Get The First Glimpse on Attack on Titan’s PS Vita Version and More PS4 Off-Screen Footage

on January 31, 2016 4:24 PM

With the current wave of Japanese games on multiple PlayStation platforms, publishers normally show off the PS4 version, and keep the PS3 and PS Vita versions a bit behind the scenes. Today we can finally catch a glimpse of the PS Vita version of Attack on Titan by Koei Tecmo.

In the videos below, courtesy of Hong Kong-based site GameApps, we can see both the Vita and PS4 versions filmed off-screen at the local convention C3 2016.

While the camera is a bit far, this will have to do until we can get a better look. The controls will probably make or break the portable version of the game, cosnidering that the analog sticks on the Vita aren’t nearly as good as those on a DualShock 4.

Attack on Titan will release in Japan on February 18th, and in the west some time next year.

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