Xbox One Exclusive Quantum Break’s Prototype Footage Shows How Much the Game Has Evolved

During a lecture held in Paris at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, which DualShockers attended, Remedy Entertainment Creative Director Shared prototype footage of Quantum Break, dated mostly from 2012, showing off how much the game has evolved.

Lake himself mentioned that the video mixes different prototypes. Remedy started out the development of Quantum Break with an agreement with Microsoft to create a prototype for the game, and many of the scenes included in the video are from that, made with the goal of exploring and prove the concept.

The library location that can be seen in the prototype footage is actually included in the game, but the final version looks “quite different” from what we can see below. The video also shows the first version of the “junction moments” that are a central part of the game, and the first concept of the time powers.

Lake added that there have been multiple different prototypes for the time powers, in order to try out different things. Developers always hope that the ideas they envision in their mind will look really cool on the screen, but when it’s finally realized there’s always something to learn. It might lead to further development or it might not lead anywhere if it simply doesn’t work.

He concluded by explaining that no one can really say how things will look before a prototype is created, so it’s an essential part of development.

You can watch the video below, from the show’s livestream that was broadcasted during the event.

The Video Game masterclass event in Paris was organized by Jeux Vidéo Magazine and Cité des Sciences.

[On-Location Reporting: Morgane Bouvais]

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  • Big Boss

    So different now. That footage looks like a F2P game

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Not really. It looks like a 2012 game. Which it is.

  • Agent HUNK

    wasnt really any gameplay all mo cap shit and beta type type streams of just snippits of footage…. kinda worried when i see this!!!… I was looking forward to this game and quite a few other xbox exclusives yet no games have any release dates or gameplay since e3 2 years ago on all their exclusives that were supposed to come out for 2016 ….

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Kinda worried about what? Have you even read the article? It’s prototype footage from 2012.

    • doplerradar

      Technically that isn’t really true. Games announced 2 years ago have had gameplay shown. We have seen gameplay from Crackdown 3, Scalebound, Gears of War 4, and others. It is is also not unusual not have gameplay or release date for games like Recore. It very typical not to get gameplay or a release date for some games until E3. We didn’t get any Rise of the Tomb Raider gameplay until E3 2015. We should get first ever gameplay of Halo Wars 2 and Recore at E3. There will be at least 2 announced titles for the fall of 2016.

      Apparently we should get reports of the recent press coverage of Quantum Break soon since they invited the media over a few weeks ago.

      • no offense, but sometimes, developers can shown really, really early prototype/game footages to the public before/after the game has been officially released.

        it called ‘Behind the Scenes”.

  • Cyshox

    Ubisoft & various other devs taught me that games normally look worse than their 2yr old prototype gameplay footage.
    Quantum Break obviously is an exception.

  • davide

    Compliments for the news and thanks.

  • Aaron blanchard

    Cool to see how it all began. Can’t wait for the game release!!!

  • phar0ahad3

    Why does the female character look like a female jimmy neutron ….and that mocap studio looks cheap…(Reels out the line)

  • Peter

    Can’t wait for the release date, at least it doesn’t feel like vapourware like most of the PS4 games! It seems that Sony are too entrenched in VR rather than developing a robust game library. Killzone, shadowfall and bloodbourne doesn’t make me want to go out to buy a PS4, and PSN looks to be incredibly weaker in features, stability and security compared to XBL.