PS4 Exclusive Driveclub Getting News on January Update Next Week, More Bikes Coming

With the outset of 2016, we’ve also entered into a new month, and that means a new update coming for Driveclub. Game Director Paul Rustchynsky promised that we’re going to hear news on it next week:

Rustchynsky also mentioned that the developer still hopes that support for Fanatec wheels might be possible in the future (and since I do use a Fanatec, that would make me very happy).

Last, but not least, looks like more bikes are coming.

Personally, the thing I’d like to hear the most about are the new tracks. The urban environments we have been shown looked amazing.

According to earlier information, more details will come “in the new year,” but whether this means this month or later, time will tell.

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  • Ian_Nottingham

    Are the urban maps going to be replica maps or inspired from actual real places?Considering how much i like the full maps already,i wouldn’t mind them going a little crazy with their take on classic maps.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Nothing is known.

    • Sadaharu

      From their other maps that are currently released, I’d say fictional. They will make the places mean something but not limited to real world scenes.

      • TC0072

        I agree, I think they’ll go fictional again.

    • Ronald Berk

      We don’t know yet but as for now I would say fictional is a bit more likely.

  • Blaine

    I’ve been dying to see more of the urban tracks coming!

    (Not that urban is better than rural, since the existing tracks are amazing. I’m just a bit tired of mountains everywhere, looking forward to the change of scenery!)

  • DJMadVibes1 .

    Will upgrade to play the Bikes when I get back home. New tracks will make game time even more so. Last, Aston Martin Vulcan, and Buggatti’s are the only missing cars I truly want in this game in the current season pass.

  • Michael Norris

    Evolution and Sony need a pat on the freaking back, this game keeps giving to no end.

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  • unbiased_gamer

    This has to be the best supported game I have seen by a studio in forever if not ever

  • kudostoyou

    game got more update than halo 5

  • Nicholas

    Took a break from this game, but I’ll start it again for the urban tracks, also is the bike expansion good? Might get that as well

    • Blaine

      Yes, the bikes are awesome! They breathe new life into the tracks, since they handle differently and are obviously smaller than cars, so you get to enjoy them differently. Also they’ve made me a better driver with the cars, because they’re a lot less forgiving!

      By the way, there’s double XP on the bikes right now (until Jan 21, according to their facebook page), so I definitely recommend you get it soon. There’s a trophy for maxing out the rank of all 12 original bikes (DLC ones don’t count–take my word for it!), which takes roughly 1-1.1 million points per bike. It’s a bit tedious (unlike the trophy in the base game which simply required you to reach driver level 50, which takes roughly the same amount of XP, this DOES NOT include XP earned from accolade level ups, which makes a huge difference), but with double XP it’s no problem at all.

      • Nicholas

        Thanks for the reply, think I’ll give it a buy

  • Dangleberries

    Bikes are amazing, so much fun

  • There’s no excuse for this Based game to keep giving free content. It’s like they want my Based self to keep playing it or something.

  • MojoPin

    This has reminded me I really need to try the bikes expansion. Absolutely can’t wait for the urban tracks, been the top of my wishlist since the game launched! Fantastic game, don’t think I’ve ever had such value from DLC before.