Microsoft Files for New Game Software Trademark “Roboraid”

According to a registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on January 11, Microsoft has filed for a new game software trademark, “Roboraid.”

Roboraid Trademark

The mark is filed solely under class 009, identifying game software. As of yet, there is no indication about what this trademark may be or whether it is for PC or Xbox One. This comes a month after Microsoft mysteriously trademarked “Fragments” for game software. With E3 2016 creeping up, is Microsoft getting their ducks in a row for new IP? Make your guesses in the comments.

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  • Eric Davenport

    Sounds like a smaller title. Something around the size of Splosion Man. Would be sweet if it was a twin stick shooter / horde mode against robots.

    • The sound of a texts gave you the size….Impressive!

      • Eric Davenport

        The article said “Make your guesses in the comments.” So I did.

        • Daniel Gonzalez


          • Eric Davenport

            You have two accounts now? Or are you speaking for another person?

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Pretty obvious I was pointing out the other person’s comment was sarcasm.

          • Eric Davenport

            Actually it’s pretty obvious you are still butthurt from our last argument. Keep trying kid. Also I like how you hide your comment history. Afraid everyone will know you are just a troll?

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            By pointing out to you that his comment was pure sarcasm? Yeah, sounds like a delusional reason to think someone is “butthurt” over a last argument. Not sure about you buddy, but most of us adults(such as myself) move past old news. Also, why would I care about what people think of me? I see no reason to. You’re about one of few here who care about reps. If your ego is easily hurt over a comment, then what a pity. It’s quite clear you’re holding a grudge. Talk about butthurt. Get over it. Lol.

          • Eric Davenport

            I must’ve hit a soft spot since you posted a paragraph lol. Usually you only say one word. Keep hiding!

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            “must’ve hit a soft spot since you posted a paragraph lol.”

            If you believe that a paragraph of telling you like it is, is being soft, then hey. Whatever helps your fragile ego feel better.

            “Usually you only say one word.”

            I’m sure I’ve said more than one word in a response. That was a silly sentence.

            “Keep hiding!”

            Hiding what exactly? You’re losing it friend. 😛

          • Eric Davenport

            Can you read? I mean I realize you are slow but damn.

          • BigHurt360

            That statement is not sarcastic, sarcasm isn’t any snyde remark.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            It was a snide remark indeed. However, it was in the tone of sarcasm. As much many believe sarcasm can’t be comprehended through text, in this case it certainly can be. Especially since he made it so obvious, but hey. To each their own, right?

          • Eric Davenport

            You are clueless lol.

          • Eric Davenport

            Don’t worry. Daniel is a renowned troll on this site. He’s just butthurt from my last conversation with him lol.

  • This is so Based! I hope it’s like Based Gatorade, but with Based robots.

    • You’re a rather handsome and seemingly Based stranger, but this is Based to you?
      Hmm…might be an Xbot in disguise. True members of the Based Winning Team only come out when they need to defend what’s Based from the obnoxious Xbots.

      • Nate

        Ha-ha! Two different profile with the same name.

        • Sometimes I just get confused and talk to my Based self. Like when no one will come over to play and I just have to play with myself.

          • This is the funniest post I’ve seen so far in 2016, hahahahaha

  • efnet

    Not sure what this could possibly be but have y’all tried ZHEROS yet ?

  • CouldntComeUpWithAName

    Hope its something close to MechAssault from the original Xbox.

    • Eric Davenport

      Oh shit, I didn’t even think of that!

  • Tom king

    Roblox for Xbox One. Lol. Now Roboraid.

  • freelancepimp .

    Honestly this sounds like a free to play cell phone title.

  • Zatekuyo

    With all due respect, i’m not gonna hold my breath that it would be a new ip, it may be something else i haven’t seen just yet.