PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Is Still Alive: Capcom Requests Fourth Extension for U.S. Trademark

Remember Deep Down? It’s been over a year since we saw the latest batch of screenshots, and Capcom has kept the project shrouded in a thick curtain of silence. In March, it will be a year since the last time in which a developer ever uttered the game’s name.

Yet, the project appears to be still alive, as revealed by the fact that on February 5th Capcom applied for the fourth time to extend the trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The application states that the publisher “continues its efforts in conducting product and/or service research or development with respect to the allowed good and services.”

This kind of filing is actually quite binding, because it’s equivalent to a sworn statement that the applicant intents to use the name commercially in the Unities States.

Incidentally, we’re starting to head into the last year of life of the trademark. U.S. trademark law, in fact, dictates that a company can’t keep a hold on a name forever unless it uses it. The trademark has already been extended third time, and this, if granted, would be the fourth. The legal limit is five, and an extension lasts only six months.

Doing the math, this means that Capcom has until FebruaryΒ 2017 to use the trademark commercially in the United States, or the trademark will be lost.

Hopefully, we’ll hear something about it soon, but at least the folks at Capcom haven’t completely forgotten about it.

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  • name

    maybe this year then

  • wenger56

    I hope Capcom flushed the whole futuristic virtual reality dungeon crawler idea. Make it a Dragons Dogma game as I thought it would be during the reveal of the PS4.

    • Dirk Farkington

      I didn’t think DD was all that much fun. The world was cool. Artistry was great. Just didn’t translate in to me enjoying the gameplay.

      • C4

        They wouldn’t have to change gameplay, just speed it up a bit to account for more open environments.

        • Dirk Farkington

          I did not like the gameplay mechanics. If Deep Down becomes Dragon’s Dogma, I won’t be buying it.

          • Good Hunter

            If Deep Down turns out to be Dragon Dogma I’m definitely buying it!
            That game is a masterpiece.

          • asdfjklkl

            I agree, DD is one of my all time fav’s, including the mechanics. Took awhile to embrace them but then I thought the combat was perfect.

      • asspwnedurmum

        I loved that u could get gatsu’s berserk armor. THAT was badass.

    • C4

      I hope so too.

    • JFpaes15

      I hope they don’t, the game’s combat doesn’t look anything like, and nowhere near as good as Dragon’s Dogma.

  • Man, please…anything. E3 maybe?


    Good for them.still can’t wait for reveal RE7 in E3 mix with survival horror & boom boom Michael Bay style .loved 5 & 6 πŸ˜‰

    Also mass effect andromeda from bioware πŸ˜›

    • DeadlySorrows

      I’m curious. What are your feelings about RE 0-3?


        I like it as Classic survival but I loved 4,5 ,6 & revelation these mostly with free camera & co-op split screen & No worries about ammo it was so much fun πŸ™‚

        Revelation 2 was terrible more like spinoff

    • Netronader

      You’re in the very small minority who liked 5 and 6


        & 4 too ..Sure dude whatever considering capcom are working on two RE’s.
        7 for action horror & 2 remake as survival for those who love classic genre.

        Ya should be happy πŸ™‚

  • Syltique
    • Dirk Farkington



      Powered by Unreal Engine 4 ..ya can see optical visuals are stunning
      Such shame I was hoping they make Monster Hunter by using this graphic on current gen :]

      • Matt Crane

        Yes! Monster Hunter with this level of visual quality would be amazing!

        • Zatekuyo

          Only this time they’ll bring it back to PS4, due to the fact that Sony had an exclusive deal with Capcom if they were to do it again.

      • asspwnedurmum

        Panta rhei engine bro not UE4, panta rhei engine is made by capcom and looks amazing, it was also stated by capcom that the engine can be customized for any type of game which if true is brilliant.

        • MONKEY.D LUFFY

          Thanks for clarification

          • asspwnedurmum


    • gRammarnazi

      Downgrade lol

    • Big Boss

      So beautiful….I hope it doesn’t get downgraded……(even though there is a 90% chance it will…)

      • Zatekuyo

        What are you concerned about? Of course they aren’t gonna downgrade it, PS4 has enough power to compromise though details and other sorts artistically speaking.

        Let me tell you this, we haven’t seen enough gameplay here yet so nothing to assume about.

        • Big Boss

          It’s a very real problem. A downgrade could happen.

          • Zatekuyo

            Keh, please if i were you i would keep my eyes for the gameplay and concept designs instead of just graphics.

            Seriously, you’re better than these graphics schmucks.

          • Big Boss

            That’s not the point. I don’t really give a shit about graphics as long as the game is fun but if you show me a double cheeseburger, I expect to get a double cheeseburger, not a single patty hamburger.

            I’m tired of being lied to.

          • Cody

            As soon as games aren’t created with last gen consoles in mind we won’t be seeing downgrades.

          • Vladimir Putin

            A game being fun is one thing.

            Unmet expectations are another. You can’t just throw gorgeous visuals at someone to generate hype then take that all away.

            This happens far too often to the point of companies not even showing REAL GAMEPLAY but rather rendered cutscenes because it looks more appealing.

            At least try to understand.

          • tomthebomb024

            A PS4 cannot render realtime gameplay of this quality. This is a fact.

          • Big Boss

            Who knows? Capcom may pull of some magic just like Ready At Dawn did with The Order.

          • tomthebomb024


          • Big Boss

            Who knows? They may pull it off. Only the devs know.

        • Rafoca

          This is a coop game and so far there isnt a great looking coop game with those graphics on consoles.

          Coop can reallly downgrade graphics to support all players at once with good framerate.

          Unfortunately, there isnt a decent coop game on PS4 to compare, being the only one Bloodborne which doesnt feature amazing graphics at all and when in coop framerate is not stable. πŸ™

  • doplerradar

    Good news for PS4 owners.

