Alan Wake 2: Sam Lake Talks on Why it Hasn’t Happened Yet; Teases “Much Better Ideas” for the Sequel

During a masterclass lecture held at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris, that DualShockers attended, Remedy Entertainment Creative Director Sam Lake talked about his plans for Alan Wake 2 and why it hasn’t been done yet.

“We tried to create Alan Wake 2 right after Alan Wake, and obviously you need the right partner. You need the right funding. You need the right concept.

Alan Wake, in some ways, for Remedy is really valuable. It’s our own IP. We own Alan Wake. So maybe there’s also a bit of extra carefulness in making sure that all the elements are right for the success of a sequel. And it just didn’t seem like we were getting it started in the right way.

We were looking into it. We were doing prototypes. We were doing demos and experimenting on that, and it was really through that discussions, that eventually with Microsoft, that we had partnered with for Alan Wake, led into the idea of Quantum Break, but it felt like Alan Wake at that time wouldn’t work, in the way we wanted it, at that time, to work.

I think that it as been, in a way, fortunate, because, you know, we have been iterating the idea of what an Alan Wake sequel could be, and along the way there has been much better ideas that what the concept coming out of Alan Wake was for the sequel. “

The Video Game masterclass event in Paris was organized by Jeux Vidéo Magazine and Cité des Sciences.

[On-Location Reporting: Morgane Bouvais]

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  • Richard Johnson

    For sure come up with something better than shining a flashlight on possessed barrels.

  • Tough call. Focusing on new IP or continuing with existing succesful IP which also happen to be a Horror genre.

  • oooole

    What if Sony provided said funding…

    • Sony probably wanted to own the IP or make it exclusive on PS consoles. Never gonna happen.

      • DLConspiracy//

        I feel like that game could be Multi Platform but you are probably right.

      • Mugiwaras

        Yep, that’s the reason Insomniac went with Microsoft for Sunset Overdrive. Sony wanted to keep the IP.

    • doplerradar

      Doubtful. PS has no affiliation with Alan Wake. If they want to work with Remedy, they would probably be more interested in a new IP.

    • doog

      The entire reason they are excited about alan wake is because it allows them to self publish a game. That independence from a publisher allows for more creative freedom going forward and not locked into doing the bidding of a brand owned by someone else.

  • David Vang

    Please let PS4 fans play this game as multiplatform. i don’t want buy xbox one for this game if they plan to make this game someday

    • james m

      Not ever happening MS will announce it’s only exclusive to Xbox One this year MS and Remedy are very close

      • Leia Hart

        Yeah so we’re Sony and Insomniac. In fact listening to Lake talking about finding the right partner and owning the IP “sounds” like Insomniac. Just saying, I think it’s more possible than you think.

        • TJ

          Too bad Insomniac went to Microsoft with Sunset Overdrive to ow its own IP for they game

          • Leia Hart

            Um, you clearly misunderstood my point, as the topic is Remedy. Tight relationships are forged and broken all the time. Microsoft/Remedy are not exempt to this.

  • SteXmaN

    This,is how,Sam Lake,speaks.

    • doplerradar

      Well English isn’t his first language. His name isn’t technically Sam Lake. He just goes by that for business reasons.

  • YuriFan

    Microsoft will most likely be the same publisher again. I cant imagine any other publisher that will want to fund a risky project like Alan Wake.

    • Bogdan Bachinskiy

      sony – order 63(metacritic score) – main exclusive
      driveclub 71

      risky Alan Wake – 83

      • YuriFan

        Companies don’t care about scores, they want sales.

        • Bogdan Bachinskiy

          at least 5 million copies of AW has been sold.

          order – 1.5 m
          dc – 1.8 m

          too risky

          • YuriFan

            6 years compared to 1 year.

  • 49ers fan

    are they gonna release the first game on the playstation too?… i am not gonna buy a xb360 to play the first game, that is not gonna happen.

    • cgoodno

      Play it on PC then…

      • Mike Reaney

        We’re on the internet. You don’t go to exclusives, they should come to you. Even if they are published and sometimes part funded by a different console manufacturer. See Bayonetta 2.

      • 49ers fan


        • Ben Link

          Fanboy over Fun? Is that your philosophy?

    • ThunderDragoon

      That would be awesome if they released it on PlayStation.

  • Yeltnerb1

    Remedy certainly has better ideas than Alan Wake. MOVE ON! We don’t need an Alan Wake 2.

    • dblaze

      Clearly you are speaking for yourself! Did you complete the first game? A sequel is definitely warranted. Amazing game.

      • Yeltnerb1

        If you paid any attention to the story of the original game, Alan drowns himself in the delusion that he would be exchanging his life for Alice. The final cutscene depicting Alice climbing out of the lake was the phantasm of a dying, mentally-ill man. There is no sequel.

        • YuriFan

          The Main game ended with Alan writing Alice back into reality.
          In the DLC it showed that the Darkness isn’t gone and that Alan needs to Wright a sequal to the events of the first game to defeat it.

          • Yeltnerb1

            The Darkness is a metaphor for Alan’s psychological condition as it pertains to the rest of the world. Alan himself is dead after the main game.

        • dblaze

          I didn’t ask you to spoil it for other people… you’ve made your point, lol

          • Yeltnerb1

            If someone is reading this article and has yet to finish the first game, its their own fault.

          • dblaze


  • Bought this digitally, just waiting for it to come to BC so I can play it! 😀

  • Raggsvettma

    Come on sony, help them.

  • MojoPin

    The first game was great, really enjoyed it and would love to play the sequel!

  • Bobby Griffin

    I’m happy that they put it off I’m tired of these annual games like cod,a.c, etc…. Sometimes for games to be great they need years of work like gta.