New “Fantastic” Titanfall, New Battlefield and Mass Effect Andromeda Confirmed for this Fiscal Year

During Electronic Arts’ quarterly financial conference call CFO Blake Jorgensen gave information on the biggest titles we can expect this fiscal year, ending on March 31st, 2017.

A new Battlefield game by DICE will be released in time for the holidays, a “new Titanfall experience” will come from Respawn, on top of Mass Effect Andromeda that will launch “later in the fiscal year.”

We also heard that CEO Andrew Wilson has already seen the new Titanfall game, and it looks “fantastic.” Wilson also mentioned that the relationship with Respawn is “very strong,” and more details will be provided in the coming months.

Jorgensen also clarified later in the call that we “should assume” that both the new Titanfall game and  Mass Effect Andromeda will come in the second half of the fiscal year, which means between October 1st, 2016 and March 31st, 2017.

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  • I’m guessing this is the mobile Titanfall game they are referencing?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      They didn’t say. But they explicitly mentioned that this is by respawn, while the involvement of respawn in the mobile title seems limited.

      • Hmm, EA’s fiscal year ends in March 2017 but I doubt we’d see a full fps console game before holiday 2017, am curious what this could be…

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Bet we’ll hear about it at E3, but if it was the one with Nexon, they would have mentioned it, because it’s already announced.

          • Probably, at least around that time frame – didn’t they say they’re not going to be at E3 this year?

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            well, yeah but they have their own event which I still consider E3, since it’s just before.

  • David Vang

    Mass Effect Andromea probably release between november to february

  • Adavanter Mki

    I was literally just looking a day or two ago for some kind of Titanfall 2 news. I get that this may not be that… but I really want to see what they do with the sequel. So much potential! It and Dreadnought are the only MP games I’m really looking forward to.

  • Sunny11

    No thanks

    • Nihelus Aurenis

      No thanks to new Titanfall or Mass Effect? You clearly either never played those, or you hate video games. In the case of Titanfall I’ll assume you never played it and irrationally hate the idea of a new one. The only problems with that game were that it was released too early, something Titanfall 2 should fix.

      • Senpai Gundam

        You shouldn’t make assumptions or go around stating opinions as fact.

        • Nihelus Aurenis

          Widely held opinions. Except for the last ten minutes of 3, Mass Effect is generally considered one of the best (if not the best) sci fi RPG(s) ever. As for Titanfall, I rarely hear bad things from people who have actually played it, beyond releasing too early without enough content.

          Ragging on me for pointing out good things about games to someone who’s being entirely negative for no good reason is also pretty lame btw…

      • Aaron blanchard

        Totally agree, titanfall rocked but needed couple updates to fix.

      • angh

        I played both. ME was very poor RPG (more like shooter with heavy story line like half life) as I simply dont like the idea of dialogs – up= good, down = bad, or tell me some stuff – usually with one word abbreviation, which often didn’t worked well.. Unfortunately, same happened to the Fallout 4, drastically reducing my interest in the game.
        Titanfall was interesting on PC but idea of AI was very stupid. After running to the same animations of fighting AI on same floors I got tired, and mechs didn’t make up to. There is a number of much better shooters available.
        Of course, that’s only my opinion, but as I see, there are many people sharing it.

      • DLConspiracy//

        I’m sure it’s Titanfall. It usually is for no reason. Well one reason for sure. I shouldn’t have to say. 🙂

  • KuchikiSentou

    TitanFall, BF5 and Mass Effect within one year?
    I’m excited..
    Plus EA is going to “fix” FIFA16 with FIFA17 so great year for EA on the horizon.
    No mention of NFS, praise Jeebus.

  • PixelOmen

    I very much doubt it’s Titanfall 2, most likely just something else related to Titanfall. Also I bet you anything Mass Effect gets delayed.

    • Infinity

      Hmm, strong with delays this gen seems to be, so I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if this was to happen.

  • Bad company 3 or no buy for me

    • Nihelus Aurenis

      I’ll probably still buy a new battlefield, but I’d also rather have a Bad Company 3.

      • I still play bf4 once in a while but it gets old pretty fast

        • Aria68

          still is a fantastic game, Battlefield is always be the best fps mp game.

          • It’s alright in short spurts once I a while. The sp campaign bug left a bad feeling with the game. I know it’s not related to the mp but still, it’s kind of ridiculous.

  • skratchy


  • Captain Clutch

    Battlefield 5 is all i care for

  • Boerewors

    3 years after the first in March 2017 would make sense, unless it’s still an exclusive than it could be pitted against CoD if they’re really bold. CoD is still massively popular on Xbox, but chances are this year will see a MW remaster of some sort, or a weaker entry than Blops3 was (remaster prediction based on Acrivision’s ‘season 2’ plans for Blops3). And with PS being associated with CoD, TF2 could be the number one FPS on the One if marketed right.

