Xbox One Exclusive Quantum Break Is Close to Finished, Won’t Have Spanish Voice Overs

Remedy Entertainment officially confirmed today on Twitter that the upcoming Xbox One Exclusive Quantum Break, won’t have voice overs in Spanish, and will instead come with Spanish subtitles and voices in English for the local market.

The studio also apologized to the Spanish fans, mentioning that the decision is out of Remedy’s hands, while they understand the disappointment of the Spanish fans.

Remedy Head of PR Thomas Puha elaborated further on the reasons behind the decision, mentioning that it has been taken by Microsoft according to market size and local marketing budgets.

Unfortunately, the team is not aware of what other localization options will be included with the game, nor when they will be announced.

In other news, Puha also mentioned that the game is very close to finished, and the team is getting quite tired due to the final crunch, but the camaraderie he sees is “inspiring.”

Personally, I can’t wait to see how Quantum Break will turn out. On April 5th we’ll all be able to enjoy the fruit of Remedy’s hard work.

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  • superkarma

    Stay classy, Microsoft. You guys do a standup job appealing to markets outside of the US.

    • Adavanter Mki

      All the money they waste on Japan could go to localizing the rest of the world. Ya know… where they have markets.

      • Evil_Annie_2015

        Good point. I believe that MS should give up on the japanese market and focus on the ones where the xbox has a strong presense like latin America.

    • skratchy

      Yet foreign developers have to translate all their games to shitty dubbed English. The American double standard is a riot.

  • Reclaimer13

    Kinda disappointing that Microsoft is cutting corners. I know they can’t afford to delay another game but they can afford to hire extra staff.

    • Eric Davenport

      And then lay them off.

      • skratchy

        Kind of like how we treat Hispanic workers in this country already? 😛

  • Raggsvettma

    *cries in swedish* Oh wait, I understand english perfectly.

    • Tmfwang

      Svensk er allerede føkka, bra piratsamfunn da

  • sawao_yama

    That’s kind of disappointing :/. I always enjoyed playing games in both English and Spanish. Still looks fantastic though.

  • ChaoticP

    As long as subtitles are supported it’s not a big deal.

  • Agustin Freyre

    Which is weird, since microsoft games like Gears had really good spanish VO for both Spain and Latinamerica (for those who dont know, here in América we hate the spanish from Spain, sometimes is unbearable haha. I suppose its the same the other way around)

  • Chaaka Boom

    Yeah boo. Day 1 + a sick day

  • nextleveltaken
    • orosoy

      Para vosotros jugadores hahahaha jk

  • Jamal

    No biggie

  • KashIsKlay

    Will be a great game. Remedy is solid.

  • LoneAmaterasuX

    to be honest! i live in latin america and for me is not that big thing but to a lot of people that didnt had the chance to learn english will be a lil hard to understand because most of the people rather hear than read

  • TheOneandOnlyGamer

    What’s funny is that if this were a Japanese game being released in the West, people would be praising this decision. This is a non-issue.The game and gameplay is all that matters and I can’t wait for it.

    • Stranger On The Road

      not everyone like sub only, and not everyone like dub only. No matter what decision is made, someone would complain if it is the only option available.

      that said, not everyone is a fast reader, and many would rather enjoy the emotions on the characters faces and voices instead of being distracted by reading the subtitle. Just throwing this in as well.

      • TheOneandOnlyGamer

        I would normally agree but not for video games. So much complaining arises when a Japanese game gets a dub only release with people begging for the original Japanese. I rarely hear anything if it has subtitles (referring to games). I personally love both options but also love to sit back and enjoy the game in my native language without having to read it.

        • Stranger On The Road

          I’m one of those who prefer dub in Japanese games, but will not complain about sub only games since I’m glade that we are at the very least getting them!

          given a choice, I’d prefer that they all have the option of dub VO. Strangely enough, English isn’t my native tongue, yet I’d prefer the game in English VO over my native tongue!

  • Kylo Ren

    Let’s hope this title meets expectations as they are quite lofty at this point.

  • skratchy

    Lol. American developers are way more worried about lips matching apparently? Sad. Yet, how come every Japanese game HAS TO have shitty dubbing when it enters the States? I’d rather them not bother at all.

    • Brandon Brooks

      You do realize Remedy are finnish developers not american!