New Dark Souls III Screenshots and Artwork Appear on Famitsu: Bosses, Environments and More

Dark Souls III is coming, releasing in the west on April 12th for PS4, Xbox One and PC, and today the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu had an article showing off some new assets.

We get both screenshots and artwork, giving a further glimpse on the grotesque bosses we’ll have to fight, and on the creepy environments of the game.

There’s even a beast that looks a lot like the Vicar Amelia from Bloodborne, but this one is actually named “the dirty beast.”

You can check them all out below.

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  • MrTouchyMan

    Wait WHAT?? Vicar Amelia is that You….???

  • mooshroom

    Anywhere I can check out translations?

  • LeerEndLos

    Couldnt endure the generic gameplay and total lack of interesting world of DS2…

    Tough Im hoping for DS3 give me back all that amusing time of DS1.

    DayONE for sure!

    #Steam #GoVegan

    • DealWithIt

      Stop having shit taste.

      • LeerEndLos

        DS1 > DS3 > BloodBorne > Lord of Fallen > DS2

        • DealWithIt


          • LeerEndLos

            Deal with it! ha

        • rllintrllin

          Doubt you’ve even played bloodborne since your’e a PC fanboy…and DS3 isn’t even out yet…

          • LeerEndLos

            played about 3hours …enough to realize that DS2 is bullcrappy!

          • DealWithIt

            You mean you tried to play it after jumping on the bandwagon of the Souls series getting popular, sucked, died, quit, sold it, then copy-pasted someone’s opinion from /v/ and included a game that hasn’t been released.
            You’re a hilariously shitty gamer. Please bring me more laughs.

          • LeerEndLos

            Refering to BloodBorne…played DS2 for about 35hours(some dark valley with fatty enemies)

    • Akira Shima

      Doesn’t look like you have anything to worry about, but then again, we knew it would turn out better this time.

    • Slime

      I was about to comment: Lol looks like you didn’t play DS2…I read a few more comments and it’s proved.

      • LeerEndLos

        32hours so far…not strength to keep it on tough!

  • KashIsKlay

    I would love to pre-order this. But Deep Down I know I could easily find it the day of release.

    • extermin8or2

      I see here I thought deep down had vanished from.face.of the earth

  • will rimmer
  • Noctis Lee

    Bloodborne is my 1st FromSoft game and i love it so much, it my #1 games compare any other games, i will try this games too, to me is very whole new games Armor,Shield,traditional weapons,magic