    I absolutely adored Titanfall, something I didn’t see coming. I was your typical PS gamer who wasn’t too fond of my Xbox (I had actually given it away at that point) and the marketing and praise it was getting on forehand annoyed me. Then about 6 months after its release it was sold with a special controller for about $50 and since I bought me another Xbox after a strong E3 showing I was completely ready to not like the game…. The opposite happened: it hooked me like no FPS ever did before. I like my Halo every now and then, but I like playing it at my own pace and MP FPSs aren’t for me since I’m not good enough to compete. But with Titanfall it didn’t really matter I sucked at first, I was smiling through and through; the traversal is unlike any game has ever shown (sorry CoD, you still don’t come close) and the Titans completely change the rules of FPSs in general. The game can be enjoyed on my skill level or by people who are really good at these sort of games and it wasn’t until Halo’s Warzone that I found an online component of a shooter I was thrilled to play.

  • Terminator
    • jordyecruzp

      And I only have $120! Not $180 🙁

  • Logic First

    Don’t do forced map rotation like in Titanfall 1. Don’t do forced matchmaking. Allow us to pick maps and servers. Look at Titanfall 1, 700 total players worldwide. Look at CS Go, 11.5m players world wide. Don’t be like Titanfall 1.

    • doplerradar

      I don’t think player population has anything to do with map rotation.

      • Logic First

        Tell me a game an FPS game that has forced match making and map rotation that has lasted more than 1 year with a healthy server pop.

  • YuriFan

    Hope they don’t dumb down Titanfall.

  • Big Boss

    I hope this Titanfall won’t be a flop like the first one. They’ll need to have A.I that is actually challenging and an actual campaign, none of that MP-story mix bs.

    • DLConspiracy//

      Well over 10 million copies sold. Is that now considered a flop? What is considered a success 100 million copies?

      • Big Boss

        10 mil? Where the hell did you get that?

        • DLConspiracy//

          Well i just read it was 10 million unique users across 360, xb1 and PC. That means 10 million people have owned the game at least. Just to be fair about this estimate let’s say respawn they only sold 5 million copies themselves at a $30 avg. That’s about 150 million dollars for their game they made. Im sure they made more than that. That’s cutting 10 million users in half and the $60 price tag in half too. In either Case their have been 10 million unique users at least. Certainly not a flop like people hope it was for not coming to PS.

          That’s a lot of people who have enjoyed the game. It’s unfortunate Sony didn’t jump on the deal to bring it to all platforms but at least we get to see it on all next go round. It’s a good game.

          • Big Boss

            Going off of VGChartz, they have sold 4.74 mil physical copies and with digital copies, I’m guessing it’s somewhere around 5 mil like you said. Which is still pretty good. However, sales is not why I consider it a flop. I think it was a flop because of how fast it died off in addition to how incomplete it felt, the story wasn’t really that good and the A.I was god awful.

            The game at its core was actually pretty good and exciting. Titanfall 2 might be better but only if they do it right.

          • DLConspiracy//

            Yeah the core gameplay was amazing and honestly not bad for their first outing. I’ve read a lot about them making the game and I’m pretty convinced part of the reason it wasn’t fleshed out as much as many hoped is because they didn’t have enough money. The diary points to it a lot. I have to give it to them though they did a great job for what it was and I’m fairly positive that now there is more money they will be able to make a better game overall. They probably believed it was amazing but perhaps they didn’t expect it to get so big so quick. I’m sure every developer wants to have an amazing franchise but it doesn’t always happen. They usually make starter games to get the money to make a franchise for themselves. In this case they knocked it out of the park their first go. So thats why I always cringe at people saying flop.

          • DLConspiracy//

            Btw I wouldn’t underestimate digital sales these days… it’s becoming a bigger thing than it used to. It’s huge now.

          • PR Gamer

            10 million users doesn’t translate to 10 million different owners or 10 m copies sold imao dude. A guy can have a copy but play it on 50 different accounts, a guy can share the the game with 10 friends. Thousands could’ve hacked the game on pc, we can draw many examples.

            Many called a flop but probably is because it got boring real quick after 2-3 weeks, the game went silence very quickly nobody talked about it. The amount of bots, no sp and they gave the season pass free to everyone at one time like to “rescue the game”, that was a slap to the face for those who bought it.