    • YuriFan

      I think even better news would be ones that show off more gameplay instead of “It’s still in development”

      • A well thought out username

        And even better news than that would be a release date. You have to take what you can.

  • crash bandicoot

    Why dont you guys review smaller games like unravel firewatch the witness and oxenfree?

  • Senpai Gundam

    I hope it still has the futuristic aspect.

  • This Based game reminds me of my Based social life. It keeps trying to happen, but in the end, its all imaginary.

    • asspwnedurmum

      Just like a virgins sex life lol

  • The Peepnd

    deep down we’re all hyped for this game.

  • Pop Eye

    Deep down i really want to play this game

  • Kelborne

    One of these days I’ll be browsing articles and my dream will come true.. I’ll see “Deep Down cancelled and Dragon’s Dogma 2 announced,” and all will be right in the world.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      The idea iof dreaming to see the work of tens if not hundreds of developers canceled is pretty damn disgusting.

      • Kelborne

        If your dreams aren’t disgusting you’re doing it wrong.

        • Whoopi Goldberg’s Lips


      • Stranger On The Road

        technically, the cancellation of deep down won’t let the work of those people go to waste since everything they created –except the story– is transferable to Dragon’s Dogma.

        but yes, it is disgusting to see someone wish for their work to be cancelled, since that cancellation will most likely be followed by lay-offs unless another project is opened for them!

      • Vladimir Putin

        I bet you would throw an upcoming game that didn’t appeal to you under the bus to get this released sooner. Don’t act high and mighty because someone has a different opinion than you.

    • Malcefium

      Deep Down >>>> Dragon’s Dogma 2.

    • Zatekuyo

      You’re stupidly joking if you think Deep Down would be cancelled which it’ll turn out to be Dragon’s Dogma 2, and Deep Down is it’s own game, we’ll get Dragon’s Dogma 2 if they’re done about this.

  • miniwar monger

    Development hell ? I remember this game had the most impressive trailer during PS4s E3 reveal. The best things about games ? Trailers !

    • Malcefium

      Seriously dude.. I’ve been waiting.. and waiting and WAITING for this game to release.

      • name

        and u’ve been waiting for 3 years maybe?

        • Malcefium

          3 years.. Na, I’d say about almost 2 years since I heard about in 2014, but it’s still a while.

  • ChaoticP

    It’s been so long I wonder what the game looks like now.

  • GotNews4Ya

    Two questions.. I thought this was Free to Play? Is that not true / did it change / Or I was flat out wrong! haha / ?

    Why does no one talk about “Let it Die”.. IT has been 2 years since they announced it at E3.. and then there has been nothing but silence.. I thought the game concept was pretty sweet.. Now I can’t even find a peep about it.

  • ryan

    your lil to late capcom worlds moved on to dark souls 3 in 2 months to date from now sorry but you shouldnt shown game that was unfinished people like me thought it was canned so goodl uck competing with souls 3

    • Vladimir Putin

      Souls 3 sucks.

      Beat it 6 times and am about done with it until dlc drops.
      Full of bugs and balancing issues that the devs refuse to patch because of a mixture of shame and arrogance.

      People would like this game.

      • Mi Ow

        That’s about the most idiotic thing I’ve read in a while. You don’t like a game but you’ve beaten it 6 times? I haven’t beaten my absolute favorite games more than maybe 3 times.

        • Internet Person

          Do you know how easy it is to complete a souls game? How quickly you can complete it after doing it once? NG+ cycles are even easy after the first time around.

          Don’t comment on things you have no idea about.

          • Mi Ow

            Yes, I do know how easy it is. I’ve beaten the Souls games dozens of times, SL1, bow only, no shield… so I know what I’m talking about, cupcake.

            You’re still an idiot for playing through a game multiple times that you claim sucks. Do you also smash your hand with a hammer and then bitch about it afterwards? So don’t comment on things without sounding like a complete moron and people won’t feel the need to call you out on it, kid.

          • Internet Person

            So, judge a game before experiencing the bulk of its content?
            You should work for IGN.

            PvE is solid. That isn’t what I play dark souls games for, though.
            I spend most of my usual time in dark souls games pvping. That is where it is executed very poorly this time around, per every miyazaki game. Dark souls 2 didn’t have these problems, because surprise surprise, they actually cared about the pvp community.

            Mi Ow is a fitting name for you, because you act like you are in constant emotional pain.

  • Rafoca

    It will release on Xbox, if it ever releases on any platform anyway

    Mark my words =)

    • harlemsfinest027

      In 720p, possibly

      • Rafoca

        As long as it releases, it’s fine!

    • asspwnedurmum

      Lol no. It could run on xb scorpio but would run like shit on xb1 and considering MS isn’t stupid enough to divide there community it wont goto xb1

      • Rafoca

        So you’ve played the game? Tell me your impressions

        • asspwnedurmum

          I havent played it but judging by specs of xb1 it would run like shit or upscaled from 720p or run at 720p. Also considering the way capcom is it will probably launch in japan first then the west 6-12 months later. Even then it would most likely be ps4 exclusive. Look at monster hunter, its still on DS and no sign of coming to ps4 even with people screaming for it. This is the monster hunter substitute for ps4, not too bad though considering its f2p and has randomly generated levels.

          • Rafoca

            Nah, the game won’t look that good on any platforms, only on PC. We have not a game featuring coop with graphics like that on consoles so far. Single player? Maybe… but with coop you bet they will have to downgrade its graphics to run decently on consoles.

            As of now, it’s probably a vaporware

  • Joel. monserrate

    I almost forgot about this game hopefully we’ll get more information at E3