Nikkei: Final Fantasy XV and Dragon Quest XI Expected to Sell Over a Million Each Despite Console Slump

The February issue of the monthly magazine Nikkei Tredy, part of the editorial galaxy of the prominent newspaper Nikkei Shinbun, had an article on the Japanese video game market.

According to the article, smartphone games have pushed home consoles somewhat out of the limelight in the past few years in Japan, but despite that both Final Fantasy XV and Dragon Quest XI are expected to sell more than a million units each on the local market, also contributing to pushing console sales.

Interestingly, the magazine also mentions that Final Fantasy XV’s unconventional battle system is likely to split the opinion of the traditional fans of the series, but will appeal to lovers of action games.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see if two numbered games of two series that are massively popular in Japan will give a jolt of vitality to the local console market, which isn’t as dead mas many think, anyway.

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  • gundam-meowth

    Definitely curious to see ๐Ÿ™‚

  • snakeitachi

    FFXV, and DQXI will probably sell 4-9 million in life time sales. They are monster big names especially in Japan. They’ll push console sales big time.

    • David Vang

      DQXI action rpg or ?

      • Davis Arend

        Turn base

  • Cloudman

    FFXV can do it.
    DQ XI? eehhhh

    DQ XI will sell 5 million on 3DS in Japan, MAYBE 1 million in Japan on PS4, that is stretching it.

    If DQ XI was not on 3DS, the PS4 version would have had a lot more console pushing power.

    • David Vang

      USA/Canda : 800k, Europe : 900k and Japan : 450k Total combined : 2,150,000 during launch week for ps4.. xbox one could get 200k for USA, Europe and Japan are combined together

      • Cloudman

        You are talking about FF XV right? Because if you are talking about DQ XI that is insane.

        • David Vang

          yes FF XV.. japan and europe don’t like xbox one very much that why xbox one sell is average in Europe and sell worse in Japan

          • Cloudman

            I said FF XV can do it..

  • Squalllionhart

    FFXV will easily do it

    • Schiller

      Only if it turns out to be a good game.

      • SocratesWasaGee

        If Episode Duscae is any indication, it’s going to be fantastic.

  • Lulcielid

    Just to do some maths, what was the budget of GTAV ? (I remember Tabata saying that XVยดs budget was nowhere near that game).

    My wild guess is that 4M units sold should enough cover the game cost (and maybe get a bit of profit).

    • David Vang

      at end of 2016 ? FF XV sold copies likely around 6 millions at end of 2016..

    • Carlo

      If its 4M sold to cover it all then its basically an OLD Tomb Raider title. (TR had expected sales of 4M) There’s no doubt these games will turn a profit the only question now is by how much really

    • Lahm

      GTA V cost around $137 million to make plus marketing of the game cost $128 million. They also mentioned destiny, but that $500 million covers the cost of marketing and all of the games

  • Cloudman

    The 3DS version of DQ XI has led the famitsu most wanted for over a year at this point. Clearly that is the most desired version in Japan. Not to mention it is likely to launch first.

  • David Vang

    FF XV release date is in August sound accurate to me.. Persona 5 probably release in June after E3.. no idea about No Man Sky

  • James

    Final Fantasy XV will definitely hit a million LTD in Japan. The real question is how far past it will it go? 2016 is a big year for releases in Japan so it could reach FF13 sales there. Though this generation has been crazy and anything can happen.

  • Cloudman

    I forgot, DQ XI is also coming to NX, if you count in that version with PS4, it MIGHT hit 1 mil sold in Japan.

    • Shane O’Shaughnessy

      WTF? Nobody has any idea what the NX even is, let alone what games are planned for it. Quit making stuff up!

      • Cloudman

        We know it is a console, we know DQ XI is coming to it. Those are facts.

        • themugen

          Except they say that it is in “consideration”.

      • skratchy

        Totally. Just because Nintendo is HUGE in Japan, don’t assume this game is coming out for a Japanese console that hasn’t even been unveiled yet. Jesus, people, calm your shit.

        • Cloudman

          It was confirmed by the Dragon Quest team.

    • OtakuDom

      That’s still in discussion. Nothing’s confirmed yet

      • Cloudman

        It is 1000% confirmed. You do not make an announcement if it is “in discussion”

        • Lulcielid

          It is not, they say “we might consider it”, nothing else.

          • Cloudman

            No, they said it is 100% coming, got in trouble, then fell back. You do not say you are just “considering” something without working on it by announcing it at the biggest DQ dhow.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Considering doesn’t imply that they are working on it. It just means it’s possible it might hit the NX. That all depends on what the market will be when it launches. Don’t get ahead of yourself.