          • DLConspiracy//

            That’s usually what people say online. Typically a lot of people who were mad at the game for not coming to PS. I’ve seen a lot of ill will thrown around towards the game and I think it’s unjust. Especially for a shooter that did something newer with a shooter genre desperately in need of something new. A shooter that even COD copied elements from. I think it’s a good starting point for something even great.

          • PR Gamer

            Isn’t just what people say online. The player count showed that. It decreased very fast. It was there to see. Yes, the game did some new good things but it also did some not so good. That little pistol is overpowered as hell, you jump online and everyone just use that. Lot of things were missing that could’ve been cool, hopefully the second one is a much much bigger one.

          • DLConspiracy//

            I have faith it will do better than the first. You have to give the brand new developer a little slack. They made magic with what they had on their very first game as a developer. Pretty impressive. It will get better.

          • Is that the only reason why many hated on Titanfall or one of many? I thought people were just fed up with fps’s in general. I know I am.

            Yet Destiny and Battlefront flourished on PS4 so who knows lol.

            I never played Titanfall, but it seemed overhyped a lil bit. Also if people really wanted it to play so badly at least it was on pc as well.

            Making assumptions like this is funny though. Let’s say Respawn only sold 5 mil copies at a 30 bucks price tag somehow equals profit?

            Are you seriously debating about wether the game flopped or not? You are right a lot of people who have enjoyed the game so who cares about some dude who said the game flopped. Oh that’s right you are super selective on who you reply to.

            I missed you. It’s been a while. How have you been?

          • DLConspiracy//

            I sense sarcasm and kindness in this. Not sure how to respond.

            1 guy? Lol you must be new around here.

            It’s a brand new IP from a brand new Developer. Their very first game has sold very well compared to many other people’s first game I would think. The game isn’t perfect but a game doesn’t have to be perfect to do a lot of things right. It also doesn’t have to sell on PS4 to be sucessful. It seems this entire gen when a game comes out on xbox that it’s a flop because there are more people playing on PS4. 3 to 1 yada Yada Yada. If that’s the case every single game that releases on xbox is a flop. Which isn’t true. Any addtional money a game sells on xbox is nit real money. People treat tens of millions of dollars like spare change in the couch.

            This guy was cool though and we talked. He wasn’t one of those ignorant fanboys that flow like water online. I am fading out of FPS games too and when a game like Titanfall shows me something new for a change it gives me hope for the genre. So when people unnecessarily bash on it for many reasons. They aren’t considering the future potential of a bigger picture. You and I both know that people online are cows and they follow whatever repeated sentiment or vaguely negative story without any thought.

          • I asked you if that was the only reason why people are bashing the game or if there are more reasons. You seem to assume only bitter ppl from the Sony camp are bashing it. That makes no sense. What if people that bought the game themselves don’t feel it’s the full package. Besides even though people from the Sony camp might bash it unfairly that shouldn’t stop sales from happening on Pc or Xbox. Player involvement is key. I myself would rather not play an online only game unless it’s a mmo but thats just me though. You might be right with your last sentences though even though that’s sad. Still a second game is coming so maybe with a kick ass campaign it will do better. I will end this by asking is there any online only game ever nominated for goty btw?

          • DLConspiracy//

            I actually think some COD games won GOTY long ago but winning an award for online game seems like a category all in itself. Perhaps they should have a category for best online game. As far as me saying the online community of PS is the ones saying that. Of course it’s not just them but a lot of them are. You can find a person for every game that has existed that will say a game sucks. That certainly doesn’t mean it doesn’t still occur. It’s just the same when people say things about games on PS that have not had blockbuster success are crap. IT Doesn’t mean they are right. They are just being mean because they can.The internet loves to be that way.

            I’m just saying there are some very redeeming qualities about Titanfall that I can see grow into a better game. Fallout 4 has many drawbacks but it still has its merrits. Even if it’s not as good as part 3 and didn’t really do that much to change it. A perfect example of that game is the building and crafting. It’s more than welcome and I can see that getting bigger and better later on.

  • Aria68

    I really hope, they don’t come close to each other. I wanna have enough for every single one of them even though Battlefield will live in my vein for a much longer period but still…

  • Blackzero123 .

    Respawn needs to shut the hell up about not catering to anime type mechs do it all for the next game or get ready for a pink slip.

  • Aaron blanchard

    Screw the haters, Titanfall is awesome. Bring on number two!!!

    • Adavanter Mki

      Most of the haters always expressed a massive lack of understanding how the game actually worked. Or at least how it was intended to. The only real legitimate complaints were it’s lack of stuff to do. You could unlock and burn through almost all the challenges way to fast. The Horde mode and blackmarket came to late.

