Sony Trademarks “VRPG” In Japan: Could it Be a Virtual Reality RPG?

Sword Art Online fans might find the latest trademark filed by Sony Computer Entertainment with the Japanese Patent and Trademark Office quite exciting. On December 17th, the house of PlayStation filed for the registration of the mark “VRPG” for class 9, which indicates games.

The description of the trademark offers no further indication on what it could entail, as it includes pretty much all the standard definition for game trademarks, but the acronym “VRPG” is definitely interesting, as it could stand for “Virtual RPG”.

While we have no way to be sure, considering Sony’s commitment to virtual reality with PlayStation VR, it definitely wouldn’t be too surprising. Most importantly, it would be awesome.

You can see the full registration document below.


[Thanks for the tip: Masaru Aoyama]

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  • Vagineer1

    To be honest I will only be truly interested in VR when we have Sword Art Online levels of VR tech

    • calcy

      You’re going to have to wait a few decades and for a handful of laws to pass before that happens I think.

      • Budz

        or a century

        • calcy

          Nah, Samsung Medical is definitely working on it. The Koreans need this for their MMO’s.

    • methylenebl

      yeah we will not have SAO levels of VR tech for I would say 10-20 years tbh. This generation of VR tech would allow .hack//The World to exist though. 😡 the “science” behind SAO is actually pretty creepy if you think about it and I doubt it would ever be legal and mass produced.

      • videoman190

        I would like it better if the VR is like in Accel World.

    • Staz

      hoping i will be able to find a better love life in it too :'(

    • Thank You Based Nippon

      Without the real life death, yeah

    • Sadaharu

      That would require actual Doctors rather than software engineers

  • Stranger On The Road

    bad move, VRPG –and VJRPG– are the an acronyms for a game genre. While nobody is going to call their games: VPRG, it should still be acceptable for everyone to use it to describe and sell their games!

  • Boerewors

    Goddamnit… Not another one of those Vietnamese RPGs for the Vita!?

  • rsco6969

    Oh no, I’ve literally just spat my coffee out! Thanks Giuseppe, I hold you responsible for that!

  • BigHurt360

    Virtual Reality Poker Game.

  • stopbeingafanboy

    Hmmmmm I’d like a turn based vrpg, that’d be interesting.

  • Eggyhead85

    Not sure what I’d expect if they’d opted to call it a VJRPG…

    Sorry, I’ll show myself out…

  • Lrdfancypants


    Oh noes!
    So much for adult content on my psvr! 🙁

    • 49ers fan

      lol, you will just have to go buy adult magazines the old way then.

  • YU GI OH S5 ComingAmerica 2016

    Yu-Gi-Ho is coming get your copy 2016

  • Gamist

    Virtual Reality Porn Game.
    That’s it I’m outta here.

  • They should have picked a more Based name like Strawberry Playing Game or Reality Accurate Vibrations.

  • Cyshox

    Does someone already own the ‘VRPORN’ trademark?

  • JP

    Lets Play VRPG™

  • garf02

    Sony is really showing its true colors again trying to trademark this. right after the fail attempt on Lets Play

  • PerkyStep

    Let the combat be like .Hack//SIGN the anime not the video game.

  • Lamanuwa

    A decent VR RPG will definitely be a system seller. It will actually be a Role Playing Game! Nice idea Sony.

  • James Sheppard

    Dang, If only it was some full-dive tech like SAO.