        • Leia Hart

          Like Sega announcing PSO2 for the West?

          • Cloudman

            Yes because Sega is the Dragon Quest team.

        • OtakuDom

          Nothing was ever confirmed.It was only confirmed for 3DS and PS4

          • Cloudman

            DQ team confirmed it

    • DQXI will do 1 million on 3DS in a week

      • Cloudman

        It will do 3 or 4.

  • ChaoticP

    Those seem like incredibly low expectations.

  • skratchy

    I keep seeing this lately. What console slump? You mean in Japan? Lol. Well, maybe if they made games for current gen ONLY, instead of continuing to pander to PS3 owners, they’d be doing just fine.

    • crazyhunter

      With 2 million ps4 is not possible the ps3 is still a better choice

    • Sedax

      Making games for only one console would hurt them more than continuing to support the PS3 does which isn’t much, most games don’t suffer any issues because of that.

      • Hailey

        I think games do suffer because the old gen can’t run new gen games. PS3 is definitely holding PS4 back…. Perfect example is FFXV: PS3 wouldn’t have a hope or prayer of running it.

        • Sedax

          There are plenty of games that can be released on both systems like Dragon Age and they don’t suffer because of that. Also no It’s not holding the PS4 back, the PS4 can do what it can regardless of whether the PS3 can too.

          FFXV is not the perfect example, the PS3 isn’t holding it or the PS4 back and it’s not even on PS3.

          • Hailey

            If that were the case, they would be releasing FFXV on old gen as well as current.

          • Sedax

            That makes no sense. If the PS3 was holding it back then they’d be forcing FFXV onto it despite it being bad for the game. The fact that they are only releasing it on the PS4 only does not mean the PS3 is holding anything back.

          • Hailey

            Logic tells me that since PS4 is literally 10x more powerful than PS3, that games built for PS4 from the ground up, couldn’t run on PS3. See, when a game is made for both old and new gen consoles, it’s designed to be run on old gen. Then a port is made for current gen. This is why PS3 holds back PS4 in cases where games released on both gens. Like Far Cry 4. It’s on old and current gen and because of that, the PS4 game wasn’t as great as it could have been; it’s merely a port. Far Cry Primal I believe is only current gen and although I think it’s still using the same engine, it looks way better than Far Cry 4 looked. Just one example and my opinion of course.

          • Sedax

            Great but that’s not holding the PS4 back it’s holding back that game and you’re assuming they would have done something more with it but it was specifically made for both systems so it never would have been more.

          • Hailey

            Games made for current gen are only for current gen. Games that are on both gens are made to be able to run on old gen and scaled up somewhat for current gen. But games that release on both gens are lesser than games that would be made for current gen only. That being said, I own a PS3 and PS4 and play games on both. It’s not like I’m hating on PS3 since I still enjoy playing games on it, however I will be glad when the day comes when games are no longer released on it. I really wanna see what games can be on PS4 that are made for it from the ground up. There’s a few already but there needs to be more.

  • Agent HUNK

    console slump … where in china or the jungle ??

  • Rob

    I expect XV to sell over a million.

    “Interestingly, the magazine also mentions that Final Fantasy XVโ€™s unconventional battle system is likely to split the opinion of the traditional fans of the series,”

    Also, the Versus XIII fans. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • –ZERO–

    I have the Fayth the XV will sell well.

  • Hailey

    Idk about DQ11, but FFXV will likely sell 20+ million copies worldwide. I couldn’t care less how either games sell in Japan. As long as the games sell well, even if it’s outside of Japan sales, they will be happy and will continue making games. It would also mean more localizations so that works for me!

    • rsco6969

      I think 20+ million sales world wide is a longshot and then some, I’d expect roughly 5-7 million, even then I just don’t believe it’ll make that, especially after 13-trilogy, I’d like for more so that it can secure another title of course, maybe this new battle system will prove to be a big seller for people, older fans and lovers of turn based such as myself will likely moan about it, though having played the demo, I actually enjoyed the new movement, and to be honest, FF hasn’t had turn based for many years now, long enough for people to get over it I’d wager.

      • Hailey

        I also played the demo and liked it. I’m a fan of both turn based and action combat so it’s great either way for me.

        I disagree about predicted sales numbers though. I really do think this will be a 20+ million copies sold game. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see though. At least we will only be waiting a few more months! ๐Ÿ™‚

        It kind of feels surreal that it’s actually releasing this year.

  • Leia Hart

    Do the DQXI sales include 3DS?

  • StarTsurugi

    Well it’s Japan, so who knows.