting but for performance as well, quiet frankly, in the competitive sense, it’s idiotic for MP maps not to be static…

          • sawao_yama

            That is why I don’t play counter strike. The game looks like crap, “distracting”? Seriously? If they are distracted by such small crap maybe they shouldn’t be playing games. COD does not have static levels, neither does battlefield. Yet this game is getting “crapped” on because it needs to be competitive. These comments have been idiotic. Seriously.

          • So pro players find a live moving level (like a real world) distracting…..seems to me they need to become more pro and learn to not be put off by it because i dont see people going paint balling and war asking for the area to be made static.

            Like someone else said most other games dont have static levels, most are alife because yeah thats more ‘real’.

          • Sobekflakmonkey

            Games don’t need to be “real”, if you want such a “real” game then you wouldn’t be playing a game where you can run and climb and jump and survive multiple gun shots, you’d be playing, if anything, the old R6 games or something, point is, random stuff that takes away from performance and therefore gameplay is not really that important and should probably be removed if not needed, which lets face it, is not needed.

          • DarthDiggler


            So Naughty Dog should fashion their game design around what people who play Counter Strike GO want? IMHO that would not be wise. Naughty Dog appears to be taking some creative risk here and I applaud them. If they don’t replicate effects from the singleplayer in the multiplayer they will be called out on that in reviews. They don’t appear to be creating a game for pro-gaming tournaments. That doesn’t mean it won’t be balanced.

            I am sure the talented guys at ND will use the beta to polish these very complaints you guys are making. Naughty Dog does actual beta tests, they don’t just give out a glorified demo to market the game.

  • TallSilhouette

    Was more impressed with the MP stream than I thought I would be. Could be a lot of fun. And the visuals they’re pulling off in a 60fps MP game are just stunning.

  • Michael Gillon

    Still no answer on split screen

    • Unlikely.

    • DarthDiggler


      I wouldn’t bank on it. Couch Coop is more of an indie game thing now it seems. There are a few AAA exceptions but not many.

    • Would be nice

  • WEL

    Elena looks kinda manly though. Her arms are just too big.

    I hope the game has co-op missions too. That was the mode I played the most on Uncharted 3.




  • AkhdanP1234

    The Witcher 3, MGSV, Uncharted 4, Dark Souls 3. Too many series are ending in this generation.

  • Josh

    Really wish they’d extend the beta. 10 days is just not that long. Should be fun tho!