    • Chuck Green

      Titanfall was one of the best games so far on this Gen. The lack of single player campaign was a problem for some but even with that holding it back it’s still one of the best yet! Single sony console owners were just sore is all.

      • awesome_farts

        Tf2 will get a bigger audience. ‘Allegedly’ the sequel will get a multiplat release. But we will see. Either way, I’m getting it day 1. Origin digital copy for me 1st 🙂

      • Leia Hart

        Listening to you taking an unprovoked shot at PS4 owners makes it seem you’re the butthurt fanboy.

        • DLConspiracy//

          Anyone legitimately saying butthurt must be 12 yrs old.

        • Chuck Green

          I have both consoles so I don’t really care. Just making an observation.

        • OC Guy

          Are you kidding? Go back a year and a half and read all those “butthurt” PS4 owners going off on Titanfall and the X1…Those same “butthurt” toads will be saying how awesome it is going to be.


    ”Mass Effect Andromeda Confirmed for this Fiscal Year” still they haven’t shown up any gameplay yet so how are we gonna trust them if the game won’t flop or probably get delayed next year ?

    remember when SW battlefront kept secret from public until release & it was sucks ass & overhyped disappointing game :))

    don’t screw up this time bioware

    • Sick of Labour

      Yeah I don’t believe Mass Effect will be out this year or early next year either. I’m certain it will be delayed.

  • Christian Dixon

    I had some fun with Titanfall, but it did get boring rather fast in my opinion. I had the most fun playing online with my friends than I did playing with random people. But I guess that’s a given with any online game.

  • stopbeingafanboy

    I honestly had more fun playing sunset overdrive instead of Titan fall. I literally was done with Titan fall after 3 weeks.

    • DLConspiracy//

      I still play it and love it.

  • wardy from narnia

    i picked up titanfall quite cheap,as I’m/was new to all thing xb1,and i was pleasantly surprised how good the game is,my favorite mode is frontier defense,reminded me of mass fx3 multiplayer for some reason? in general i think 2016 is gonna be a good year for games too,only trouble is work is gonna get in the way of my gaming,lol….sucks i know,but what ya gonna do,lol…

  • gRammarnazi

    Hopefully Titanfall 2 comes to Playstation, the first one died so quickly.

    • Ucouldntbemorewrong

      It is it’s already been stated a while ago that it will.

  • mark_parch

    can’t wait for titanfall 2

  • Surely Titan Fall 2 is only possible on Xbox One well with the cloud and all. It’s impossibru on PS4.
    Mass Effect Andromeda! One of my most anticipated titles!

  • awesome_farts

    I wish it was TF2 , BF5, and Crysis 4! Not into mass effect tbh, but I’ll take the other two tho 🙂

    • You have incredible shitty taste my friend.

      • awesome_farts

        It’s ok to be mad at people not into mass effect. And to be mad at people into crysis 4 in favor of it lol

        You obviously get schooled in Crysis, bf, TF, or…. all the above. So I’ll go ahead say “thanks for the XP and easy kills” bro! 🙂

        • I am not mad. It was merely a judgment. “Schooled” ok dudebro.

          • awesome_farts

            You sure? You sound defensive like you’re the defender of the mass effect community lmfao!

            Uh oh ladies and gentlemen….. Dennis the defender is here to guard the name of mass effect! No one better have an honest opinion, he’s here to defend lol!

          • awesome_farts

            Awww that’s creative, thank you. Never seen a grown man entertain another grown man with an animated mike myers gif before. Now you’re flattering me lol!

            But I still don’t like mass effect. Sorry, but not really 🙂

  • Bobby Griffin

    I still play Titian Fall and love it . The dedicated servers run so smooth I hope since it will be mutliplate that EA will still use the dedicated servers.

    • DLConspiracy//

      That’s a good question but perhaps EA will step up. They do for BF4. It’s not peer 2 peer. If only Activision gave a crap about their multi-billion dollar COD peer2peer franchise.

  • DLConspiracy//

    With Titanfall 2 im sure E3 this year will have a trailer and hopefully a playable demo. Would be nice of them to keep with tradition.

    Things I’m pretty sure they have added to Titanfall.

    A real campaign , A paint shop for the mechs. more guns, more weapons in general, more Titans.

    I’ve always felt like Titanfall was always a great seed that would eventually grow into a great tree. It’s one of the more fluid gameplay experiences this gen. In controls and frames. Looking forward to TF2 and still play TF even today.

  • yardie

    dualshockers with their sensationalized headlines

    please be more professional

  • OC Guy

    Titanfall was a lot of fun, but if the sequel doesn’t have a standard single player campaign then I will pass on it or wait until it is $29 new.